AMC Update Monday 8/29/11

All My Children Update Monday 8/29/11

Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Chandler Mansion) JR looks at Bianca and Marissa’s sex tape on his computer, but when Dixie walks in, he says he is trying to schedule an AA meeting every day so that Marissa can see he is trying to become a changed man.

(Park) Bianca and Marissa both think its time that they get their own place and they both admit they have been looking at houses. Bianca and Marisa show each other pictures of the houses they have been looking at and are surprised that both houses have four bedrooms. Marissa tells Bianca that she is ready to take the next step and move in with her but Bianca says that she can take things slowly if she wants and she could move into Wildwind with her and the girls. Marissa assures Bianca that she is ready to find a place and move in with her and they both smile at their new decision.

(Chandler Mansion) JR gets a phone call and leaves the room and Dixie calls Marissa and asks her if she could bring AJ for a visit because she thinks JR is taking some positive steps to changing his life. Marissa tells Dixie she will talk to AJ and see what he says but she can’t promise her anything. Dixie thanks Marissa and when JR walks back in the room she tells him she tried to persuade Marissa to bring AJ for a visit and she said she would talk to AJ and see what he thinks about the visit.

(Erica’s place) Erica dreams of Mike Roy and is moving around a lot in bed.

(Yacht club) David kisses Cara but they are interrupted because David gets a call from the hospital.

(Hubbard house) Maya tells Angie she can’t live without her daughter but she feels guilty for taking the baby away from a good family if the person that found the baby gave her to a good family. Angie tells Maya not to worry because she has eights to the baby because she is her mother and they will figure out a way to tell the adopted parents of the baby. Angie wants to ask Jesse for help but Maya begs her not to tell Jesse because he will put her in jail for abandoning her child. Angie tells Maya that Jesse will understand and he won’t send her to jail. Maya thanks Angie for all her support and help and Angie promises they will find her baby Angie even tells Lucy she will soon have a new playmate.

(Krystal’s) Tad is confused and wonders how Lucy could be Maya’s baby Jesse tries to tell Tad the whole story but can’t do it and leaves the restaurant.

(Park) Tad catches up to Jesse in the park where he still can’t find the words to tell Tad the truth. Jesse tells Tad the whole story and tells him that he buried Ellie in the park and comes to visit her every day with flowers. Tad wonders how Jesse is still in one piece and Jesse tells Tad the only thing that kept him going was that he knew he couldn’t bear to see Angie endure more pain after losing her eyesight in order to have Ellie. Tad tells Jesse that he can’t keep this a secret from Maya because he went through the same thing when he was trying to find Kathy. Tad advises Jesse to find a way to tell Angie the truth and he also wonders if Jesse intended to keep this secret from Angie for the rest of their lives. Jesse tells Tad that he honestly thought that he and Angie could be happy with Lucy for the rest of their lives.

(Hospital) Dixie goes in for a checkup and Frankie examines her since Griffin didn’t come in to work today. Dixie tells Frankie that she wants to remember what happened when David had her at the clinic so that David doesn’t hurt any more people especially Cara. Frankie gives Dixie a referral to a doctor that could help her remember.

(Erica’s place) Bianca comes by to tell Erica that she and Marissa are a couple and are planning to move in together. Erica is happy for Bianca although she wishes that she wasn’t in love with Krystal’s daughter. Bianca is surprised that Erica doesn’t have a problem with David being Marissa’s father. Erica tells Bianca that she and David will always have differences but she has learned to live with him. Erica tells Bianca that David claims to have saved someone that she loved and she thinks that it could be Mike Roy. Bianca tries to persuade Erica not to believe David’s lies and concentrate on her future with Jack. Erica tells Bianca she loves Jack but it would still make her happy if Mike was alive.

(Yacht club) Cara tells David that their night together was a one-time thing that can’t happen again. David assumes that Cara is telling him this because she only slept with him to get information on project Orpheus. Cara jokes that he found out her plan and then tells him that there isn’t a big conspiracy theory she slept with him because she needed him in that moment it was a one night stand. Cara gets a call from the hospital to cover for Griffin because he didn’t come in to work today. Cara is worried because Griffin never misses work without getting someone to take his place.

(Chandler Mansion) Marisa tells JR that AJ didn’t want to come visit him because he is still scared of him. JR starts to lose his cool and tells Marisa that she is trying to keep AJ from him. JR quickly regains his composure and apologizes to Marisa for raising his voice. Marissa tells JR she will keep trying to persuade AJ to visit him. Marisa tells JR that she is planning to move in with Bianca and JR loses it again and tells Marissa that if she loves AJ she will let him go so he won’t be teased at school about having two mommies he even tells Marissa it could be her gift to AJ. Marisa tells JR that abandoning AJ isn’t a gift and if he keeps making derogatory remarks about her lifestyle then he will never see AJ again. JR tells Marissa that he tried to dip this nicely but she refused so he shows Marissa the sex tape and says that if she doesn’t give him AJ then he will show the tape to the whole world and make it look like she sent the tape out to the websites. Marissa calls JR an SOB and tells him that she is never letting him get near AJ.

(Krystal's) Tad tells Maya he can’t take her case and Maya wonders if he found out something about her baby. Tad tells Maya that Angie and Jesse are the two finest people he knows and they always do the right thing. Maya is puzzled by tad’s words but he tells her he can’t say anything else.

(Hospital) Erica arrives to talk to Dixie and ask her what she remembers about when David had her at the clinic. Dixie tells Erica she doesn’t remember much but she does remember another patient being with her a patient that she assumed was Greenlee. Erica tells Dixie that if the patient was a woman it doesn’t help her find the person she is looking for then Dixie has another flash of memory. Dixie remembers that there was a bracelet on the woman’s hand and the bracelet had the letter B on it. Erica thanks Dixie for her help and heads to David’s office. Erica tells David she will testify on his behalf at the FDA hearing so they won’t make him stop the project but he has to tell her the name of the person she loved whose life she saved. David gets a call and tells Erica to show her out. Erica finds a file labeled Orpheus project and finds a list with several names on it. Erica finds the name Mike R and an address in California.

(Hubbard house) Jesse arrives home and tells Angie he has to talk to her. Angie asks Jesse to help Maya find her baby. Jesse yells at Angie to stop talking and then apologizes for snapping at her. Jesse tells Angie he has to tell her something that he has wanted to tell her for a long time.

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