AMC Update Tuesday 8/16/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/16/11

Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

(Hospital exam room) When David keeps her waiting a long time for her appointment, Angie understands that he's been busy bringing people back from the brink of death, but she won't compare him to God. While David soaks in the praise of his brilliance, Angie asks how he was able to achieve such stupendous results out of his research. David attributes his success to his unlimited imagination and freedom from archaic medical restrictions, which will now enable Angie to be able to see her beautiful daughter. Confidently, he assures Angie that he will make sure of that.

(Hubbard home) As Jesse hands his baby girl to Maya for feeding, he sees a shadow pass under his front door. He slowly walks over, opens it, and is surprised to find Mookie lurking there.

(Hospital waiting area) Ryan and Greenlee discuss how it's possible that David was so close to Zach's plane that he was able to rescue him. While Greenlee wonders if David knew they were on that island and that Zach was coming to rescue them, Ryan doesn't believe it was a coincidence.

(Hospital room) Overcome with joy, Kendall bends down to hold Zach's bearded face and asks how he could possibly be alive. Zach assures Kendall that he's there because he loves her too much to ever leave her. With tears in her eyes, Kendall gently kisses Zach on the lips.

(Hubbard home) While Mookie urges him to chill, Jesse expresses his dislike of Maya's boyfriend and orders him to be gone when he returns from picking up Angie. Although Maya also asks him to leave, Mookie thinks it's cool for him to stay a while. Maya insists that he leave and never return, because it's over between them.

(Hospital hall) Bianca sees Kendall and Zach together but still can't believe he's home and alive. She turns to Marissa, thinking that she's never seen her sister smile like that before. When Marissa points out that Bianca's smile is also as bright, she divulges that Zach's return isn't the only thing making her smile. At that, Marissa also breaks out in a happy grin.

(Hospital room) Kendall startles Zach when she exclaims that his injuries in the crash, especially his neck, must be very painful. Zach light-heartedly assures her that it only hurts when he laughs. When Kendall asks what happened and where he's been, Zach recalls that things just went dark and then there was nothing. She tells him that Ryan kept trying to find him in the water, but that it was Hayward who somehow got him and kept him alive. She then rests her head on Zach's chest as he closes his eyes.

(Hospital waiting area) Ryan and Greenlee disagree as to whether they have to find out why David was there when Zach's plane crashed. While Ryan doesn't want Hayward to skate free, she feels grateful to him for bringing Zach back to his wife and boys. Ryan doesn't want to forget the bad things David's done, but Greenlee is tired of Hayward being the center of their universe and doesn't care to know exactly what he did to accomplish his extraordinary feats.

(Hospital exam room) While David examines her eyes, Angie wonders how he was able to be at just the right place at the right time to save Zach and Dixie and why he would even want to help people who don't especially care for him. The only answer David can give her is that he is incredibly selfish and needs to feed his ego with Orpheus. Possessing the power of life or death in his hands, which no one else in the world can do, gives him a tremendous rush. Angie, however, thinks there's more to it than that and calls him a dedicated healer. David recalls his father dying too young and him deciding at that time that he would do whatever he could to protect life, no matter whose it is. Angie wonders if the need to be loved is also a motivation.

(Hospital waiting area) Although she wants to strangle David for drugging her, Greenlee doesn't want them to waste any more time on him. She is just grateful that they don't have to feel guilty about Zach dying trying to save them anymore. She then urges Ryan to let it go.

(Hospital room) Zach wants to stop talking about the crash and asks about his boys but doesn't want them to see him until he feels better. Kendall promises to bring them by tomorrow. Tired from the meds he's on, Zach just wants to rest and closes his eyes.

(Hubbard home) Not wanting to leave, Mookie twists Maya's arm until she asks him to stop hurting her. He drops her arm and tells her to stop listening to the Hubbards and not be so afraid of him. In the heat of the moment, Maya blurts out that she gave her baby up because he hurts and scares her. When he asks if the baby was his, Maya realizes her mistake and tries to pretend she just made it up, but Mookie insists on knowing where the child is now, and he's willing to beat the information out of her if she makes him. Just as he pushes Maya down to the floor, Jesse and Angie enter.

(Hospital hall) David runs into Marissa and congratulates her for finding love with Bianca, but he's not willing to answer their questions about saving Zach and Dixie's lives just yet. He only hopes that once she does find out, his daughter will have a better opinion of him. To show her gratitude, Marissa hugs David just as Krystal comes around the corner.

(Hospital waiting area) Not wanting to keep plotting their revenge on David, Greenlee asks Ryan to take her home so she can spend the night in his arms. Then she hugs him and gives him a lustful look.

(Hospital room) When Zach awakens, Kendall shows him his journal, which she's been carrying everywhere to feel closer to him. Zach makes her laugh when he asserts that "real men don't keep journals." To jar his memory, Kendall begins reading what he wrote as a present to her on their boat, including the entry on the night before they sailed home:  "Our time at sea is almost over, but our time together will go on -- no beginning, no end -- always. Always, only you." She shares that that sentiment kept her going when he was gone and now they're together again -- always. As they kiss, Griffin watches from the doorway.

(Hubbard home) Mookie lies to Angie and Jesse about not assaulting Maya, but they believe her. Mookie shouts that Maya had no right to give away his child, but Jesse threatens to send him straight to jail unless he leaves town for good. Without saying a word, Mookie walks out.

(Hospital room) Although Zach doesn't want any more drugs, Griffin insists he needs the IV antibiotics to fight his serious infection. When Zach closes his eyes to rest again, Kendall is afraid he's slipping away from her. Griffin assures her that Zach will survive but cautions her to take care of her heart. With a big smile, Kendall insists that her heart is fine, as a matter of fact, it's soaring. Griffin, however, doesn't look so happy.

(Lavery condo) Ryan is concerned that Greenlee looks sad, so she shares her dream of Leo and how happy she was to see him and talk to him again. Although her love for Leo will always be a part of her, Greenlee assures Ryan that she's meant to be with him. Gently pulling her to him by the neck, Ryan kisses Greenlee.

(Hospital hall) Happy that Marissa is feeling positive toward him, David proposes they have lunch together, and she agrees on next week. As he passes by her, Krystal praises David for being a caring father and doctor. Since Opal already has their kids, Marissa and Bianca plan on having dinner. Shyly, Marissa asks a smiling Bianca to spend the night with her at her hotel.

(Hubbard home) Concerned about what Mookie knows, Jesse asks Maya what she told him. She assures him she gave him no details. She just wanted her baby to have a good home. Jesse praises her on her smart and brave decision then leaves to go talk to Brot.

(Hospital hall) David is suspicious of Krystal's motives when she praises his compassion, like on the night their girls were conceived, for which she'll always be grateful.

(Hospital room) With his stethoscope up to her chest while Zach sleeps, Griffin listens, concerned about the stress Kendall's emotions is putting on her heart. Happy for her, Griffin reminds her of the promise he made her that he will not let her die.

(Lavery condo) Ryan kisses Greenlee's hand then they remove each other's clothes and make love on their bed.

(Hubbard hall) Jesse whispers to Brot that he's happy he had the opportunity to order Mookie to leave town and to hear from Maya that she doesn't want her baby back.

(Hubbard home) Maya tells Angie that when she holds Lucy, she thinks of the last time she held her own baby and wonders who's holding her now. She doesn't know that she's holding her own child.

(Yacht Club room) Marissa and Bianca seem uncomfortable being together in the hotel room. When Bianca gives her an out, Marissa insists this is where she wants to be and kisses her. Bianca responds to Marissa's kisses as they lie down on the bed, staring into each other's eyes and caress their faces after removing their tops.

(Hospital hall) David wonders if the reason Krystal is being so uncharacteristically sweet with her phony praise is that she wants to know if he was able to save their daughter, Babe. As Krystal almost cries in desperation and hope, David simply walks away.

(Lavery condo) In the afterglow, Ryan assures Greenlee that it's ok to carry her romantic past along with her, but it does have its place. It's the present and their future together that matters. Then they kiss.

(Hospital room) After Kendall expresses her gratitude to Griffin for everything he's done for her and all that he means to her, he blames her smile for making it easy for him to care about her. Stopping her from crawling into bed with Zach, Griff puts Kendall in a chair by the side of the bed, gives her a blanket, and bids her good night. As Kendall gets comfortable, Zach slowly opens his eyes, having heard everything.

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