AMC Update Wednesday 8/24/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/24/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Tad talks to Cara outside. Tad asks Cara to tell him that her thing with David is just professional. Cara then admits she can't because she slept with David. Tad is shocked. Cara says she wouldn't like to advertise it and doesn't want to get deported. Tad tells her so much more is at stake than just her green card. Cara tells him that he can't tell her what to do. Tad says he can try because he's still her husband.

JR walks into the living room where Dixie sits. JR says he's expecting a delivery. Dixie asks if it's from the liquor store. JR wants her to believe he's changed and says he will prove to Marissa that he's worthy of winning his son back. Dixie tells him that he has to mean it and not just be for show.

Marissa and Bianca sit at Krystal's and Marissa talks about how she can't believe she got full custody. Marissa says she's so happy since she has AJ and spent the night with Bianca. Erica arrives and hugs Bianca, who is surprised by her return. Erica says she can't wait to hear what all she's missed as Bianca and Marissa look at each other.

Ryan packs his bags at home as Greenlee enters. Ryan tells her a business trip has just come up. He asks about Zach. Greenlee says nothing has changed and Ryan blames David for Zach and Kendall not being happy. Ryan tells Greenlee that he will call her from the airport. Greenlee realizes it's not a business trip but about David.

Griffin talks to Kendall at the hospital. Griffin wants Kendall to use her leverage with Zach to get him to keep David away from Cara. Kendall assures him that it will all work out. David and Zach watch them from a distance and David comments to Zach that it looks like Griffin is still in love with Kendall.

JR tells Dixie that when she was willing to take a drink, something clicked with him and made him realize how much she cares about him. Dixie is just worried that JR doesn't care about himself. JR says he's on his way back and will prove it to her, Marissa and everyone else. Dixie tells him to prove it to the judge without bribes. Dixie brings up hearing him on the phone with Chandler Enterprises and it didn't sound good. JR promises to turn it around as the doorbell rings. JR answers the door and signs off for the package he was expecting. JR opens it and a CD is inside. JR comments that he has plenty of time to turn it around.

Opal is excited to see Erica back at Krystal's. Opal wants Erica to tell her everything. Bianca suggests they get together at a later time. Erica talks about how great Paris was but Jack had to rush back on business so she figured she'd come back too. Erica talks about being so happy that Zach is back. Bianca comments on how happy she is too. Erica tells them about how she and Jack fell in love all over again. Marissa brings up Bianca having a big night too. Erica gives Opal and Bianca gifts and hurries out to go see Jack. Bianca tells Marissa that she wishes Erica knew what she really wanted her to give.

Kendall tells Griffin that she needs to support Zach and doesn't want Griffin to fight her on it. Kendall tells Griffin that she would trust him with her life. Griffin walks away.

David comments to Zach that it's obvious Griffin's got it bad. They go back into the hospital room as Zach gets back in his bed. Kendall joins them and Zach comments that Griffin seemed upset. Kendall says that he's worried about Cara. David says that he shouldn't be worried because Cara has the courage to take on Orpheus.

Ryan talks to Greenlee about wondering more about Zach's plane crash. Ryan wants to find evidence to put David away for good. Greenlee doesn't want him to do this. Ryan asks what's going on and thinks Greenlee is afraid to find answers. He thinks she's playing right into David's hand.

Cara tells Tad that he can't tell her to stay away from David as he's her husband in paper but not in heart. She says everything's changed since Dixie came back and she doesn't owe him anything. Tad tries to stop her from leaving but David arrives and tells him to back off unless he wants the whole world to know their marriage is a sham. Tad can't believe that Cara confided in David and put her whole life in his hands. David tells Tad that he's the only one putting Cara in danger right now. Tad tells him that he and Dixie are putting Cara above everything. Tad explains that Dixie is living with JR to protect Cara. David mocks him pretending to be a hero. Tad thinks David is back to his same old tricks. David says he respects Cara and he's happy that he's gotten to know her. David tells Tad that no one has to know unless he wants to broadcast it. Tad shakes his head and walks away from them. David tells Cara to go ahead and say she doesn't need him to fight her battles. Cara says she doesn't and that David doesn't score points with her by taking Tad down.

Ryan and Greenlee continue to argue about David. Ryan asks if she's still upset about David leading her on about Leo. Greenlee assures him that he has her heart. Greenlee has a flashback to David bringing up Gillian. Ryan asks if she's ok and the doorbell rings. Griffin arrives and tells Ryan that they have to nail David and not let him take down Cara.

Erica visits Zach in the hospital and can't believe he's really alive. She hugs him and calls it a dream come true for Zach and Kendall. Kendall then comes back in and hugs Erica.

Bianca tells Marissa that she feels like Erica has become more Erica Kane and less mom. Marissa jokes that she's always been aware of herself. Bianca talks about Jane becoming Erica and how they didn't even realize it. Bianca says that Erica didn't even stop to let her tell her about the most incredible thing in her life which is Marissa.

Dixie tells JR that she's going for a swim. She sits with JR and tells him that she believes in him and knows he can turn it around. Dixie heads outside. JR turns back to his computer and inserts the disc he received earlier. JR plays the disc which turns out to be hidden camera footage of Bianca and Marissa spending the night together. JR remarks that he wonders what the judge will think of Marissa making a sex tape with Bianca.

Erica feels Zach's hair and still can't believe it's really him. Kendall assures her that it's definitely him. Erica wants to hear all about how he survived and how it was possible. Zach tells her that David deserves all the credit and they're going to back him 100 percent which surprises Erica.

Griffin tells Ryan and Greenlee that David is manipulating Cara. Greenlee thinks they should back off a little bit. Griffin says he can't do that. Ryan tells Greenlee that David has to be stopped and then he leaves with Griffin.

Marissa asks AJ if she can borrow her computer for a second. Marissa shows AJ a house on the computer.

Bianca talks to Opal at the counter and asks if Krystal's ever shows real estate on her boards. Bianca admits she's thinking about wanting to get a home for her and Bianca. Opal suggests they walk through the park and look at some for sale houses. Bianca calls it perfect and thanks her. Bianca asks Marissa if she wants to go for a walk. Opal takes AJ to get some cookies. Bianca and Marissa then walk out together. JR comes in from the back after they leave and opens up Marissa's computer which she left there. Liza arrives and tells JR she's sorry about his case but he sabotaged it. JR tells her that it ain't over until it's over. Liza walks away and JR starts to put the CD into Marissa's computer but Opal walks up, thinking JR is looking for trouble. JR claims he's just putting some new video games on the computer for AJ. He's able to convince Opal and then he puts the disc of the sex tape into the computer. Liza comes back and shuts the computer and says too many video games aren't good for kids. Opal questions her then goes to check on AJ. Liza tells JR that she's trying to stop him from making an even bigger mistake than the bribe. Liza can't believe JR wants to show AJ the tape of Marissa and Bianca and thinks he will lose AJ forever.

Marissa and Bianca go walking through the park and talk about a house they see. They both agree that they like the house. They say that's anything is possible and hold hands as they keep on walking.

Tad surprises Dixie at the Chandler Mansion as she gets out of the pool. Tad informs Dixie about David convincing Cara to work for him. Tad brings up David getting his hooks into Dixie in the past. Dixie blames herself for everything that's happening because she can't remember what David did to her. Tad suggests she stop trying to remember but Dixie thinks it's too important. Dixie wants to feel safe enough to let go. Tad thinks maybe he can help.

Cara sits at the bar at Fusion as Ryan arrives and sits with her. Cara guesses Griffin sent him. Ryan wants to know a few things before she starts working with David. Cara thinks all she needs to know is that he saves lives. Greenlee arrives and tells her that once he knows her weakness, it's only the beginning.

Zach explains to Erica more about the plane crash and Dixie being back. Erica is surprised that they think there's others. Kendall notes that David has implied that there are others. Erica wonders who else there could be. David walks in and suggests Erica asks him.

Liza continues trying to tell JR not to mess things up and worries about if Opal saw that. JR thinks Opal would've spread the word around town. Liza says she wouldn't because she's Erica's friend. Liza tells JR that what he did was an invasion of privacy which could land him in jail. JR thinks the judge won't see it that way. Liza asks if he has any idea how many same sex couples are raising perfectly happy children. JR tells her it won't be his child. Bianca and Marissa return and JR comments on them. Liza calls them a happy couple. JR says they'll see how happy they are when he gets AJ back.

Cara argues with Ryan and Greenlee about David. Cara thinks Greenlee should be grateful since David saved her life. Greenlee warns her that she'll experience the evil first hand and she walks off with Ryan.

David tells Erica that a lot has changed since she's been gone. Erica brings up the miracles he's performed. David says the hospital will soon be known as the center of bio regeneration. Erica says she can shut it down since Jane sold the hospital to him, not her. David says that Erica can take him to court but then will never know who else he might have saved. Erica follows David out of the room and tells him not to play games. David tells her that he has saved someone else but that won't matter to anyone if he loses the hospital but it's her call. David then walks away.

Dixie lies down and closes her eyes as Tad talks to her. Tad tells her that David will never hurt her again. Tad asks if David was with her all the time and she says just sometimes. Tad asks what she remembers. Dixie remembers David's voice talking to someone else. Dixie recalls someone next to her lying on the gurney. Tad asks her to remember what David was saying and Dixie suddenly sits up.

Ryan and Greenlee return home and Ryan says he didn't expect Greenlee to show up and warn Cara about David. Greenlee says she's trying to convince herself. Ryan assures her that David won't hurt her anymore. Greenlee says that he doesn't know that. Ryan asks her what he said to scare her. Greenlee sits down and admits to Ryan that David told her Gillian could be alive.

Tad tells Dixie she doesn't have to remember anything else and just breathe. Dixie freaks out about another person being in the room but she doesn't know who it was only that it was another woman.

Liza asks JR if that was the only copy of the tape he has. She tells him not to lie to her. JR says there isn't another copy. Liza wants the copy he has because he doesn't need it. Liza tells him that any judge would know he's the one that recorded it and he'd go to jail. JR gives the CD to Liza. Liza says she will burn it and JR should never talk about it again. Liza then exits Krystal's. JR remains seated and has another copy of the CD with him.

Bianca and Marissa return to Tad's. They talk about Opal saying JR just had video games for AJ. Bianca doesn't trust JR. Marissa wanted to believe JR was turning his life around. Bianca hopes JR doesn't make Marissa regret anything.

David tells Erica that the person he saved was someone she loved. David wants her to just let him have the hospital. David tells her to trust him that she won't be sorry. Erica walks off back into Zach's room to say goodbye. Kendall says it's been a long day so she's going to go with Erica. Kendall and Erica exit and run into David. Erica tells him that it's to be continued as they walk off. David goes back into Zach's room and asks if there's a problem. Zach tells David that he just got a text from a friend in DC that Griffin wants to talk to the FDA about Orpheus. David worries that he never should've brought Griffin in on this because he has the power to bring it all down unless they stop him.

Ryan thinks David is just really desperate by bringing up Gillian. Greenlee wonders if he could be telling the truth. Ryan assures her that he's not and says they need to stick together. Ryan and Greenlee hug. Greenlee asks if he's ready for bed. He tells her that he will be up in a minute so she heads upstairs. Ryan gets up and steps outside through the back door. Ryan stands and has a flashback to his wedding to Gillian, times with her and then her death. Ryan turns around to step back inside and imagines Gillian standing in front of him. Gillian tells him that she loves him and Ryan says the same then they say goodbye and Gillian disappears. Ryan looks back outside then turns back and shuts the door.

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