AMC Update Tuesday 8/30/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/30/11

Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Zach enters their house as soon as Kendall comes home and frightens her. When she asks where he was, Zach remembers being with Griffin in the safe house and telling him that Kendall is not coming, but to his wife he just says he did what needs to be done. She doesn't like the sound of that. Suddenly, Ryan appears behind Zach asking him if he's trying to ruin his life with Greenlee.

Really concerned about her missing brother, Cara leaves yet another message on his voice mail for him to call her. David hears her and asks about Griffin, finding it strange that he would disappear just when he was determined to go to the FDA to stop his project. Cara knows her brother has taken off in the past, but he's never just abandoned his patients before. Cara decides to go see Kendall about Griffin, but David thinks she's just running away from him again.

When Dixie shows up for an appointment with Dr. Castillo at the hospital and he's not there, David offers to take care of her, because he knows her medical history better than anyone else. Dixie is angry at the way he treated her in the past, and she doesn't even know what he did to her during all those years. David assures her that all he did was improve the health of her heart and kidneys, which is why she looks so amazing now. Dixie's not buying it and expresses her disgust for him, feeling like a fool for ever having trusted him. David reminds her how grateful she used to be for his medical care, but Dixie doesn't want to be his guinea pig any more. David assures her that whatever she tells him will remain confidential, even from Tad, but she insists David means nothing to her. Suddenly, she thinks of the woman with the "B" bracelet who was with her during her long recuperation and allows David to do a quick exam.

Tad cryptically informs Maya that it was a mistake for him to take her case, and he cannot help her find her daughter.

Angie begins to tell Jesse that Maya is determined to find the baby she abandoned, but he has something important to tell her. He starts off by reminding Angie how much he loves her and doesn't want to hurt her, but their baby died. Angie reacts with disbelief and thinks he means Lucy. Frantically, she looks for the phone to call Frankie and Randi who have the baby at that time, but Jesse keeps insisting that Lucy is fine. Since Angie doesn't understand what he's saying, Jesse informs her that Lucy is not their baby.

At the park, Frankie and Randi are trying to feed Lucy in her stroller, but she refuses the bottle until Maya shows up and shows them how it's done. Randi thanks Maya for the save and heads back to her office. Maya hopes whoever has her baby is also good to her. When Frankie asks about Tad's progress in finding her, Maya informs him that he's dropped her case, probably because he found out something he doesn't want to tell her. Recalling Tad's struggle to find Kathy after Dixie gave her up, Frankie attributes Tad's withdrawal to the pain he suffered, but Maya feels that Tad just wants her to stop looking for her daughter. When Frankie encourages Maya not to do that, she assures him she wont, because she really wants her baby back.

Since Zach is staying silent, Ryan informs Kendall that her husband prevented him from purchasing a large piece of real estate meant to combine the Cambias and Fusion offices, simply to thwart their efforts against David. Zach insists it was just a business decision, since he and David need the building. Although Greenlee accuses Zach of doing David's dirty work against his friends out of spite, Kendall thinks he must have a very good reason for doing it, but Zach remains mute. Ryan thinks that Zach is spying on his personal affairs to mess with him and Greenlee, who believes that he's also hurting Kendall. Zach sarcastically states that he thinks Kendall will be okay not working in the same place as the "mighty Ryan." Ryan doesn't like how Zach is speaking for his wife, but she just wants to talk about it.  Unfortunately, Zach doesn't and begins to leave the room. Kendall takes him aside and asks for a reason for his actions, but Zach just wants her to support him unconditionally without questioning, because everything is going according to plan. When Kendall balks, Zach asks her if she trusts him enough for him to tell her a secret. Greenlee still believes in Zach and urges Ryan not to give up on him, but Ryan fears there's something else going on. Zach assures Kendall that what he's done is for them, but she thinks he's going too far.

While David listens to her heart, Dixie again thinks of the woman with her in his lab and her heart rate spikes. She asks David about her, and he suggests it was Nurse Gayle who was taking care of her, but Dixie remembers it was another patient on a gurney and becomes irate that he's lying to her. She demands to know who the other patient was, but David suggests it was just a hallucination from the meds she was taking. As Dixie keeps asking David who the other woman was, Tad walks in and is stunned by what he sees. Everyone freezes. Although Dixie tries to explain that she came to see Dr. Castillo, not David, Tad turns on his heel and leaves. David smugly suggests that her little plan backfired, but Dixie assures him she's not finished with him yet.

Cara interrupts to ask if anyone's heard from Griffin, because she's afraid something bad has happened to him. She thinks he never would have gone away if he thought she was in danger from David. Although Kendall suggests Griff is just blowing off steam, Ryan asks Zach if he had anything to do with stopping Griffin from going to the FDA. While she's at the Slater's, Cara gets an e-mail from Griffin apologizing for taking off without saying good-bye before he returned to DWB, because there's nothing left in Pine Valley for him any more. He claims he didn't go to the FDA in order to please Cara. Kendall insists she didn't ask him to leave. Feeling foolish for barging in and freaking out, Cara leaves, and Zach walks her out.

Although Angie doesn't want to hear it, Jesse continues to tell her that their baby died the night she was born. He tried to save her, but she wasn't breathing. Angie can't understand how he put a healthy baby in her arms then. Jesse says he did it, because she gave up her sight for their child, and he couldn't let that be for nothing, and he kept it from her to avoid hurting her. All this is too much for Angie, who can't absorb it and insists it's not true. When he says again that their baby girl is gone, she yells for Jesse to stop lying to her. Sobbing, Angie accuses Jesse of being cruel to her, but he insists it's the truth, so she encourages him to tell her everything. After sitting his wife down, Jesse relates the story of the night in the Baxters' old house. He blames himself for taking her there and not getting her to the hospital immediately after her contractions began, for which he can't forgive himself, but Angie feels it was her choice. Jesse remembers how she passed out when she was delivering the baby. When she was stillborn, he tried CPR and begged her to breathe, but she was gone. Angie again accuses him of lying to her, but Jesse continues to say that he apologized to Ellie and to Angie for letting them down. He then assures Angie that the baby was at peace and he buried her. Through her tears, Angie still can't believe it, then she demands to be taken to the gravesite under a beautiful tree in a quiet little spot.

Kendall doesn't want to hear the Laverys trash her husband any more, but they continue to point out that Zach is not acting like himself, because he's under David's control just like Greenlee was when she returned from the dead. Kendall keeps defending Zach's right to do whatever he wants without explaining himself to them. Ryan points out how incongruous it was for Zach to purchase a large commercial building just to prove his loyalty to a man he wanted dead just a few weeks before, but Kendall is just grateful that David made it possible for Zach to return to his children, and they don't need help but finally admits she hates what's happening.

Zach goes to see David at the hospital, who informs him that Griffin contacted Cara. David doesn't believe he went back to Doctors Without Borders, though, and wants to know what really happened to him, because Zach has many reasons for wanting to get rid of the good doctor. David doesn't believe that Griffin sent that e-mail and again asks Zach what he did to Griffin. Zach suggests that David doesn't want to know.

Back at home, Dixie tries to explain to Tad what he walked in on at the hospital, but he's very angry that she put herself in the same position with David after everything he's done to them and ever let him touch her again. Cara silently stands in the doorway having witnessed the little scene. Dixie excuses herself while Tad reminds Cara that they have their individual Immigration interviews and she'd better get ready, but she refuses to go. When Tad points out that it's a big mistake, Cara feels that she's made so many mistakes, so what's one more.

Jesse sits Angie down on a low wall and has her swing her legs over so she can stand on the spot where he buried their daughter. Kneeling down, Angie is horrified by the thought that their Ellie is in the ground below her and begins to sob that she wants her baby back.

Greenlee and Ryan continue to make Kendall see that something is very wrong, and she can't go along with it, but she feels that Ryan's at fault for constantly attacking her husband and wants him to back off. Since she feels they just don't understand, Ryan wants Kendall to explain Zach's actions to them.

In the park, Maya holds Lucy close and hopes her baby is just as sweet. She vows to be a good mother to her little girl when she gets her back, and feels that taking care of Lucy has helped her be a better mother. She then tells Lucy that she loves her as if she were her very own.

Prone on Ellie's grave, Angie sobs uncontrollably, apologizing to her baby girl for not having been able to hold her, kiss her, and say good-bye. Crying, Jesse sits beside Angie trying to comfort her.

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