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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/7/11

Written by Joseph
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Jesse visits Angie in her hospital bed with David. Angie says she dreamed that she could see. David says they now just have to see if her cells regenerate. Jesse tells her that she'll be coming home today. Angie worries about waiting.

Opal talks with Dixie and Krystal about preparing for her reunion. Dixie and Krystal encourage Opal. Opal talks about her sparks with Sam Brady. Dixie wishes her luck. Krystal says she wants a full report when Opal gets back. Opal jokes with them and then exits. Krystal tells Dixie that she hopes Opal doesn't get her heart broken. Krystal comments on how people change over the years. Krystal apologizes and says she doesn't mean her and Tad. Dixie says it's alright as her and Tad have changed but they will work through it.

Jake and Tad sit at Krystal's. Jake talks about people ending up together and coming full circle. Tad is unsure if he and Dixie are a full circle as it's sometimes strange or awkward. Tad says there are second chances but they've had even more. Tad says it's hard sometimes. Jake tells him not to blow it.

Zach and Ryan are brought to the police station in handcuffs by Brot. Ryan and Zach argue. Zach says Ryan was driving too fast while Ryan says Zach had a gun to his head. Ryan brings up the question of why Zach was trying to take him out of town and questions if Zach had any intention of bringing him back alive.

David tells Angie that she won't see anything for the next couple of days but then there should be a light and then some sense of movement and eventually images. Frankie comes in and asks how they can help. David tells him to just be patient and show love and support. Jesse gets a call and steps out to answer it from Brot. Brot informs Jesse that he pulled over Ryan and Zach. Jesse says he can't handle it as he has to be with Angie. Brot tells Jesse that they need to find David too because Ryan was breaking into one of his labs. Ryan and Zach continue to argue as Ryan brings up Kendall. Brot sits Zach down and goes to question Ryan. Brot can't believe two of the most successful men in Pine Valley are acting like this.

Krystal tells Dixie to let her know if she and Tad need alone time. Dixie thinks it might take more than that because she hurt Tad's feelings. Krystal offers to talk about it. Dixie informs Krystal that David examined her at the hospital and Tad walked in. Dixie says she didn't even think about how many buttons it would push until she saw Tad's face.

Tad continues talking to Jake about how it's hard to put everything back together with Dixie. Jake suggests he put the past in the past and just move on with it. Jake tells Tad to listen to him more. Tad asks about Amanda. Jake tells him she's cancer free and Tad hugs him. Tad asks if Amanda is okay with not being able to have another kid. Jake thinks it's heavy on her mind but he just thanks God for Trevor. Tad brings up adopting. Jake says he was looking into it. Tad reminds Jake about his family adopting Tad. Jake says he's glad that happened so he ended up with an amazing big brother.

Opal arrives to her class reunion at ConFusion and she spots Sam Brady. Opal approaches him and he says she's just as pretty as he remembers. They joke around with each other. Sam says he's been doing a lot of looking back lately. They laugh about old times and talk about Verla Grubbs. Verla then walks in and acknowledges Sam which shocks Opal. Verla steps in between them and starts talking to Sam. Verla flirts with Sam and tells him how good he looks. Opal asks her what she's doing in Pine Valley. Verla acts surprised that Erica didn't tell her already. Opal tries to pull Sam away but Verla tells Sam that she's been keeping her eye on him for years and knows what he's been up to.

Dixie explains to Krystal that she only saw David to try and find out more about when he was holding her. Dixie says every time she tries to remember, it goes away and she thinks she can get David to open up to her. Krystal tells her that David is only going to draw her into his mind games. Dixie feels a little grateful because she's here. Krystal tells her to look at her life before and after David. Dixie can't believe David is so twisted. Dixie tells Krystal that there was somebody else in the room with her and she remembers a woman. Dixie says she didn't see her face but only her hand and it had a bracelet with the letter B on it. Krystal tells her that David taunted her about there being someone else that he's brought back and how he led her to believe that it could be Babe.

David arrives to the police station and asks Zach what happened. Zach says Ryan broke into David's storage lab. Brot comes in and says Ryan claims he was set up. Zach hands over the gun and says there's security footage. David states that he will press charges and steps away with Zach. David says he can't afford these situations. Zach tells David to trust him. David says the storage lab was empty anyways. Zach tells him it's not empty and he shouldn't want anyone in there. David asks him if that's where he put Griffin. Zach tells him to just not worry about it. David worries about what Zach may have done. Zach tells him that all he did was make sure no one interferes with David's work. Zach tells David that he has as much at stake as he does. David appreciates his support but he thinks it's getting too complicated. Zach tells David that he agreed to him and everything he brings to the table. David tells him that Ryan is going to come after him. Zach assures he will handle Ryan however it takes.

Opal comments that Sam has always had an interesting life. Verla thinks it's more than interesting. Opal asks what Sam has been up to. Verla can't believe Opal didn't know and calls him the pillow sucking king. Sam explains that he came up with something that shrinks pillows into a drawer. Verla brings up how much money Sam has made. Sam asks Opal how her life has been going. Opal says it's just been the usual. Verla mocks Opal and says she has her own reality TV series.

Dixie can't believe David said he saved Babe. Krystal explains that he just let the question hang and walked away. Dixie wishes she could tell Krystal for sure. Krystal wonders what if Babe was still alive. They talk about how AJ would have his mom back, Marissa could meet her sister, and JR could have his life turned around. Krystal thinks Babe might not have a bracelet and she knows if she was still alive, she would find her way home and she's not going to torture herself thinking that it's possible. Dixie again wishes she could tell her it was Babe. Krystal promises not to push her on it. Krystal tells Dixie to just make sure that nothing gets in her and Tad's way.

Tad talks to Jake about how Dixie coming back was a miracle. Tad wonders if this is their last chance to get it right. Jake asks him what the last stupid thing he did with Dixie. Tad brings up catching her with David. Jake tells Tad that Dixie can handle herself and won't let David get to her. Tad tells Jake not to lecture him about David. Jake tells him to let it go unless he wants David to win. Tad brings up being through this before with Dixie and worries about screwing it up.

Jesse and Frankie bring Angie home. Angie is glad that she doesn't have to spend another night at the hospital. Angie tells Jesse to go check on Lucy. Frankie offers to go do it instead. Angie tells him to tell Maya that she could use a hug from the baby. Jesse tells Angie to make sure she takes it easy for the next few days. Angie sits down and says she feels good about the future but doesn't want to jinx it. Frankie comes back in and calls Jesse over. Frankie then informs Jesse that Lucy and Maya are gone. Angie asks them what is going on. Jesse tells Frankie to go check the closet. Jesse tells Angie that Maya is just out with Lucy. Angie tells him not to lie. Jesse says that he isn't. Frankie comes back in and tells Jesse that Maya's clothes are still there. Frankie tells Angie that all their things are still there. Frankie leaves to go look for them. Jesse assures Angie that Maya would not just leave. Angie says that Lucy is Maya's baby and they have no say in where she goes. Jesse brings up that Maya said she would stay. Angie thinks Maya might have wanted to make a clean break as she couldn't take it anymore. Angie worries that Lucy could be gone forever.

Jake tells Tad that he's over-thinking things. Jake tells him to just be himself. Jake says nothing else matters but the fact that Dixie loves Tad. Jake tells him to stop trying so hard. Tad gets up and kisses Jake on the head before leaving.

Krystal and Dixie talk more about Dixie and Tad and how much they have overcome. Dixie tells Krystal that she just gave her an idea and she exits.

Brot tells Ryan about his rights. Ryan tells him to read the same thing to Zach. Brot says he doesn't have to because the gun is registered. Ryan asks how kidnapping is legal. Ryan calls it a bunch of crap. Brot says the surveillance footage shows Ryan clearly breaking into the lab and they have no evidence to arrest Zach. Ryan tells him that David is hiding things and it could be other patients. Ryan tells Brot to tell David to keep Zach under control or he will.

Zach tells David that he was thrown for awhile when he found out that David saved him because they hated each other but he came through for him. Zach brings up what David has done for Greenlee, Dixie, and Angie. Zach says nobody can question David's work. Zach tells David that his dedication is to him, his project, and his work. Zach asks David if he trusts him. David tells him that he appreciates his loyalty but the thing with Ryan has made things more dangerous for those still in recovery. Zach doesn't get that and thinks it was necessary. David tells him that the recovery process can't be rushed as Dixie and he almost did. David asks Zach to take it down a notch. Zach looks back at Ryan in the interrogation room. Zach tells David that he's going to clean up the lab and tells David to keep Ryan there for a few hours. David says he'll do what he can and asks Zach what he's done with Griffin. Zach tells him it's about trust and asks who else there is.

Verla talks to Sam and Opal about her reality series. They talk about Myrtle. Sam stands in between them and asks Verla what channel she's on. She says they're in pre production and asks Sam about funding it. Sam tells her to stop talking. Sam says he came back to Pine Valley to see Opal again and isn't interested in investing. Sam tells Verla they were in the past and they aren't going to do anymore together. Verla apologizes to Sam. Verla tells Opal that she won and wishes them luck. Verla walks away and then starts crying loudly. Verla then walks out looking fine and waves to them before leaving. Opal asks Sam if he really came to see her.

Angie tells Jesse that she will have to deal with the fact that Lucy is not her baby. Jesse says he knows it's hard but Angie tells him that he doesn't because he knew the truth all along. Jesse knows he made a terrible mistake. Jesse brings up that Maya hasn't said what she's going to do. Angie tells him not to pretend like they will have Lucy in their lives forever. Angie says she's hoping and praying that she will see again and can't put her heart on the line for something she'll never have. Frankie returns with Maya and Lucy and says they were just at the park. Maya apologizes for not being there when she got back from the hospital. Maya says she would never leave without saying goodbye. Jesse asks if she means if she leaves but Maya informs him that she means when she leaves. Maya says Angie has been like a mother to her and helped her stand up for herself. Angie tells her she has faith in her. Maya says it breaks her heart but she has to break their hearts to start a life on her own. Jesse suggests she could stay but Angie tells her not to make it harder. Maya says she isn't leaving yet and promises to give Angie time with her before she goes. Maya lets Angie hold Lucy.

Sam tells Opal that he thinks about his times in Pine Valley every day. Sam thought he'd only have his memories when she married Palmer. Sam says he came back to see if she was interested in them getting to know each other again. Opal is interested and Sam suggests they go to Hawaii. They both get excited and hug.

Ryan asks David what he did to Zach. David says he just saved his life. Ryan thinks he screwed with his head but Zach promises no one did. Ryan says he's going to find the others and put David behind bars. Ryan leaves and Zach tells David not to tell anyone anything and just to trust him. Zach says he's going to clean up. David tells Zach that there's two more people he has saved that are almost ready to be revealed. David tells him not to screw this up.

Dixie arrives to Krystal's dressed in a chicken suit and surprises Tad.

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