AMC Update Wednesday 5/1/13 Ep. 3

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/1/13


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Zach reveals to Jesse that the Russian mob, the Koslovs, are after his casino, which is why Kendall and the kids are no longer with him. They are the people involved with Cassandra's disappearance. Jesse feels he can't tell Angie about her daughter, because it would upset her too much.

At the hospital, Griffin tries to calm his sister down after she thinks she sees David walking around the hallway. She's afraid to face him after what she did with David's child.

David went to the hospital and ran into Angie. He thanked her for going to the parole board on his behalf. When he hears that Cara is there, he is determined to find her despite Angie's caution to leave her alone. David ran into Cara and Griffin and overheard them talking about the baby. He asked Cara to tell him what he didn't know.

Celia pleaded with Evelyn to talk to her guardian for more freedom but he refused. He also didn't want her volunteering at the Miranda Center, but Celia decided to go against his wishes and do so anyway.

Opal and Pete went to the Chandler Mansion to see Adam about Cortlandt, and Brooke explained she was working with her assistant Celia. Opal deleted a file hoping to bring her and Pete together, but the trick didn't work, since Pete had gone to meet a lawyer and Celia had to leave before he returned.

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