AMC Update Friday 9/16/11

All My Children Update Friday 9/16/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Zach gets ready to watch the Red Wings hockey game on TV at home. Kendall comes in and tells him that the boys are asleep and then they kiss.

Erica finds Jack at ConFusion and tells him that she has great news. Erica tells Jack that the future is so exciting because she's going to be a star. Jack says she already is a star but Erica informs him that she's going to play herself in the movie of her book. Jack tells her that he's thrilled for her dreams to come true and that she's home. Jack hugs her and reminds her that they have their own plans to make. Erica says she can't make any plans with the movie deal.

David is surprised to hear that Cara is carrying his child and asks if she's sure. Cara says she's positive.

JR tells Dixie that Babe isn't alive and wonders why she would believe David. Dixie explains how she saw another patient in the room when she was recovering and she had blonde hair. Dixie insists she knows what she saw and that she had a bracelet with the letter B. JR notes that Babe didn't have a bracelet and wonders why Dixie didn't tell him this before. Dixie doesn't JR leaving town knowing that it's a possibility.

Angie tells Frankie that it's dim but she can see the light. Frankie calls it amazing. Angie then says it's fading and she can't see anymore. Angie tells him it's gone. Frankie thinks it's a good sign that she saw it at all. Angie tells Frankie that he can't say anything to Jesse. Angie worries that it could be gone for good and doesn't want to get Jesse's hopes up. Jesse returns home and greets them. Frankie says he has to go to work and he exits. Jesse asks Angie if she got anything done with David. Angie hopes she made some progress and calls David a very complicated man.

David can't believe he's going to be a father again. Cara knows it's unexpected. David tells her how much this means to her. David recalls only having a few months with Leora and not knowing Babe and Marissa existed until they were adults. David says he's never had a chance to be the father that his children needed and deserved. David tells Cara that it's a beautiful gift and a second chance for him to be the father he knows he can be. Cara tells him that she can't accept David as a full-blown parent to her child and that's it her baby, not his.

Dixie tells JR that David refused to tell her if he had Babe. JR calls it impossible since Babe did in his arms. Dixie brings up that everyone thought she was dead too. Dixie brings up Zach, Greenlee, and Maria as well. JR doesn't believe there are others or that it's Babe. JR tells Dixie that she knows how David messes with people but he won't mess with him. JR states that Babe is dead. Dixie warns him that if he leaves now, he'll never know for sure.

Zach sits down at home to watch the game. Kendall thinks it's early for hockey. Zach wants Kendall to sit down with him. Kendall points out Zach's shoes on the couch. Zach sits up and asks Kendall why she's looking at him that way. Kendall says they just got past this whole David drama and Zach is alive so they're together. Kendall calls it a miracle and she hoped they could have some special time together but he wants to drink beer and watch a hockey game.

Erica talks with Jack about starring in a movie about her life. Jack reminds her that she'll be in the last wedding of her life too. Erica says she will as soon as she has time. Jack questions that. Erica calls the movie one of the biggest things to ever happen to her. Jack thought marrying him would be in that category as well. Erica assures him that it is but she has to be a movie star now. Erica tells Jack that Kit Sterling is amazing and brilliant and everyone knows him. Jack recognizes the name. Erica explains how Kit begged her to have creative input and that he thinks Erica could get her star in Hollywood. Brooke then returns and Jack excitedly greets her. Jack tells Brooke that she looks wonderful. Erica doesn't seem thrilled and comments that Brooke came alone which leads her to believe that Adam is done with her. Brooke informs her that Adam has come back with her and they are together. Jack asks about Adam. Erica adds in that she can't wait to see Adam and has so much to tell him. Erica informs Brooke about her upcoming movie. Erica brings up Adam taking her movie away from her in the past and how she doesn't have to marry the producer this time. Jack comments that she doesn't even have time to marry him. Jack gets a phone message that he needs to be in court. Jack says goodbye and exits. Brooke asks Erica if things are going well for her. Erica says they are. Brooke asks about her wedding date. Erica says that her book tour is about to start and her movie is about to start. Brooke tells her that she thought she would've been married already by now. Brooke wonders if Erica and Jack will ever get married. Erica points out that Brooke isn't married either.

Cara tells David that she doesn't want to hurt him and hopes he understands. David says he understands because he's a control freak that has done damage to his other children. David calls Cara an amazing woman and says her baby will be a lucky child. Cara calls David brilliant which means they made a remarkable baby.

Dixie continues talking to JR about the possibility of Babe being alive. Dixie wonders if David faked Babe's death to get her away from JR and it could've been the same way for her. JR again states that Babe died in his arms. Dixie asks if David ever showed up or was alone with her. JR recalls David took her body but wouldn't let anyone see her. Dixie thinks David could've started the process then. Dixie asks him about the possibility of Babe being alive.

Kendall stands in front of the TV so Zach asks her to move. Kendall mocks him and asks if he wants her to make a sandwich to go with his beer. Zach jokes with her to get another beer. Zach tells Kendall that he's happy since David's going away and he's with his wife and kids and the Red Wings. Kendall tells Zach to watch his hockey and starts to walk away but Zach stops her and wants her to watch with him but Kendall doesn't want to. Zach pulls Kendall onto the couch and then puts on a video of Spike and Ian and their family. Zach tells her that he was only joking since hockey starts next week. Zach tells her that it's good to be home and kisses her.

Erica tells Brooke to be honest and she thinks Adam isn't the marrying type anymore. Erica says Adam could've been spoiled by marrying her twice. Brooke mocks her. Erica assures her that Jack is her true love. Brooke names off Erica's ex-husbands. Erica says her loves weren't somebody else's cast-offs. Erica tells Brooke that she only took her leftovers.

Angie and Jesse talk about David facing prison. Angie says she's never seen him like that since David usually gloats, fights back harder, and never admits to being less than perfect. Jesse wants her to step away from David. Angie says David has such a gift but he has suffered so much loss. Jesse points out that it doesn't excuse what he's done. Angie says she understands a little why he is how he is since he's a tortured soul. Jesse calls David an accessory to murder. Angie doesn't think David was in on it but Jesse mentions that David knew about it. Angie brings up how many lives David has saved. Jesse wants David to pay for the damage has done. Angie talks about David's other patients. Angie wants the others to have their life back and says they need David to recover. Angie tells Jesse that if David goes to prison, those two other patients will be denied their life.

David tells Cara she's amazing and cancer-free. Cara tells David that he got her through the cancer scare and she sees kindness and generosity in him. David jokes with her and tells her that she will be a wonderful mother. A guard comes in and tells David that he has a visitor but he isn't interested. JR walks in and tells David that he better get interested. David says they have nothing to talk about. Cara starts to leave but David tells her to stay and let JR leave. JR says he isn't going anywhere. David tells JR he has five minutes and tells Cara to stay in touch. Cara says she will and exits. David asks JR if he came to thank him for saving Dixie. JR asks him if Babe is alive. David reminds him that she died in the tornado and blames JR for it. JR brings up that Greenlee, Dixie, and Zach died too. David tells him he has his answer. JR tells him that Dixie saw a blonde woman and he wants to know if David is keeping Babe from him. David accuses JR of making Babe's life hell and says he would keep Babe from him forever if he could. JR says he just made mistakes but they were going to get married again. David calls JR a bankrupt homeless drunk. JR tells him to hate him and punish him but not AJ. JR asks David if he would really deny his grandson a life with his mother.

Jesse reminds Angie that David broke the law. Angie wants him to try since someone could be out there alive. Angie says there aren't many miracles. Angie stops and begins to talk about how quiet and empty it is without Lucy. Angie is afraid that it's going to crush her. Jesse says it will just take time. Angie isn't sure if she can get used to the silence and not having Lucy in her arms anymore. Angie says she can't forget losing two daughters. Angie wants her life to feel whole again. Jesse tells her that he will do whatever he can to help her through this and they'll do it together. Jesse tells her that he's sorry. Angie says that she needs to find her own way through it.

Erica continues telling Brooke about her movie and about Kit Sterling. Brooke then informs Erica that she dated Kit. Erica doesn't believe her but Brooke insists that she did. Erica thinks it must have been one night. Brooke says it was months and she ended things due to her work. Brooke says times must have changed since Erica is taking her leftovers. Erica tells her that they aren't dating and it's just professional. Brooke notes that it hadn't stopped her before. Erica tells her again that Jack is the only man for her. Brooke points out how she's married all the others. Erica and Brooke then start laughing together. Erica calls it old habits and admits she looks good. Brooke expects another insult but Erica says she looks good and Brooke says the same to her. Erica tells her that Pine Valley has not been the same since Brooke left. Brooke thinks she missed her. Erica says she doesn't like her much because of her attitude and thinks she provokes her for no reason at all but she does respect Brooke. Brooke thinks they are alike and says they have excellent taste in men. Erica asks her how Adam is. Brooke tells her that he's alright. Erica comments that they haven't been back to visit Pine Valley once since leaving. Brooke says things have been different for Adam. Erica asks her what she isn't telling her about Adam.

Kendall and Zach watch the video of their family and Zach tells her he put it all together himself. Kendall calls him romantic and kisses him. Zach asks if she's happy and she responds that she is very. Kendall comments that Zach is really back. Zach tells her they are back and kisses her.

JR tells David that he got Babe away from him and that was his wish. David points out that JR is still there. JR says he has nothing so he has nothing left to lose. David thinks he's threatening him. JR promises that he'll rot in hell long before he does. JR then exits.

Angie cries as she feels Lucy's blanket and comments that she loved it. Jesse suggests they pack it up. Angie agrees and Jesse takes the blanket and folds it away. Jesse looks at a picture of him, Angie, and Frankie with Lucy and starts to cry as he looks back at Angie.

Erica asks Brooke what's going on. Brooke doesn't answer and tells her it was great to see her. Brooke wishes her luck on the film and with Jack. Brooke starts to leave and Erica tells her she isn't in her movie as she leaves.

Kendall gets up from kissing Zach and he wonders what she's doing. Kendall tells her that aren't back yet and returns to him with a wedding ring to replace the one he lost. She puts the ring on his finger. Kendall gets tears in her eyes and says now they are back and Zach hugs her.

Griffin visits David at the police station and says he's here since he called wondering what he wants. David tells him a doctor never abandons his patients, and he won't be able to finish his work, but Griffin can since he's the only one that knows what to do. David tells him that lives are counting on him as he passes him a slip of paper. Griffin looks at it and says, "My God." David tells him that now maybe he understands. JR watches them through the window and then makes a phone call to have Griffin followed.

Jesse holds Lucy's blanket and Angie begins to see again. She looks around and then looks back up at the light. Angie turns back to Jesse and sees him. She walks up to him with tears in her eyes and notes that Jesse is crying. Jesse brushes it off but Angie tells him to stop lying. Angie wipes his tears and tells him that she can see it.

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