AMC Update Thursday 9/1/11

All My Children Update Thursday 9/1/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica shows Opal the paper she got from David's office and points out the initials M.R. and thinks it's Mike Roy. She sees the initials are next to LA and thinks Mike Roy could be alive in LA. Jack comes home and greets them. Jack hopes Opal talked sense into Erica.

JR sits at home with his computer and starts the sex tape again. He has a flashback to Marissa saying she will not be blackmailed. JR says to himself that Marissa shouldn't make him do this to save his son.

Marissa and Bianca talk at Krystal's. Marissa doesn't think JR is bluffing and she doesn't even want to allow JR to visit AJ. Bianca and Marissa hold hands as AJ walks up to them. Marissa says they're holding hands because she likes Bianca. AJ says he likes her too and Tad walks in. Bianca takes AJ to the kitchen so Tad can talk with Marissa. Tad sits down and asks what JR has done now. Marissa informs Tad that JR has a video of her and Bianca. Tad realizes JR wants to use it to get AJ back.

Dixie walks in to the living room and asks JR if it's on the internet already. JR asks what she's talking about. Dixie informs him that the news says the board has voted him out and he's no longer running Chandler.

Jesse returns to Ellie's grave where Angie had fallen asleep. Angie wakes up and says she wanted to be alone with her. Jesse says he couldn't leave her there. Angie says she can't leave Ellie. Jesse wants to take her home. Angie tells him that she saw Ellie. Angie says she saw her and thought to herself that it was all just a nightmare. Angie dreamed of Ellie sleeping in her arms. Angie says she felt Ellie was dreaming about her. Jesse calls it amazing. Angie talks about being connected to Ellie and starts crying again asking why. Jesse wishes he had an answer. Angie looks up at the sky and tells God to watch over her. Angie asks God to tell Ellie that her mother will always remember her. Angie says she will try her best to be her best so that when she gets to heaven, she can hold her baby for the first time. Jesse says amen and comforts her.

Erica tells Jack that she loves her life and has no desire to live in the past. Erica asks Jack that if she had proof that someone he once loved was still alive. Jack cuts her off and tells her to do whatever she has to do. Jack brings up Erica's new book creating a stir. Jack says that her publisher wants Erica to start promoting it and has booked her on some late night talk shows. Erica says she can't go out of town but Jack thinks she should go to start moving forward in her life. Erica agrees to do it and go to Los Angeles for the talk shows. Jack thinks that was way too easy. Erica says she thinks she should start listening to Jack. Jack wants to go with her but he has court dates. Erica understands and Jack says his office will book her arrangements. Jack kisses Erica and says goodbye to Opal as he walks out. Erica turns back to Opal as she's shaking her heads. Opal knows that Erica only agreed to go to Los Angeles is to find Mike Roy. Opal suggests that Erica is just digging empty holes. Opal tells Erica to tear up the file before what she has with Jack ends up in the shredder.

David brings flowers to Agnes in her hospital room and thanks her for helping Cara. Agnes mentions that Cara saved her life. Agnes asks David if he thought any about what his father said. David tells her that his father passed away a long time ago. Agnes reminds him of seeing his message in a tunnel of light. David believes he has made a change and tells Agnes about a recent medical breakthrough that will change the way they look at life and death. David asks Agnes if his father said anything about his work. Agnes tells him that his father said to leave God's work to God.

Tad tells Marissa that JR must be lying to Dixie too. Marissa suggests Tad talk to him but Tad says he's tried over and over and JR just tunes him out. Marissa wonders who can get through to JR. Tad says Dixie is their best option and hopes he will listen to her eventually.

Dixie asks JR about the board at Chandler. JR tells her that he will deal with it later and his first priority is getting his son back.

Jesse brings Angie back home. Jesse offers to put her to bed. Angie just wants to sleep and dream about her baby again but she can't because Maya and Lucy are there. Jesse thinks they don't have to tell Maya today. Angie reminds him that Maya is desperate to find her baby. Angie recalls knowing something was wrong when Jesse didn't give her their baby as soon as she was born. Angie doesn't want to make Maya wait one more second to hold her baby and she needs to do it alone. Jesse tells Angie that he loves her and always will. Jesse says he'll be back and then exits. Lucy starts crying and Angie hears her.

Erica goes to the hospital and runs into David. Erica tells him that she is completely happy with Jack. David asks if she's telling him or herself. Erica says she doesn't care if he's keeping all of her long lost loves alive. David is happy for her and her decision to settle for bliss. David tells her that he's off to change the world and walks on. Erica looks back at the file she got and then throws it in the trash. Erica walks on and goes into Agnes' room. Erica greets her and says it's been way too long. Agnes tells Erica that she had a wonderful near death experience. Erica is sure she'll be back out there in no time. Erica offers to let her rest but Agnes tells her that she saw her mother there and she gave her a message for her.

Dixie tells JR that he won't get his son back while staring at the computer feeling sorry for himself. Dixie gets up and drops a book to get his attention. Dixie asks him what he's looking at so intently. Tad comes in and informs Dixie that it's the sex tape of Marissa and Bianca. Dixie asks JR if it's true. JR claims Marissa left him no choice.

Marissa asks Bianca if JR puts the tape on the internet and AJ sees it. Marissa worries about how she would explain it to him. AJ then runs up telling Marissa to look at something on the computer which worries her.

Jesse goes to the hospital and sits with Brot. Jesse informs Brot that he just spent the night watching over Angie at Ellie's grave and she knows everything. Brot is surprised that he told her. Jesse tells Brot about Maya looking for her baby and Tad was helping so he had to tell Angie. Jesse tells Brot that Angie actually spent the night sleeping on the ground near Ellie's grave. Jesse tells Brot about Angie's dream about Ellie. Brot asks if she's going to tell Maya and Jesse responds that Angie has to so she doesn't lie to Maya like he did. Brot reminds him he did what he did because he loves her. Jesse states that he's now lost his little girl and could lose everything.

Angie holds Lucy at home and tells her that she knows she isn't hers but she doesn't feel that way. Maya comes in and is glad Angie has Lucy because she was scared when she woke up and Lucy wasn't there. Maya sees Angie is sad and asks her if something is wrong and if her baby is ok.

JR tells Dixie and Tad to see what kind of mother Marissa is and how she should be ashamed of herself. Tad says JR should be ashamed as they have done nothing wrong. They argue until Dixie tells them to stop. Dixie says she and Tad can't stop JR from ruining his life and they can only save AJ. Dixie tells JR that he's wrong in just spewing hatred. Dixie knows it's been hard for JR to grow up with Adam as a father and he's got his anger. Dixie hands JR a picture of him and Adam when JR was AJ's age. JR remarks that he was smiling in the picture. Dixie tells him that she hasn't seen that smile since she's been back. Dixie says she sees it in AJ and asks JR what he wants to pass on to AJ. Dixie asks if he really wants AJ to grow up like he has.

AJ shows Marissa and Bianca a house he drew on the computer. Bianca then takes the computer and shows Marissa a new house that has gone on the market. Marissa loves it and tells her that this is what they should be focusing on to think positively. Bianca suggests they go pick up Miranda and Gabby to check it out. Marissa asks AJ if he wants to go on adventure and he smiles.

Erica reminds Agnes that her mother has been gone for years. Agnes states that no one is really gone. Erica asks what the message was. Agnes tells her it was to be satisfied with her life in Pine Valley. Erica states that she is since everything she wants in life is here and she isn't looking for anything else. Agnes tells her that her mother thinks she's fascinated from afar. Erica tells Agnes that if she has any more contact with her mother, she should tell her not to worry because she'll be fine. Erica says goodbye and leaves her room. Agnes shakes her head and says it's just as Mona predicted. Erica goes down the hall and gets the file back from the trash can and sticks it in her folder.

Jack arrives at David's office in the hospital and says David's convinced people that he walks on water. Jack wants to make sure he doesn't drag Erica down with him when he sinks.

Brot tells Jesse to let him take the blame for the whole thing. Jesse appreciates his loyalty but tells him he can't risk his badge. Brot believes Angie will understand why he did it. Jesse promises to spend the rest of his life making it right for her if she lets him.

Angie tells Maya that Lucy is perfectly fine. Maya hopes her baby is half as sweet if she finds her. Angie assures her that she's just as sweet and beautiful. Maya asks her if someone found her baby. Angie says yes and Maya wonders where she is. Angie informs Maya that Lucy is hers. Maya asks why she would say that. Angie tells her the story of what happened of how her baby died and Jesse gave her Lucy. Angie tells Maya that Lucy belongs to her.

Jesse goes to David's office and David asks if Angie is ready for the surgery. Jesse tells him he's here to call it off.

Opal joins Erica at Fusion and sits with her. Erica asks her about believing in the afterlife. Opal asks why she wants to know. Erica calls it not important and says she's made a decision that she's going to Los Angeles to promote her book. Erica wants Opal to go with her.

Dixie sits with JR and goes through a book of old family photos. Dixie warns JR that AJ will remember nothing but his anger. JR doesn't want to lose AJ. Tad reminds JR that AJ is afraid of him. Tad recalls being scared of his own father for years even after the Martins adopted him. Tad thinks that AJ will sense JR's anger and think it's his fault if he is around him. JR says that he misses AJ so much. Dixie tells JR that he can fill the photo album with more happy memories if he stops attacking Marissa. Dixie says to let them help him.

Bianca and Marissa arrive to the house they wanted to look at. Bianca makes a call about it and tells Marissa the previous sale fell through so the house is theirs if they want it. Marissa takes the sold sign and they both are happy.

JR leaves the living room and Tad remarks that he thought they almost got through to him. Dixie thinks they could have and credits Tad. Tad tells Dixie that using the photo album was a good idea. Dixie knows deep down JR is a good kid and she thinks they did good.

Bianca and Marissa return to Krystal's and sit with AJ, Miranda, and Gabby to explain how they are going to be family. The kids all ask about the house and if they get their own room. Bianca explains that the person selling it has to accept the offer and hopes it will be soon. Bianca then gets a call. She finishes the call and tells everyone yes so they jump around high fiving the kids as they are all exciting. Bianca and Marissa hug happily as JR walks in.

Opal tells Erica to be honest about her feelings. Erica doesn't want to tell Jack she's flying across the country to look for another man. Erica trusts Opal to keep her secret. Jack walks up and tells Erica that she is all set and booked for the next flight to Los Angeles. Jack sits down when they don't respond and asks if either one of them has something to tell him.

David asks Jesse what happened since Angie was so determined for the surgery. Jesse reminds him that he said stress was no good and Angie is now in no condition for surgery as he's sure her blood pressure is up much higher. David agrees to postpone until Angie is ready. Jesse thanks him. David says he wants this done right so Angie can finally see her daughter and then exits.

Maya tells Angie that this is all so incredible. Maya says she's sorry about Ellie. Maya says every night she hoped her daughter would end up with a great family to love her and she couldn't have done better. Angie asks Maya if she wants to take her. Maya tells her that she'll think she's crazy but she can't because she left her. Angie tells Maya that Lucy knows Maya found her way back to her and she knows that she's her mother. Angie thinks Lucy was just waiting for Maya to found out she was never lost at all. Angie gives Lucy to Maya.

Opal tells Jack that Erica wants her to go to LA with her. Jack calls that good news and tells Opal to keep Erica out of trouble. Opal gets up and leaves to go pack her things. Jack sits with Erica and tells her she's proud of her for not giving into David. Erica tells Jack that it would take a lot more than David to come between them as she hugs him.

Dixie thanks Tad for never giving up on JR and being the one constant in his life. Dixie hopes that JR sees that.

Bianca and Marissa ask JR what he wants. Marissa doesn't want JR to scare AJ again. JR gives Marissa the disc for their tape. Bianca says they would only tell AJ the truth if he continue threatening them. JR says they were the ones doing something wrong in bed. JR says they may have stopped her from using the video but he will find a way to get his son back. JR then exits.

Maya tells Angie that this must be torture for her to lose Lucy. Maya thinks they should go. Angie asks her not to. Angie says it might be selfish but she can't imagine this being a home without Lucy. Maya thinks she's done so much. Angie asks her to stay until she finds a place. Maya tells her she will stay and asks Angie if she wants to hold Lucy. Angie says she might in a little while. Jesse returns home and sees Maya and Angie with Lucy.

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