AMC Update Wednesday 8/17/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/17/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee comes downstairs at home to Ryan. Ryan kisses her and Greenlee suggest they go back upstairs but Ryan has to go. Ryan kisses her again and goes to leave. Greenlee wonders where he's going. Ryan says it's David. Greenlee thought they settled that. Ryan thinks there's other people that David has locked away.

David finds Cara at the hospital and asks if she's living there now. David apologizes to her but Cara says not to apologize for his miracles. Cara says that David slammed the door on Griffin's chances with Kendall and doesn't like his timing. David asks if she was really falling for Tad. Cara tells him to stay out of her business.

Opal talks with Tad at home. Tad looks at some of Dixie's old stuff and wonders if she'll want it back. Opal asks where Dixie is and Tad informs her that she moved in with JR because she's desperate to help him. Opal asks about Cara and Tad assumes she's at work. Opal asks about Tad and where he is. Tad tells her that he wishes he knew.

JR comes into the living room at the Chandler Mansion and finds Dixie reading the newspaper. JR is surprised that she's serious about living there. Dixie tells him that she's never leaving him again.

Kendall comes to the hospital with a balloon to surprise Zach but he's gone from his room. Kendall worries but Griffin then brings Zach in a wheelchair. Kendall is relieved to see he's okay. They inform Kendall that Zach was just having tests done. Griffin worries about Kendall and tells her to stop putting so much stress on her heart.

Opal talks with Tad about things with him and Cara and then Dixie returned. Opal still can't believe it. Opal says she can't stop thinking about how she told Cara about Dixie when Tad should've been the one to tell her. Tad tells her that it isn't like Cara didn't know about his past with Dixie. Tad doesn't think it matters who told her. Opal asks him what he's going to do. Tad doesn't know and calls it crazy. Tad talks about Cara and Dixie both not living there. Opal wonders about Dixie not knowing why he married Cara. Tad didn't want to tell Dixie because he was really falling for Cara.

David asks Cara if he should've let Dixie and Zach die for her and Kendall's love lives. Cara says no because giving them a second chance is amazing but not letting people believe they were dead for so long. David thinks she's mad at the wrong person. David says she fell in love with Jake and got crushed then she fell in love with Tad. Cara accuses him of just screwing up lives. Tad tells her that she will learn the Martins are not that great. David then exits the room.

Colby comes to the living room and tells JR and Dixie that breakfast is always made. Dixie remarks that she hopes it isn't pancakes. Colby says she's happy that Dixie is staying there. Colby hopes Dixie can help JR because she's out of ideas. Colby exits. JR tells Dixie that Colby thinks she has the answers to everything. Dixie says that Colby is just concerned. Dixie has set up JR's favorite drinks. She tells JR that if she threw out his alcohol, he'd just go buy some more. Dixie tells him that they can go shot for shot. JR states that Dixie can't drink because it would kill her. Dixie then tells JR that her life is in his hands.

Greenlee tells Ryan that David has saved so many lives like Dixie and Zach. Ryan says he's also hurt just as many people and he wants to stop it. Greenlee doesn't think Ryan has to be the one to stop him. Ryan doesn't want others to go through what Greenlee has with David. Ryan then exits.

Zach is put back in his hospital bed. Griffin tells Zach to let him know if he needs anything and he'll check in later as he exits. Kendall sits with Zach and tells him that Griffin is just trying to help. Zach wants to go home. Zach brings up the note he gave Kendall before he left when he asked what she really wanted as he couldn't figure it out. Kendall tells him that her note answered his question, all she wants is him and that's still all she wants and now she has him back. Kendall tells him that she watched him sleep all night and was afraid to close her eyes because she thought he might disappear. Zach assures her that he isn't going anywhere. Kendall brings up her worries when she saw the empty bed. Zach grabs her hand and tells her it's real.

Tad asks Opal if she believes in fate. Tad says he wasn't with Dixie when she died but they were so close and now they have the chance again. Tad talks about how much Dixie was on his mind lately. Tad states that he and Dixie have never really been that far apart except now he's married to an incredible woman. Opal tells Tad that he's too good of a man that doesn't want to hurt anyone. Tad says that sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing but he doesn't know where to begin.

David comes up to Griffin at the hospital. David asks him for information on Zach. Griffin brings up David keeping him secret all this time. David wants an update on his condition. Griffin tells him that Zach will make a full recovery. David says he needs Zach to be a hundred percent ready. Griffin wants to know ready for what but David says it's not his business then walks away.

Dixie wants to talk with JR but he doesn't want to. Dixie wants to know more about his life. JR says they've covered everything. Dixie wants to help JR. JR tells her to go play with Kathy. Dixie says this is where she wants to be. JR brings up Tad and Dixie not being with him. JR suggests Dixie didn't bring her love for Tad back from the grave or maybe she's still sleeping with David. Dixie then slaps JR. Dixie tells him that she despises David. JR brings up that David saved her life. Dixie says his name makes her sick. JR asks what he did to her. Dixie says she doesn't remember everything. Tad comes in and asks how the sleepover was. Dixie turns to him looking sad. Tad says he wants to help JR too. JR says if they mean that, they should testify on his behalf so that Marissa doesn't get full custody of AJ.

Jesse sits with Ryan at Krystal's. Jesse says every time the door opens, he half expects someone to come back from the dead. Ryan tells Jesse that he's been thinking a lot about Zach's crash and who could've pulled Zach away since David couldn't have been there. Ryan brings up Ricky Torres. Ryan tells Jesse that he wants to talk to Ricky and asks Jesse if he can talk to him at the jail.

Kendall has Zach hold the red balloon and takes a picture for Spike and Ian. Kendall kisses Zach as Griffin returns to the room. Griffin assumes he's feeling better. Zach wants to go home. Griffin says he's not sure when he'll be able to go but he is healing faster than expected. Zach suggests maybe he should sleep a little bit. Kendall and Griffin agree and they exit the room. Kendall asks Griffin for a favor.

Greenlee finds David at the hospital and wants answers. She asks him what happened to her in his lab. Greenlee asks him what he drugged her with. David says he used a dilator. Greenlee thinks there had to be another drug used on her because she had a dream about Leo that was very real. David says if she's fantasizing about Leo, it's because he's on her mind. David says even though Greenlee says Ryan is the love of her life, he knows better. David tells her that he knows what Leo meant to her and how intense it was. David tells her to go ahead and ask him one more time if Leo is really alive. David tells her that she'd be terrified that she would be betraying Ryan if he was alive. David asks if she wants to know or not. David says if she won't ask, he won't tell and she'll just have to settle for dreams of Leo. Greenlee tells him to say that again. David does and Greenlee tells him that he's right, she did come to ask if Leo is still alive and figure out where he might be. Greenlee says that David just gave her the answer and that's Leo is dead. Greenlee says she's sure because the look in David's eyes told her since he has to settle for dreams of his brother too. Greenlee hopes the next time Leo is in David's dreams, he tells him that he hates him for doing this to her.

Ryan tells Jesse that he thinks Ricky could be the key to finding out how David got Zach. Jesse isn't sure but says he'll help him by the book. Jesse agrees to talk to Ricky and find out anything he can.

Cara comes to Tad's and tells Opal that she saw Tad's car wasn't there and figured it'd be a great time to come get some more things. Opal understands she's hurting and apologizes to her. Cara tells her that it's fine. Opal calls the situation so complicated. Cara says she doesn't want to talk about it and walks on to get her things.

Tad asks JR what he wants them to testify to. JR wants them to testify that he's sober since he hasn't had a drink today. JR tells them that he is done with alcohol for good so that Marissa can't take his son from him. JR thinks that if they vouch for him, it will go a long way with the judge. JR asks if he can count on them. Tad and Dixie both agree but Dixie says they won't lie about his drinking. JR says he's sober and done drinking. Dixie says they will support him but can't lie to the judge as that won't help him. JR says thanks for nothing and starts to leave. JR tells them that he's going to get his son without their help then exits. JR makes a phone call outside the room. Tad asks Dixie if she has a minute because he thinks they should have a talk about them.

Griffin checks on Zach and says he's making sure he's ready. Kendall then comes in with Spike and Ian. Spike and Ian are very excited and hug Zach. Zach is thrilled to see the boys. Spike mentions how they thought he was in heaven. Zach tells them that it must be a miracle and he wanted to spend more time with them. Kendall smiles as she watches Zach spend time with the boys again.

Colby asks JR where Dixie is and JR says not to ask her. Colby wonders what happened. JR tells her to quit blaming him for everything that goes wrong. Liza walks in and greets Colby. Colby wonders why she's there. JR says he called her. Colby says she will leave then. Liza wants to talk for a minute since it's been so long. Colby brings up that she hasn't heard from her in months. Liza says she was giving her space and that she was sorry to hear about her and Asher. Colby tells her that she doesn't need her or her help and leaves. JR then informs Liza that he's hiring her to keep Marissa from getting full custody of JR.

Tad and Dixie sit out in the park on a bench. Dixie feels bad for JR being in so much pain. Tad tells her that JR's been on the edge for years. Tad tells Dixie that he's sorry since he gave her his word that he would protect him. Dixie tells Tad that his helping JR has done a lot of good. Dixie thinks JR is just angry but still loves and respects him. Dixie states that Tad's been more of a father to JR than Adam has ever been. Tad says all he ever wanted for JR was for him to be happy. Dixie is sorry that he had to handle it all on his own but now that she's back they will handle it together. Tad thinks it's time they talk about his marriage to Cara.

Griffin finds Cara at the hospital and asks if she's hiding out. Cara says she was just thinking. Cara tells him that she's leaving. Griffin says she isn't but Cara insists she has to. Griffin brings up immigration and being deported. Cara says she will take the chance. Griffin brings up the potential price on her head. Cara thinks there's plenty of places she can go. Griffin tells her to promise him she won't do anything stupid. Cara says she already has done a lot of stupid. Griffin again tells her to promise him so she does. Griffin then leaves the room as Cara sits down with tears in her eyes.

Kendall takes Spike and Ian down the hall and runs into Griffin. Kendall hopes his look doesn't have anything to do with Zach's condition. Griffin says Zach is great and asks about their family reunion. Griffin offers to give her a ride home and Kendall agrees.

Greenlee visits Zach and says he looks a lot better. Greenlee says she knows how it is to have everyone think you're dead where everything looks the same but everything's changed. Zach comments that it has.

Tad explains to Dixie that Cara needed a green card and he was there so he married her. Tad tells her they weren't dating and just friends. Dixie calls it crazy and thinks it's a huge deal. Dixie brings up her history with Jake and how this is years of his life. Tad calls Cara amazing but says there's a lot more to it. Dixie sees the way Cara looks at him and thinks it's clear that she's in love with him. Tad tells Dixie that the day he found Dixie was when they were about to go away on a honeymoon. Dixie asks if the love is not one sided. Tad tells her it is and that's why they have a problem because the moment he found her under the stars, he knew what he's always known and that's Dixie is the one and always has been. Tad says he loves Dixie and never stopped.

Cara makes a phone call for a flight, saying she wants a one way trip and wants to know how far it can take her.

Liza wants to start talking strategy with JR. JR says it's not necessary because all she has to do is find out who the judge will be. Liza wonders what he's up to. JR tells her to work with him. JR says if she helps him get his kid back, he'll help her get her kid back.

Jesse returns to Krystal's and Ryan asks if he talked to Ricky. Jesse informs Ryan that he found Ricky dead.

David makes a phone call asking if it was taken care of. David says that things will be safer now.

Kendall talks to Griffin at home and tells him how excited the boys are. Griffin is happy for her and the boys.

Greenlee talks to Zach some more at the hospital and Zach asks her if Kendall and Griffin had a relationship.

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