AMC Update Monday 9/12/11

All My Children Update Monday 9/12/11

Written by Eva
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(LA Airport) Kit Sterling tells Erica he wants her to play herself in the movie because nobody else could play Erica Kane except Erica Kane. Erica is very flattered by the offer and Kit can sense that Erica still doubts that he can make a good movie out of her book.

(Hubbard house) Angie holds Lucy and she tells Jesse and Frankie that she isn’t ready to go to the doctor for her check up and she doesn’t want anyone to take Lucy away from her. Frankie tells Angie that the sooner she goes to the doctor the sooner she will know when she will be able to see Lucy’s face. Angie gives Lucy to Maya and she, Frankie and Jesse head to the hospital.

(Krystal’s) Cara sits with Kendall while Kendall eats lunch Cara tells Kendall that she considers her like a sister and since Griffin isn’t there she wants to tell her the news. Cara tells Kendall that she is pregnant and Kendall assumes that Tad is the father of the baby. Kendall smiles and tells Cara that she will be a great mother although it will be difficult raising the baby with Tad now that he is with Dixie but she is sure that she and Tad will be able to work out some kind of arrangement. Cara asks Kendall if she can eat off her plate because the baby makes her hungry Kendall agrees and in between bites Cara tells Kendall that the father of her baby is David. Kendall tells Cara that David is obsessive where his children are concerned and tells her how David treated Amanda when he thought Trevor was his child.

(Warehouse) Ryan is shot in the struggle with Zach to grab the gun and Greenlee pleads with Ryan to let David help him but Ryan refuses to let David touch him. David tells Zach that he has gone too far and if they don’t call an ambulance right away Ryan could bleed to death and die. Zach tells David that Ryan’s life doesn’t matter because what is important is project Orpheus. Greenlee tells Zach that he isn’t the same man since his return and Kendall will be so disappointed in him.

(LA airport) Kit tells Erica that he will get the best team together to work on the movie and she will have a much better experience then she did when Adam made Raising Kane into a movie. Kit tells Erica that if she goes to Griffith Observatory to look at the stars she will notice that no mater how far away the stars are they always shine and never lose their sparkle just like her. Erica says that if she does this movie she wants total creative control over every aspect of the movie as well as to be executive producer. Kit agrees but Erica is still hesitant so she and Kit go take a walk and continue to talk.

(Warehouse) David tells Zach that Orpheus was meant to help people and he doesn’t want to have a death on his hands even if it is Ryan. David tries to call an ambulance but Zach tells David he can’t let him do that because it isn’t worth risking everything he has worked for just to save Ryan who has always hated him anyway. Greenlee starts to call an ambulance but Zach knocks the phone out of her hands.

(Krystal’s ) Cara appreciates Kendall’s concern but says that she isn’t Amanda that she has seen a different side to David

(Hospital) Angie tells Jesse that all she can see are shadows and she doesn’t see any light coming soon. Jesse once again asks Angie to forgive him for all the hurt he has caused her and Angie tells Jesse that she understands why he did it but she isn’t ready to make everything he did okay for him yet. Angie is sad that she didn’t get to mourn Ellie but she isn’t sad that she lost her sight to continue her pregnancy.

(Hubbard house) Frankie help Maya fold laundry and admits that he is scared that Angie won’t be able to handle losing Ellie and Lucy. Frankie tells Maya that he doesn’t think that she is ready to take care of Lucy and she and Lucy couldn’t have a better home then with Angie and Jesse. Maya tells Frankie that she has to prove to herself that she can take care of Lucy on her own but Frankie tells her that she doesn’t have to be alone when Lucy has so many people that love her. Frankie blames himself for insisting that Maya take the babysitting job. Maya tells Frankie not to blame himself because she would have found Lucy anyway even if she hadn’t taken the job. Frankie pleads with Maya not to take Lucy away from his parents.

(Warehouse) David is frustrated with Zach and yells that he knew the casino partners did the right thing hiring Ricky Torres to kill him and he should have let the plane sink instead of saving his life. Zach wonders that is going to save David now and then he shoots David.

(LA) Kit and Erica walk and she tells Kit that he family keeps her in Pine Valley and Kit agrees that family is important and reminds Erica that he has a private plane. Kit tells Erica he doesn’t make movies to make money he has plenty of money he does it because he enjoys making movies. Erica stops when they get to the corner of Hollywood and Vine and smiles as she tells Kit that she always told her mother that she needed to be some place more glamorous then Pine Valley some place like Hollywood and Vine. Kit takes Erica to the walk of fame and tells her that she deserves to have her star there then they walk back to the airport.

(Krystal’s) Kendall worries that Cara will get hurt and Cara tells Kendall that David won’t hurt her.

(Warehouse) David admits that he was involved with the casino partners but he was a silent partner and he didn’t find out until later that Ricky was hired to kill Zach. Zach smiles and says he figured out that David thought that Greenlee was on that plane not him and that is why he was there when the plane went down to save her. Zach says he put the pieces together because he heard him talking to the nurses when he was at the secret clinic and when he came home he told Kendall, Ryan, Greenlee and Griffin and they came up with this plan to tap him. Griffin gets up from the gurney and Ryan plays part of what David confessed which he has taped on a tape recorder. Greenlee wonders why David is so quiet but David doesn’t think there is anything more to say. Greenlee sends a text to Kendall and Kendall fills Cara in on the plan while they head to the warehouse.

(Hospital) Angie is sad because the doctor told her the next few days are critical and if she doesn’t see it means that the operation didn’t work. Jesse gets a call and rushes to the warehouse.

(LA Airport) Erica agrees to think about Kit Sterling’s offer and before he leaves he tells Erica that she has had a great life full of ups and downs and people deserve to know about her life. Erica tells Kit that she will do the movie with him.

(Hubbard house) Angie arrives home and tells Maya what the doctor said and Maya tells her that Frankie asked her not to take Lucy away and that Frankie loves her very much. Angie tells Maya that children do that love their parents but Angie tells Maya to take her time and make a decision. Maya thanks Angie and says she has been like a mother to her. Maya gives Angie a hug and a kiss on the cheek and thanks her once more for everything.

(Warehouse) Kendall and Cara arrive and after Cara hugs Griffin she asks David if what Kendall told her is true and he asks Cara to let him explain things to her. David tells everyone that the patients he saved is a secret he will take to his grave. Jesse tells David that he will make him reveal the names of the people that he saved.

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