AMC Update Friday 9/23/11

All My Children Update Friday 9/23/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica's birth is shown with Angie saying "From birth, life itself is miraculous." Erica sits with Bianca and brushes her hair. Bianca then turns and does the same to Miranda.

Amanda's birth is shown followed by Amanda giving birth to Trevor. Jake and Amanda sit at Krystal's with Trevor.

Jamie's birth is shown and then Tad hugs Jamie at the hospital, saying goodbye.

JR's birth is shown next. Dixie looks at a photo of JR at Tad's.

Angie talks with Jesse at the station about how it's a gift to have shared life with all the people they have come to known. David comments that it truly is a gift. Jesse reminds him that it doesn't excuse him from breaking the law. Angie brings up the miracles David has performed. Cara adds in that David is giving back people that they thought they lost forever and says second chances are important.

Erica and Kendall watch all the kids play at Kendall's.

Emma joins Ryan and Greenlee in the park.

Dixie hugs Tad at home as Cara's voice says to have someone come back that you thought you lost is the ultimate dream come true.

Scott brings Marian to Stuart at the hospital. Marian cries as Stuart is surprised to see her.

Jesse says he isn't arguing with miracles but releasing David while he's trying to keep people alive. Angie tells Jesse that one day their family and friends will be gone for good and brings up if that day was today.

JR packs his bag at home with the gun inside and exits his room.

Erica, Marissa, Bianca, Kendall, and Zach sit and watch the kids practice a recital. All the kids join their parents. AJ tells Marissa that it made him think of JR. There's a knock on the door and Opal arrives. Opal tells Erica that she went to say goodbye before she goes for her movie but Jack was there and she thinks he's leaving her.

JR sits at the airport and thinks about his arguments with Krystal and David. Jamie arrives and greets him. JR stands up and says he always knew Jamie would come crawling back. Jamie asks what he's talking about. JR thinks that Jamie believed Babe was still alive and thought he'd take her from him but it's not going to happen. JR assures him that Babe is dead. Jamie says he left JR a few messages and that Tad filled him in. JR guesses Tad left out that everyone stabbed him in the back. Jamie says JR always found a way to stab himself in the back. JR tells him to get his flight cause he has a jet waiting. Jamie tells JR that he loves him as a brother. JR brings up that he loved Marissa but she left him for a woman and took his son too. JR says he loved his dad but he joined everyone against him. JR says even Erica tried to rip something from him. JR says the world is against him. JR tells Jamie that he's a part of that world and should back off. JR says he's just fighting for his life. Jamie asks if he's leaving town. JR says he is but he will be back because his son will not be raised by lesbians. Jamie says as much as he misses Babe, he's glad she isn't there to see JR like this because it would break her heart.

Jack sits at Krystal's with a drink as Krystal comes up and asks if he's doing ok. Jack claims he's doing great but Krystal knows he isn't. Jack says after 24 years, 10 broken engagements, 2 television shows, a marriage and a divorce, it looks like he and Erica are finally over.

Opal and Erica go to Erica's and Opal thinks Jack left her because he took his things. Erica thinks Jack is just upset. Opal worries that Jack has reached his breaking point. Erica talks about how being in a movie has always been her dream. Opal wants her to be happy in Pine Valley as the doorbell rings. Erica answers the door as Kit arrives and tells her the jet is fueled up. Kit asks her if she is ready to make movie magic.

JR remains at the airport and thinks back to arguing with Marissa and Bianca. JR sets his bag down on a chair as Dixie and Tad arrive. JR says he has nothing to say. Dixie wants him to listen because it could change everything. Dixie informs JR that Stuart is alive. JR doesn't believe them and wonders why everyone has to lie to him. Tad and Dixie try to convince him but JR says he isn't falling for it. JR thinks they will just do anything to keep him there. JR tells them that they can't make it right. Dixie suggests Stuart can help. JR says it's too late to make his life alright. JR tells Dixie to stay away from him. JR says it wasn't Adam that screwed him up, it was Dixie.

Stuart asks if he's dreaming but Marian tells him this is her dream since she dreamed of him every night. Scott tells them that they are both wide awake even if it feels like a dream. Scott tells Stuart he loves him. Stuart says he loves him too as Scott exits to give them time alone then Stuart and Marian kiss.

Adam and Brooke return to the Chandler Mansion. Adam says all this time he's been half alive and half dead but now he didn't kill Stuart. Brooke tells Adam that now he is alive too. Adam walks on into the living room and looks around. Adam says this place is more depressing than the hospital so he wants to leave. Brooke tells him that she brought him there for a little surprise. Brooke says she saw how crushed he looked when he heard this place was being sold so she took her inheritance and bought it back. Brooke welcomes him home and kisses him.

Liza arrives to the station and informs David and Cara that Adam was so grateful for Stuart being back that he got David out on bail. David tells Angie that he's taken on a lot of people but she gave him the strongest run for his money. David thanks Angie for trusting him when she had no reason to. Angie jokes that maybe it took being blind to see past him. Angie says David saving Stuart proved that he's not Dr. Doom. Jesse calls Stuart one of their best and says that for what David has done for Stuart and Angie, he thanks him. David tells him that he will remember this moment.

Opal tells Erica that they've been friends for a long time and she always has her best interest at heart. Opal says she let her pride keep her away from Palmer when she thought she had all the time with her and now she wishes she had one more chance. Opal tells Erica not to let that happen with Jack. Erica admits that Jack was angrier than she said earlier. Kit interrupts and tells Erica that he needs to get back to LA, but Opal tells Erica she should stay where she belongs.

Scott and Colby come to the Chandler Mansion. Scott brings one of Stuart's paintings back. Scott and Colby agree that they need to have a party. Brooke agrees since everyone will want to see Stuart. Adam gives in and calls the maid down. She welcomes him home. He tells her to unpack all the boxes until she finds their very best champagne because the Chandlers are having a party.

Tad tells JR that it's not right to attack his mother like this. Dixie says she would have come home sooner if she could have. JR blames Dixie for believing David that Babe could still be alive. JR shouts that he has lost everything. JR tells her to stay away from him and out of his life. Dixie doesn't want to lose him. JR tells her that she already has lost him and walks away. Dixie cries as Tad tries to comfort her. Tad says something is wrong so maybe it's time to let JR go for awhile. Dixie agrees but is scared. Tad promises her that JR will be back and they have each other in the meantime together forever. Tad kisses her then gets a message on his phone that the Chandlers are having a party at the mansion and the whole town is invited. Tad tells Dixie they do have a lot to celebrate and shouldn't forget that so they walk off together. JR comes back around the corner after they exit.

Opal tells Erica about the Chandlers Party and informs her that Stuart is alive. Erica remembers David wasn't lying about having someone she once loved. Erica brings up Jack but Opal tells her that Brooke told her Jack is going to the party as well. Erica runs upstairs to go get ready and says to stay tuned.

Jesse and Angie join the party at the Chandlers. Scott says everyone he knows is coming. Joe and Ruth arrive and greet Jesse and Angie. Angie explains that Stuart is checking out of the hospital and will be there soon. Dixie arrives looking for Adam. Ryan and Greenlee arrive with Kendall and Zach. Angie surprises them by telling them that she can now see again. Brooke answers the door as Jamie arrives. Tad's surprised that he missed his flight. Jamie says he missed it on purpose after running into JR at the airport and seeing that he's in big trouble.

JR sits at the airport and thinks back to Adam leaving everything to Scott and Scott telling him that he's lost everything. JR tells the attendant to leave the flight plan as it is. JR gives him an envelope to pay him off to leave it. JR then says that he has a party to crash.

Everyone enjoys the party at the Chandler's. Angie talks to Randi and Frankie. Randi announces that she might be pregnant. Frankie kisses her as Jesse and Angie are excited.

Jake and Amanda talk about Amanda's great feeling. Brot and Natalia announce their engagement to Jake and Amanda.

Ryan and Greenlee talk with Scott and Madison. Greenlee doesn't want to take credit for them being back together but Madison credits her.

Zach and Griffin joke about their impressions of being dead. Kendall joins them and says she's very happy that David is out of their lives for good.

Krystal answers the door and is surprised to see David arrive. David says he didn't know about the party but needed to see Adam. Krystal suggests that he should leave because Ryan and Zach are inside.

Adam and Dixie talk in a separate room about how they never saw eye to eye on parenting. JR watches them through a crack in the door from outside. They agree that it might be good that JR left town and Adam hopes he avoided detonation.

Jack talks with Krystal at the party as Erica and Opal arrive. Opal tells Erica to stay calm. Erica approaches so Krystal steps away. Jack is surprised to see her as he thought she was on her flight. Erica wants to go somewhere and talk in private.

JR hides outside and pulls his gun out. Adam and Brooke welcome everyone to the party and Adam gives a toast to Pine Valley. JR pulls a bottle of alcohol out and drinks as well, toasting to Pine Valley.

Erica asks Jack if they can go talk in private now. Jack agrees and they step out.

David finds Adam outside the living room. David tells Adam he must have forgotten his invitation after saving Stuart. Adam says he didn't know how else to thank him and asks what he's up to now.

At the hospital, Marian tells Stuart about the party for him. Stuart is excited to go and asks about JR.

Marissa and Bianca arrive to the party and ask Scott about the urgent text message he sent them but Scott says he never sent a text as JR watches from outside.

Adam gives David an envelope of money to thank him and exits the room. Dixie comes in and David jokes with her. Dixie brings up that David said he had two other patients. Dixie says one was Stuart and if the other wasn't Babe, who is she. David says she wouldn't believe him if he told her. Dixie says JR is gone and she thinks she deserves to know. Dixie asks if the other person is someone they care about. David tells her that it's something she doesn't need to know. JR remains outside with his gun.

Jack and Erica go to a private room and Jack asks why she isn't in LA. Erica says she had to put Jack first and has the perfect solution to their problem. Jack thinks it will be postponing their wedding. Erica says she's arranged it for Jack to come to LA with her and they'll never have to be apart. JR then looks in through the door.

Tad makes a toast among the party. Tad says he came up with three words: neighbors, family, and friends. Tad says he found all of them in Pine Valley which has been his home to the best years of his life. Tad mentions how he has Dixie back at his side. Tad brings up so many people that deserve to be there. Tad talks about how some will come back but others can't. Tad bets his life that if they were all there, they would remind them what a miracle this place is.

Jack tells Erica that he's been waiting for her for 24 years through all the other men and personal problems and now she's choosing her movie over him. Erica says that isn't true.

Tad wonders what he would do without all of his friends. Tad says he met them back in high school and now they all have kids and said goodbye to high school a long time ago. Tad says it's because of the love and help of everybody in the room because that's how Pine Valley works and it always has and always will. Tad says there's been tragedy and triumph as they've all come together. Tad wishes the rest of his kids were here to see this because this is something to remember and they'll be talking about this for a long time. Tad says he always liked to think that no matter what, his family and all his children are always with him. Tad raises his glass and everyone applauds.

Jack tells Erica that he wants a family and marriage not to sit alone and watch her chase her dreams. Erica says that's one of the reasons he loved her and how he always supported her. Jack says he doesn't want to stop now but he can't let his dreams take a backseat to hers any longer. Erica says they share their dreams and she's committed to him and no one else. Jack tells Erica that she doesn't want to get married.

JR drinks in the tunnel while everyone claps. Adam says he has one more thing to add to make the festivities perfect. Adam pulls out a ring and proposes to Brooke. She accepts and they hug as everyone claps.

Erica admits to Jack that she does not want to get married despite wanting to be with him. She doesn't want to rush into a wedding just to assure him that she isn't going anywhere. Jack is relieved that she has finally admitted it. He wishes her luck in LA and the rest of her life without him. Jack then exits the room. Erica goes after him. She follows him through the party asking him to please not go, because she loves him. Erica asks him to come with her because she needs him. Jack stops and turns, saying he doesn't give a damn what she needs, then walks out. JR raises the gun through the crack in the door. Erica says this is not the ending she wants. Opal says she's done it and will never get Jack back, but Erica disagrees and starts walking out of the room. As Adam and Brooke, Tad and Dixie, Marissa and Bianca, and everyone else mingle, JR fires his gun into the room from the tunnel.

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