AMC Update Wednesday 9/14/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/14/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Dixie has flashbacks of trying to escape from where David held her. She looks back and sees the hand with the B bracelet. She goes over asking if it's Babe but David stops her and then Dixie wakes up in a panic. Tad comes in and asks if she had a nightmare. Dixie says it was a memory but she still couldn't see who the other woman was. Dixie tells Tad that it's not over because he has two other people and one could be Babe. Tad thinks it's just David playing another sick game. Dixie says she has to find out and she has to see David. Tad doesn't like the idea and asks what she expects. Tad brings up the things David has done and he doesn't want Dixie or anyone else to see him.

David stands at the police station. Brot comes in and tells him he has a visitor. Liza comes in and tells David that she's there to take his case.

Maya joins Colby at Krystal's and they sit together. Maya tells her she heard about losing the house and she's sorry. Maya asks her if it's really happening. Colby says it is. Maya asks how Asher feels about it. Colby says she doesn't know and doesn't want to bother Asher with her problems. Colby tells Maya that she can't really miss him since she never really had him. Colby asks Maya if she knows what she's going to do with her baby. Maya says things would be so simple if she could just go somewhere and go start a new life but she wonders how she could do that to Angie and Jesse.

Angie folds clothes at home as Jesse offers to help. Angie tells him about wishing she could see so she could see Lucy's face once before Maya takes her away. Jesse suggests trying to get Maya to stay. Angie tells him it won't happen since Lucy is Maya's and she deserves to have a life. Jesse assures Angie that she will see Lucy. Angie asks what changed his doubts. Jesse tells her that he watched her and saw her strength and dignity. Jesse tells her that no matter what happens next, he will always believe in her. Angie thanks him for having faith in her. Jesse wishes he could do something for her. Angie asks if that means he has faith in David too. Jesse says that David might can work miracles but that doesn't excuse him for what he does to people to make those miracles work. Angie tells Jesse to not let them take David away and let him stay a little longer. Jesse realizes that Angie is afraid she may need more treatment and David can only give it to her. Angie reminds Jesse that he has two more patients. Jesse doesn't think David will ever give them up. Angie wants to talk to David. Angie believes David has a good side and that one of the patients could be Babe. Angie wants to try to bring Babe back to her mother.

Maya worries to Colby what she's going to do since she doesn't have a job or a place to go with her baby. Colby recalls Liza adopting a baby before but they had to give him back since his birth mother wanted him back. Colby states that she'd never seen Liza so unhappy before. Colby tells Maya that if she wants to leave, she should do it quickly.

Liza tells Brot she wants to talk to David alone so he exits. David tells Liza that his defense is that Zach, Ryan, Greenlee, Griffin, and Kendall conspired against him to trap him. Liza tells him that he got caught breaking the law and played God one too many times. David claims that he corrected God's mistakes. Liza brings up David's conspiracy with Ricky and the casino partners. David says he had no idea that they would go that far. David tells her that no one can prove he sabotaged the plane. Liza tells him to stop trying to play her.

Dixie and Tad sit together on the couch. Dixie insists that he doesn't have to worry about David because he has no hold on her anymore. Dixie again worries if one of his patients is Babe and what that would mean to Krystal and JR. Dixie says she has to try to get the patients home. Tad gets it but says he won't let her do it alone. Tad offers to go see David together.

Liza tells David that she's not going to take his case. David brings up Liza always being there for him in the past. David says their friendship means something to him. Liza tells him that she isn't that person anymore. David asks if she has new found morality. Liza says she's looked at all the ways she screwed up her life and expects more from herself. David tells her it was nice knowing her then. Liza says she hasn't given up on him and is still rooting for him. Liza hopes David still has a chance to learn something.

Tad and Dixie arrive to the police station and ask Brot to see David. Dixie thinks they can get him to say who else he's holding. Liza comes out and Tad asks if she's representing him. Liza says she was just giving him advice and wishes David luck then exits. Brot tells Tad and Dixie that they have five minutes with David. They enter the room to talk with him. David asks what he can do to enhance their lives. David points out that he already has. Tad explains that it was Dixie's idea to come. Dixie asks David to tell her if he has Babe.

Caleb and Asher arrive at Krystal's. Caleb talks to Asher about taking him to his cabin and how he'll enjoy it so much that he won't think about the internet. Colby walks up and greets them. Caleb steps away to let them talk. Colby asks Asher how things are. Asher says he's been busy. Asher says he and Caleb have been getting along most of the time. Asher tells her that he has to go. Colby stops him and asks what he's doing afterwards. Asher says he doesn't know as he has a lot of work to do. Colby says she understands and tells him she has so much to do too. Asher tells her that he will see her around and walks away. As Asher exits, Liza enters. Liza sees Colby sitting with her head down. Caleb comes up to Liza and tells her it's teen romance. Liza comments that Colby doesn't look happy. Liza thinks they're getting somewhat closer. Liza wishes she could make someone smile. Caleb smiles and brings up her legal work. Liza tells him to stop. Caleb asks her if she's interested. Colby comes up and asks to talk to Liza. Colby asks Liza if Maya and Lucy can move in with them.

Jesse and Angie sit with Lucy at home. Angie tells Lucy how much she loves her. Maya enters and says she doesn't want to make this harder than it already is so she's moving out today with Lucy.

David thinks Tad and Dixie are jumping to conclusions. Tad brings up David hinting to Krystal that it could be Babe. David states that all he ever said was that he had two more patients. David tells them that he doesn't owe them anything. Dixie says she's grateful that he saved her life but now he has a chance to save JR's. David laughs and doesn't get the connection. Dixie explains everything JR has lost. David tells them that he predicted that a long time ago. David asks if she thinks Babe will be his salvation. Dixie says that's why she's asking and begs David to tell them if he has Babe. David asks if they really believe that he would save his daughter just to let JR destroy her again. David says that if JR was on fire he wouldn't give him a glass of water. Tad asks if David isn't willing to do it for JR, is he willing to do it for Babe.

Colby sits with Liza and talks about Maya needing a place to live. Colby explains how Maya wants to go to school and get a job. Liza likes the idea of having a baby around the house. Liza agrees and tells Colby to let Maya know she can stay with them. Colby says they can do baby things and Liza starts to feel bad for Angie and Jesse.

Maya asks Angie and Jesse if she can take the stroller since she doesn't have the money yet. Angie tells her to take what Lucy needs. Maya explains that Colby is helping her and if not she can stay at a motel. Jesse encourages her to stay there longer. Maya thinks it will be harder for them if she stays longer. Angie tells her that she's right and knows they can't keep them forever. Maya thanks them and says they have been wonderful and could never thank them enough. Maya goes to pack a few more things. Angie tells Jesse that she needs to say goodbye. Angie then sits with Lucy and wonders how she says goodbye since she brought such joy to their lives. Angie tells Lucy that they will always be there for her and love her. Maya comes back in with her bags packed and watches as Angie cries. Maya says she thinks she has everything she needs. Jesse tells her to let them know when she's settled or to call if she leaves town. Maya promises to let them know. Angie gives Lucy to Maya and tells her to make sure she sings her a lullaby and remembers her favorite blanket. Angie says goodbye and Maya exits with Lucy. Angie tells Jesse that Maya will do just fine since she's a brave and strong woman. Angie thinks it will all work out. She cries that it was meant to be this way. Angie says she has to talk to David right now.

Tad tells David to just tell them if Babe is alive. David asks why he should. Tad tells him that Dixie deserves a chance to know. Tad and David argue until David calls for a guard. Brot comes in and David says the conversation is over. Brot tells Tad and Dixie to leave. Tad tells David he has one last chance to do something righteous in his life. David asks Tad why he couldn't just be grateful. David tells Tad that he could've supported and defended him against Ryan and Zach if he wanted to help his patients. Dixie tells David that it's his own fault. Dixie and Tad exit together.

Colby talks to Liza about not representing David. Liza thinks her words may have gotten through to David. Colby doesn't think so. Liza brings up the miracles that David has performed. Colby calls it weird that Liza's being so nice. Colby tells her there is hope for her. Maya enters with Lucy. Liza greets them and Colby asks Maya how it went. Maya calls it absolutely terrible to watch their faces when she took Lucy away but says they were great since they didn't try to fight her decision. Liza tells Maya that she has a place to stay with them. Maya thanks them and hugs Colby. Maya promises that it will only be temporary.

Jesse tells Angie that seeing David won't work. Angie says Frankie can take her if Jesse doesn't want to. Jesse doesn't think David will give any information out when he's facing prison. Angie thinks she can get through to him and make something good out of everything that's happening. Angie wants to bring some light into the world after losing her sight, her baby, and Lucy. Angie cries and Jesse hugs her. Angie tells him that they have lost so much. Jesse reminds her that they still have the strength of their family. Jesse assures her that they will get through it and promises that she will see again. Angie thanks him. Jesse says he has a long way to go before he makes things right. Angie states that she has to make something right out of all this too. Jesse asks to go with Angie to see David. Angie lets him know that David won't talk if he's there. Angie asks him to please let her do this her way. Jesse agrees as Frankie arrives to pick Angie up. Angie then exits.

Maya asks Colby if she wants to go to the park with her and Lucy. Asher returns to Krystal's and Maya says she'll see Colby at home as she exits. Asher and Colby smile at each other.

Liza sits with Caleb and brings up Caleb asking if she was interested.

Tad and Dixie return home and they can't believe how David refused to tell anything about the patients. Dixie can't believe David blames everyone else for his problems and calls him a jerk. Tad laughs and says he liked their good cop bad cop routine. Tad thinks David didn't say anything yet but has a lot to think about like a prison sentence. Tad tells Dixie that they are still a good team. Tad talks about old times and now new times then kisses her. Tad reminds Dixie that she wanted to take it slow. Dixie says she didn't want them to hurt each other. Tad understands since they are two strong personalities. Dixie points out that they have a lot of fun. Tad tells her she always has been and always will be the love of his life. Tad says today reminded him how good they are together and how they are meant to be. Dixie then kisses Tad. Tad and Dixie then go to the bedroom and kiss onto the bed.

Colby tells Asher that she knows he has a lot going on but they were on the verge of something great and she doesn't want to give up on that. Asher says he doesn't want to give up on it either. Colby is surprised and thought he didn't care. Asher tells her that he really missed her. Colby says she missed him too. Asher tells her that he's picking up a few courses at PVU since Caleb has encouraged him to go back to school. Colby points out his books and says she's taking the same courses. Asher calls it a coincidence and asks her to talk to him about the professors some time.

Caleb apologizes to Liza for being pushy because Asher has been encouraging him. Liza tells him she is interested which surprises Caleb. Liza tells Caleb to pick her up at eight and then exits.

Maya sits in the park with Lucy and finishes feeding the ducks. Maya tells Lucy that they have all the time in the world and it's just them. Maya hopes Angie and Jesse will be okay and she hopes that she did the right thing.

Jesse visits Ellie's grave and talks to her about how they had to give up Lucy today. Jesse talks about trying to stay strong for Angie but it was just as tough losing Lucy as it was losing Ellie. Jesse sits at the grave and cries as Liza walks by and sees him.

David tells Brot that he's ready to go back to his cell as Angie arrives to the station. David asks her if she's seen any light yet. Angie tells him that she hasn't seen any light but hopes that David is about to.

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