AMC Update Wednesday 9/21/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/21/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Michael E. Knight (Tad) dedicates this episode to the memory of Mary Fickett (Ruth).

Tad talks to Jake on the phone from home while Jake is at the hospital. Tad talks about not hearing from their mom and dad. Jake tells him not to worry while Tad says he will keep trying. Dixie comes in and asks Tad if Jake has heard from them, but Tad says he has heard nothing. Tad answers the door and is surprised by Ruth. Tad asks her where Joe is.

A woman is brought to the hospital in a wheelchair. She points to someone she wants to treat her which turns out to be Maria. Maria says she can't treat her as she doesn't work there anymore. The orderly that brought her in says she was wandering around and got brought in. The woman says she is the daughter of Erica Kane and needs treatment. Maria promises she'll get treated and walks on commenting on the characters in Pine Valley.

Amanda joins Jake at the hospital and talks about adoption. Jake reminds her that it could take awhile. Amanda hopes he hasn't changed his mind. Jake tells her that he just hopes his parents are alright since they are missing. Joe then walks up and says they are more than alright now that they are back in Pine Valley.

Griffin meets with David at the station and tells him that he needs to tell him what to do or else they are going to lose their patient for good.

Adam and Brooke return to the Chandler Mansion to find everything in boxes. They walk into the living room and Brooke says she knows it's not the same. Adam responds that it's not. Adam picks up a picture of he and JR when he was young.

JR sees Babe and asks if it's really her. Babe smiles. JR says he missed her and starts to walk towards her but Babe tells him to stop and not come any closer. JR asks her what's wrong. Babe walks up to him and takes the gun out of his hand. Babe tells JR that he can't. JR hugs Babe and starts to cry as he tells her he missed her. JR kisses Babe. Babe says she is scared for him. JR tells her that he's fine now. Babe tells him he isn't and if he doesn't change the course he's on, he will lose the only person that can save him, himself.

Maria checks the woman at the hospital. She claims to see vampires and feels like she knows Maria since she has lived here before but doesn't know when. Maria says she understands that Pine Valley is just that kind of town and she was homesick when she left too. The woman tells Maria that she can't leave because only she can help her. Maria assures her that there are other doctors to treat her. She tells Maria to make sure to include that she's Erica Kane's daughter.

Opal and Krystal come in to Tad's talking to each other and are excited to see Ruth. Opal wonders where Joe is. Ruth explains that Joe is at the hospital as Angie asked him to return and be a temporary consultant. Ruth announces that she and Joe are moving back to Pine Valley which excites everyone.

Maria greets Joe, Jake, and Amanda at the hospital. Jake talks about asking her to consult. Joe offers her to come back. Maria says she can't leave her practice and the kids as much as she would like to. Maria gets a call and steps away, promising to say goodbye before she leaves. Amanda reminds Jake of her incredible feeling after surgery and says it's happening.

Tad tells Dixie that something weird is going on since so much good is happening with Dixie returning, Cara getting her green card, and Joe and Ruth moving back now. Tad thinks something is going on. Dixie tells him to have faith. There's another knock on the door and Tad answers it to see Jamie which shocks him more. Tad hugs him and says he was just talking about how so many great things are happening.

Griffin explains to David that the drugs had no affect. David worries and wonders why that is happening. Griffin brings up breaking him out. David says he has to make that happen then.

JR tells Babe that now that she's back, everything will be fine. Babe informs him that she's not back and isn't real. Babe tells JR that David has been messing with him. JR asks what she's talking about since David brought Dixie, Zach, and Greenlee back. JR thinks David would do the same for his daughter. Babe says maybe he tried and it didn't work. Babe tells JR that he would know in his heart if she was alive. JR tells her that she doesn't know what it's been like since he lost her. JR tells her about getting cancer and almost dying. JR says his father left, he lost his house and the company, and they took their son. JR cries that he can't let them win. Babe tells him to let it go. Babe tells JR to remember what a good man he is. JR thinks it's too late but Babe says it's never too late to change. Babe states that she's trying to help him. JR tells her that she can't because she's dead. Babe disappears as JR falls onto the bed crying and knocks over boxes. JR picks his gun back up.

Jamie tells Tad that he just wanted to see his family and hugs him. Joe arrives and hugs Dixie, welcoming her home. Jake comes in behind him and greets Jamie. Joe hugs Tad and tells him that with he and Dixie, true love will always find a way. Joe says life moves too fast but they can choose who they spend it with. Opal brings a photo album and talks about their best memories. Joe steps aside with Dixie and says she put a smile on Tad's face. Dixie says they have never been happier. Joe says seeing all his children happy with the ones they love, is all he ever really wanted. Dixie steps out to make a phone call. Ruth sits with Tad and tells him that he's been blessed with a miracle. Tad calls her brilliant.

Brooke tells Adam to check in at the hotel, get some rest and come back. Adam looks through boxes, opens up his box of guns and points out that one of them is missing. JR walks in and reminds him that he told him he could have that one. Adam tells JR that it's good to see him. JR says not to pretend like either one is happy. Brooke points out that Adam came all this way. JR tells Adam to give him his best shot.

Tad and Dixie run into each other at the park as they were texting each other. They think they are both there for the same reason.

Krystal talks with Jamie about JR. Krystal hopes Adam and Brooke can straighten JR out. Jamie says he heard JR is a mess. Krystal doesn't think anyone can save JR. Jamie asks if she means Babe.

Angie and Jesse join David and Griffin at the station. David tells her about the situation and wants Angie to convince Jesse to let him go so he can save the patient. Jesse refuses unless David tells him who the patient is. Angie reminds David how far he has come. David agrees to tell him.

Tad tells Dixie that it's good they are on the same page. Dixie agrees that it's good. They both go sit on the bench. Tad puts his phone down as it accidentally calls Opal. Opal answers and hears Tad talking to Dixie. Opal tells everyone that she thinks Tad's about to pop the question. Dixie says Tad has done this before and she'd like to try. Dixie takes Tad's hand and brings up the day they met. Dixie talks about Tad taking care of her and JR then she fell in love with him. Dixie recalls being so young. Dixie thanks their star for guiding her back to him because he's her home, heart, and everything to her. Dixie says she is lost without Tad and he is where she belongs. Tad talks about worrying he would screw it up if they moved too fast when she came back. Tad says he realized today that he doesn't want to waste anymore time worrying about anything because being with her is all that matters. Tad talks about daydreaming about what might be someday but that day is today and every day from here on. Everyone at Tad's listens in on the phone conversation. Tad tells Dixie that he's committed his heart to her and has been for 20 years. Dixie and Tad say they will be together forever and kiss as everyone cheers from home.

Adam asks JR to sit down so they can settle it. Brooke asks if he wants to do this now. JR thinks Adam just wants to punish him like giving his inheritance to Scott. Brooke tells JR to stop being disrespectful. JR brings up Adam almost destroying Brooke in the past. Adam says he gave JR everything. JR tells him that he gave him nothing and was always disappointed him. JR says Adam did nothing but throw money around. JR says the one thing he needed the most was a father. Adam says he never meant to hurt him. Brooke explains that money corrupted JR and that's why Adam gave it to Scott. Adam tells JR that it was for his own good. JR tells Adam not to call him son ever again.

Jesse tells David that it's impossible for this person to be his patient. David says he has a life in the balance and if he doesn't get there in time, they will die. Jesse doesn't believe him. Angie brings up that she knows what he's capable of and how lives could be changed for the better. Angie tells Jesse that he couldn't forgive himself if he denies life.

Adam tells JR that he knows he's angry but he hopes in time he will see why he did what he did. JR claims to know why. JR says he was never the son Adam wanted him to be and he stayed away all that time because he couldn't stand the sight of him. Adam says he's wrong. Brooke explains that Adam took Stuart's death harder than he realized. JR brings up destroying the Chandler legacy. Adam blames himself for crippling JR with his overblown expectations and takes full responsibility. Brooke tells JR that Adam loves him and is afraid that he will never be his own man with a safety net. JR takes it as Adam disowning him. JR says he'll go if he wants him to go. Adam says he never thought he would say this in his life, but leaving Pine Valley is the smartest move JR could make.

Everyone at Tad's goes back to sitting down and acting normal as Tad and Dixie return. Tad says it's good that they are all still there as they have a little announcement. Opal jumps up and says they are getting married. Everyone cheers them on as Opal explains they all heard.

Jesse brings David to the hospital in handcuffs. Griffin brings the patient in and David tells Jesse that he's useless with the handcuffs on. David asks Jesse if he really wants a death on his hands.

Jamie jokes with Tad about proposing. Krystal tells him that she's thrilled for him as it's been a long time coming and Tad hugs her. Opal tells Dixie that she's been her daughter in law so many times and is basically her own. Dixie calls it a lot to live up to as Opal hugs her. Jake opens champagne and Joe brings Kathy and Jenny in with Trevor. Kathy asks about Tad and Dixie getting married and wants her and Jenny to be the flower girls . Amanda calls it a fairy tale. Jake hugs Dixie. Joe comments that it almost feels like no time has passed at all since Tad and Dixie are getting married, Jamie's here, and everyone's happy yet time has passed and Kate isn't there. Joe likes to think his mother is up there watching with a smile. Joe says maybe she even managed to bring everyone back together again. Everyone sits on the couch for a family photo and a Martins tribute video plays.

JR returns to his room and begins packing a bag. JR looks at the gun and has a flashback to arguing with David, Marissa, Bianca, and Scott, then to Adam telling him to leave Pine Valley. JR grabs the gun and loads it. JR looks into the mirror and says they all think he's so bad now but they haven't seen anything yet.

Brooke comforts Adam and tells him he did the right thing. Adam says if only he had been half the father he should've been. Adam picks up a picture of Stuart and says Stuart could always get through to JR and him but he's not here because of him. Adam stops and swears he just heard Stuart's voice. Adam thinks he heard Stuart saying "I'm right here, Adam." Adam recalls playing hide and seek when they were young and his brother popping up and saying, "Here I am, Adam. Here I am."

David's patient is brought in to the hospital. David says he'll die if he can't get the handcuffs off. Jesse uncuffs David. David tells the patient that they can't lose him after everything he's done to bring him back. David tells him to just keep fighting as it is revealed that his patient is Stuart.

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