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All My Children Update Friday 9/9/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee joins Ryan at the station. Jesse speaks with them as Greenlee can't believe Ryan had to spend the night in jail. Jesse tells Ryan that he had no choice for his breaking into David's lab crime. Ryan brings up David doing illegal things. Jesse tells Ryan about the footage of him picking a lock. Ryan points out Zach pulling a gun on him but Jesse reminds him that it was registered. Jesse thinks Ryan is making this too personal. Ryan calls David a dangerous man and says him and Zach make a bad combination.

David sits at the hospital and thinks about Cara worrying the cancer has come back. Zach enters and informs David that Ryan spent the night and jail and he hopes that he learned to stay away from Orpheus. Zach thinks David should be thanking him. David tells Zach that he's worried because Cara needs Griffin. David tells Zach to tell him what he did with Griffin.

Cara gets her test results at the hospital. She sits down and begins to open the envelope when Jake walks in. Cara tells Jake that it's just a patient's test results she has. Cara talks about life being precious and hoping she can make the time count. Amanda comes in and Jake greets her. Amanda tells Jake that adopting a baby is going to be harder than they thought. Jake thought they knew it wouldn't over night. Amanda feels like they have no shot at all after talking with someone. Amanda thinks believing in it might be a mistake.

Erica makes a phone call in Los Angeles asking about anyone with the initials M.R. or anyone named Mike Roy. Erica is told the building is abandoned and she can't believe it. Erica gets hung up on and then Opal surprises her. Erica hugs her and says she knew she would come to help her find Mike Roy. Opal says she just came to check up on her as she was only stopping by before she goes to Hawaii with Sam. Opal brings Sam over and he greets Erica. They talk briefly and then Erica looks upset. Opal asks if she's happy for her. Erica says she is happy for her and then knocks over a cardboard standup of herself. They pick it up and Opal wonders what's wrong with Erica. Erica claims she's fine. Erica points out Opal going to Hawaii with an old flame while she flew all the way out here for a dead end. Erica says she has no idea if David was just playing games with her or if Mike Roy is alive. Erica tells Opal about the phone call she just had. Opal thinks she should just fly back home to Jack. Erica says she has only just started looking. Opal asks what she expects to find. Erica tells her that she isn't looking to rekindle an old romance but she wants to find the truth. Opal again suggests that she fly back home to Jack. Opal warns her not to waste her time. Erica says she can't stop thinking about it and has to know for sure. Sam comes over and says he got in touch with an electrician that he knows and he worked on the building that Erica mentioned. Sam says his friend says the abandoned building was funded by someone known as Orpheus. Erica hugs him and calls him a genius.

Amanda and Jake continue talking about adoption. Cara interrupts and asks Jake about a group they worked for at Doctors Without Borders. Cara offers to put them in touch with kids in need. Amanda says she would love to help out. Jake tells Cara it would be great and he knows why she's doing it.

David asks Zach again where Griffin is. Zach reminds him that he said Orpheus always comes first. David says Orpheus is about helping people not making them suffer like Cara is. David tells Zach that he doesn't have to tell him where Griffin is, just get him back. Zach says it's too late for that. David wonders what he did to him. Zach says it can't be traced back to David. David tells him that he didn't want to hurt Cara or Griffin. Zach points out that he was going to hurt Orpheus. David says he had his differences with Griffin and they may have went their separate ways but he didn't want to hurt him. Zach shouts that Griffin betrayed him. Zach tells David that he has his loyalty.

Ryan talks about the dangers of David and Zach. Jesse brings up David working miracles. Ryan says it has to do with justice and he's going to get it. Ryan storms out of the room with Greenlee.

Erica arrives to the abandoned building. She goes to a door but can't get it open. She walks around the corner and opens a different door but a guard appears behind her and asks what she's doing there. Erica tells him that she is there on behalf of Project Orpheus and is a partner of David. Erica claims that David has been very concerned about a patient named Mike Roy. Erica asks if he's patient there. He doesn't answer so Erica runs into the room but finds nothing. The guard tells Erica that there has never been anyone there named Mike Roy.

Jake tells Cara that he thinks Cara feels like she owes them because of their past. Jake doesn't want her to feel obligated. Cara tells him it's just her feeling that life is precious and how she wants to help people. David comes in and asks to speak with Cara. Jake tells her that she doesn't have to go with him. Cara writes down the number of her contact and gives it to Jake. Jake asks if she's sure she's alright and then they exit. David tells Cara that he heard her talking about life is precious. Cara tells him that she hasn't opened her test results yet. Cara brings up how Griffin was with her the last time that the cancer came back and every procedure she's had. David tells her that he's doing everything he can to help find him. Cara is surprised and asks what he means because she thought he went back to Doctors without Borders. Cara asks if he knows something that she doesn't.

Ryan and Greenlee go to Krystal's. Jesse arrives behind them and tells Ryan that if he keeps things up then he might end up back in jail and Greenlee could ruin her friendship with Kendall. Greenlee brings up that Kendall isn't happy about Zach's partnership with David. Jesse wonders why Kendall is going along with the whole thing. Ryan adds that they can't get through to Kendall because she wants to stay with Zach. Zach arrives and asks Ryan if he learned anything in jail. Ryan tells him that he learned that David is hiding something in his lab. Zach tells him that he was trespassing. Ryan asks him what David is hiding. Ryan brings up that if he would've found out, the whole experiment would have ended. Ryan tells Zach that he's going to keep trying. Zach warns Ryan that he will get hurt if he continues. Ryan tells Zach that he should tell him what David is hiding or else he's going to go down with David. Zach tells Greenlee to take Ryan home before he ends up back in jail. Ryan calls David and Zach the criminals. Jesse gets in between them. Greenlee brings up how Zach pulled a gun on Ryan. Ryan tells Zach that he's breaking laws with David and says he's lost it by getting behind David. Zach tells Ryan not to criticize what he can't understand. Greenlee says she's starting to regret ever bringing Zach back. Zach tells her that it might've been better if she didn't end up with Ryan. Ryan gets in between and tells Zach to back off Greenlee.

Cara asks David what he meant by trying to find Griffin. David says he meant that he was just trying to get his specific location since he never said exactly where he went. David says he knew Cara would want to be in touch with Griffin when she got her results. Cara says she can't believe that David can read her so well. David tells her it's obvious how much she and Griffin mean to each other. David brings up being there the last time she went into remission. Cara thanks him for saving her life back then. Cara tells him how Griffin has always been there by her side since she was a little girl. David promises to find Griffin. Cara says he doesn't have to come home but she just wants to hear his voice. David tells her that he cares about her as more than just a colleague. Cara jokes with him that he's losing his edge with her. David tells her that he's happy to take his chances.

Jesse tries to calm down Ryan and Zach as they continue arguing. Jesse threatens to arrest Ryan again. Greenlee says she knows what she has to do and she exits. Zach tells Ryan again that he doesn't understand what's going on. Jesse take Ryan out to go for a walk.

Erica goes into a shop and starts to make a phone call. A man enters behind Erica and watches her from a distance.

Cara tells David she has to see the results. David doesn't want her to be alone and offers to take her to his office. David's phone rings and Cara tells him she will wait for him there. David answers his phone and it's Erica. David tells her it isn't a good time to talk. Erica tells him that she's in Los Angeles and she thinks David already knew she was coming to see if Mike Roy was alive. Erica accuses David of sending her on a wild goose chase and how they both know nothing was in the facility. Erica tells David to be honest if he has an ounce of human decency. David then tells Erica that Mike Roy is dead. Erica asks what he's telling her. David informs her that Mike Roy is not and never was one of his patients. Erica asks what kind of monster he is to toy with people's emotions. David says he never lied to her. David tells her that he did save someone she once loved but it's not one of her ex-lovers. Erica tells him that she won't ever believe anything David says again. David tells her that he won't do anything nice for her again. Erica says it would be nice if someone gave David a taste of his own medicine and tortured him. Erica then hangs up the phone angrily and Opal returns to her. Opal sits with her and asks what's wrong. Erica tells Opal that she wanted good news but it wasn't. Opal says she told Erica so. Erica says she is done with distractions and detours so she's now going home to her family and Jack to live the life she was supposed to live. The man that entered behind Erica approaches and says she almost sounds like Erica Kane. Opal tells him that she is Erica Kane. The man says he knows that but thought Erica may have forgotten. Erica asks if she knows him. He tells her that he's the man that's about to make all of her dreams come true.

David talks with Cara saying that no good deed goes unpunished. David tells Cara to stop him from doing anything nice for Erica again. David asks Cara to come to his office to open the test results. Cara wants to do it alone. Greenlee comes up and tells David that Zach is out of his mind. Cara tells David she will let him know and she exits. Greenlee tells David that things are really bad between Zach and Ryan. Greenlee asks David to stop Zach. David tells her it's not a good time. She begs David to make this stop before it's too late.

Jesse and Ryan go walk out in the park. Jesse says he will deal with Zach if they break the law. Ryan thinks it won't be fast enough. Jesse points out how Ryan ended up in jail. Ryan admits he may have lost it. Ryan agrees to back off. Ryan recognizes that his anger towards David has gotten out of control and he knows Greenlee and his kids need him. Ryan doesn't want it to get worse and tells Jesse that he will get back on track. Jesse worries that Ryan might try to go back to David's lab but Ryan insists that he's seriously going to back off. Jesse wants to take Ryan back to the station until he calms down. They start to walk off but Ryan breaks away and knocks Jesse down then runs off as Jesse yells after him.

Zach returns to David's lab and wheels a gurney into the main room with a cover over it.

The man introduces himself to Erica as Kit Sterling. Erica realizes he is a movie producer and comments on how often she reads his name in the business pages. Erica asks if he's there to buy a book. Kit tells her that he wants to buy her book. Kit says he already read her book and thinks it's spectacular. Erica thanks him. Kit wants to buy the film rights to make a movie of her life. Opal reminds Erica that she had been down this road before with Adam and how that didn't end up well. Erica calls it a long time ago. Opal tells Kit that Erica will pass on the offer because she doesn't need the trouble. Erica tells Opal that she can take it from there.

Cara starts to open her test results but Amanda and Jake come into the room to thank her. They tell Cara that her contact couldn't have been nicer and they've got the ball rolling on their adoption. Amanda says Trevor will have a brother or sister now thanks to Cara. Amanda says she has the positive feeling again and knows everything will work out. Cara tells them that she's happy for them. Jake asks if she broke that news to the patient yet. Cara says she's about to. Amanda tells her that they won't keep her and she wants to give her hope. Amanda and Jake exit and Cara shuts the door behind them. Cara sits back down and starts to open the envelope.

David brings Greenlee to his lab and Greenlee asks Zach what he's doing. Zach wonders why Greenlee is there and tells her to get out. Greenlee wonders who is under the sheet on the gurney. David tries to calm Greenlee down and says he didn't want this to happen. Zach says that David did want it to happen because he didn't want anyone to stop their work. Greenlee pulls the sheet off the gurney revealing Griffin's body. Ryan comes in and stops next to Greenlee in shock.

Sam rejoins Opal and reminds her that they have a flight to catch. Opal tells Erica that she is flying home too. Paparazzi start taking pictures and ask if Kit signed Erica to a movie deal. Opal tells Erica it's time to say her goodbyes. Erica tells Opal that she will catch up with them before their flights. Opal and Sam exit. Erica tells Kit that she has been down the movie road before and it wasn't pleasant. Kit recalls Adam buying the rights and promised to make her the leading lady but then didn't. Erica says it's true and she doesn't want to relive that. Kit tells her about always wanting to be in the movie business. Kit tells Erica not to deny herself her dream based on a bad past experience. Kit wants to show her what happens when she gets it right because it's like magic. Erica says she's sure he's won over many people with that speech but she's not one of them. Kit understands her hesitation. Erica asks why she should believe that working with him would be any different. Kit says Erica is different. Erica brings up going home to her fiancÚ. Kit thinks Erica is not too anxious to leave LA. Kit says she's one of the most successful women on the planet and she's not done yet. Kit thinks her star could shine brighter on the big screen. Kit tells her that he can make that happen.

Cara opens her test results with tears in her eyes. She looks at it and is shocked to find out that she's pregnant.

Ryan accuses David of killing Griffin. Zach tells Ryan that he is the one that killed him. Ryan calls him insane and blames David for doing this. David says he didn't know. David says he would've stopped Zach if he knew. Zach claims that's why he had to handle it. Ryan can't believe Zach murdered Griffin. Zach calls Griffin just one man while they will save many. David tells Zach that he took it too far. Zach talks about how loyal he is and tells David that the work always comes first no matter who needs to be sacrificed. Zach then pulls out a gun. Ryan charges Zach and they struggle over the gun until a shot is fired.

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