AMC Update Monday 8/15/11

All My Children Update Monday 8/15/11

Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hospital) Tad arrives and shows Cara her house key and wonders why she left it on the table. Cara explains to Tad that he and Dixie need time to figure things out and she doesn’t want to hold him back because she knows he is loyal and would never break his commitment to her even if it meant losing the chance to be with Dixie. Tad points out that things with Dixie may not work out because even though they have always loved each other they could never seem to make a marriage work. Cara tells tad that they might still have a chance together but she wants him to be sure he wants her and not Dixie. Cara tells Tad that no matter what happens with their relationship she will be happy that he found love again. Cara wants to still send mail to Tad’s house and drop by occasionally to keep up appearances for the sake of immigration and assures Tad she will be fine sleeping in the on call room for now. Tad tells Cara that Kathy and Jenny will miss her but Cara says the girls will be fine since Kathy and Jenny have their real mothers with them they don’t need her anymore. Tad is happy that Cara hasn’t given up on their relationship completely because she is still wearing her wedding ring but still wishes that she wouldn’t leave the house.

(Chandler Mansion) Dixie gets ready to take a drink and JR stops her and that let’s Dixie know that he does believe that she is his mother and not an imposter like he accused her of being at Tad’s house.

(Hospital) Amanda’s doctor and Jake both worry because Amanda should have awakened an hour ago. Jake thinks that it is because of the arrhythmia Amanda suffered on the operating table and Amanda’s doctor agrees that is the reason that Amanda hasn’t woken up yet. Jake worries that Amanda could end up in a coma if she doesn’t wake up soon.

(Paris) Erica recalls the ordeal that she has been through and Thanks jack for going to Brazil to find Jane and get her life back for her. Erica tells Jack that she appreciates her freedom after being held prisoner in that room for so long.

(Hospital) Kendall and Griffin walk into Zach’s exam room and after a few seconds of shock Griffin helps David tend to Zach. Greenlee and Ryan take Kendall out in the hallway and explain everything they know about how David was able to keep Zach alive. Griffin is upset with David for not telling him that Zach was alive and part of the Orpheus project.

(Paris) Jack surprises Erica with her favorite little cakes that he sent the bell hop to get from a Paris bakery. Jack apologizes to Erica for not realizing sooner that Jane was an imposter and Erica wonders how he didn’t notice the difference after sleeping in the same bed with Jane for so long. Jack makes it clear to Erica that all he and Jane did in bed was sleep they never made love.

(Chandler Mansion) JR tells Dixie that drinking is his choice and nobody can do anything about it. Dixie thinks JR should consider how his choice affects everyone that loves him especially AJ. Dixie tells JR that every tine he drinks she will take one too and they can see who wins. JR says it doesn’t matter to him because she always leaves anyway so she should just go ahead and go now.

(Hospital) David thinks that Griffin is mad at him for bringing Zach back to life because it means that he will never have a chance to be with Kendall. Griffin tells David that he gave Kendall hope and if Zach’s fever doesn’t break and Kendall loses Zach again he will be the one to wish he were dead.

(Chandler Mansion) Dixie tells JR that she has been through a lot but what always motivated her was getting back to him and he family. JR tells Dixie that she was selfish when she went to Europe and left her husband and son. JR tells Dixie she left him with Adam and she had better not tell him that Adam loves him in his own ay because he is tired of hearing that excuse. JR tells Dixie he has tried to be like Adam then he tried not to be like him and now all that is left is a drunk. JR tells Dixie that while she was gone he has spent his time trying to have the perfect family that he always wanted but that is ruined.

(Hospital) Amanda awakens when Jake starts talking about Trevor and she tells Jake she is sorry to have worried him but she was some place beautiful and didn’t want to leave that place. Amanda tells Jake that she saw her dad and her dog Harold and she has seen the future and knows that she will be cancer free and that something wonderful will happen soon and they will be a part of it.

(Chandler Mansion) Dixie apologizes to JR for all the pain she has caused him and JR thinks that Dixie will leave again once something or someone better comes along. Tad arrives and tells JR not to speak to his mother like that because nothing that happened is her fault Tad tells JR that if he wants to blame someone blame him. Tad tells JR that he always blames everyone for his proms, Babe, Dixie, him Marissa but if he wants to know the cause of his problems he should look in the mirror.

(Hospital) Bianca hugs Kendall and tells her not to question a miracle and that all she should worry about now is Zach and putting her family back together. Greenlee apologizes to Ryan for not telling him that she was planning to go with David to his clinic. Griffin tells Kendall that Zach’s infection is under control and his fever is under control. Kendall wonders if Griffin knew that Zach was alive and Griffin tells Kendall if she knows him at all she wouldn’t ask him that question. Kendall cries and says that he would never keep Zach from her if he knew that Zach was alive. Griffin tells Kendall that as her friend he is happy that she has Zach back in her life. Griffin is worried that Kendall’s heartbeat is elevated but he checks it and everything is fine. Griffin tells Kendall that she can go into Zach’s room to see him now. Greenlee calls Jack and tells him the news then hands her phone to Bianca so she can talk to Erica. Erica wants to come home but Bianca advises her not to since the press is camped out at her house waiting for a statement about her kidnapping. Bianca promises Erica she will take care of Kendall and tells her to enjoy her time with Jack.

(Paris) Erica and Jack forget about the world and let it turn without them for a while and they make love.

(Chandler mansion) Dixie tells JR that she is moving into the mansion and she isn’t moving out until she makes things right. Tad thinks that Dixie won’t be able to recover if she lives with JR and JR agrees with tad for the first time in a long time. Dixie insists and JR tells her she can move in but she has to stay away from him. Dixie tells him that she is going to be with him wherever he goes until she has made things right with him. JR tells Dixie all he wants is his son back and Dixie tells him they agree on something because she also wants her son back.

(Hospital) Cara confirms what Amanda already knew that she is cancer free and they are running some tests to make sure they got all the cancer. Bianca thanks David for saving Zach and bringing him back to his family. David tells Griffin that he knew once the people he saved were reunited with their families they would thank him for it. Griffin doesn’t think that they will put up a statue in his honor just yet. Ryan thinks David is hiding something bigger and is determined to find out the truth. Greenlee thinks that David deserves a second chance because he brought Zach back to Kendall. David asks Griffin to consider being a part of the Orpheus project again. Kendall sits by Zach’s bed as he awakens and calls her name.

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