AMC Update Wednesday 8/31/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/31/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Tad talks with Cara at the hospital and tries to convince her to meet with immigration so she doesn't get deported. David comes up and tells them to take it somewhere else. Cara agrees and they walk away. David turns away and sees Agnes Eckhart brought to the hospital in a wheelchair. David tells the nurses to make sure she's taken care of because she put the hospital on the map.

Marissa talks with Bianca at Krystal's and tells her that JR is blackmailing her to get AJ.

Scott goes into the living room at the Chandler Mansion and talks to JR. JR tells him that AJ is going to be coming home because he's got a secret weapon.

Angie cries over her baby's grave as Jesse tries to talk to her. Angie asks Jesse to tell her about their little girl.

Scott tells JR that his secret weapon will blow up in his face. JR assures him that it's solid. Scott looks at his computer and asks if he's looking into porn. JR tells him to look closer because it's Marissa and Bianca. Scott can't believe he recorded them. JR calls it genius and says he's just trying to protect his son.

Agnes is put in a hospital bed as Cara checks on her with a nurse. They go over her symptoms and Cara asks Agnes what she ate today. Cara concurs that she has botulism she has and calls in a scan and some medicine.

Jesse sits with Angie on a bench in the park and tells her about Ellie and how she looked. Jesse knows he should've told her as soon as it happened but he couldn't say the words. Jesse cries that he couldn't say Ellie is dead. Jesse didn't want to break her heart and apologizes to her. Angie recalls being afraid and knowing something was wrong when she went into labor. Jesse tells Angie that he visits her grave every day. Angie then asks Jesse about Lucy and wonders where she came from.

Cara assures Agnes that she should feel better very soon. The nurse is impressed that Cara knew it was botulism. Cara explains how she worked in third world countries. Cara sends the nurse to check on other patients and David comes in to check on Agnes. Agnes credits Cara for helping her. David talks about almost losing her. Agnes tells David that she saw David's father when she was going away and that he had a message for him.

Dixie comes to Tad's and asks Tad about the immigration meeting. Tad informs her that Cara didn't want to show up. Dixie worries about her and blames herself for messing up Tad's marriage to Cara. Tad tells her not to blame herself and calls it a miracle. Dixie brings up Tad seeing her with David. Tad doesn't want to talk about that. Dixie convinces him to talk about it. Tad says he knew nothing was going on but seeing them so close brought back a lot of bad memories. Tad tells her that the past is over and they're moving on. Dixie says no because if they're going to have a real future and get it right, they can't just move on and ignore everything they have done to each other. Dixie thinks they should face their issues right now.

JR asks Scott why he cares if the whole world sees Marissa as a lesbian since she rejected them. Scott just wants Marissa to be happy. JR doesn't want AJ in that environment. Scott calls JR a drunken, bitter father. JR says he's done drinking but Marissa is still a lesbian. Scott tells JR that he will stop him from using the sex tape. JR responds that Scott can't stop him and everyone will think Marissa put the tape out there. JR thinks Marissa will cave before the tape ever gets out and he'll have AJ back. Colby comes in and Scott asks JR if Colby is included on his plan. Colby asks JR if she's going to hate him now.

Marissa tells Bianca about JR planting a camera on them in their room. Marissa can't believe JR hates her this much to hurt them like this. Marissa worries about what to do. Bianca tells her that they will fight JR together.

Angie asks Jesse more about how Lucy got there. Angie recalls waking up and calling out for Jesse to give her their baby. Angie says it's like Lucy just appeared at the door when they lost their baby. Jesse tells her that it did happen that way.

Cara tells Agnes that her vitals are strong so they will continue to monitor here. Agnes thanks her as she leaves. David asks Agnes about seeing his father and his messages. Agnes explains that he was very worried about David's life story and how he turns people's lives upside down. Agnes says that David's father was so afraid David would make the wrong choices. David says that different rules apply up there and here. Cara comes back over and tells Agnes to take care of herself then leaves the room. Agnes says she owes Cara her life and wishes she could show her gratitude. David tells her that she might can do something since Cara has been having trouble with immigration.

Colby is shocked to find out about the sex tape and can't believe JR. Liza comes in to work with JR but Colby wants her to leave. Colby tells Liza that she was wrong in asking her to help JR because JR doesn't deserve her help.

Tad and Dixie sit together and talk about their past. Dixie tells him that she will always regret the pain she caused him. Tad says he feels like he's always in the same place and is once again watching someone throw their life away by trusting David and there's nothing he can do about it. Dixie thinks Cara is smart enough to realize her mistake. Tad reminds her that she didn't until it was too late. Dixie starts crying about how she hurt Tad so much. Tad reminds her the past is the past. Tad says all that's important now is that Dixie is here in spite of everything and they are together again. Tad tells her not to apologize anymore. Dixie tells Tad to forgive her. Tad says that he has forgiven her. Dixie recalls him being mad and hurt. Dixie thinks maybe Tad will never really forgive her.

Jesse continues talking to Angie about how Lucy arrived and thinking it was a sign. Angie wants to know who left Lucy. Jesse explains that she was left in a box with no ID. Angie brings up Maya and how she's so desperate and alone. Angie then realizes and asks Jesse if Maya is Lucy's mother.

Tad tells Dixie to believe that he forgives her. Dixie brings up that she's the main reason that Cara turned to David so in a way she's hurting Tad all over again. Tad thinks that's crazy because Cara makes her own decisions. Dixie points out that Tad and Cara were in love and starting a happy marriage until she showed up. Dixie asks Tad if he is a little upset.

David talks to Cara in his office and tells her that Agnes is a major player with connections everywhere including state departments. David tells Cara that he told her about Cara's situation and Agnes loves a good story with a happy ending. David says Agnes' friends agree that Cara should be granted legal situation based on merit instead of marriage so she no longer has to be married to Tad. David tells her she can focus on her work now in Orpheus. Cara is shocked and David wonders why he seems more enthusiastic than her. Cara calls it great news. David asks if she's having second thoughts about ending her marriage to Tad. Cara says no and thanks him. David tells her that she doesn't have to thank him because Agnes pulled it off. Cara appreciates him bringing it to Agnes more than he could know.

Marissa apologizes to Bianca for dragging her into the mess. Bianca jokes with her about sex tapes launching celebrity careers before. Bianca promises to protect Miranda and Gabby. Bianca tells her not to worry about her. Marissa hates that their love is being overshadowed. Bianca says that they will just ignore the tabloid gossip. Bianca worries about Marissa not wanting to be in this kind of relationship. Marissa assures her that she loves her but just wanted to tell people in their own special way instead of this video. Marissa worries about reporters harassing their kids. Bianca says they won't let it happy as they are a family with love and they have each other. Marissa says she's proud to be her partner. Bianca understands she's freaking out that the tape will have them attacked by people like JR. Bianca tells her that it's been happening her whole life and doesn't get easier. Marissa asks how she deals with it. Bianca says she just reminds herself that they aren't hurting anyone and she just wants to love who she wants to love without being judged. Bianca says she deserves that and so does Marissa.

Liza asks JR about how he said there wasn't another copy of the sex tape. JR admits to lying. Liza quits. Colby thanks her. JR asks Liza if she's sure. JR tells her the deal is off then. Colby asks what deal. JR tells Liza to go ahead and tell her about the deal. Liza informs Colby that JR said if she helped him with AJ, he'd convince Colby to give her another chance. Colby asks JR if he ever stops. JR just wants them all to be happy. Colby accuses JR of trying to be Adam. JR shouts that Adam walked out on her. Colby targets Liza and Liza admits she made a mistake. Liza offers Colby her old room back if she doesn't want to stay at the Chandlers anymore. Colby tells her that she will take it. Liza promises to give her space. Colby says she'll come back later for her things. JR says she can't move out. Colby tells JR he can't stop her and walks out with Liza. JR asks Scott if he's happy now. Scott says he's getting there. Scott tells JR not to think about using the sex tape to get AJ back. JR puts his laptop down and looks back at the alcohol. JR says he doesn't need any of them because his son is coming home.

Angie asks Jesse again if Maya is Lucy's mother. Jesse admits that she is. Angie starts crying again. Angie asks Jesse when he found out. Jesse admits that he knew before. Angie can't believe he let Maya take care of Lucy while he knew it was hers. Jesse says he wanted to tell her but didn't want to break her heart. Angie screams at him to think about Maya. Jesse talks about praying. Jesse goes over what Maya did and how she didn't think she could handle the baby. Angie reminds Jesse that Maya is looking for her baby now and says they have to tell her the truth.

Scott comes back inside and asks JR if AJ isn't there yet. JR points out that he should be any minute. Scott is glad that Stuart isn't here to see this. JR thinks Adam would give him a pat on the back. Marissa and Bianca arrive and Marissa informs JR that AJ isn't coming. They tell JR to go ahead and release the tape because they will not be blackmailed.

Tad tells Dixie that Cara is an amazing woman that means a lot to him and a part of him loves her but it doesn't hold a candle to what he and Dixie have. Dixie brings up that they were about to go on a honeymoon. Tad says he just thought it was time to move on as he was tired of living in the past. Tad calls Dixie's return the best thing that's ever happened to him. Tad says they have made mistakes in their past and they have to work on things but it's amazing that they have the chance to do it. Tad says it's their chance to pick up where they left off and get it right. Dixie asks him if he has any regrets about Cara. Tad shakes his head and Cara walks in. Cara tells Tad that she has good news and informs him that she's legal, she got her green card and Tad's free.

Angie tells Jesse about how worried Maya has been about her baby and all this time she's been with them. Angie knows Maya will want Lucy back and says they need to tell her. Jesse wants to go home and work this out. Angie says she is not leaving her baby.

Tad is surprised by Cara's news and says he always knew Agnes had connections but never knew they went so high. Dixie congratulates her and she thanks her. Tad asks what now. Cara says she will move as soon as she finds a place. Tad tells her to take as long as she needs. Tad offers his help. Cara thinks he has helped her enough and thanks him. Tad thanks Cara and says she paid him back a thousand times over. Cara tells Tad that she will never forget him and everything he did for her. They stand up and hug. Cara then says goodbye and exits. Cara feels a slight pain in her head as she walks out and then removes her wedding ring.

JR tells Marissa that she's going to be exposed to the world. Marissa says they will deal with it together. JR thinks Bianca put her up to it. Bianca says that Marissa does what she wants. JR thinks Marissa is just confused. Scott promises that Marissa can survive. JR says it will be a hell of a scandal and wonders if they want their kids to go through that. Marissa vows to tell AJ where the video came from and that he will know every second of unhappiness came from JR. Marissa and Bianca exit as Scott comments that it looks like Marissa isn't such a wimp after all.

Angie and Jesse sit at Ellie's grave and Angie cries about never getting to say goodbye to her child because Jesse lied to her for months. Angie wants to be with her baby and talk to her in order to let her know that she loves her. Angie tells Jesse to let her talk to Ellie alone. Jesse doesn't want to leave her but Angie asks him to please let her be alone with her baby. Jesse gets up and walks away as Angie cries over the grave. Jesse stands by a tree and cries as he watches her.

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