AMC Update Tuesday 8/23/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/23/11

Written by Eva
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(Hospital) Amanda tells Jake that she is happy that the surgery is behind her and now she just wants to move on with her life. Amanda notices the sad look on Jake’s face and apologizes to him for being so focused on her feeling that she hadn’t realized that he has lost a lot because of her. Amanda asks Jake to share hi feelings with her and he admits to feeling sad and angry because he always wanted a little brother for Trevor but he tells Amanda that he is ready to adopt whenever she is ready and he promises to spend more time with his family and not get involved in the latest battle with David.

(Park) Maya pushes Lucy’s stroller and looks sad Angie interprets Maya’s silence to mean that she is worried that Mookie will return and Maya tells her that a friend e-mailed her and told her Mookie was in Los Angeles. Maya admits to Angie that she feels very alone and Angie assures her she isn’t alone because she has her, Frankie and her number one fan Lucy.

(Chandler Mansion) Dixie admits to Krystal that she is staying away from Tad because she is scared to make another mistake in their relationship and she wants to take things slowly to build a solid foundation this time. Dixie tells Krystal that Tad’s green card marriage to Cara is a convenient excuse and she has to help JR through his troubles and make things right with him. Krystal thinks that Dixie should spend time with Kathy and Jenny today and the girls arrive to invite Dixie to a party and they all head over to Tad’s house.

(Tad’s house) Cara tells Tad that she doesn’t intend to stay there every night but she has to keep up appearances for immigration. Tad tries to persuade Cara not to take the job with David by telling her that David is taking advantage of her vulnerable state but Cara tells Tad that she is a big girl who can take care of herself he doesn’t have to worry about or protect her anymore. Cara thinks tad should concentrate on Dixie and his family now because he has to protect and worry about Dixie now.

(Hospital) Griffin looks at a picture of Kendall and Greenlee walks in and tells him it must be hard for him to let go of her and Griffin says he is happy for Kendall. Greenlee and Griffin are both worried about Kendall since both she and Zach are backing the Orpheus project. David arrives telling Greenlee she must still have feelings for him since she can’t stop talking about him. David thinks griffin is just mad because the Orpheus project ruined his relationship with Kendall. Zach tells Kendall that he wants to get out of the hospital so that he can get on with the Orpheus project because it will give hope to thousands of families. Kendall tells Zach that he should be full y recovered before he can concentrate on anything else. Zach thinks Kendall should get out of this marriage while she still can and be with someone stable who can protect and take care of her. Zach tells Kendall that he has put her life in danger too many times. Kendall thinks Zach is talking nonsense and tells him to stop right now because she loves him and always only him. Kendall tells Zach that she doesn’t agree with him backing David but she understands why he wants to do it and will stick by him.

(Park) Angie tells Maya that she needs to learn to believe in herself because she is a strong capable and smart young woman. Maya is amazed at how Angie can stay so positive despite her blindness and Angie chose to have her blindness make her stronger instead of weak and helpless.

(Hospital) Greenlee tells David that his mind games about Gillian won’t work because she won’t let him ruin her life. Tad sees Jake and Amanda kissing and one it stop kissing Tad tells Amanda that Angie is at his house because Amanda wants to thank her for everything she has done for her. Amanda leaves and Tad tells Jake that Cara is working on project Orpheus with David and he is worried that David will take advantage of her. Jake tells Tad that the Orpheus project is an amazing opportunity for a doctor and Cara has never been the type of person to pass up an amazing opportunity in the medical field. Tad is stunned when Jake advises tad to let this go and explains that he doesn’t intend to battle David this time because he wants to concentrate on his family and he thinks Tad should also concentrate on Dixie, JR, and the girls.

(Tad’s place) Angie and Dixie have a touching reunion. Angie tells Dixie that Jesse can’t wait to meet her and then Angie tells her all about how Lucy was born. Angie also introduces Dixie to Maya and then Amanda arrives and hugs Dixie. Dixie mentions that tad told her she had a baby and named him Trevor after her dad. Amanda cries when Dixie mentions Trevor and Dixie apologizes for being so insensitive since tad told her about the surgery. Amanda thanks Angie for everything she did for her and Angie Krystal and Dixie all offer to be there for Amanda if she needs to talk. Amanda tells them it has been hard but she is happy to be cancer free and she and Jake are thinking of adopting a little boy.

(Hospital) Greenlee interrupts Zach and Kendall’s intense conversation and Zach tells Kendall to go talk to Greenlee. Greenlee and Kendall go talk in the hallway and Kendall admits that she is upset that Zach is pushing her away but Greenlee tells Kendall that Zach is trying to protect her because he feels that he has put her in too many dangerous situations over the years. Greenlee again warns Kendall to be careful and keep her guard up with David because she felt the same way Zach did when she came back home and she knows how much Zach hurt her. Greenlee also tells Kendall that David is just waiting for her to tell Ryan about Gillian so that he can watch what damage it will do to her relationship with Ryan. Greenlee tells Kendall she doesn’t want to tell Ryan about Gillian because it could be one of David’s lies just like when he told her Leo was alive. Cara arrives in David’s office to tell him she is taking the job but what happened between them before can’t happen again their relationship must remain professional. David agrees and Griffin arrives to demand that David stop using his sister to get back at him for quitting the project. David tells Griffin that isn’t what he is doing because he thinks Cara is capable of doing a great job on the project. Griffin tells Cara that David will use her to do his dirty work and then get rid of her when she doesn’t obey one of his orders. Griffin tells Cara this projects could hurt people instead of help them. Cara tells griffin she can take care of herself and she has decided to work with David on the project.

(Tad’s house) Krystal tells the ladies that David hinted that Babe could be alive. Ever since she has been missing Babe more, because you never get over losing a child. Kathy comes in and asks Dixie for some juice and everyone thinks that its like she and Kathy had never been apart at all. Dixie tells everyone that while she was away she would picture Kathy’s face and when she met her she looked exactly how she imagined she would look. Maya listens to the ladies conversation especially when she hears Krystal talk about how hard it was to give Marissa up for adoption. Once the party is over Angie and Maya stand at the door and Angie tells Maya it must be hard for Maya to listen to all the talk about babies and adoptions. Angie mentions that adoptions are a part of public record and Jesse could help her find her baby. Maya tells Angie she doesn’t want Jesse to know because she didn’t give her child up for adoption she abandoned her.

(Hospital) David tells Zach he hopes that he isn’t causing problems between him and Kendall. Zach says things are fine with Kendall she just needed a break. Zach tells David that he knows that he saved more people besides him and Dixie because he heard him talking to someone at the clinic. Zach wants to know the identities of the people but David smiles and tells Zach he will find out soon enough. Zach is sad because the project couldn’t save his mother and David tells Zach that he started working on the project because he couldn’t save his own father.

(Krystal’s) Griffin tells Tad that Cara spent the night hiding out in David’s hotel room while they were both worrying about her last night. Tad leaves to find Cara and get some answers from her.

(Hospital) Amanda is also stunned that Tad is working for David but Jake tells her that he is staying out of the situation to concentrate on his family. Griffin asks Zach to ask David to fire Cara because he doesn’t want her working for David but Zach refuses to help because David wants Cara to work on the project.

(Park) Angie tells Maya that she adopted her daughter Cassandra after she was abandoned by her mother and thinks Maya made a really tough decision. Angie wants to help Maya find her child but Maya makes Angie promise not to tell Jesse because she is afraid to lose her job.

(Hospital) David asks Cara to dinner to discuss the project and she agrees to dinner and then leaves a few minutes later Tad arrives. and asks David not to hurt Cara to get back at him. David tells tad that he wasn’t the one who hurt Cara she was already hurt by him.

(Chandler Mansion) Dixie remembers waking up in David’s clinic and David shining a light in her eyes and telling her she wasn’t alone.

(Park) Tad hopes that Cara’s relationship with David is only professional but Cara tells Tad she slept with David.

(Hospital) Griffin asks Kendall to help him so that Cara doesn’t get involved with David. Zach sees them talking from the window in his room and goes out in the hallway to watch them. David tells Zach that Griffin can’t be trusted because he lost focus when he fell in love with Kendall. He thinks that it looks like Griffin is still in love with Kendall.

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