AMC Update Tuesday 9/20/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/20/11

Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Davidís secret clinic) As Griffin is about to administer an injection, JR bursts in calling Babeís name. Griffin tells him the patient isnít Babe, but JR tries to make his way to the gurney. He and Griffin get into a physical fight. JR turns then falls to the ground when Griffin gives him a shot. After Griffin takes the patient out of the room, JR awakens and leaves the clinic.

(Zach and Kendallís place) All the members of the Slater, Lavery, and Montgomery families are there for a family BBQ. Kendall, Greenlee, Bianca, and Marissa wonder what Jack, Ryan, and Zach are talking about in the corner. Greenlee thinks the guys are working on a project together and is amazed that after everything that Zach and Ryan have been through, they are still friends and can work together. Zach and Ryan decide to dissolve Cambias as a company and turn it into a charitable foundation. Zach wants to leave the Cambias name in the past and suggests that they change the name name to the Myrtle Fargate Foundation. Jack and Ryan canít think of a more appropriate name for the foundation and agree that it is a wonderful way to honor Myrtleís memory. Jack tells Zach and Ryan that he will begin the legal paperwork tomorrow and then heads out to pick up Erica who must have gotten busy and lost track of time. Kendall shares with Bianca and the ladies that she is upset with Erica because her book is very detailed about the night Erica told her that she was a product of a rape. She then she turns to the camera and tells the viewer that it was a very important night for her. She is glad it happened but doesnít want the whole world to know about it. Bianca thinks she should let it go, but Kendall tells her to wait until she reads the parts about her and hands her Erica's book.

(ConFusion) Kit wants to take notes as Erica tells her in her own words about her relationship with Kendall. Erica turns to the camera and wonders why she has to go through this again, since Kit can just read her book. Erica tells Kit that one of the toughest things she ever had to do was tell Kendall that she was the product of rape. Erica shares that it hurt very much to break Kendallís heart and tell her she was a child of rape. Erica also tells the audience that Kendall is a wonderful young woman, and she doesnít know what her life would be like without her, because Kendall has been the greatest gift in her life.

(Zach and Kendallís place) Kendall sends everyone out to get side dishes for the BBQ and then she tells Zach that she is upset with Erica about the book. When Zach advises Kendall to let it go for the day, she tells him she is happy that he is back then she turns to the audience and wonders if Erica will put that in her book.

(ConFusion) Erica tells Kit that Bianca has opened her eyes to the world in many ways and then she tells him about the time Bianca told her she was gay. Erica tells the audience that it took her a while to see Bianca for the confident gay woman she is, but once she really saw her, she became even more proud of her and the woman she has become.

(Krystalís) Bianca tells Marissa that Kendall is right about the book. Marissa tells Bianca she should let the past go and concentrate on their future, but Bianca is afraid that the book will affect her new blended family and relationship with Marissa.

(Zach and Kendallís place) Zach tells Kendall that he is also happy to be back and Kendall hopes they will find a balance between work, family, and friends. Zach tells Kendall he has learned not to stand in the way of a Kane woman and what she wants to do. Zach and Kendall kiss but are interrupted when everyone arrives with the food.

(Jail) JR demands that David tell him where Babe is and tells him that he found his clinic and he knows there is a patient there. JR bitterly shouts that he is sure David doesnít want his grandson raised by two vindictive lesbians. David reminds JR that one of those vindictive women is his daughter. JR grabs Davidís shirt and tells him he hopes he ends up in hell. The guard gets JR to let go of David. As JR leaves, David shouts that he will never see Babe again.

(Kendall and Zachís place) Bianca tells Kendall that she was right about the book, and they need to talk to their mom and persuade her to pull back a little with this book and movie.

(ConFusion) Jack finds Erica with Kit Sterling and reminds her about the BBQ. Jack tells the audience that the reason Erica wants to do the movie is very clear to him now. Kit tells Jack he should get used to being with a movie star.

(Zach and Kendallís place) The kids run inside with their food because there are too many bugs outside. When Erica arrives, her daughters confront her and tell her that they are uncomfortable with the book. Erica refuses to water down the book or the movie and insists that she understands that this affects their lives too and will treat everything with respect. Zach tells the audience that Erica and Kendallís relationship has always been on very thin ice, but Erica and Kendall love each other very much. Zach also tells the audience that Kendall has been his angel and his greatest gift and he has learned to accept her good and her bad and in the end it is worth it to be with a woman like Kendall. JR arrives while everyone is in the kitchen arguing and tells AJ he misses him very much. AJ tells him that he has to tell his mommy he is here. Erica comes out of the kitchen and sends AJ to the kitchen with everyone else and tells JR that he should leave and stay away from AJ or she will make his life a living nightmare. Zach tells JR to leave. JR warns Erica not to get between him and his son, because she will be sorry. The Kane women resume their argument when JR leaves, but Zach interrupts so Ryan can make a toast. Ryan toasts to the sense of family that everyone feels towards each other. Ryan asks Zach to make a toast and he toasts to the second chance that he and Kendall have to be together, which he will never take for granted. Zach also mentions how strong each of the families in the room are and what an unstoppable force the Kane women are, because they may argue but they love each other above all things. Erica tells Kendall that she is lucky to have Zach as her husband. Kendall tells Erica she is lucky to have her for a mother. Bianca and Kendall decide to trust Erica about the book and movie, but if at any point they feel uncomfortable, they will let her know.

(Chandler mansion) Holding a gun, JR kicks boxes around in his room because he has to take his anger out on something then he turns and sees Babe and calls her name.

(Zach and Kendallís place) Jack wonders why Erica talked to Kit for so long at ConFusion. She tells him that she was talking to him about family. A musical montage of past scenes plays from the Slaters, the Laverys, the Montgomerys, and Kane families. Then they all take a picture together. Erica watches the family as the kids play and everyone talks while Jack hugs her.

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