AMC Update Monday 8/22/11

All My Children Update Monday 8/22/11

Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Chandler Mansion) JR tells Liza and Colby that he wonít let his son be raised by Marissa and Bianca Only he used more hateful words. Liza tells JR if thee judge hears his hate speech he will lose any chance he has to get his done back. JR calms down a bit and asks Liza what he should do next and she advises him to get another lawyer because she will not represent him.

(Tadís house) Dixie is looking at old pictures when Tad arrives and tells her that he is worried Cara may leave town and it will alert immigration and they could find out about their fake marriage. Tad tells Dixie that canít happen and Dixie tells Tad that she wants to help Car a somehow because she knows exactly how Cara feels right now. Tad is surprised by Dixieís attitude since he is married to Cara but Dixie tells him that it is obvious that he cares about Cara and Cara is in love with him. Dixie tells Tad that she canít blame him because he thought that she was dead and he wanted to move on with his life. Dixie is even grateful to Cara because she can see that Cara has been good for Tad and Kathy.

(Yacht club) David stops kissing Cara and tells her that he doesnít want to take advantage of her vulnerable state right now. David heads for the door telling Cara he needs some air and Cara stops him telling him that she isnít a fragile flower and doesnít like to be treated like one. Cara tells David that she doesnít see the bad side to him that everyone in Pine Valley does and she likes him because she doesnít feel like an outsider when she is with him. Cara kisses David and that leads to them making love.

(Hospital) Zach tells Ryan and Greenlee that he is grateful to David for saving him from death and he wants to invest in the Orpheus project to give hope to more people. Ryan and Greenlee are shocked and Ryan thinks David is trying to control Zach. Griffin arrives and Zach tells him the same thing he told Ryan and Greenlee and Griffin tells Zach that David is going too far with the project and trying to play God and it could end up hurting people instead of helping them. Ryan wonders how David knew where Zach was in order to pick up his body for treatment. Zach tells Ryan that he knew that his Casino partners were trying to kill him so he asked David to use the same treatment he used on Greenlee to save his life. Zach explains that he called David as the plane was going down and told him where he was so that he would come later and pick up his body. Ryan wonders why David didnít tell Kendall or anyone that he was still alive and Zach tells Ryan that he asked David not to tell anyone incase the treatment didnít work and he didnít survive.

(Tadís house) Tad and Dixie remember they need to get to court to testify on JRís behalf when Marissa arrives with AJ. Marissa sends AJ upstairs and then tells Tad and Dixie that the judge granted her permanent custody of AJ because he wasnít happy that JR tried to bribe him. Marissa wants to go with Tad and Dixie to talk to JR but Tad and Dixie thank that they should talk to JR alone. Tad tells Marissa to stay and he will return and tell her what happened once he and Dixie talk to JR.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby asks Liza to help JR because she doesnít want to lose another member of her family. Liza doesnít get a chance to answer Colbyís plea because Tad and Dixie arrive and ask to speak to JR alone. Liza and Colby leave and Dixie tells him she is sorry that he lost custody of AJ and explains that Marissa stopped by Tadís house to tell them the news. An angry JR tells Dixie and Tad that he doesnít need their help and they can leave just like everybody else. JR tells Dixie that his entire family is gone and now Marissa has AJ.

(Hospital) Ryan wonders how Kendall feels about Zach becoming business partners with David and Kendall tells him that at first she wasnít too thrilled about the idea until Zach explained to her what he just told him that he asked David to help him. Kendall tells Ryan that she is grateful to David for bringing Zach back to her and the boys. Kendall tells Zach that she pans to stick by Zach in whatever he plans to do and even though itís hard for her she will stick by his plans to support the Orpheus project.

(Yacht club) David wonders how Cara feels after they made love and she tells him she feels better then she has in a long time. David tells Cara he canít let her go and risk getting killed in Mexico so he offers her a job working with him on the Orpheus project since Griffin left the position. Cara tells David she will think about it and he asks her to stay in Pine Valley while she thinks about it and also not to take too long to make her decision.

(Chandler Mansion) Dixie tells JR that he is very angry and when he gets angry he acts just like Adam. Dixie asks JR what it felt like when he was a little boy and Adam took him away from her and how he grew up resenting Adam for what he had done. Dixie tells JR that AJ will resent him if he tries to take him away from Marissa and he may never have a relationship with his son. Dixie tells JR that he can break the Chandler cycle if he finds a way to work out a custody arrangement with Marissa. Tad tells JR that he has Dixieís soul and he is a good man if he can get past all of the anger and be a good father to AJ. JR hugs Dixie and tells her he is glad that she is back and he will do his best to be a good father to AJ because all he wants is his son.

(Hospital) Ryan is shocked that both Kendall and Zach are supporting a psycho megalomaniac like David. Zach asks Ryan to drop his vendetta against David because if he goes against David he will go against him too and then Zach asks Kendall and Greenlee to leave him alone to talk to Ryan. Greenlee and Kendall go outside in the hallway to talk and Greenlee advises Kendall to be careful with David because she felt the same way as Zach when she returned home and she knows what David did to her. Kendall tells Greenlee that this is very hard for her but she wants to support Zach in whatever he does because she is so happy to have him home.

(Chandler mansion) Dixie pours all the booze in the house down the drain and JR admits that he has two more bottles hidden in his closet and he was using them to spike his coffee Dixie gets the bottles and pours them down the drain. Dixie promises to help JR fight this battle every step of the way.

(Yacht club) Cara gives David a good-bye kiss and promises to think about his job offer. Cara opens the door to find Griffin who isnít happy to see her with David. Cara tells Griffin that David offered her his old job and she is going to thin about it but she isnít leaving town because David changed her mind. Once Cara is gone Griffin tells David that he must have done a number on his sister just like the one that he did on Zach because now Zach thinks that he is the second coming. David smiles and says that is the best news he has heard all day.

(Hospital) Zach explains to Ryan that his Casino partners almost killed him because he let his guard down but while David was taking care of him David reminded him never to let his guard down again.

(ConFusion) Liza asks Colby how things went with JR after she left and Colby tells her she is grateful for Tad and Dixie. Colby asks Liza to help JR because he could get another lawyer but nobody will be as good as she will at helping JR. Liza agrees to help JR for Colbyís sake and Colby thanks Liza and smiles at her.

(Tadís house) Tad tells Marissa that he and Dixie had a talk with JR and he wants to change because he loves AJ. Marissa tells Tad she wants to talk with JR and see if his change is real and if he improves she is willing to work with him so he can visit AJ. Cara arrives after Marissa leaves and tells Tad that she is going to take the job with David and Tad says isnít a good idea because David is dangerous. Cara tells Tad she appreciates his concern but it is her decision.

(Chandler Mansion) Marissa arrives to talk to JR and tells him that if is going to try and stop drinking and she can see that he is making real improvement she will talk to AJ and see if AJ wants to have visits with him. JR is grateful to Marissa and tells her Dixie has thrown all the booze out of the house. Marissa leaves and JR looks at a picture of Adam and tells him that if someone was coming up against him he never made excuses to anyone. JR tells Adamís picture that he is going to do what he has to do to get his son back and Marissa will soon find out what it is like to go up against a Chandler.

(Hospital) David arrives in Zachís room just as Zach announces to Kendall, Greenlee, and Ryan that he wants to become Davidís partner in the Orpheus project. Ryan and Greenlee think that Zach has lost his mind, but David smiles and shakes hands with Zach and calls him his new partner in Project Orpheus.

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