AMC Update Thursday 9/15/11

All My Children Update Thursday 9/15/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Tad wakes up in bed and looks over to see Dixie is not there. Tad looks around and wonders where Dixie went.

Jesse gets up from Ellie's grave as Liza walks up. Liza tells him that losing Lucy must have ripped his heart out. Jesse says the only thing harder was saying goodbye to Ellie. Liza tells him that she's done the same thing and knows what he's going through.

Cara looks at her test results as the hospital as Griffin walks up. Cara hugs him and tells him how happy she is that he's there. Cara brings up Griffin not telling her about their plan.

Angie visits David at the police station. Angie wants honesty from David. Angie tells him that if he keeps playing God for the fun of it then he'll never get what he wants. David asks her what she thinks he wants. She responds that he wants love.

JR packs a bag at the Chandler Mansion and looks in the living room. Colby comes in with some boxes. JR says it's just temporary. Colby wants help on what to do with their dad's stuff. Colby opens a box of Adam's guns. JR picks one up and says he always wanted that but Adam never gave it to him. Colby says she's going to put it into storage and Adam can deal with it if he ever comes home. JR goes over and slips the gun into his bag. Scott enters with some mail from Adam's lawyer. Colby opens an envelope to find a new version of Adam's will. JR mentions that he didn't get a copy and Colby informs JR that his name is not in the will.

Tad walks through his house looking for Dixie. He finds her in the living room and Dixie informs him that she was just getting things ready for AJ since Marissa is bringing him by. Tad tells her that he was just panicked because he woke up and she wasn't there. Dixie kisses him. Dixie tells him that she's not letting their second chance go. Tad likes the idea and they kiss again.

Colby tells JR that she's sorry that Adam took him out of the will. JR points out that he didn't have enough respect to tell him to his face. Scott brings up that Adam has changed the will in the past. JR thinks Adam blames him for losing the house and then accuses Scott of trying to take his inheritance. Colby tells JR to stop. Scott says JR is proving Adam right as he lost his wife, his house, his son and now he's losing his dad's respect. Scott asks JR if he has anything left to lose.

Jesse tells Liza that he shouldn't have lied to Angie. Liza points out that he thought he was doing the right thing. Jesse wonders if he was trying to spare Angie or himself.

Maya sits with Lucy at Krystal's. Maya says she needs to find a way to pay for school. Frankie and Randi enter and they greet Maya and Lucy. Maya tells Frankie that she's sorry. Frankie says he understands and that she doesn't have to apologize every time she sees him. Maya asks about Angie and Jesse. Frankie says they are hanging in and hope to see Lucy in time.

Griffin tells Cara that he wanted to tell her what was going on but couldn't since she was with David. Cara asks Griffin if he really thinks David should be behind bars when he is saving lives. Griffin thinks it's great if it stops things between David and Cara.

David asks Angie if she thinks he sits around pining for love. Angie talks about David's childhood and how he lost his father, his brother, and two daughters. Angie thinks David does believe in love and needs to feel connected to someone. David brings up how everyone thinks he should be in prison. Angie calls him brilliant but desperate for control. Angie says David came up with his way of saving lives which is genius but incredibly sad because he's still alone. Angie tells him that she's offering him a way out. Angie says he's not the only one to suffer loss. David tells her he's sorry about the loss of her daughter. Angie states that it's been torture but it taught her that the only way to deal with pain is to stare it down. Angie thinks David would realize that if he dropped his guard and he's come close with her but walls always come up. Angie asks David to not put any more walls up and to let her in because he won't regret it. David asks Angie why she's doing this. Angie says she gives a damn. David thinks Angie just wants to see again and says he'll still treat her. Angie insists that she gives a damn about David. David says he doesn't hear that a lot and asks her why. Angie calls him a boy who was hurt, a man who lost children, and he's still struggling. Angie says she admires and relates to that. Angie tells David to change his life and stop withholding from everyone. Angie tells him to stop withholding who he is. Angie calls David a man with a broken heart who needs a little help to heal.

Cara tells Griffin that David was helping her a lot while he was gone. Griffin asks her what he was helping her with as they walk into a room. Cara admits that she thought the cancer came back even though it didn't. Griffin apologizes for not being there. Griffin asks why she was sick if it wasn't the cancer.

Jesse tells Liza that it took him awhile to get on board with the pregnancy but when he did, he couldn't wait. Jesse brings up how he wasn't there when Frankie grew up and figured he could fix all that now but then Ellie was stillborn and he felt like he let Angie down all over again. Jesse talks to Liza about giving Lucy to Angie. Liza insists it was all out of love. Jesse thinks he did it all out of fear of not being a good husband or father. Jesse then stops and wonders why he's even telling Liza this. Liza suggests that she can help.

Scott tells JR that he brought this on himself. Scott tells him that he needs help. JR threatens Scott and tells him that he will rot in hell. JR says nobody is taking anything from him again as he takes his bag and walks out.

Tad tells Dixie that he's going to check in with Jesse. Tad kisses her and says he will see her later. Tad says he still can't believe he gets to say that he will see her later. Tad kisses her again and tells her to get used to it. Tad exits and AJ comes running in the room asking for a snack. Dixie tells him to hang on as there's a knock on the door. Dixie opens it and JR arrives. JR comes in and greets AJ. AJ runs up to him and hugs him, saying he misses him.

Colby calls Adam again. She says she isn't fine and tells him about JR packing a bag and leaving while angry at everyone. Colby tells him that JR is angry about the will.

Liza tells Jesse about Lucy and Maya living with her and Colby. Jesse thinks it's better than living in a hotel. Liza offers to talk to Lucy about letting Angie and Jesse have Maya. Liza says she's trying to mend things between them. Jesse appreciates it but tells her that she can't fix this as this cannot be fixed and walks away.

Frankie tells Maya that he has to go pick up Angie. Maya tells him to tell Angie that they said hi. Frankie and Randi exit.

Cara tells Griffin that the blood work had nothing to worry about. Griffin suggests a second opinion but Cara doesn't want to. Griffin tells her that she has no reason to stay in contact with David now. Cara tells him that isn't true because she's pregnant.

Angie tells David that there is still hope for him. David suggests that their could've been but he's going to be convicted and going to prison. David tells Angie she's wasting her time. Angie doesn't think so. Angie says he'll have to pay for his crimes but he should let the world see that he's human. Angie tells him that they will respond. David thinks it's too late. Angie tells David to give Pine Valley the people that he's holding back, including himself.

Griffin is surprised to learn Cara is pregnant and David is the father. Cara tells him that she's absolutely going to keep the baby. Griffin tells her to think about it. Cara says she's been thinking about it and it's a dream of hers to become a mother. Cara says she will not and can not give up the baby. Griffin says ok and Cara asks if he's ready to be an uncle. Griffin asks her if David knows. Cara says not yet. Griffin tells her to never tell David if she cares about herself and the baby.

Angie tells David that she needed a miracle to restore her sight and he stepped up because he cares. David agrees that he cares a little. Frankie arrives and checks in with Angie. Frankie starts to escort Angie out of the room. David stops her and asks if she'll come visit him in prison. Angie assures him that he hasn't seen the last of her.

Tad meets with Jesse at ConFusion. Tad asks how Angie is doing. Jesse says everything is still dark and informs Tad that Maya took Lucy. Tad says he's sorry. Jesse talks about how much he's put Angie through. Tad thinks he's given her more love to make up for it. Jesse feels bad for hurting Angie. Tad thinks they'll make it back like they always do. Tad tells him that he's been there and felt the same way Angie does when Dixie hurt him in the past.

Scott and Madison sit in the park having hot dogs. They joke about eating at a restaurant instead. Madison asks if he's still worried about JR. Scott thinks maybe JR is gone for good. Madison doesn't think he'd leave AJ like that. Madison tells Scott that he's amazing. Scott says he keeps thinking about their dads and how Stuart always pulled Adam back from going too far. Madison states that Stuart left his mark on Scott. Scott hopes so. Madison says she's sorry that his family is falling apart. Madison tells Scott that she's there for whatever he needs.

JR sits with AJ and asks how he's doing. AJ says he's okay. JR tells him that he doesn't have to be nervous. JR asks Dixie if he can have time alone with AJ. Dixie agrees to leave the room. JR hugs AJ again. JR tells AJ to go upstairs and get his favorite toy so he can take him on a little adventure. Dixie comes back in and asks AJ about a snack. AJ gets up and says he has to go get his toy because JR is taking him on an adventure.

Maya makes a call about getting job and going to school at night. Liza comes in and hears her as she says she will have to drop her classes. Maya spills Lucy's milk and Liza comes to help her clean it up. Liza tells Maya that she's sure Angie and Jesse would help out with her school. Maya says she can't ask them because she's done too much to them.

Frankie brings Angie home. Angie talks about missing the baby smell. Frankie blames himself for getting Maya the babysitting job. Angie tells him not to blame himself. Angie says she has to believe that Lucy is where she belongs.

Madison tells Scott that she's sorry for pushing him away because it wasn't his fault. Scott says he understands since she lost a child. Madison says she has to stop coming up with excuses to see him. Scott jokes with her and Madison admits that she misses him. Madison appreciates him taking it slow and giving her space. Scott says he couldn't stand the idea of her not being in his life. Madison tells Scott that she wants to give him a choice now and give them another shot to see if what they had is still there unless he thinks it's too late. Scott then kisses her.

Dixie gives AJ his snack and tells him to go upstairs since there will not be an adventure. Dixie tells JR that he'd be kidnapping. JR says he's still going to take AJ. JR thinks Bianca and Marissa are corrupting AJ and doesn't want him growing up with lesbians. Dixie tells JR that Bianca is a wonderful mother and Marissa could be like Babe. JR says Marissa isn't like Babe. Dixie brings up how JR just bribed a judge and tried to blackmail with a sex tape. Dixie tells JR that AJ needs his mother. JR shouts that Marissa isn't AJ's mother and neither is Bianca. JR says that they took his house but they can't take his son. JR starts to walk out but Dixie says he can't leave with or without AJ.

Cara visits David in his cell. Cara says she came to say goodbye. David calls her a smart woman and says it's good to see her. Cara tells him that he was a friend when she needed one and she'll always remember it. Cara says David did more than that. David asks about her test results and if it was bad news but Cara tells him it was just the opposite.

Madison tells Scott that the kiss answers her question and then they kiss again but Colby walks up. Colby apologizes for interrupting and then tells them it's about time. Colby says she has something to tell JR but he isn't picking up. Scott asks what the big news is. Colby informs Scott that Adam is coming home.

Dixie tells JR that if he leaves he may never find something out. JR calls AJ to come but Dixie tells JR that David may have other patients and that Babe may be alive.

Cara tells David that he gave her something she thought she'd never have. Cara says that David has a right to know. Cara then informs David that she's pregnant with his baby.

Tad tells Jesse that he knows the circumstances are different but he thought he lost faith in Dixie the same way Jesse thinks Angie lost faith. Tad encourages Jesse not to give up on Angie. Jesse says he will do whatever he can to get her back.

Frankie offers to stay with Angie until Jesse gets home. Angie tells him he can go and it's fine. Angie says she has to get used to not having Lucy and might as well start now. Frankie agrees and starts to exit. Angie asks if he turned on a light. Frankie says he did and asks how she knew. Angie looks up and says she sees it.

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