AMC Update Tuesday 4/30/13 Ep. 2

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/30/13


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Joe Martin returned to Pine Valley unfortunately without Ruth. He went to see Angie. They shared a tender visit.

Bianca and Miranda have a mother daughter outing at Jane's Addiction before her crush Hunter shows up. AJ also showed up and was not too happy she agreed to a date with him. I am so hoping for a Miranda/ AJ pairing.

Opal just beams when Pete is around and so funny as she tries to get him to stay in town. He will because he is crushing on a beauty named Celia Fitzgerald, who has a story of her own that will be unfolding soon. She wants a life away from school and structure. I am loving her and think she and Pete are PERFECT!

Jesse enlists Zach's help to find out why Cassandra did not show up yet because the car she was seen getting in was registered to Zach's casino.

Dixie went to the hospital to see the mystery patient who in all honestly must be JR and that was an emotional scene. After she left, his hands moved and his monitor started beeping quickly.

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