AMC Update Tuesday 9/13/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/13/11

Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone is sleepless in Pine Valley today as all of our favorite Pine Valley residents have insomnia and it seems David’s arrest has made all of the residents of Pine Valley reflect on their lives.

(Tad and Dixie’s house) Tad finds Krystal on the couch making lists of all the things she has to do before she moves into her new house. Tad tries to persuade Krystal to stay by telling her that she doesn’t have to move out just because Dixie has returned. Krystal explains to Tad that she isn’t moving out because of Dixie she needs to do this for herself so she can get her own life.

(Police Station) Natalia wants to spend some quality time with Brot but is shocked to find him writing his resignation letter and she wants to know why he is writing the letter because she knows he loves his job. Brot tells Natalia that he found Lucy in the back of his squad car and encouraged Jesse to switch the babies when Ellie was still born. Brot feels guilty for letting Jesse take all the blame with Angie and feels he needs to tell Angie the truth. Natalia is understanding and tells Brot not to feel guilty because he and Jesse were trying to spare Angie any more pain. Natalia thanks Brot for being there for Jesse and he family when Jesse needed him the most. Brot tells Natalia that he has been keeping another secret about Iraq and when she finds out about it she might not be so quick to forgive him.

(Confusion) Jake stops by Confusion for a drink and is about to leave when Ryan tells him that he can stay for a drink since Greenlee owns Confusion. Jake congratulates Ryan for his part in David’s arrest and calls him a hero a title that Ryan resents but he is used to it.

(Zach and Kendall’s place) Greenlee arrives to talk to Kendall about an exciting new idea about a computer program that would show women what they would look like in the future and then they would design a makeup based on the projection that the computer gave each woman. Kendall is excited about the idea but thinks they should take a break to spend some time with their husbands. Greenlee doesn’t waste time and she wants to get to work on the idea right away. Kendall senses there is something else bothering Greenlee and Greenlee admits that seeing Ryan on the floor of that warehouse pretending to be shot scared her so much that she is afraid to lose him.

(Tad’s house) Krystal tells Tad to go back to bed and she will go to bed once she has finished making her lists. Once tad has gone upstairs Krystal pts her Jacket on over her robe and heads to her restaurant

(Chandler mansion) Colby is packing things up when Scott arrives and she tells him about David’s arrest which Scott has already heard about on the news. Colby and Scott remember how full of people the house used to be and they both can’t stand to see the house so empty. Scott tells Colby that they will always be family and they need to stick together. Scott offers Colby his extra room at the gatehouse when its finished and she thanks him for the offer. Colby tells Scott that she is doing okay at Liza’s and she is still hoping that he and Madison will reconcile and if they do she doesn’t want to intrude on them.

(Confusion) Ryan tells Jake that he only did what any person would do to protect his family and friends. Jake tells Ryan he understands how he feels because for years he ran away from the standard that was expected of him because he was Joe Marin Jr. Ryan is a bit confused and wonders why Jake became a doctor if he wanted to run away from his father’s legacy at Pine Valley hospital. Jake explains that he became a doctor but he did things his own way by going and becoming part of doctors without boarders. Jake tells Ryan that he never wanted to stay in Pine Valley and put down roots until he met Amanda and when he became a father he understood that his dad only wanted the best for him and he only cared about his future. Jake tells Ryan that now that Trevor is in his life all he wants to do is what is best for him and for this new child he and Amanda are going to adopt. Ryan tells Jake that he doesn’t have to worry about living up to his father’s expectations because he has already done that and he has the best parts of his dad in him.

(Zach and Greenlee’s place) Greenlee tells Kendall about her experiences in boarding school and how lonely she was because she never had a real friend. Greenlee tells Kendall that she has lost everyone she ever loved and she couldn’t bear to lose her or Ryan. Kendall hugs Greenlee and assures Greenlee she will never lose her and she will never lose Ryan because he loves her. Ryan arrives and tells Greenlee he has been looking for her everywhere Greenlee hugs Kendall and thanks her for the talk then she heads home with Ryan.

(Krystal’s) Liza stops by and is about to leave because the restaurant is closed but Krystal invites her in for a drink. Liza tells Krystal that David called to ask her to be his lawyer but she turned him down because she doesn’t want to make any more mistakes in her life. Liza tells Krystal that she wants to try and fix some of the mistakes she has made and be the kind of mother Colby deserves. Krystal tells Liza that David made her think he may have saved Babe and she suddenly realized how lost she has felt since Babe died. Liza tells Krystal it feels strange sharing things with her because she has never had any friends Krystal smiles and tells Liza now she has a friend.

(Police station) Brot tells Natalia about his best friend Tommy McBride and the day he switched shifts with Tommy because Tommy looked very tired. Brot tells Natalia that the next day Tommy took his shift and never came back Brot thinks that he should have been the one that died not Tommy since Tommy had a wife and two kids. Natalia tells Brot not to blame himself because Tommy got killed doing his job and she is sure that Tommy’s wife and family don’t blame him either. Natalia asks Brot how Tommy’s family is doing since she is sure he has kept in touch with them. Brot tells Natalia that Tommy’s wife sends him pictures of the kids every year and the kids consider him an uncle. Natalia gives Brot a kiss and tells him she loves him and says that when they have kids if they have a boy they could name him Mac.

(Krystal’s) Colby arrives and is surprised to see Krystal and Liza there so late and Liza wonders what Colby is doing up so late. Colby tells Liza she was packing things up at the mansion. Colby starts to cry and tells her mom she misses her home Liza gives Colby a hug and then thanks Krystal for the talk as she and Colby leave.

The audience sees a series of silent scenes with music in the background Ryan and Greenlee making love at their house and afterwards they stand on the terrace in their robes looking at the stars. Jake arrives home and slips into bed beside Amanda who awakens and says his name. Jake kisses Amanda on the cheek and tells her to go back to sleep. Kendall looks at the fire then curls up on the couch and falls asleep waiting for Zach who doesn’t come home. Krystal looks at a picture of Babe and cries Tad arrives and tells Krystal he has come to take her home because no matter what she says his house will always be her home.

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