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All My Children Update Monday 9/19/11

Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

As he cries, Jesse assures Angie that he's just packing up the baby's crib, but she orders him to stop lying, because she can see that he's crying. Realizing that she really can see him, Jesse begins to sob.

In the PV jail interrogation room, David asks Griffin to help him heal someone and return that person to his/her family. While J.R. looks through the room's window, Krystal approaches him and threatens to throw him in jail for trying to kidnap his son. J.R. insists that nothing can stop him from seeing his son, but Krystal warns him that Marissa is getting a restraining order against him right now, so he won't be going anywhere near A.J. for a long time.

Liza runs into Cara while drinking at ConFusion and informs her that she had a lawyer friend of hers arrange for David to get out of jail in 18 months on good behavior. She doesn't know, however, what his incentive would be, since he has no one waiting for him on the outside. At this, Cara remarks that he will have someone soon, since she's carrying his baby. When Cara informs Liza that she wants to raise her baby alone and not allow David access to his child, Liza shares that she thinks the hardest time will be when she'll be unable to share the little joyous moments of the baby's life, and that no matter what, David loves his children.

Angie can't get enough of looking at Jesse and doesn't even want to call the eye doctor right away. She's just happy that the first thing she saw was her husband. After finding her again in her eyes, Jesse smiles at his beautiful wife. Jesse worries when Angie looks at Lucy's small clothing and wants to put them away, but she suddenly declares she has to go see David. Without hesitation, Jesse offers to drive her.

Sitting with her in the park, Maya shares her second thoughts with Colby about returning to the Hubbards' home. Colby assures her that they would love to have her and Lucy back. Liza approaches Maya and begins yelling about her going out without telling her and not following her rules. Sounding like an overbearing mother, Liza continues to insist that Maya have a curfew of 8:00 and that she sleep when Lucy does, so she can't take night classes. Colby can't believe how her mother is acting, but once they're alone, Liza assures her she's just doing the right thing.

All sitting together to plan Brot and Natalia's wedding, Frankie and Randi insist that they hold it at their parents' because Angie needs a happy occasion to bring them together and lift their spirits, but the bride and groom don't think that a celebration is a good idea right now when they're dealing with losing two babies. While they continue arguing, Jesse walks in and shares the good news of Angie's eyesight with the whole gang who suddenly think a happy wedding party is just the thing as they all rejoice and hug. While celebrating with the bubbly, they all argue about whether they should go over to the Hubbards' place or give them a chance to get properly reunited.

Griffin can hardly contain himself when David brings up Cara expecting his baby and claims he does not want to help him play God, but David feels that the person he's holding shouldn't pay for his crimes and it will be on Griff's conscience if s/he dies. Although J.R. is trying to watch David and Griffin's interaction, Krystal insists on engaging him about his son, but J.R. is more concerned about the possibility of Babe being alive at that moment. Just as Griffin storms out, Krystal and Marissa stop J.R. from following him with their hysterical talk of a restraining order against him which draws a policeman's attention. Once he's served with the order, J.R. blames the women for making him lose the chance to find Babe. Marissa and J.R. exchange more threats about his access to their son. She and Krystal call him a drunk, a bully, and a coward, but J.R. is sure that once he has Babe back, no one will keep their son away from his biological parents.

Back at the hospital, Griffin expresses his wishes to Cara that once he's dead, he doesn't want anyone bringing him back. She gathers from this talk that her brother has talked with David. Once she hears that Griff doesn't want to get involved with bringing someone home, she disagrees and insists that he can't just get on a plane and run away from a patient who needs him.

Angie surprises David with a visit at the jail, then removes her sunglasses and shows him she's no longer blind. After they hug, David thanks her for coming and sharing this moment with him. Angie assures him that Griffin will do the right thing and bring his patient back. Now Angie realizes that when she thought she was alone in the dark, Jesse was with her the whole time and has forgiven him.

Jesse finds Maya in the park and apologizes for the way he acted when he first found out the truth about Lucy. After he gives her the good news about Angie, Jesse asks Maya to come by soon for a visit, so Angie can see the smile on Lucy's beautiful little face. When he returns home, Angie asks Jesse to forgive her for not letting him comfort her when she cried and thanks him for always being by her side. She understands that all his decisions were made out of love and is sorry that she lost sight of that but now won't take her eyes off of what they have again -- then they kiss. Jesse agrees that they owe David big time, but all he can think about is getting closer with his wife. While Angie and Jesse mess around on their couch, there's a knock at the door. When Jesse opens it, Angie runs toward it, shouting Maya and Lucy's names and declaring how beautiful they are. Once they sit down, Angie gets to hold and admire the baby.

Cara returns to see David and admits she was wrong -- she now wants their baby to know his/her father. David is glad that Cara is optimistic of his ability to become a good parent with her help. She grew up without a father and doesn't want her child wondering if Daddy is ever going to show up. She promises to hold David to a high standard, which he actually welcomes after all these years. As she says good-bye, Cara promises to visit David regularly and keep an eye on him. David hopes to see Cara soon and smiles as she walks away.

Griffin goes to the Project Orpheus lab, picks up a patient folder, then puts it down and begins to walk away but can't do it.

Marissa tells Krystal that the angry way J.R. acted reminded her of his father. When Marissa wonders if Babe could still be alive, Krystal can't let herself believe it, because losing her hurt too much. The way J.R. is right now, she doesn't think even Babe would want to pray for the miracle of her return.

At the Chandler Mansion, J.R. desperately searches through his boxes for a picture of Babe. Finding a framed one of her with him and A.J., he sits down to stare at it, then he picks up a small revolver and cocks it as he stares into the distance.

At ConFusion, Liza enjoys her drink as Colby gives her the good news that Maya is back at the Hubbards and Angie has regained her sight. Colby notices that her mom is crying as Liza dabs her eyes, glad that Angie and Jesse finally have everything they deserve -- a happy ending for everyone. As they hold hands, Colby assures Liza that they also have a chance at their own happy ending.

When Maya admits that it's really hard trying to raise a baby alone, Angie assures her she doesn't have to do that because she has family, but they will also help her stay independent. After Jesse agrees, Angie tells Maya to consider this her and Lucy's home. Maya is so happy that she doesn't know what to say -- she just can't wait. Suddenly, Randi, Frankie, Brot, and Natalia walk into the Hubbards' apartment, all exclaiming how wonderful they all look. Giving the baby back to Maya, Angie rushes to her children with hugs and smiles at how wonderful it is to actually see everyone again. Natalia can't wait to show Angie her and Brot's wedding invitations, asking for her advice in choosing one. Holding up a bottle of champagne, Brot proposes a celebration and everyone gets a glass so they can toast to Lucy and Maya's return home as well as Angie's miracle. While Angie cries, Jesse makes a special toast to his beautiful wife who has surrounded him with an incredible family and filled their home with so much love. Everyone clinks glasses as they shout cheers, then they all gather in front of a camera on a tripod for a group picture. As she sets the timer, Angie remembers their early days courtship days and when Jesse proposed to her, then her holding their son, and Jesse's supposed death while she watched in the hospital. Then their reunion at the train station where she spotted him through a window and ran after the train, shouting his name, and their next wedding, plus images of her family members in happy times. Finally, Angie joins everyone on the couch and they all smile and shout "Cheese" as the flash goes off and the photo is taken.

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