AMC Update Thursday 8/25/11

All My Children Update Thursday 8/25/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall sets up balloons at home and Spike comes in with a welcome home sign for Zach. Spike asks her if Griffin is coming to the party too.

Zach gets ready to leave the hospital and finishes a phone call. Griffin comes in with his discharge papers. Zach wants to talk some business with him and says he'll offer him something he can't refuse.

Cara comes to David's office at the hospital and is excited. Cara tells him she didn't sleep at all because of him.

Tad and Dixie talk at Tad's home. Tad tells Dixie that immigration is across the street. Dixie didn't realize that they watch so closely. Dixie wanted to take Kathy to breakfast but Tad dropped her off at a play date. Dixie thinks she should leave so she doesn't make Cara uncomfortable. Tad tells her that Cara isn't there and didn't come home last night as she's with David. Tad brings up Dixie remembering someone else in the room with her where David kept her. Dixie only remembers a woman's hand. Tad tells her that he has a pretty good idea who's it was.

Ryan steps into his home from the back porch and has a flashback to imagining Gillian the night before. Greenlee comes in and asks if he was thinking about Gillian. Ryan says he was and Greenlee responds that she was too. Greenlee says Gillian is now front and center. Ryan blames David's twisted words. Greenlee thinks it's not just words because people have risen from their graves. Ryan understands that it's a lot and makes people wonder but he thinks it's how David is using people's grief that is so sick. Greenlee thinks it is possible. Ryan says it isn't in this case because if David did have Gillian, he would've brought her into their wedding so they wouldn't be happy together for a second. Greenlee says she just knew what she went through thinking about Leo and Ryan felt the same way about Gillian. Ryan explains that they are part of them but right now, he knows Greenlee loves him and he feels the same way. Greenlee figures she needs to trust that but David just put Gillian in her head. Ryan says telling him was the right thing. Ryan tells her that they need to continue being honest with each other. Ryan states that they aren't the same people they were when they were others because this is their time now. Ryan then gives Greenlee an envelope. She opens it and sees Ryan's plans of a place to house both the Cambias and Fusion offices together. Greenlee calls it perfect and hugs him.

Tad explains to Dixie that it had to have been Greenlee on the gurney next to her in the room with David. Dixie thinks it's possible but she only remembers a feeling of dread. Dixie says she was scared but was more terrified for the woman next to her because she thinks David was damaging her. Tad thinks it makes sense to be Greenlee. Dixie doesn't think it was Greenlee. Tad sits down and says he should just be grateful that she escaped. Tad calls it amazing that David spends his entire life trying to convince people he's the angel of mercy. Dixie realizes that he's worried about Cara. Tad hopes Cara sees David for the monster he is before it's too late.

Cara tells David that she can't get over how groundbreaking the research is. She thanks him and says she's honored to be a part of the project. David is happy to have her but says that if Griffin opens his mouth, there might not be a project. Cara is surprised that Griffin let his personal life get in the way of things. David blames Kendall for it. Cara ends up telling David that she is behind him 100 percent and leaves his office.

Zach tells Griffin about the abandoned house and that Kendall tells him everything. Griffin brings up signing against David's project. They say they both have issues with David but Zach thinks the work that's being done is much bigger than that. Griffin knows what is being done and wants nothing to do with it. Zach calls him a proud man. Griffin states that it has nothing to do with pride. Zach asks if Griffin not working with him has to do with Kendall. Griffin wants to get Zach home but Zach says he can wait. Griffin admits that he helped Kendall and saw her pain at losing Zach. He calls Zach a lucky man to be loved like that. Griffin says he was her friend in moments when she almost gave up. Griffin tells him that all he did was care about her and it's good that Zach's back while David is just using him. Griffin tells him that David is holding his power over him whether he sees it or not. Griffin hopes that soon he will break away from him. Griffin hands him his papers and exits.

Kendall tells Spike that Griffin is busy at the hospital so won't be coming. She sends Spike upstairs to change into his red wings jersey with Ian. There's a knock on the door so Kendall gets up and answers it. Greenlee arrives and Kendall invites her in to help her with stuff for Zach coming home. Greenlee tells Kendall that she took her advice and told Ryan about Gillian. She tells Kendall that she was right and Ryan completely understood.

Ryan enters David's office at the hospital. David says not even Ryan can ruin his good mood. Ryan tells him that Greenlee talked to him about his possibilities. Ryan brings up Leora and says David must have brought her back since he loved her as much as he could. Ryan says Leora would be eight years old now. David gets upset and says he doesn't know what Ryan thinks he's doing. Ryan calls it cruel and heartless to bring up someone that somebody loved just to get a reaction. David tells him he made his point and he should get out now. Ryan tells him that if he thinks he can disrupt his marriage by bringing back ghosts, he can't because he and Greenlee are solid and nothing he does can change that.

Dixie and Tad continue to talk about Cara and David. Tad worries about David now knowing about their green card marriage. Tad wants Cara to answer her phone. Dixie offers to give him some privacy but Tad wants her to stay.

Cara sits at Krystal's and looks down at her phone but doesn't answer when she sees Tad is calling. Griffin arrives and sits with her. Griffin hopes she's going to tell him that she came to her senses. Cara says she hoped the same about Griffin. Griffin tells her that he knows David better than her and she needs to steer clear. Cara tells him he can't tell her what to do so he starts to leave but Cara tells him to sit back down. Cara knows Griffin is hurting about Kendall. Griffin states that has nothing to do with it and doesn't matter here. Cara says they should put their energy into what does matter in Project Orpheus. Cara says they be a part of it together. Griffin tells her to wake up because hurt is getting in the way of her judgment.

Dixie tells Tad that he should go track down Cara. Tad doesn't want to leave Dixie. Tad tells her that he woke up last night in a panic that it was a dream and he'd never see her again. Dixie assures him that she's not going anywhere and they kiss.

Cara tells Griffin that this has nothing to do with Tad and if it did she wouldn't be working with David, who brought Dixie back. Griffin thinks she should lean on him. Griffin says she doesn't know David and only knows his work. Cara doesn't think so since they have spent time together. Griffin tells her to tell him that she didn't sleep with David but Cara can't.

Greenlee tells Kendall about Ryan putting a bid on a building for Cambias and Fusion to be under the same building. Kendall gets frustrated trying to hang Zach's welcome home sign. Kendall wants everything to be perfect. Greenlee tells her it is and asks if she's happy. Kendall says she doesn't know because Zach is different like he's not himself. Greenlee hugs her as Kendall says she's trying to support the David and Orpheus thing. Greenlee thinks she should talk about it. Greenlee understands that Zach siding with David is a shock.

Ryan tells David that he knows he would do anything to get to Greenlee like he did by bringing up Leo. David tells him that it's not about him or Greenlee. Ryan asks if it's all about David. David says he will not try to explain the work to him. Ryan tells him to just stay out of his marriage. David says he's not the one barging in his office all the time. David thinks Ryan and Greenlee enjoy having him as an enemy because it distracts them from life. Ryan tells David that his hurting people stop now and he'll do whatever he has to do to take him down. Zach comes in and tells Ryan that means he is taking him down too.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she's standing by Zach no matter what. Greenlee tells her that she's been where Zach is with David. Kendall is just happy Zach is back and wants that to be enough. Greenlee asks how she can stand by him when she knows that it's wrong. Kendall thinks it could be a good thing. Greenlee brings up the people that have wanted David to use his powers for good. Kendall says she has to go to the hospital. Kendall tells her that she's happy for her and Ryan so she should just be happy for her and Zach. Greenlee reminds her that she can talk to her about anything and she's there for her. Greenlee hugs her and then exits.

Zach asks Ryan where do they go now. Ryan asks Zach if he's choosing to stand with David after everything he's done. Zach says he's where he needs to be. David explains that Zach sees the potential of Project Orpheus. Zach tells Ryan that he doesn't put his all into things. Zach reveals that Ryan underbid on the building he was looking at for the Cambias and Fusion offices so they took it away from him. Zach says to keep friends close and enemies closer. Ryan asks if he's an enemy now and then walks out. David tells Zach that he convinced Ryan that he's on his side but says that he is not as gullible.

Griffin and Cara continue to talk about David. Cara believes David has a heart and thinks they can work together. Griffin tells her that they can leave Pine Valley together and do what they do best. Griffin says he won't sit back and watch her do this. Tad arrives and brings up Cara ignoring his calls and reminds her that they have an immigration interview. Cara says she has to do it. Griffin tells her to remember what he said and to pick up when he calls. Griffin reminds Tad that he promised to take care of Cara but if she's with David, neither of them is doing a good job. Griffin exits as Tad sits with Cara. Cara says they should get to work for their interview. Tad understands it's probably the last thing she wants to do to work on their marriage. Cara tells Tad that she actually wants to ace the interview because she does not want to leave Pine Valley.

Zach tells David to think what he wants. David is sure Zach is being warned by everyone about him. Zach says he has to make some phone calls. Zach tells him he tried to get Griffin back on board but couldn't. Zach says he knows David doesn't trust him but he doesn't completely trust him either. David tells Zach that if he cuts Griffin off like he did Ryan, that could convince him. Zach tells him to leave Kendall out of this. David wonders if he's more into helping him or putting Griffin in his place. Zach says that Griffin is out of the way and exits.

Griffin arrives at Kendall's as she's about to leave to pick up Zach. Griffin tells Kendall that David happened to Cara.

Ryan sits out in the park as Greenlee walks up and joins him. Greenlee sits with him and is excited about her ideas for the new office building. Ryan then informs her that Zach beat them to the bid.

Tad and Cara finish going over their stories for the interview. Cara thinks they could convince anyone they know each other better than they do. Tad wants to talk to her. Cara doesn't want him to try and talk her out of being with David. Tad calls it a mistake. Cara says she wants to make a difference as a doctor and that's what Project Orpheus will do. Tad warns her that David is not a good person. Cara calls it just his opinion but Tad says it's the whole town's opinion.

Dixie arrives at David's office and David asks if she's going to thank him for giving her back her life. David is surprised Tad let Dixie out of his sight. Dixie brings up Cara. David invites her in to talk. Dixie tells David not to hurt Cara. David says that Cara knows what she's getting into. David asks if Tad sent her to fight his battles for him. Dixie laughs at him and says she just remembered that David is not about ego or ambition but jealousy. Dixie accuses David of being jealous of Tad. David thinks Dixie is still suffering effects from her treatment and is confused. David says Dixie is just wasting his time. Dixie calls Tad everything David is not like loving, kind, decent, respected, and accepted by everyone in the town which David would kill for. David says that's changing thanks to Project Orpheus opening the eyes of people to who he really is. Dixie hopes so and says she understands why he went after Cara because David wants everything that Tad has. Dixie tells David that his life's work is corrupting Tad's life. Dixie says nobody would love him for the lesser man he is and then storms out.

Cara tells Tad that he's not supporting her making her own decisions. Tad calls her a victim of David. Tad says it isn't about him and he's sorry for hurting her. Tad thinks they were headed somewhere before Dixie came back. Cara says they couldn't make it and tells Tad to stop being so nice to her and apologizing in the future because it's not fair to make it hard for her to hate him. Cara then leaves Krystal's.

Greenlee asks Ryan why Zach would buy the property out from them. Ryan says Zach wants to show that he can if they go against him and David. Ryan doesn't want to stand around and watch Zach act exactly like David.

Kendall tells Griffin that she's sorry about Cara. Griffin says it isn't just about Cara as he just talked to Zach. Griffin just has one question. He brings up seeing Kendall grieving over Zach's death. Griffin asks Kendall why she looks so miserable now that Zach is back. Griffin answers for her that it's because he's not the same man. Kendall tells him that he doesn't know Zach like she does. Griffin says he does know David and the words coming from Zach sounded a whole lot like David. Kendall wants to go to the hospital. Griffin worries about what treatment David did to Zach and any possible side effects. Griffin says they are both worried about Zach. Griffin brings up possible mind control as a side effect and cites Maria and Greenlee as examples. Griffin tells Kendall that she's the only one that Zach would listen to. Griffin mentions that they are on opposite sides when it comes to David. Kendall starts to leave but Griffin grabs her and pulls her back, telling her that he can see in her eyes that she knows he's right about this and then Zach walks in.

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