AMC Update Monday 4/29/13 Ep. 1

All My Children Update Monday 4/29/13


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Brooke has a nightmare about the shooting five years ago.  Adam comforts her when she awakens with a gasp.  AJ,  now a teenager, advises her to move on.  Later, Adam tells Brooke how guilty he feels that he has not been around much for her. He asks her again to marry him.

AJ is playing guitar wearing just a towel when Miranda (also a teen) walks in. They joke around. He is angry to find out that some people at school have been saying nasty things about her online, so he deals with them by saying nasty things back.  He is a bit shy about her seeing him get dressed, but she points out that she's seen it before, since they grew up together.

Adam tells Brooke that he has a favor to ask of her. AJ and Miranda walk in. AJ can tell that Adam is going out of town again on business, but Adam says they need to play their favorite video game before he goes.  He also offers AJ money and asks Miranda how Bianca is doing. Miranda indicates that Bianca is ok but hasn't really gotten over what happened 5 years ago. AJ declares angrily that they all need to get over it.

Brooke signs some papers (sounds like she's going to be running Adam's company).

AJ and Miranda are at school. Miranda gets nervous when this boy she likes, Hunter, walks up. She is thrilled when he says "Hey" to her as he walks by. AJ is obviously jealous of Hunter. He calls Hunter names, and they get into a little argument about it.

Cara has a fantasy at work about David coming up behind her; they have sex against the locker. The fantasy stops when Griffin comes in and asks her if she's ready.  They look at a patient in a coma. Griffin remarks that it's a hell of a way to spend five years. Griffin notes that she and this patient have a lot in common because both were problems of David. Cara is worried that David will find out her secret, but Griffin reminds her that  David is in prison for a long time.

Opal looks at a photo of Palmer and tells him that their baby boy is coming home today. Pete drives into Pine Valley in his rented Porsche convertible.  Pete talks to someone on the phone about internet TV as he arrives home.  Opal is very happy to see him and cries a little.  She shows him some scrapbooks that she's been keeping about him. He is a rising software mogul out in California.  She is very proud of him, although she regrets that he dropped out of Stanford.  She wants him to help out Cortlandt Electronics, which is not doing too well.  Pete tells her that things are not going well for the company and wonders if they should sell it off. She begs him to fix it. It's obvious that Pete doesn't want to stay too long in town, but she wants him home for good.  He is feeling a little suffocated, so he goes for a drive. He runs into a cute girl and stops to help her pick up her stuff that is blowing around. She is wearing a private school girl's outfit. He finds out that she, Celia, is tutoring at her old high school during her "gap year". He admits that he had one of those, too, but dropped out of school to run his own software company. He goes back home and informs Opal that he'll stay for just a few more days. She is very happy to hear that.

When Celia gets home, a woman name Evelyn notices that she's late and asks her to explain the condom she found.

Jesse makes a special breakfast for Angie to take her mind off what happened 5 years ago. We see them lying on the couch, naked (under covers), so it's obvious that they just made love. Angie misses Lucy, who has moved to Portland with her mom, Maya.  Jesse tells her that he has a surprise for her. She tries to find out what it is, but he won't budge. They talk about how wonderful their family is and head to the showers. Jesse phones Cassandra, who is flying in from Paris, and gets her voice mail. He can't wait to see her. Later, he gets worried when Cassandra doesn't show or call. He phones the driver that he hired to pick her up and gets even more worried to find out that Cassandra never met him at the airport.

Dixie looks at a photo of Tad and cries.

Unbeknownst to Cara and Griffin, David gets out of prison early. He takes a cab and can tell that the cab driver recognizes him from the shooting.  David first goes to a grave site and talks to the person in the grave. He promises that there will be hell to pay now that he's back.

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