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All My Children Update Thursday 9/8/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda sits with Jake at the hospital. Amanda complains about menopause but says everything else is good. Amanda asks Jake what he's hiding.

Scott confronts JR at the Chandler Mansion about the house going into foreclosure. JR tells him he's not done fighting for it. Scott says they want the house by the end of the week. JR thinks he has plenty of time but Scott tells him to listen to him.

Cara runs into David at the hospital. David tells Cara that she won't be helpless and doesn't know about the leukemia. Cara starts to leave but David stops her and wants to go with her.

Tad questions Dixie's chicken suit at Krystal's. Dixie says she's wearing it in honor of Tad proposing to her in it to show how much she wants to be with him. Dixie tells him she treasures every moment he ever gave her. Tad laughs and wants to take a picture. Dixie tells him they have reservations at ConFusion. Tad laughs at her going out like that and Dixie jokingly asks if he's chicken.

Jake shows Amanda files from work and says they should discuss it at home in private. Amanda agrees to talk about it at home.

Cara tells David that she doesn't want to bum him out. David tells her she won't and says she can pick where they go. Cara tells him to come with her.

Scott tells JR that the gatehouse is safe from foreclosure and could be his answer temporarily. JR says he's not a homeless bum. Scott compares them to Stuart and Adam. JR tells him he'll never be Stuart. Scott tells JR that the laws apply to him. JR disagrees and says he will keep his house and his son no matter what the law says. Madison walks in and JR tells Scott that Madison can be his charity case. JR exits and Scott talks with Madison. Madison brings Scott a microwave as a housewarming gift for the gatehouse. Scott takes her to go see the gatehouse. As they start to leave, they run into Marissa as she arrives. Madison exits to wait for Scott and give him a moment with Marissa. Marissa asks Scott if Madison is the reason he's been dodging her calls.

Tad and Dixie arrive at ConFusion and sit at their table with candles and sparkling cider. Dixie pours them a drink and they toast to their first date this time around. Tad laughs again at her outfit and says he can't get over it. Tad tells her he's interested in more than just a date. Dixie is too but wants to take it slow. Dixie talks about getting hot in the chicken suit and Tad laughs at her. Dixie says she has to take off the suit so Tad helps her take it off. Tad can't take it off as the zipper is stuck.

Scott tells Marissa that Madison is just his friend. Marissa says she came to talk to JR. Scott tells her to be careful since he's in a mood. Scott exits and Marissa heads into the living room. She greets JR and he asks what she's doing there. Marissa tells him that she came by because AJ wants to see him.

Tad tells Dixie he gives up on trying to get her chicken suit off. Dixie tells him to go get something to cut it off.

David and Cara go walking in the park. David offers to take her to dinner. Cara says she has to do something. Cara states that she could be a dying woman. Cara shows David a trouble doll and explains that each one represents her troubles. Cara shows him one that represents cancer. David reminds her it only might be cancer. Cara points out another one that is for missing her brother and another that represents not having a living situation. Cara shows him the last one is for family and the children she probably will never have. Cara tells David it's his turn. David tells her that he doesn't have any troubles and his life is perfect. Jake and Amanda walk up with Trevor and Jake calls it a blatant lie because David has at least a dozen troubles.

JR asks Marissa why no one told him about a father-son breakfast. Marissa brings up JR getting kicked off the board. JR blows it off and tells her to watch her back. Marissa tells him that he's in trouble. JR says he's perfectly fine to see his son. Colby walks in and asks JR if he was going to fill her in on the house. Colby brings up the house being in foreclosure which shocks Marissa.

Tad comes back to Dixie with an umbrella to get Dixie's chicken suit off. A cop walks up and says that Tad stole that umbrella.

David tells Jake that he caused more trouble for Cara than he ever could. Cara tries to calm them down. Jake tells David to watch his back and he walks off with Trevor. Amanda asks Cara if anything good has happened because she had a feeling. Amanda still thinks something good will happen to Cara and then walks on. David asks Cara what that was about. Cara's phone rings and it's the hospital. Cara wonders if her results are in.

Amanda rejoins Jake and Trevor and sits down. Trevor goes to play as Jake and Amanda talk. Jake says he can't believe that Cara hasn't seen through David yet. Amanda calls Cara lucky since she can at least have a baby. Amanda says she's sorry but Jake tells her that he understands if she's angry. Amanda says she's lucky because she has Jake and Trevor. Jake knows it's not easy to remember it. Amanda wants no more pity. Jake tells her to just talk to him. Amanda thinks every symptom of early menopause is a reminder that she can't have any more kids. Jake thinks they can still have the big family they always dreamed of.

Cara finishes her phone call with the hospital and tells David that it wasn't her test results. Cara asks David to lie down with her on the ground and look at the clouds. David hesitates but Cara convinces him to lie down in the grass. They joke around about what they see in the clouds. David asks if she does this a lot. Cara tells him that she hasn't since she was a little girl. Cara explains that Griffin came up with the game to take their minds off what's really going on. David agrees to join in with her and they talk about what they see in the clouds shapes.

JR tells Colby not to believe everything she hears. Colby brings up that the bank contacted her. JR screams at her that it's enough and tells Marissa not to use this with AJ. Marissa doesn't think JR's in the right state of mind. JR says he'll deal with the judge and be more forceful than before. Marissa thinks JR is going to scare AJ. Colby tells him to stop. JR says he will never stop because Marissa won't let him see his son. JR tells Marissa that her worst idea was trying to fight him. Marissa exits and JR asks what is wrong with Colby. JR asks why she cares since she doesn't even live there. Colby gets the phone and wants to call Adam but JR grabs the phone and throws it across the room.

Scott and Madison sit at Krystal's and talk. Scott talks about Dixie being back and JR being an alcoholic. Madison brings up knowing how close Scott was to Sara and how they lost her. Madison apologizes for shutting Scott out. Scott accepts her apology but doesn't think she needs to be sorry since he did lie to her. Madison calls him a good guy. Madison says it blows her mind how different he and JR are. Scott calls his dad one of the best role models while JR had Adam. Madison wishes she could've known Stuart. Scott says she would've loved him. Madison tells Scott that she had a date but bailed on it because she couldn't stop thinking about Scott.

Tad and Dixie arrive to the police station with Krystal. Dixie is happy to have the chicken suit off. The cop tells them that the umbrella theft charges were dropped and they are free to go. Dixie leaves to go talk to JR. Krystal tells Tad that she's glad that Marissa and AJ are out of the Chandler house. Tad says he feels sorry for JR and knows he'd lose his mind if he couldn't see his children. Krystal tells Tad that there's something she has been meaning to talk to him about. Krystal says she's thinking of changing things up and moving out.

Jake shows Amanda the pamphlets about adoption. Amanda is surprised how serious Jake is about it. Jake thinks it's a good thing. Amanda asks if he's sure he's okay with not having anymore kids of his own. Jake tells her that they would be his own. Jake states that they will still get the best part of them with their hearts. Amanda hopes he's not just doing it to make her feel better. Jake tells her he's doing it for them. Amanda calls it a big step. Jake says as long as he has her, he can't wait to take that step and then kisses her.

David and Cara continue joking about what they see in the clouds. They both state that they are having fun. Cara says they should go because she needs to face the facts that she's about to receive news that will change her life.

Krystal tells Tad that she thought long and hard that she needs a place of her own and it's time to move on. Krystal thinks it will be an easy transition as she won't be far and they can all go back and forth. Tad tells her that he will miss her. Tad calls her the best friend and roommate he's ever had. Krystal tells him that he can always call her if he needs her. Tad calls it quite a journey as they leave the station together.

JR tells Colby that getting Adam involved would be the worst mistake. Colby doesn't think things can get any worse. JR assures her that he will get the house back. Colby brings up how he tried to get Marissa and AJ back. Colby then goes to leave as Dixie arrives. Colby tells Dixie to think about packing her stuff before the bank takes the house and demolishes it. Colby tells her to ask JR about it. Dixie goes into the living room and Colby shuts the doors behind her. Colby then pulls out her cell phone and makes a call asking for Adam. In the living room, Dixie asks JR if it's true that he lost the house. JR calls it a minor setback. JR says he will put Dixie up at the club. Dixie is worried about him and asks if he can even afford a hotel room. Dixie offers to call Tad so JR can stay with him. JR doesn't want to stay with Tad and says this house is his birthright so he's not giving it up. Dixie hugs him and tells him that she's there for him. JR states that he won't forget it.

Dixie returns to Tad's and tells Tad about the Chandler Mansion. Tad fears that Adam will lose his mind. Dixie tells him that JR won't give up the fight. Tad thinks JR doesn't need another fight. Dixie tells Tad that she offered him to stay at Tad's but he refuses to take it. Tad knows that JR knows their door is always open. Dixie points out Tad saying "our" door. Tad doesn't take it back and wants her to move back. Tad says they are together so she should be back there with him. Dixie agrees that she also wants to. Dixie brings up that it's Opal and Krystal's house too. Tad tells her that Opal will be thrilled. Tad then informs Dixie that Krystal is moving out. Dixie says she's sorry to hear that. Tad says it will be an adjustment but she'll only be a few houses down. Dixie is still not sure if she should move in. Tad tells her not to move and gets up.

Trevor rejoins Amanda and Jake. Jake asks Trevor if he would want a brother or sister. Trevor says yes and then runs off to go play again. Jake asks Amanda and she agrees to do it then Jake kisses her.

Cara gets up to leave but David reminds her that her results aren't in yet. Cara says she can't get it out of her head. David brings up that it could be nothing and says they should just enjoy today. David invites Cara to lay back down with him so she does.

Dixie waits for Tad and he returns wearing the chicken suit. Dixie laughs and asks what he's doing and why. Tad tells her it's because of her and she reminded him of something important. Tad brings up the first time he proposed. Tad asks Dixie to please come home and move in with him. Dixie questions going from first date to moving in. Tad says it's a new day and he'd like to wake up every day for the rest of their lives together with humor and love. Dixie tells him that there's no other way she would like to wake up. They laugh and then kiss.

JR looks at a picture of Adam at the mansion and says he must be loving this. JR wonders how much more he has to lose before he's finished with him.

Colby gets through on her call to Brooke. Colby tells Brooke on the phone that she wouldn't be calling if it wasn't important. She tells her the house is in foreclosure and JR started drinking then stopped. Colby tells Brooke that she's scared. She thanks her and Brooke then puts Adam on the phone. Colby tells Adam that they really need him.

JR tells his dad's picture that if he has more, to bring it on, because he's not going to go out that easy.

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