AMC Update Friday 9/2/11

All My Children Update Friday 9/2/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Cara packs her bags at Tad's and prepares to leave as Tad walks in. Tad tells her she doesn't have to move out so soon. Cara tells him that he gave her a perfect marriage so she wants a perfect divorce.

Erica goes to Kendall's and Zach tells her that she just missed Kendall and the boys. Erica came to talk to Zach and tells him that he's not the same man he was or the Zach that she loved. Zach says the near death experience changed him but Erica doesn't believe him. Erica wants to know what he's hiding about David.

Frankie runs into David at the hospital and Frankie asks him for a favor. Frankie wants David to put in a good word for him with Dr. Glacier. Frankie wants to observe when he operates on Angie. David then informs Frankie that Jesse postponed the operation so the surgery is off. They walk into a room as Frankie wonders why Jesse did that. David tells Frankie that Jesse said there's been a lot of stress on Angie as of late. Frankie asks him what kind of stress. David tells him that he should find out what is going on with his family.

Jesse returns home and sees Maya holding Lucy with Angie. Jesse says he doesn't know what to say. Maya tells him that he has nothing to apologize for because she's found her little girl. Jesse asks Maya if she knows everything. Maya explains that Angie told her. Maya says she's sorry because she can't imagine how hard it must have been for Jesse. Maya understands that Jesse did it to protect Angie. Frankie comes in and asks Jesse about postponing the surgery. Angie is surprised as it's the first she has heard of it. Jesse informs them that he did it due to the stress. Frankie asks about what stress he's talking about.

Cara tells Tad that it's nice of him to ask her to stay. Cara thinks the sooner she gets out, the quicker Tad can be with Dixie and she can move on from Tad. Tad says he's sorry again as he had no idea he and Cara would get so close. Cara tells Tad that he was wonderful. Tad tells her she was sweet, funny, gorgeous, and caring. Cara understands that Dixie is Tad's soulmate and she wants to give them time. Cara says it's all ok because now she won't be deported thanks to Agnes. Tad tells her that he cares about her and always will. Cara hopes they can be friends again like they were before the marriage. Cara jokes with him about getting their divorce started. Cara says she will take all of the beautiful memories with her.

Opal is at Krystal's when she gets a message on her phone that Sam Brady will be coming to Pine Valley for his high school reunion. Krystal comes up to her and asks her who Sam is. Opal explains that Sam was her first true love until he fell for Verla Grubbs. Opal says she was glad to end up with Palmer anyways. Opal tells Krystal that Sam wants to see her but she promised to go to Los Angeles with Erica. Krystal thinks Opal should just explain her situation to Erica but Opal informs Krystal about Erica thinking she has a lead on David keeping someone else alive that she thinks is Mike Roy. Opal thinks it's crazy but says she can't stop Erica.

Erica tells Zach that she knows he's grateful to David for saving his life and allowing him to be with Kendall and the boys. Erica calls David a wonderful doctor but a creep and a diabolical human being who could be behind her kidnapping. Zach points out that she has no proof of that. Erica brings up David keeping someone else alive and wants to know if Zach knows anything about it. Zach says that David doesn't tell him everything. Erica tells him she is going to follow her lead to LA and she just wants confirmation that there is someone being kept alive. Zach tells her to let it go before people get hurt. Erica asks Zach why he's protecting David. Zach tells her that he's not protecting David but protecting Erica. Erica asks him how he can protect David and then warn her about him while being David's champion at the same time. Zach assures her that David doesn't have anything on him and that his family is safe. Zach tells Erica she needs to drop it.

Krystal calls Opal crazy for missing a chance with an old flame for Erica. Opal brings up how Erica is so convinced that Mike Roy could be alive. Krystal admits that she also thought David had Babe alive but she realized that he's just playing mind games like always. Krystal is surprised that Erica fell for it. Opal says she can't leave Erica now and give up. Krystal thinks Opal does all the heavy lifting in her friendship with Erica. Krystal asks Opal when Erica last went out of her way for her which Opal agrees to.

Tad tells Cara that he will have Jack draw up divorce papers for them. They both thank the other for saving their life. Tad says things were getting small for him until Cara showed up and taught him to live again. Tad jokes about being grateful. They talk about how they both wanted more at different times.

Jesse sits with Frankie and Angie and explains everything that happened with Ellie and Lucy. Jesse thought that maybe God was giving them another baby since they lost theirs until he found out it was Maya's. Frankie wants to go to Ellie's grave. Jesse agrees to take him. Frankie tells Angie that he's sorry for everything that has happened. Angie tells Maya to take Lucy into the bedroom so she can talk to Jesse. Angie asks why Jesse canceled her surgery and yells at him for making decisions for her. Angie says she just wants something good in her life after losing two little girls and she wants her sight back. Jesse doesn't want to risk her life. Angie tells him that it's her life and her decision so the surgery is back on. Jesse asks Frankie to talk to her as a doctor but Frankie says he's on Angie's side. Angie says she is going to put her life in David's hands and asks one of them to drive her or else she'll call a cab.

Tad asks Cara what she will do about David. Cara tells him they will have to agree to disagree on that. Cara promises to keep her eyes open. Cara says she's excited for her future now that she has one. Tad offers to drive her to the yacht club since he doesn't want to let her go yet and he's going to the hospital to see Angie. Cara informs him that Krystal already agreed to take her. Cara hugs Tad and he kisses her goodbye then exits.

David meets with Angie and Jesse at the hospital. David wants to make sure Angie is up for it since Jesse didn't think it was a good time. Angie tells him that Jesse didn't ask her first. David asks to examine Angie alone. Jesse doesn't want to leave but Angie asks him to so he does. Angie asks David about her blood pressure. David says it's slightly elevated but not significant yet. David wants to know what's going on before they proceed. Angie informs him that her baby died.

Frankie tells Maya that it's crazy how things ended up with Lucy being her baby. Frankie asks Maya if she eventually plans on taking Lucy away.

Erica tells Zach that she doesn't like mysteries so she's going to take her chances on finding out everything David is up to. Zach asks her to sit down so she does. Zach sits with her and tells her she has no idea what's happening but he's on top of it. Erica asks if he means him and David. Zach tells her he meant what he said. Zach doesn't want anything to happen to Erica. Zach says if she keeps pushing, it could end up bad for her, him, Kendall and the boys. Zach asks Erica again to please drop it. Erica tells him he's just adding to the mystery. Zach wants her to trust him. Erica asks if he means that she should do as he says or else. Zach tells her to go to LA and look for her lost lover if she has to because it'd be good for her to leave town but just to stay away from David. Erica then exits.

Maya tells Frankie that she knows Angie and Jesse love Lucy and she couldn't have asked for better parents to give her to. Frankie brings up that Maya loves Lucy too. Maya points out that Mookie is gone and there's nothing to be afraid of anymore but she doesn't want to hurt the Hubbards. Maya wonders how she could give her up again now.

Angie explains what happened to her baby to David. David tells her he's sorry. David compares what Jesse did as playing God to what he does. David points out that Jesse ended up hurting Angie worse. Angie asks David if he would have done any differently. David says he knows about grief and loss but his little girl was killed by medical incompetence. Angie calls it a very serious heart defect. David blames Joe Martin for keeping him out of the operating room so he could've had a chance to save his daughter. David calls putting a replacement baby in her arms an insult to the memory. David apologizes to her but Angie states that she understands.

Krystal helps Cara with her bags as she prepares to leave Tad's. Krystal notes that Cara looks tired. Cara says she's exhausted and Krystal suggests she go to the doctor. Cara thinks it's just the week. Krystal talks to Cara about not being keen on the whole idea at first and a little jealous but she thanks Cara for putting a spark back in Tad's eye. Krystal hugs Cara.

Tad arrives to the hospital and sits with Jesse. Tad asks Jesse about Angie's surgery. Jesse informs Tad that he told Angie everything. Tad is surprised and says it must have been rough. Tad encourages Jesse that they will recover. Jesse doesn't think they will ever be the same. Tad reminds them of what they've already been through. Jesse thinks this is different. Jesse blames himself for lying to her. Jesse wouldn't blame Angie if she never forgives him. Tad tells Jesse what a good man he is. Tad points out that he's known him since he and Angie met and always looked up to him. Tad says he respected them for having real love and it will stay that way. Tad tells Jesse to have faith and believe. Jesse points out that all her hopes are set on getting her sight back and that all depends on David.

Angie asks David if he still believes he could've saved Leora. David says that he does. Angie thinks that everyone has limitations. David doesn't believe that. David tells her they can talk about it after her loss sinks in. Angie tells him she can't find a way to deal with her grief right now but believes one day she will be able to. David says he never put much stock in faith and always believed controlling his destiny. Angie tells him to try having faith some time. David tells Angie that he envies her and her faith. Angie tells him that she just needs his talent and wants her eyes back.

Opal comes to Erica's and tells her that she's not going with her. Erica wonders why not. Opal tells Erica that Sam Brady has come up. Opal explains who Sam is and that he's coming to town for a visit. Opal thinks maybe he's been thinking about her. Erica tells her to slow down. Opal says she's so excited. Erica thinks their reunion can wait a few days. Opal says he'd be gone in a few days. Erica reminds her how important this trip is. Opal tells Erica that it's been years since she's felt this way. Erica tells her she was counting on her. Opal says Erica needs to realize that she still has a life and at least the man that's coming to visit her is actually alive. Erica reluctantly accepts it. Opal hopes she isn't mad. Erica tells Opal not to whisper a word to Jack about her reason for going to LA. Opal assures her that her lips are sealed.

Tad comes to the Hubbard house and tells Maya that he spoke with Jesse and hopes she isn't mad and understands why he couldn't be the one to tell her the truth. Maya gets that Tad is Jesse's best friend. Tad states that he knew Jesse would do the right thing. Maya says if they weren't so nice, it'd be so much easier for her to just take her daughter and leave. Maya says she knows everyone wants to know what she's going to do now but it's not easy. Maya asks Tad about the same thing happening to him when he searched for his daughter. Maya asks him how long it took to find her. Tad tells her it took years. Tad tells Maya that if she's asking if it's ok for her to take her daughter and make a home for herself, only she can answer that question.

Angie tells Jesse that David feels confident about the surgery. Jesse offers to call Frankie and let him know. Angie tells Jesse that she was listening to David talk about losing his little girl and he's still so angry after all this time when no one could do anything about it. Jesse tells her that he tried to save Ellie and he tried to save Angie from all the pain. Jesse says he did everything he did because he loves her so much. Angie tells him that she knows he does and she loves him too.

David finds Cara at the hospital and asks what's going on. Cara tells him that she's running a test on herself because she's been sick and is afraid the cancer may come back.

Erica sits at the airport preparing for her flight. Zach arrives and sits next to her. Erica asks if he's following her now. Zach says he's just making sure she makes her flight. Erica says Zach must not trust her. Zach tells her it's not about that. Zach tells her not to stay away too long or else she'll miss all the fun.

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