AMC Update Thursday 8/18/11

All My Children Update Thursday 8/18/11

Written by Joseph
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Jake sits with Amanda at her hospital bed. Jake tells Amanda that she will be able to go home tomorrow. Amanda smiles and says good things are happening to people in this town now.

Ryan is shocked when Jesse informs him that Ricky Torres is dead. Ryan figures it wasn't an accident. Ryan thinks that someone shot Ricky because they knew he wanted to talk to him.

Zach asks Greenlee if Kendall and Griffin are having a relationship. Greenlee says they hadn't gotten close but she wouldn't call it a relationship as it is complicated.

Kendall tells Griffin at home about the boys being happy to have Zach back. Kendall says she has a bag full of clothes for Zach and asks Griffin to take her to the hospital. Griffin wants her to have lunch first because she hasn't eaten yet. Kendall thinks she doesn't have time for that. Griffin reminds her that he's still her doctor. Kendall says that he should know he's been a lot more than that. Griffin says that Zach coming back is good news.

Cara finishes making her phone call for a flight plan out of town. David walks by and hears her. David comes in and talks to Cara about her leaving. David says he knows Dixie's return has thrown her off but he didn't think she would run from a fight.

Out in the park, Tad tells Dixie that he loves her and never stopped. Dixie responds that she loves him too. Tad smiles and they talk about how real this is. Dixie says Tad is what kept her going all these years. They say that they will be together forever and then they kiss.

Greenlee sits with Zach and tells her about Griffin saving Kendall's life in an ambulance. Zach thinks he put her there since his death broke Kendall's heart until Griffin put it back together. Zach asks what else he needs to know. Greenlee explains to him that Ricky was put in prison. Zach realizes that Kendall put her life on the line for him.

Griffin asks Kendall if Zach ever mentioned the accident. Kendall says they hadn't talked much about it. Griffin assumes Zach wanted to save her the details. Kendall asks Griffin why he is shutting her out and is so concerned about what Zach remembers. She asks Griffin if he knows something about the crash.

David tells Cara that his hospital will be losing a terrific doctor if she leaves. David says Cara only seems to have one weakness and that's an attraction to Martin men. Cara tries to walk away but David apologizes. David reminds Cara that she was fighting leukemia for the second time when he first met her. David recalls Griffin bringing him in to help. Cara asks him what his point is. David thinks Griffin is a brilliant physician but he'll only go so far. Cara points out that it's ethics. David says others can debate the right and wrong but if they can't use everything in their means to save a life that would be lost then why are they doctors.

Jake tells Amanda to tell her more about her feeling when she came out of the surgery. Amanda calls it a knowing that she was okay and that she deserves good things like her health, Jake, and Trevor. Amanda says she also knows that something big is going to happen that is bigger than David and all of them. Amanda talks about Dixie and Zach coming back as Cara walks in. Cara says not to stop talking just because she walked in. Cara tells them that she is happy for Dixie and Tad.

Tad stops kissing Dixie and brings up the marriage to Cara. Tad says there is too much at stake and he can't afford to have immigration start asking questions. Tad explains that Cara also has a price on her head in Mexico. Dixie understands that he married Cara to save her life and calls it wonderful. Dixie says they can't do anything that will compromise Cara so that means their kiss they had has got to be their last. Tad wants to know why since Dixie is home and alive. Tad says they have so much time to make up for. Dixie reminds him that Cara's life is in danger. Tad doesn't want to do anything to risk that. Dixie brings up the kids too and she wants Kathy to get to know her. Dixie says it's not like she doesn't want Tad as much as he wants her. Dixie thinks she's made a lot of selfish choices. Tad laughs it off. Dixie tells him that it's for the kids as they need her and she needs to spend time with them. Dixie wants to make things right for the kids.

Amanda asks Jake and Cara for a moment alone. Jake kisses her and steps out with Cara. Cara talks to Jake about Tad trying not to hurt her. Cara says that she sees Tad look at Dixie the same way Jake looks at Amanda so she doesn't want to settle for anything less than that happiness. Jake asks if she's saying goodbye.

Kendall tells Griffin that she hasn't forgotten all that they've been through. Kendall thinks Griffin probably thinks it was a huge mistake to put himself out there for her. Griffin tells her to save it and asks if she can get herself back to the hospital. Kendall says she can and Griffin gets up and tells her to take care of herself as he exits. Kendall decides not to eat, gets up and takes her bag to leave but Ryan arrives when she opens the door. Ryan tells her that he has news that Ricky is dead.

Zach asks Greenlee why she was in that room with him when he woke up. She explains that she was trying to get answers from David. Jesse walks in and Greenlee exits. Jesse shakes his hand and Zach says Jesse has news for him. Zach can tell that Jesse's look on his face means someone he knows died. Jesse then asks him if he knows Ricky Torres.

Tad brings Dixie back home and asks if she's sure he can't convince her to move in. Dixie thinks she should be with JR so she can remember how to be a mom. Kathy comes in and asks if Cara is there. Dixie offers to help Kathy and goes with her.

Cara tells Jake not to worry about her. Jake says he knows how she is and she's taking off cause she thinks she's a problem for somebody else. Cara asks Jake what he thinks the chances are of falling for two brothers and then getting hurt by both of them. Jake calls it two in two million. Cara tells him to go be with his wife since they are so lucky to have each other. Jake thanks her and Cara walks off. Jake heads back into Amanda's room.

Zach asks Jesse if he's sure that Ricky's dead. Jesse assures him and Zach asks what else he has. Jesse brings up Zach's crash and asks if he remembers anything else about the plane crash like anybody fishing him out of the water. Zach thinks Jesse is fishing. Jesse wants to make sure the people responsible for this pay. Zach thinks Jesse thinks he might have had Ricky killed. Jesse asks him if he did. Zach says if Jesse thinks someone else is out there, that means Kendall is in danger.

Ryan asks Kendall if she's okay. Kendall talks about wishing Ricky dead and now he is so they can have closure. Ryan explains that someone wanted Ricky dead so that he wouldn't tell anyone what he knew about Zach's crash. Kendall realizes there are now more questions to be answered. Kendall appreciates Ryan not letting this go and asks him to come to her if he finds out anything else and not Zach since he's been through so much.

David sits in his hotel room shredding papers when there's a knock at the door. He opens it and Greenlee enters. David asks what symptoms she's faking today. Greenlee says to make it quick and asks him what he wants with Zach. David tells her that his personal differences with people often overshadow his accomplishments as a doctor. David says now when people think of him, they'll think of him doing something good. David tells her he has to protect his research from people like Ryan. David brings up Leo and she tells him not to say his name. David suggests that maybe he has someone else alive, maybe he has Gillian alive and brings up Ryan being eager to see the love of his life again like Tad and Kendall.

Ryan meets with Griffin at Krystal's and brings up Ricky's death. Griffin says it's nothing to him since he's just a doctor. Ryan asks him if he was in love with Kendall.

Zach asks Jesse who else kept him away from his family. Jesse thinks there may have been someone else but he isn't sure. Jesse asks him what he remembers about the crash but Zach says he has nothing that would help him. Jesse thinks he has something that he isn't saying. Kendall arrives and Jesse leaves the room. Kendall asks Zach what that was about.

Jake sits with Amanda again and asks her if she thinks there's a balance of happiness in the world. Amanda figures he's talking about Cara and Tad. Jake wonders what Cara is supposed to do now that Dixie is back. Amanda talks about her history with Cara and encourages him to believe in happiness then they kiss.

Dixie helps Kathy remove her band-aid. Kathy asks her if she's going to leave again. Dixie says she'll never leave again but she has to go see JR for awhile. Kathy makes sure she's going to see her again. Dixie says she'll be there soon. Kathy hugs her.

Tad finds Cara at the hospital and asks if they can go somewhere and talk. Cara says they can talk there so Tad shuts the door behind him. They sit down and Cara asks if he's in love with Dixie. Tad admits that he is. Tad wants her to know that no matter what happens, he can't just walk away from her and won't walk away from their marriage. Tad tells her that he will get her that green card and Dixie understands. Cara wipes away tears and talks about moving in with Krystal already living there and she welcomed her in. Cara thinks she won't be that generous. Tad doesn't think Cara knows how amazing she is. Cara says he's starting to sound like her about being grateful. Cara says she wanted him to love her and she isn't going to stay and settle for anything less. Cara tells him to tell Dixie that she better be good to him. Cara then gets up and exits.

Amanda falls asleep in her hospital bed so Jake exits and runs into a nurse. Jake helps her picks up the papers she drops and Jake realizes there all of Cara's files. The nurse says that Cara asked her to give them all to Dr. Patterson.

Dixie sleeps on the couch at Tad's and she dreams about being held by David. In her dream, David says he can give people back their life but he can also take it away.

David tells Greenlee that there was a time that people thought Ryan would never get over Gillian. Greenlee doesn't believe him since Gillian's heart was taken. David tells her to rethink that. Greenlee assures him that she and Ryan are solid. David points out that Greenlee's hands are shaking. David thinks Greenlee can't hide her insecurities. Greenlee says she will leave him to his delusions. David tells her to tell Ryan that an old friend says hello. Greenlee then leaves his room.

Griffin tells Ryan that he won't talk to him about his feelings. Ryan says they can talk about David then. Griffin says it was a dead end asking Kendall about Zach's crash. Ryan asks him if he's just going to give up.

Zach and Kendall talk about Ricky's death. Kendall says it isn't worth getting worked up about. Zach won't let it slide because she and their kids were in danger. Kendall asks him what that means. Zach says he's tired so she should forget it. Kendall realizes that Zach is going to go after someone and says she won't let him get himself killed again.

Dixie wakes up and Tad is sitting with her. Tad says she must have had some dream. Dixie calls it a nightmare. Tad asks what it was about but Dixie claims not to remember. Tad tells her she'll only have good dreams now. Dixie asks if he talked to Cara. Tad says he did. Dixie says she's sorry. Tad says that he is too. Dixie tells him she's going to check on Kathy and then JR. Dixie gets up and exits. Tad remains on the couch and looks at his wedding ring. Tad places it on the mantle in front of he and Cara's wedding picture. There's a knock on the door and Jake arrives asking if he has seen Cara because she's skipping town.

Cara orders a drink at Fusion as David arrives and asks what they are drinking to. Cara tells him that she's saying goodbye to Pine Valley. David asks where her husband is. David says if Dixie got Tad away from her, then she should owe him a favor. David says the Martins are now her past so they should talk about her future.

Greenlee returns home to Ryan and says she was visiting Zach and he's getting stronger. Ryan thinks Zach can help them find out more. Greenlee is upset from seeing David and Ryan wants to know what he said. Greenlee says it's nothing and hugs him.

Kendall tells Zach not to shut her out. She says she can see it in Zach's eyes that he's not telling her something. Kendall begs him to trust her enough to let her know. Zach says he does have something to tell her, but she isn't going to like it. Zach tells Kendall to close the door so she gets up and closes the door.

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