AMC Update Thursday 9/22/11

All My Children Update Thursday 9/22/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica talks to Jack at home about how she can't believe Kendall and Bianca are worried about their lives in her movie. Erica talks about JR being out of control and then Kit arrives. Kit informs Erica that her movie is ready to be signed.

JR goes to Tad's and says it's showtime. He knocks on the door and Tad answers it. JR enters and Tad tells him that he missed the party to congratulate their engagement. JR tells them it's about time for them to get a happy ending. JR says not all of them are so lucky. Dixie asks about Babe. JR tells her that Babe was never one of David's patients and it was like losing her all over again. Tad brings up that Dixie knows she saw another woman in David's lab.

Adam and Brooke arrive to the hospital after receiving a call and Adam is worried that it's JR that was brought to the hospital. Adam goes into the room to see who is being worked on and is stunned to see Stuart still alive.

Marissa and Bianca talk at Kendall's about JR crashing the party. Marissa says it freaked her out and worries about AJ seeing him. Bianca assures Marissa that JR will not get anywhere near her or AJ. Greenlee makes a toast to everyone and talks about how it was impossible a few months ago for Zach and Kendall to be together but now they are. Greenlee says love conquers all including death and David Hayward. Greenlee and Ryan surprise Kendall and Zach with a vacation trip to New York. Marissa and Bianca add in that they will watch the boys. Kendall and Zach are excited for their trip and they kiss.

Kit tells Erica that they want to start the movie today and Erica can move to the guesthouse to film for the next three months. Erica says she will have to talk to Jack first. Kit exits saying he will have the jet ready. Jack tells Erica that he knows she'll be going and says that he understands.

JR explains to Tad and Dixie that Babe came to him in spirit and told him that he would know in his heart if she was alive. Dixie asks Tad for a moment alone with JR so he steps out. Dixie apologizes to JR for getting his hopes up about Babe. JR says he's been a mess and brings up Adam being back. JR says he's tired of fighting and losing. JR tells Dixie that he's leaving town but Dixie doesn't want him to. Dixie tells him that Adam just has a difficult way of showing his love. JR calls himself an alcoholic that can't hold on to anything. JR says he has to do it his own because it's better than everyone. Dixie asks about AJ but JR says it's especially better for AJ. JR asks Dixie to help him see AJ so that he can say goodbye.

Scott and Madison walk through the park and stop at a bench as they have just finished shopping for picture frames and bath mats. Madison asks him about being finished with the guest house. Scott recalls coming in last at a track meet but Stuart explained that winning isn't always about coming in first but finishing. Madison praises Scott for seeing his vision through of rebuilding the house and says Stuart would be proud. Madison says she's glad they did this as it was like old times. They talk about their times in their old apartment. Scott tells her he would love to get back to that and asks Madison if she would consider moving back in with him.

Adam says it can't be Stuart and asks David if it's some kind of sick joke. David tells him it isn't a joke as he saved him after he got shot. Griffin continues working on him. David needs Adam to leave so Adam exits with Brooke and Angie. Angie tells Adam that David saved her sight so he will save Stuart. Cara asks Jesse what happened to Stuart. Jesse explains that he was shot. Adam mentions that he shot his own brother. Griffin and David continue to operate on Stuart trying to save him.

Ryan and Greenlee walk through the park and she asks him what's going on. Ryan says he's just taking it all in having Hayward behind bars finally and corporate life behind him as well as being with Greenlee. They stop and sit together on a bench. Ryan tells her that he's happy and peaceful for the first time in his life because of her. They tell each other I love you. Greenlee says it's nice to see him relaxed. They talk about Ryan's family and how he had to leave his abusive father. Ryan talks about spending his life running away from and to things. Ryan says it's hard to imagine he ever ran from Greenlee. Greenlee says she ran too but always came back. Ryan holds her and Greenlee asks if he thinks life gets any better than this. Ryan tells her to think about all the fun that they are going to have finding out and kisses her.

Krystal brings AJ to Tad's and Dixie thanks her, saying she wanted to spend time with AJ. Krystal reminds Dixie about the restraining order against JR. Dixie says she knows and promises that AJ will be safe. Krystal exits. Dixie goes back into the living room and sits with AJ. Dixie tells AJ that she has a surprise but it has to be a secret. JR comes back into the room and smiles at AJ.

Brooke tells Adam that Stuart will pull through and make it as they watch through the window. Brooke walks on to Angie at the computer. Angie says she knows it's a lot to come home to and asks about Adam. Brooke says Adam has been wonderful and loving but she sees his fragility from pain and guilt that he's never gotten over from losing Stuart. Brooke is afraid that if he loses Stuart again, Adam will never recover. Adam continues watching as David and Griffin attempt to save Stuart.

Jack talks to Erica about leaving her family and their life behind for three months and they'll have to postpone the wedding again. Erica promises to be back before he knows it and they will have the wedding as soon as possible. Jack worries about not having enough time. Erica knows it's terrible timing but reminds him that this is her dream since she was a little girl. Jack thinks it's just going to make her feel safe from marriage, commitment, and settling down. Erica disagrees but Jack tells her that he feels something is always more important to them and he doesn't want to live that way anymore. Jack kisses her on the head and walks out. Erica calls after him asking where he's going and says that he's wrong.

JR tells AJ that it's ok for him to be there. JR says he's going away for a little while. AJ asks him why. JR says he's made some mistakes and he has to fix them. JR tells AJ that he will miss him. AJ tells JR that he loves him. JR says he loves him too as Dixie watches sadly. JR tells AJ that if he ever needs him, he can call him for any reason, even if he has a bad dream. AJ hugs JR as JR cries.

Scott tells Madison that he knows she just decided to give another chance but he really wants to be with her and the house is finished. Scott doesn't want to go on without her. Madison talks about missing him and agrees to move back in with him. Scott kisses her and then his phone rings. Scott checks his phone and gets a message saying this can't be. Scott takes Madison and rushes off.

Tad arrives to the hospital and Cara informs him that Stuart is still alive. Tad can't believe it and wants to see him. Cara tells him that he can't see him since he's in the ER. Cara assures him that David will save him because he performs miracles. Tad says maybe it is as it should be since David has hurt just as many people as he's saved. Tad suggests Cara dial back on her hero worship. Cara says he's given her a new life as well.

Adam continues watching as David and Griffin use the paddles on Stuart. Adam wants to go in saying Stuart needs him but Brooke tells him he can't. Angie opens the door and brings Adam in. David says he's the only one that can save him and they need to leave. Angie explains that Stuart needs his twin, Adam, the other half of his heart and it's his only chance. Adam grabs Stuart's hand and tells him it's his brother. Adam has a flashback to visiting Stuart's grave. Adam tells Stuart he loves him and needs him. Adam tells Stuart to please come back as he needs him. Stuart then wakes up and Adam is relieved while David watches with a smile and Angie and Brooke hold back tears.

Kendall tells Zach that Marissa and Bianca are with the kids. Zach tells Kendall that he has big plans for their romantic getaway and they kiss until Erica arrives. Erica informs them about the writer for her screenplay but Jack is being so stubborn. Bianca comes in and Zach steps out. Erica tells Bianca about having the chance to work with one of the greatest writers ever. Erica thinks Jack is being ridiculous. Kendall disagrees and brings up how something always prevents their wedding. Erica wants Bianca to explain the opportunity but Bianca is with Kendall. Bianca tells Erica to let the screenwriter do the movie while she stays here and writes a new ending to her movie by marrying Jack. Erica asks if she sees her wedding to Jack as an ending.

Cara tells Tad that she is pregnant and how she thought it would never happen. Tad is surprised and asks if David knows. Cara says she is glad that she told David. Tad says he knows how much she wanted kids and how much she deserves one because she will be an incredible mother.

Adam tells Stuart that he's home again where he belongs. Griffin and David watch and Brooke kisses Adam. Brooke exits and hugs Angie. Jesse tells Angie that she did it by knowing what Stuart needed to bring him back. Angie says medicine can save lives but only love and faith can perform miracles. Scott arrives with Madison and asks Brooke and Angie if it's true that his dad is alive. Angie tells him to go see for himself. Scott walks in to the room and sits next to Stuart. Scott holds his hand and smiles as Stuart looks up at him.

Ryan and Greenlee lay out in the park. Greenlee talks about how peaceful and quiet it is. Ryan jokes with her about craving action. Greenlee wants Ryan to promise her it will always be drama free like this. Ryan says he can't promise that but surprises her with tickets to the circus. Ryan talks to her about surprising her every day. They get up and Ryan picks her up and kisses her.

Erica tells Kendall and Bianca that she loves Jack and will marry him but is not going to make that an ending to anything. Erica refuses to put her goals and dreams away for a ring on her finger. Erica talks to them about wanting to be in movies since she was a little girl. Kendall explains that she doesn't want her to turn down the movie but to adjust. Erica says she doesn't want to settle for anything and isn't about to now. Erica says she will have it all. Kendall brings up that it could cost her Jack. Erica says Jack knows who she is and what she needs. Erica thinks Jack will start supporting her. Bianca suggests she support what Jack wants. Erica thinks Jack just wants her to be a little housewife and asks how they expect her to give up on her dreams. Kendall tells Erica to do what she wants but to at least be honest why she's doing it.

Stuart is able to say Scott's name. Madison watches on as Adam exits and joins Brooke. David steps out and Angie tells him that she's so proud that he saved another life. David credits Angie for knowing what he needed. Jesse walks up and tells David that he has to hand it to him for saving Stuart but it's unfortunately not a get out of jail free card so he has to go back. Jesse then escorts David away. Scott kisses Stuart on the forehead and smiles as he stays by his side. Brooke tells Adam that he saved Stuart but Adam corrects her that Stuart saved him.

Dixie tells JR that she hated lying to AJ. JR says everyone lies and Dixie asks JR if he's lying to her.

Marissa and Bianca come back in with the kids and Erica greets them. Kendall informs Erica about her and Zach heading to New York. Marissa says she and Bianca will be watching the boys and they take the kids back to go pack. Zach asks Erica if her problem is solved. Erica says it will be. Zach brings up the first time he met Erica in Vegas. Zach says they are both stubborn and know what they want. Erica agrees and can't believe anyone would tell them that their dreams don't count. Zach respects Erica for not giving up on hers and tells her not to change.

Scott meets with Marian at the hospital and is happy to tell her that Stuart is still alive.

Adam sits with Stuart and says he's missed his conscience for two years but now he's back. Adam informs Stuart that he was the one who shot him while he was drugged out of his mind. Adam says he doesn't deserve Stuart's forgiveness. Stuart tells him that there is nothing to forgive. Angie and Brooke watch as Adam hugs Stuart.

Cara tells David that she knew he would save him and gives him a hug before he leaves the hospital. Tad asks Griffin about how he got involved with David's lab. Griffin explains it was just one day. Tad brings up to Griffin that Dixie has been going on about another patient. Griffin says he only saw Stuart and he has no idea if there's another female patient.

JR tells Dixie that he's packing his bags and leaving town. Dixie thinks he's holding something back and isn't fine. The phone rings and JR tells her to get it. Dixie reluctantly answers as JR exits. Tad informs Dixie that Stuart is alive over the phone. Dixie is shocked and calls out for JR but he already left the house. JR remains outside the house and raises his gun, saying "Don't worry, mom, this will take care of everything."

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