AMC Update Friday 8/19/11

All My Children Update Friday 8/19/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca and Marissa get up from spending the night together. Bianca hugs her and asks if she's okay. Marissa says she's doing amazing. Bianca tells her that last night was new for both of them but especially Marissa so she wanted to make sure everything was okay. Marissa tells her she's better than okay and kisses her. Bianca smiles and they talk about sleeping well. Marissa's phone rings and it's Caleb, who informs Marissa of what JR is doing.

Liza comes to the Chandler mansion and says she heard the custody hearing was moved up. JR tells her to just help him and he'll help her with Colby. Colby comes in and wonders what Liza is doing there. JR tells Colby that Liza is helping him get AJ back. Colby wonders what it's in exchange for.

Jake tells Tad about Cara leaving town and he could tell by the look in her eye. Tad starts to call Jesse but Jake tells him that Cara's car is still in the parking lot. Tad says he wouldn't be surprised if she did leave after what he said to her. Tad tells Jake that he told Cara he was still in love with Dixie.

Cara and David toast to the future at Fusion. David talks to her about Tad and Dixie being back together. David says he could never stop Dixie from going back to Tad. David tells her that he has a habit of falling for unavailable women.

Greenlee hugs Ryan and has flashbacks in her head to David talking to her about Gillian. Ryan asks if she's okay and says he felt her tense up. Greenlee tells him that it's just thinking about David that does it to her. Greenlee says she can't stop thinking about it all and how he's changing lives forever. Greenlee wonders if David could give Ryan an incredible gift too.

Zach tells Kendall she knows what has to be done. Kendall says she hates it. Griffin walks by and looks into their room.

Ryan asks Greenlee if she's still thinking about her dream about Leo. Greenlee tells him it's not about that but it's just a lot to take in after having Zach back. Greenlee says part of her hates David but part of her wants to thank him. Ryan says he can't imagine what it must have been like for her to think Leo was still alive but she can't let David get to her because he'll get between them.

Griffin walks away from Zach's room. Kendall tells Zach that she just wanted to be alone with him and the boys. Zach says he wants that too. Kendall tells him that he must not if he wants her to do this. Zach tells her that they can get through anything. Kendall goes to get some water. She walks down the hall and Griffin walks up to her.

Marissa tells Bianca about JR moving the custody hearing up. Bianca assures her that she won't let JR take AJ away and Caleb won't either. Marissa says she knows she's not AJ's biological mother but AJ needs her. Marissa asks Bianca if she'll come to court with her. Bianca says she'll be her personal cheering section. Marissa hugs her.

Colby tells JR that Liza is a disaster in family cases. JR tells them that he met with the judge today and thinks the judge was moved by his generous donation to sway his decision. Liza thinks that will sway him in the other direction.

Jake tells Tad that he wishes he could help him. Tad asks about Amanda and Jake says she's almost ready to go home. Tad tells Jake to go be with Amanda. Jake asks Tad if he thinks Cara ever wished she never met them. Tad says they couldn't blame her. Tad hopes Cara is okay because if something happens to her, he'll never forgive himself.

David orders another round of drinks for he and Cara. Cara asks about David and Dixie being together. David tells her that there was a time when Dixie had feelings for him. David talks about Tad being notorious for sleeping around. Cara brings up never going on their honeymoon. David asks her more about their relationship. Cara admits to David that it wasn't a real marriage and was a lie.

Zach watches Griffin and Kendall talk from his room. Kendall tells Griffin that Zach finally told her what he remembers from the plane crash. Kendall says she's sucking it up because Zach is home and that's all that matters. Griffin tells her that he just wants her to be happy. Kendall thanks him and goes to get her water. Griffin heads into Zach's room. Griffin says he's going to run some more blood work. Zach asks Griffin what's going on between him and Kendall.

Kendall runs into Greenlee at the hospital. Greenlee asks if Ryan is there yet because she was going to meet him in Zach's room. Kendall tells her that she told Ryan to lay off Zach. Greenlee asks if she's okay. Kendall says she just keeps waiting for this to all turn out to be a dream. Greenlee tells Kendall about her dream of Leo. Kendall asks her what exactly the dream was about.

Liza tells JR that the judge probably took his donation and will use it against him. Liza says she's going to see if she can clean up his mess and exits. Colby sighs and tells JR that he just blew his last chance of getting AJ back. JR tells Colby to give Liza a break because she's making an effort and wants to work things out for her. JR and Colby argue over Dixie and Liza. Colby tells JR that apologies aren't enough and sometimes the parents need to stop making the mistakes. Colby tells JR that he isn't a loving father but a selfish drunk.

David is surprised to hear of Cara and Tad's green card marriage. Cara says it saved her life. David is sure she's grateful and perhaps even more. David asks Cara what women see in Tad. Cara talks to him about wanting to avoid deportation. David thinks Tad will still be there for her. Cara talks about how she'd end up feeling stuck between Tad and Dixie. Cara talks about watching the world go by when she had cancer and then she did everything she could to make up for lost time. Cara recalls meeting Jake at Doctors Without Borders. Cara talks about finally feeling like part of a community in Pine Valley. David is glad there are no more Martin spawns out of it. Cara talks about having the rug pulled from underneath her and Griffin both. Cara says that Tad and Jake deserve to be happy. David asks Cara what she deserves as Tad walks in. Cara tells David not to let Tad see her and runs off. Tad walks up to David and asks where she is. Tad tells him that the cab said they dropped Cara off. David says he saw her briefly and didn't know where she was heading but she didn't look happy. David tells Tad he should thank him for Dixie. Tad warns him about finding out what he's up to and walks away. Cara returns to David and thanks him. Cara tells him that her plane has been delayed and she has no where to stay. David suggests she stay at his place.

Colby talks to JR about his drinking. Colby says she knows everything sucks right now but insists it will get better.

Griffin talks to Zach about Kendall. Zach asks Griffin if he loved Kendall.

Greenlee tells Kendall about how she loves Ryan but part of her still thinks about Leo. Kendall tells her that Ryan is her present and future but doesn't erase the past. Greenlee brings up Gillian and Kendall is surprised and asks if David said anything about her. Greenlee says she doesn't know if it's true and hasn't told Ryan. Greenlee talks about how she felt when David brought up Leo and then when she saw him in her dream, she felt like she could drown in that love and thinks Ryan could experience the same thing with Gillian. Kendall thinks it doesn't matter because Greenlee and Ryan are in love. Ryan walks in and joins them. Ryan asks what he just walked in on. Greenlee tells him that she's fine but it just hits her every time she comes to the hospital that Zach is alive. Greenlee says she's great now that Ryan is here.

Zach tells Griffin that he talked a lot more when they first met. Griffin wants to do his job but Zach wants answers. Griffin says whatever he felt for Kendall doesn't matter since Zach is back. Griffin leaves to put a rush on the blood work. Tad comes up to Griffin and asks if he's seen Cara. Griffin says no and wonders what's up. Tad tells him that he thinks Cara is going to head out of town. Tad tells Griffin to call him if he hears anything as he is going to check Krystal's.

Liza returns to the Chandler Mansion and informs JR that his plan backfired and he's going to lose his son.

Cara takes her bag to David's hotel room and asks why he stays in a hotel. David says his houses have never felt like a home. David tells her that Pine Valley hasn't always welcomed him with open arms. Cara thinks David could be trying to prove himself to the people of Pine Valley. David agrees and says that's part of the reason why he started Project Orpheus. David thought that if they saw his miracles, they'd let him in but they aren't. David pours a drink for them. Cara understands that David always feels like he's on the outside looking in. Cara asks David if it bothers him not being accepted. David admits that it does. Cara is surprised. David talks about doing bad things but also good and finds it impossible to shake his rep. Cara thinks he has a chance. David tells her it will only get worse as he will no longer be looked at as the genius that saved Dixie and Zach but the monster that kept them from their families. Cara gets a call from Griffin but decides not to answer it. David thinks she should let him know that she's safe because it won't stop ringing until she does.

Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan loves her and wonders why she's freaking out about this. Greenlee talks about her relationship with Ryan. Kendall thinks Gillian isn't a threat. Kendall tells Greenlee that her and Ryan are so strong together so they shouldn't forget it.

Griffin goes to Tad at Krystal's and tells him that Cara isn't picking up her phone and her locker is empty. Cara finally calls him back and Griffin tells her how everyone is worried about her especially Tad. Cara says to tell everyone she's fine and hangs up. Cara tells David that he's right that everyone was worrying. David brings up Tad spending the night out with Dixie. Cara tells him that she doesn't think everyone hates David in Pine Valley. David says to name one person aside from his daughter and Cara tells him that she doesn't hate him.

Ryan goes to visit Zach and asks him about the plane crash. Ryan wonders how David happened to be there right then at the exact place and time.

Marissa and Bianca sit at Krystal's. Bianca encourages her to eat before going to court. Marissa gets a call from Caleb and worries that she's late. Marissa thanks Caleb for telling her and says she'll talk to him soon. Marissa hangs up and informs Bianca that JR tried to bribe the judge so the judge is giving her full custody of AJ. Bianca calls it amazing. Marissa worries about JR and wonders what he's doing.

JR tells Liza and Colby that he's not going to court now to watch his son be ripped away from him. JR shouts that he doesn't care what he has to do but his son will not be raised by two lesbians.

Greenlee and Kendall return to Zach's room. Ryan says he'd be doing better if Zach was on board with him taking down David. Zach tells Ryan that he's off base because David brought him back to Kendall and his kids. Ryan asks if Zach isn't concerned about how it happened. Zach says he's breathing because of David so he will stick by David with whatever he needs. Zach tells them to let him know if they have a problem.

Tad talks to Griffin about Cara. Tad hopes Cara won't do something crazy.

David tells Cara that she can sleep there. Cara is surprised by David's non reaction to hearing she doesn't hate him. Cara rephrases it and tells David that she likes him. David says that's a lonely club. Cara tells him that she's used to being alone. Cara recalls David helping her when she was sick. David thinks she'll join forces with the masses before long. Cara doesn't think so. They look at one another and Cara steps forward. They get close and then start kissing.

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