AMC Update Tuesday 9/6/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/6/11

Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Airport) Erica sees Verla Grubbs and thinks she wants her autograph because she doesn’t remember Verla at all. Verla tells Erica her name and that she was a friend with Myrtle during her carnival days. Verla tells Erica that she will soon have a reality show and invites Erica to be on the show because any friend of Myrtle’s is a friend of hers as well. Verla tells Erica that she is here to crash the Pine Valley high school reunion because she wants to see if she can rekindle her relationship with Sam Brady. Erica remembers Opal mentioning Sam and Verla to her and makes it clear to Verla that if she comes between Sam and Opal she will be sorry so she had better slither out of town the same way she arrived. Verla tells Erica that she takes back her invitation to be on her reality show because she has a better guest in mind her future husband Sam Brady.

(Hospital) Jesse, Frankie, Randi, and Tad wait for Angie to get out of her operation and Jesse tells Tad that he is worried that Angie will never forgive him for lying to her about Ellie. Jesse tells Tad that he wanted to spare Angie pain but he has only caused her more pain because now she has lost two babies instead of one. Tad tells Jesse that Angie will forgive him in time once she has grieved the loss of Ellie and Lucy he just has to be patient and give her a lot of love.

(ConFusion) Greenlee tells Kendall she intends to seduce Ryan tonight and get him to stop focusing on David for just one night. Kendall looks inside Greenlee’s small shopping bag and sees the lingerie that Greenlee bought for her romantic night with Ryan. Greenlee advises Kendall to seduce Zach because its time they get back the strong connection they have with each other.

(Krystal’s) Krystal tells Ryan that she can’t stop hoping that David saved Babe’s life and Ryan advises Krystal not to fall for David’s manipulation because he is giving people hope in order to get people to forgive him for all of the bad things he has done in the past.

(Hospital) Cara arrives and when David asks if she has the test results that she did on herself she avoids the question and runs off to do rounds. Zach arrives to tell David that Ryan is a problem and they need to fix it but David doesn’t care because he is worried about Cara. Zach tells David that if he doesn’t want to handle Ryan then he will handle Ryan just like he took care of Griffin. Zach asks David to trust him and tell him what other people he has saved but David tells him that he will know more patients when the patients are recovered enough to come home to their families.

(Krystal's) Jack arrives and also tells Krystal not to pay attention to David and Ryan tells both Jack and Krystal that David made Greenlee think that Leo was alive but in the end it wasn’t true. Krystal tells Jack that she misses Babe every day and she can’t help but think things would be better for JR and AJ if Babe were alive. Krystal would also love for Marissa to meet her sister and Jack tells Krystal that she can’t fall for David’s games because he is capable of anything to hurt people. Krystal tells Jack that Erica went to LA for her book tour, but she used it as an excuse to go search for Mike Roy because David gave her the hope that he might be alive. Jack decides to head to the airport and talk to Erica about this and is hurt that Erica lied to him.

(ConFusion) Kendall tells Greenlee that Zach hasn’t been the same man she married and Greenlee that what Zach has been through changed him and their lives won’t be the same but change is a good thing and maybe their relationship will bee even better then it used to be. Greenlee heads home to seduce Ryan and Kendall calls Zach and tell him that she needs him right now.

(Hospital) David comes out and tells Jesse and the rest of Angie’s family and friends that her vitals are stable and the surgery is going as planned. Jake congratulates Cara on getting her green card so that she can stay in the country. Jake notices that Cara looks a little run down and wonders if she is okay Cara explains that she is just tired from working double shifts. David arrives and tells Jake to stop acting like Cara’s guard dog because she isn’t his responsibility anymore. David advises Jake to concentrate on his family and doing his job. Cara tells David to stop arguing with Jake because he was just concerned about her because they are friends.

(Zach and Kendall’s place) Kendall tells Zach that she wishes that Orpheus were over with because everything is getting out of hand. Kendall kisses Zach and they make love for the first time since he came home.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Ryan surprises Greenlee with a tropical vacation at home complete with a palm tree. Ryan and Greenlee have a romantic dinner and Ryan gives Greenlee tickets to Alaska for a vacation when things have calmed then they make love.

(Hospital) Cara tells David that she doesn’t want anyone to know about her possible relapse yet and if she does have cancer again she wants to make her own decisions about treatment. David agrees to support Cara on her terms.

(Airport) Erica tells Jack that she wanted to avoid an argument that is why she didn’t tell him that she was going to search for Mike Roy. Jack reminds Erica that he told her that it was okay to search for Mike Roy if she felt it was something she really needed to do. Erica tells Jack that she loves him and that will never change she just needs to know if Mike Roy is alive. Erica tells Jack that when she returns they will plan their wedding. Erica kisses Jack and tells him again that she loves him before she leaves.

(Hospital) Jesse asks everyone to leave and thanks everyone for their support but Tad decides to stay. David tells Jesse the surgery went well and there weren’t any complications David tells Jesse he can see Angie when she awakens.

(Ryan and Greenlee's place) Ryan promises Greenlee he will be safe and David won’t hurt him.

(Zach and Kendall’s place) Kendall wishes that she and Zach could stay in each others arms forever but the moment is broken when Zach cell phone rings and he gets out of bed to take the phone call.

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