AMC Update Friday 8/12/11

All My Children Update Friday 8/12/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica tells David in his office that she knows that he was behind her kidnapping. She tells him that Ben will speak to the police soon. David tells Erica that if she goes to the police herself, she will never know who else he saved which could include someone she loved and lost. Erica calls him a liar. David asks her if she's sure he didn't save anybody else. David's phone rings and he answers it saying he will be right there. David tells Erica to think about it as he goes to leave but Erica stops him and tells him he isn't going anywhere until he tells her who else he saved.

Kendall returns home saying that she's going to scream if anyone else mentions David saving people's lives. Kendall opens the door to see Cara. Cara asks her if she can stay with her for a few nights. Kendall invites her in and asks her about leaving Tad's house and the immigration people. Cara says that married people fight so this could be like a timeout. Kendall asks if this is a timeout. Cara brings up Dixie being alive now. Kendall says she's sorry but Cara says she's only got herself to blame.

JR comes to Tad's and sees Dixie in the living room with Tad. Dixie goes to hug him but JR backs up and tells her not to touch him.

Greenlee tries to help Zach. She calls for help as Ryan arrives outside the room. Ryan tries to unlock the door but can't. Greenlee checks Zach and doesn't feel a pulse. She shouts out that he's going to die.

David tells Erica that a man could die so he needs to leave. Erica tells him that he could just bring them back to life and asks who he saved. David wants to leave but Erica thinks he's bluffing. David tells her that he's already brought back Maria, Greenlee, and Dixie. Erica says she'll find him and finish this as David exits. Erica shuts the door behind him and stays in the office. Erica goes to David's desk and starts looking through the drawers. She tries to unlock a drawer as Jack enters and tells her she just missed a prison sentence and might be pressing her luck.

Greenlee calls for help as Ryan can't get the door open. Greenlee manages to get Zach to wake up. Ryan finds his way into the room and asks Greenlee what is going on. Ryan is shocked to see Zach is alive.

Mookie and Maya sit together at Krystal's. Mookie thanks her for taking time off for him. Maya says she's just been busy. Mookie says he missed her and kisses her as Colby arrives. Maya says she thought it'd be fun if Colby joined them but Mookie is not happy about being interrupted.

Tad tells JR not to talk to his mother like that. JR doesn't believe it's really Dixie and thinks David made a look a like. JR asks if it's a long lost sister or cousin. Tad tells JR that he doesn't understand and it's really her. JR thinks it's just another intervention attempt. JR shouts that he saw his mother died so that isn't her. JR calls it a scam. Tad tries to convince him. JR accuses Tad of trying to scare him. JR says he is done with the ghost. Tad tells JR that he would not do that to him. JR states that this woman is not his mother.

Mookie tells Maya that he asked her on a date with just them. Mookie gets up and tells Maya to call him when she wants to apologize then storms out. Colby apologizes for causing them trouble. Maya insists that Mookie will get over it. Colby asks why she invited her if she knew that Mookie would hate it. Colby realizes that Maya didn't want to be alone with him. Colby wonders why she is dating him.

JR asks Dixie where she's been if she's really his mother. JR brings up that Dixie had played dead before and how her sister pretended to be her. Dixie apologizes to him. JR tells Dixie that she can explain where she has been but she says she does not remember. JR calls her a fake and starts to leave but Tad stops him and says that she's been through hell. Dixie understands JR is angry and upset. Dixie says she's missed much of JR's life. JR tells her that she has no idea how much she missed. Dixie wants to know everything that's going on with him. She apologizes to not being there when he needed her but she's here now. Dixie asks JR for another chance.

Cara and Kendall drink as Cara toasts to karma. They sit down and Kendall asks what she means by karma. Cara thinks she did this by coming into town and thought she'd have true love with Jake but it didn't stop her and now Dixie shows up. Kendall thinks Tad might not leave Cara for Dixie. Cara brings up Dixie and Tad's history while they had nothing. Cara says she can't match with Tad and Dixie have. Cara compares Tad and Dixie to Kendall and Zach. Kendall states that Zach is gone. Cara tells her that Griffin told her about Project Orpheus. Kendall wants everyone to stop with the theories and ideas and just let go. Cara apologizes. Kendall says Zach died and it took her a very long time but she's gotten over that. Cara respects that and understands. Kendall tells Cara that she would be the only one which is why she's going to take her boys and go out of town for awhile. Cara hopes that Kendall can work things out with Griffin when she returns.

Ryan can't believe Zach is alive and Greenlee assures him that it's real. Ryan tells Zach that they will get him out. Greenlee explains to Ryan how David brought her here. Ryan tells Greenlee that he found it by tracing the company from Angie's eye drops which led him here. Ryan tells Greenlee that they need to get Zach out.

Erica and Jack sit at the yacht club. Erica says she wasn't out of line looking through David's drawers. Erica tells Jack that David claims to have saved someone she loved. Jack thinks he's bluffing and tells her to leave David to the police. Erica hopes Jack found Ben but he hasn't. Jack says he's only come up with dead ends. Erica think David probably got to Ben. Erica wants to find Ben. Jack assures her that they will and David will mess up soon. Erica regrets getting David pardoned because he belongs behind bars and this time she wants to make sure he pays. Jack calls her amazing since she wants to get right back to stopping David even after all she's been through. Jack again asks her to let the police handle it. Erica asks where the fun is in that. Jack tells her that he can help her find fun.

JR tells Dixie that Babe died, Stuart died, and he almost died. Dixie asks what happened to him. JR explains that he had cancer. JR talks about seeing his real mom at the end of the tunnel so he didn't die. JR tells her about Marissa leaving him for a woman and how he has a restraining order preventing him from seeing his own son. JR says that Adam left town and doesn't even return his phone calls. Dixie wishes she had been there for him. JR says that being sober sucked so he went back to the bottle. Tad tells him it isn't working for him. JR says that his mom son reunion isn't working because he may be a drunk but he's not stupid. JR tells Tad to stay out of his life and stop trying to help because a fake mom isn't going to change it. JR exits as Tad holds Dixie back and tells her to let him go and she cries.

Kendall packs her bags with Spike and Ian getting ready to go out of town. Kendall thinks Spike may be getting sick.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about how they can get Zach out. Zach starts seizing again and David rushes in to calm him down. David asks Greenlee what she did to him. David says this wasn't what was supposed to happen. Ryan swears that David will pay for this. David explains that he left Greenlee there so that Zach would wake up to a friendly face. David argues with Greenlee. Ryan can't believe David is blaming Greenlee. David prepares a new IV for Zach but Zach stops him saying no more drugs. David promises to take out the drugs as soon as it is medically possible. David tells him that he won't let him die after everything he's been through. Greenlee tells Ryan they need to call Kendall but Ryan doesn't think that's a good idea. Ryan brings up the possibility of Zach not making it but Greenlee insists that he will. Zach loses his pulse again so David tells Ryan to get the paddles.

Dixie asks Tad about JR spending the night in jail. Dixie says Tad didn't mention that or that JR has been drinking again. Dixie thought JR would be okay. Tad points out that JR thought he watched Dixie die and then Babe died shortly after that in the tornado. Tad recalls thinking he was going to lose JR to cancer. Tad says JR has had more than enough tragedy but he brought a lot of it on himself like cheating on his marriage to Marissa. Tad thinks JR just got tired of his problems and ran back to the bottle. Tad tells Dixie that JR can only help himself. Tad talks about how he had been there every time JR got in trouble. Tad tells Dixie about wanting JR to wake up by going to jail. Dixie tells him that his strategy isn't working.

JR returns home and pours another drink. He looks over at a picture of him and Dixie and says if only she was really back but she isn't. JR says it just isn't possible and he continues to drink.

Maya asks Colby how she is since breaking up with Asher. Maya says she's trying to not think about Asher. Maya says she's just trying to take care of herself now and has never felt better. Colby suggests she break up with Mookie. Maya tells Colby that she will take care of Mookie.

Kendall tells Spike that he just has allergies so she will get him some more medicine. Kendall sends him to go help Ian pack while she gets medicine.

David uses the paddles on Zach to bring his pulse back. David states that Zach is still weak and that they could lose him at any moment. Zach grabs David and tells him to take him home. Zach says Kendall's name. David tells him to relax after getting his heart going again. Zach wants to see Kendall. Ryan says if Zach wants to go home then he should. David argues with Ryan. Ryan says if Zach wants to go then he's leaving with them right now.

Tad and Dixie continue talking about JR. Tad tells her that she will have to do nothing about JR and hopefully if it hurts enough then JR's head will clear and he will realize it's a miracle to have Dixie back. Tad tells her that they need to have faith and believe. Tad jokes with Dixie and then tells her that he's so happy that she is here. Dixie says she is happy too but wishes JR was too. Tad assures her that JR will be in time. Tad gets up to get Dixie a drink. While Tad is in the other room, Dixie gets up and leaves. Tad returns and finds Dixie gone. Tad calls out for her and looks around the house. Tad then finds Cara's key on the table and wonders why Cara left her key.

JR sits at home with his drink and continues drinking. JR gets up and starts to pour another drink. Dixie walks in and tells him that's a good idea because she could use another drink herself. Dixie then pours a drink.

Jack brings Erica to a hotel room which makes her happy. They kiss and Erica tells him that he always knows what she wants. Jack tells her that they will spend the rest of their lives together and kiss.

Kendall arrives to the hospital and thanks Cara for putting a rush on Spike's medicine. Cara asks if she's still taking her trip. Kendall says she is as soon as she gets the medicine. Cara tells her not to stay away too long. Kendall thanks her for her help and Cara exits. David arrives with Zach in a wheelchair calling for help as he is in critical condition. Kendall turns around and is shocked by what she sees.

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