AMC Update Friday 8/26/11

All My Children Update Friday 8/26/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica sits at home when Jack comes in and Erica greets him. Erica is looking through pictures and Jack asks if Jane's back because the Erica he loves would not let David keep the hospital. Erica says she just wants to focus on her life. Jack wants to know why she would let David get away would the fraud of a deal. Erica says she knows how devious David is and does not want to reward him because he's infuriating. Erica tells Jack that David is trying to convince her that someone she once loved might be alive but didn't say who. Erica shows Jack a picture of Travis.

Tad comes to the Hubbard's home and Maya invites him in. Tad tells Maya that Angie said she needs some help. Tad talks to Maya about wanting to find her baby and says he's here to help. Maya explains how she didn't tell anyone she was pregnant then had her baby and gave her up. Maya admits that she left her baby in a police car.

Jesse meets with Brot at Fusion as Brot said it was urgent. Brot tells Jesse that he wants his blessing to ask Natalia to marry him.

David checks on Angie in his hospital office. David tells her that he wants to implement the stem cells as soon as possible since they might not have enough time to wait if Griffin goes to the FDA. David tells Angie that she might never see again if Griffin does that.

Zach comes home and tells Kendall that he took a taxi so he could be alone with his wife. Kendall then looks back at Griffin. Kendall hugs Zach and says she's so happy to see him. Kendall asks if he needs to sit down or if he's hungry. Zach is just happy to be there. Kendall tells him how they were planning a big surprise welcome home for him but the kids are at the park. Griffin goes to leave but Zach tells him to wait. The doorbell then rings and Cara arrives. Cara tells Zach that she got his page. Griffin asks what's going on. Zach wanted them both to be there so there is no misunderstandings. Zach wants Cara to take over his care under David's direction. Cara agrees to it. Griffin asks Cara why she can't see the damage that David can do. Zach tells him that Cara has visions. Griffin wants her to walk away. Cara tells him that this science could change the world. Griffin thinks David is just going to ruin lives. Kendall brings up everyone that David has saved. Griffin tells her that David is not content with just saving lives. Kendall tells him to stop. Griffin says he won't go to the authorities if Cara quits and stays away from David.

Angie talks to David about doing the surgery sooner. She thinks about getting to see sooner but also there being a problem. Angie wants to talk to Griffin and convince him not to go to the FDA. David doesn't want her to get involved and thinks Griffin may come around. Angie tells him that Griffin wouldn't be trying to shut it down if David wasn't using Orpheus as a tool and teasing people with the possibility of people they love being alive. David tells her that he's being attacked from all sides. Angie suggests he reveal who his other patients are.

Jack tells Erica that Travis has been gone a long time and wonders why Erica is so interested. Erica tells him about working on her book and old pictures bringing back memories of people she hasn't thought about it in ages. Jack points out Mike Roy's obituary in the stack of pictures. Jack asks Erica if she realizes David is just playing mind games. Jack realizes that Erica is trying to find out who else David has stashed away.

Jesse tells Brot that he couldn't think of anyone better for Natalia to marry. Brot thanks him and hopes she says yes. Brot shows Jesse a donut cake and flowers that he got for her. Jesse tells him to call him after he proposes. Jesse thanks him for everything. Jesse says it hasn't been easy but it looks like their secret will stay a secret. Brot says he'll make sure it stays that way and Jesse hugs him.

Tad talks to Maya about not hearing anything about a baby in a police car on the news. Maya says she watched every day hoping to hear that she's okay but she figures they must have taken her to social services. Tad suggests getting Jesse to help. Maya says she can't since it's against the law. Tad doesn't think Jesse would arrest her. Maya fears she would lose her job. Tad says he knows Angie and assumes that she doesn't want Jesse to know which is why she called him. Maya tells him that she just wants to know if her baby is okay. Tad tells her that he knows the feeling.

Jack asks Erica what David promised her if she let him keep the hospital. Jack wonders who she thinks will return from dead. Erica reminds him that he's her only love. Jack brings up how they were about to get married and he would like to make plans to pick up where they left off. Jack tells her he loves her and leaves without telling Erica where he's going.

David tells Angie that he's not using Orpheus to hurt anybody because he's doing it to help people. Angie brings up Dixie and Zach. David blames them breaking out on their own before they were ready to be released. David calls the science flawless. Angie asks him how many there are. David claims he can't tell her but assures her that none of them will leave until he knows they are strong enough. David says Angie's operation is the priority right now and they need to do it before Griffin shuts down the project. Angie thinks David should just tell the truth and then people would work with him. David laughs it off and asks when anyone has ever worked with him. David tells her it's never going to happen. Angie states that she will work with him if he lets her.

Griffin tells Cara to walk away from Orpheus and he won't go to the FDA. Cara says that he can't blackmail her and she wants to save lives. Griffin doesn't want to ignore the facts. Zach says he's here because of it and wonders why Griffin cares now. Kendall wants Zach to relax since he just got out of the hospital. Zach thinks Griffin is pissed that he's back because it prevented him from getting with Kendall.

Opal comes to Erica's and Erica talks to her about Jack accusing her of thinking one of her lovers would come back from the dead. Opal understands and wishes Palmer could return too. Opal hopes Erica doesn't have those same kind of regrets. Erica tells her that she's not living in the past and wants to live years with Jack. Opal points out her pictures from her old marriages. Erica thinks Jack is the problem. Opal points out that Jack is lit up by David. Erica brings up their trip to Paris and how in love they are. Opal hopes it stays that way. Opal brings up how Erica was hell-bent on proving David was behind her kidnapping but now it's like she's under his spell. Erica denies it and says she would rather live her life than fight. Opal tells her that nobody is happier than she is to have Zach and Dixie back but that doesn't change the fact that David is a sick, manipulative, evil man. Opal tells Erica that she can call what she's doing whatever she wants but David has her risking and taking chances with her happiness for what could be nothing. Opal asks Erica if she's willing to risk losing Jack.

Natalia arrives at Fusion and meets with Brot. Natalia asks what all is set up. Brot takes her hand and sits down with her. Brot tells her that this is where she first told him that she was ready for a relationship. Natalia recalls thinking of risk vs. reward and is so glad she went forward with him. Brot tells her that nobody knows better than him how life can change. Brot says his life has never been the same since he met her. Brot tells her that every day with her is better. Brot says she inspires him to be better. Brot calls her a beautiful, powerful, and strong woman. Brot wants to be the man to take care of her heart. Brot asks her to be his wife. Brot pulls out the ring and proposes. Natalia excitedly accepts his proposal and they kiss.

David is surprised that Angie is offering to help him. David asks if it's because he's helping her regain her sight. Angie thinks it's part of it but she's also come to know another side of David. David tells her that he's always admired her because she's not like the hypocrites in the town which is one of the reasons he offered to help bring back her sight. David tells her that the retina stem cells are priority so he must meet with the surgeon immediately to set the date. Angie asks him again who else he has saved. Angie asks David if he's saved Babe.

Zach asks Griffin why he's in his house. Griffin tells him to punch him if he wants to. Kendall stops them and reminds Zach that Griffin saved their lives. Zach credits David for his life. Griffin argues with him. Cara holds Griffin back and wants to go. Zach promises Griffin that he will regret going to the FDA. Griffin says he has patients to go see. Zach says he's going upstairs since they are clear and tells Cara to let him know when she gets his records. Griffin goes to leave but Kendall stops him and wants him to reconsider going to the FDA since David has done so much good. Griffin thinks Zach has been nothing more than David's puppet since he came back. Griffin then leaves after telling Kendall that she can see it too.

Opal talks to Erica more about her old pictures. Erica calls it silly and says she doesn't want to hurt Jack. Opal is glad and hugs her. Opal leaves and Erica goes back to the pictures.

David tells Angie that if he had saved Babe then he would not bring her back to Pine Valley for JR. Angie thinks that should be Babe's decision. David blames JR for ruining Babe and Marissa's lives. Angie says Babe should be able to come back for her son since he needs her. David tells her that he will decide when he reveals everything. David wants to go back to the focus on her eyesight. Angie tells David that she can see him very clearly. Jesse arrives to pick up Angie. David says they're done anyways and Jesse asks if there is good news. Angie tells him that the surgery has been moved up. David explains that they need to complete her treatment before Griffin has the project shut down. Jesse worries about the safety but David assures him there's no danger. Jesse walks Angie out but David calls Jesse back in. David tells him that there's one minor detail. David tells Jesse that Angie's latest test revealed high blood pressure and hypertension could provide risk. David says as long as it's managed, she'll be fine so Jesse needs to make sure Angie stays as calm as possible with no drama or stress. Jesse says he's got it.

Natalia tells Brot that she loves him and they kiss some more. Natalia wished she didn't have to leave. Brot promises her that they will celebrate bigger. Tad arrives and talks with them. Brot informs him of their engagement. Tad jokes with them and congratulates them. Tad apologizes for walking in on their celebration. They tell him it's ok and Tad asks for a moment with Brot. Natalia exits telling Brot that she'll meet him out front. Tad tells Brot about a case he's working on and asks him if he knows anything about a baby that was left in a squad car a few months ago. Brot tells him that he hadn't heard of it. Brot asks Tad who he's working for. Tad tells him that he promised not to tell. Brot says he's sorry he can't help. Tad tells him to take care of his fiancée and exits.

Cara comes to David's hotel room and tells him that everything's a mess. Cara tells David what happened at Kendall's house. David says as long as they remain clear and stay focused, he won't give up hope and he hopes Cara won't either. David asks if there's something else. David says they need to establish trust if they are going to work together. Cara asks David if he's doing something to the patients to make them act differently. David thinks they got to Cara. Cara says she's just asking. David asks what they said to her. David tells her that if she thinks he's capable of doing something like that, she should leave before he takes total control.

Griffin goes to the hospital and gets a text from Kendall saying she needs to meet with him ASAP as she has something to show him about Orpheus so Griffin rushes off to meet her.

Angie returns home and talks with Maya. Maya tells her it was hard to admit what she did to Tad and how stupid she was. Angie assures her that if anyone can find her baby it's Tad.

Tad makes a phone call at Krystal's trying to find information about a baby put in a squad car. Tad hangs up and Jesse arrives. Jesse tells Tad that he heard he's looking into an abandoned baby. Tad says it was supposed to be unofficial but figures Brot told him. Jesse asks him about the baby. Tad says he just started and hasn't found anything yet. Tad starts to make another call. Jesse tells him that he's got him instead of outside sources. Jesse tells Tad that he will look into it internally and keep him posted. Tad asks him what's up. Jesse says nothing and tells Tad to let him handle it. Tad thinks it's not nothing. Jesse tells him to leave it to him but Tad says he can't do that. Jesse then says that he has to.

Cara tells David that she just wants answers. David says the Martins are the only ones messing with minds right now and he's sorry that Cara listened to them. Cara asks how Zach came back and is suddenly David's biggest fan. David thinks Zach is just grateful for him saving his life. David thinks knowledge goes a long way. David brings up how much Angie wanted him out of the hospital but now trusts him completely without brainwashing anyone. David tells her that the people in Pine Valley can't stand him because they hate originality and resent genius. David thinks they'll do anything to bring him down. David says the choice is Cara's whether she's going to be enlightened like Zach or Angie or if she's going to join the ignorant mob. Cara shuts the door and decides to stay with David. David walks up to her and kisses her.

Erica looks at the obituary of Mike Roy and has a flashback to meeting him and then times they spent together. Erica then says Mike's name.

Angie tells Maya that she deserves to know her child is safe. Maya knows what she did is horrible and asks Angie if she thinks there's any chance she could get her baby back.

Tad tells Jesse that he can't drop an investigation on a missing baby girl after what he went through with Kathy. Tad wonders what he's supposed to tell his client. Jesse begs him to let him handle it. Jesse says if their friendship means anything to him then he'll walk away from it. Tad asks how he can come at him like that since he knows he'd do anything for him but they are talking about someone's missing child so he's going to find her. Jesse then admits to Tad that the missing baby is Lucy.

Griffin goes to the room where David held Zach which is where the message said to meet Kendall. Griffin looks around for Kendall but finds Zach instead. Zach tells Griffin that Kendall won't be making it.

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