AMC Update Thursday 8/11/11

All My Children Update Thursday 8/11/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Scott is at the Chandler Mansion when JR comes in. Scott asks him how jail was and JR tells him that he should know. JR says it wasn't as bad as coming home to him. JR tells Scott that he should leave. Scott says he found it like a breath of fresh air to have him gone. JR says he hasn't missed anything and pours a drink.

David tells Dixie she looks lovely. Dixie asks what he's doing there. David says he's come to welcome her home.

Cara tells Tad that he's right and they do need time but especially Tad since Dixie is home. Tad tells her that it doesn't change the fact that they are married. Cara says everything's changed and she wants Tad to be free to find out where he goes from here.

Jack has found Jane and brings her back to Pine Valley. Jack sits with her at Kendall's and talks to her about how to go about things in court. Jack suggests an insanity plea but Jane does not want to go to prison. Jane starts to leave but Erica comes in with Kendall.

Zach tells Greenlee as if she's Kendall that he's letting her go because if she stays with him, she will die and he won't let that happen. Zach says bad people are after him. Greenlee tells him that they aren't anymore. Zach says they won't stop coming. Greenlee tells him that she's Greenlee and not Kendall. Greenlee tells him he's hallucinating. Greenlee hopes he believes her.

Erica is thrilled that Jack found Jane and brought her back. Kendall is surprised to finally see them together. Kendall confronts Jane and asks who she thinks she is and why she kidnapped Erica. Kendall angrily tells Jane to look what she's done and how she played everyone. Jane apologizes. Kendall says they can't just let Jane walk away. Jane tells Erica that she promised to let her go and asks if she lied to her. Erica tells her about how no one believed her story. Jane doesn't think it's her fault but Kendall reminds her that the whole thing was her fault. Erica knows her story sounded crazy and she ended up locked in an asylum. Erica tells Jane to do the right thing. Jane doesn't want to be put away. Erica asks if she's tired of living a lie. Erica tells Jane to be the woman she wants to be and do the right thing.

Tad kisses Cara and sits with her. Tad tells her that she has to know that she's so much more than an obligation to him. Cara states that she knows that. Tad tells her that he knows how it started but it's not just a green card marriage anymore. Cara says things have changed. Tad tells her that his feelings for her have not changed. Cara compares it to his feelings for Dixie and points out that he could still be with her now. Tad has no idea how things are with he and Dixie since the last time he saw her, they weren't even together. Cara tells him that they could be together again. Cara apologizes. Tad tells her that he doesn't have an answer right now because things are complicated. Cara tells him that is why she doesn't want him worrying about her. Tad gets a phone call from Brot. Tad says he understands and thanks him for the heads up. Tad hangs up and tells Cara that JR has been released. Cara wonders about JR's reaction to finding out Dixie is alive.

Scott asks JR about AJ. JR tells him to leave AJ out of it. Scott says everything's always been about himself. Scott informs JR that Colby almost lost her grandmother in the Oak Haven Fire. JR says he doesn't care about Marian and blows him off. Scott brings up Adam and asks what Adam would say if he saw JR right now. JR tells him to shut up and Scott says he has a better question, what would Dixie say.

Tad tells Cara that he doesn't know what to do because Dixie is dying to see JR but he couldn't tell her that JR was in jail and drinking again. Cara tells him that he can't hide it from Dixie forever. Tad wants to talk more about their relationship but Cara tells him it can wait. Tad tells her it can't wait and it's not going to because it's so important. Cara tells him that JR and Dixie's reunion is important. Cara says she has to go back to the hospital but Tad stops her. Tad tells her that they started this together and that's the way they're going to finish it.

JR laughs at Scott, saying that Scott's trying to guilt trip him. JR says his mom is dead and his father should be too. Scott tells him not to say that and asks if that's his excuse for drinking. JR tells him to take over the family like he's always wanted. Scott says that's not true. JR tells Scott that he doesn't have what it takes. JR calls him a joke and says he hopes the gatehouse falls in on him. JR tells Scott that failure is his destiny.

David tells Dixie that she is back because of him. Dixie says he did something horrible. David asks her what he did. Dixie can't remember everything. David thinks it can't be so horrible then. Dixie doesn't want to remember and just wants to go. David tells her not yet and steps towards her. Dixie tells him not to come any closer. Tad arrives and tells David to back off.

Erica tells Jane that she has faith in her and she will help her any way she can. The doorbell rings and Kendall answers the door. Jane agrees to tell them everything but wants to call Ben first. Erica asks if he's the only one she has to call. Jesse arrives and is shocked to see Erica and Jane. Jane realizes she'll have to make a statement about the kidnapping. Jesse also wants the name of her accomplices. Jane says Ben was the only one but Erica insists that David had to be involved. Jesse questions Erica and she informs him that she has reason to believe Dixie was held in the same place so David has to be a part of it.

Greenlee continues trying to talk to Zach. Greenlee says they need each other now. Zach starts to get a pain and shouts no more drugs when Greenlee tries to help.

Tad hugs Dixie as she cries and David watches. Tad tells David to stay away from Dixie from now on. David tells Tad that he's the reason Dixie is alive. Tad says he's aware that he kept her drugged and away from her family all this time. David says he did it so she could come back. Tad calls it kidnapping. Tad asks Dixie what happened but she says it's hard to remember. David says it's good that she doesn't remember the pain and suffering. Tad tells him to save it for the judge. David wants to focus on the fact that Dixie is alive. Tad tells him that she will be better when David's gone. David then turns and walks away. Tad asks Dixie what she was doing there. Dixie says she just wanted some air. Tad tells her she scared him by leaving like that. Dixie says she just wanted to feel free. Tad figures they should be grateful that David didn't try to take her away. Dixie doesn't want to talk about David and wants to go see JR. Tad tells her he was just going to set that up. Tad suggests that she let him go prepare JR first.

Jane says she wasn't working with David. Erica asks Jane if Dixie was being held in the room next to her. Jane says there was no one else. Jesse asks Jane about Project Orpheus but she says she doesn't know. Jack wonders what Orpheus is. Jesse explains it's stem cell research that saved Greenlee and Maria. Kendal says David can't control miracles. Jesse brings up the possibility of it allowing Angie to see again. Kendall doesn't want to have another explanation about David bringing people back and walks away. Jesse steps aside with Jane as Jack asks Erica about Kendall and the possibility of Zach being alive. Jack asks Erica if she believes it. Erica says after what they've been through, she can believe almost anything. Jack remembers that Zach hated David. Erica wants to take a moment and enjoy her freedom as they sit down together. Jesse tells them that Jane proves the kidnapping happened but Erica is not free to leave since she stabbed David. Jane tells him that he can't put Erica in jail because it was her that stabbed David.

Zach tells Greenlee to just keep talking. Greenlee talks to him about Spike and Ian. She tells him about being back together with Ryan. Zach then asks her if Kendall met somebody.

Kendall goes to the hospital and finds Griffin. Kendall tells Griffin that he said he came back to Pine Valley for her. Griffin says that's true and Kendall tells him that they should be together and wonders what he's waiting for.

Jesse gets a phone call and steps out to answer it. Erica asks Jane if she's sure about taking the blame for stabbing David. Jack points out that it can get her more time in prison. Jane says Erica would never have stabbed David if it wasn't for what she did to her. Jane thinks a few more years in prison won't hurt. Erica brings up knowing what prison is like. Jane blames herself for everything she did to Erica. Jane says taking the blame for Erica is her apology and her thank you. Erica calls her an amazing woman and Jack says he's grateful and will be there for her in court. Jane thanks him as Jesse returns. Jesse asks Jane if she's sure about this. Jane tells Jesse to cuff her. Jesse calls it a good thing that she decided to come clean. Jesse then exits with Jane. Erica asks Jack if he is going to be there for Jane. Jack assures her that he will be. Erica says she isn't giving up because if David is behind her kidnapping then it's him that she wants punished. Erica says that she believes Jane when she says no one else was in there. Erica thinks Ben knew it too and wants to get a hold of him. Erica says if they can get Ben to testify then David will pay for all his crimes.

Greenlee tells Zach about how much Kendall misses him and that no one can take his place because he's the only one for her. Greenlee tells Zach to rest so he can get back to her. Zach says he's tired of waiting and wants to go home.

Griffin tells Kendall that she's confusing him. Griffin reminds her about Project Orpheus and if Zach is alive. Kendall calls it nonsense and asks why he keeps bringing up Zach. Griffin thinks Kendall is so afraid to admit the possibility that she's trying to latch onto him. Kendall asks if he means they never meant anything to each other. Griffin tells her that they have meant something to each other since they met but he can't allow her to deny the possibility of Zach being alive. Kendall doesn't want to talk about Zach. Griffin then brings up Cara being heartbroken since Dixie has come back for Tad.

Cara talks to Dixie in the living room and says she's going to work. Dixie tells her that Tad is bringing JR to see her. Dixie thinks she should meet JR at his house and that she shouldn't be there but Cara tells her that Dixie needs to be there for so many reasons like her daughter. Dixie thanks her for helping Kathy. Cara holds back tears as she says it's been a pleasure. They agree on Tad being an amazing father and Cara hurries out to go to work. Cara puts her key on the table then takes her bag and leaves.

Madison arrives at the Chandler Mansion. JR tells her to go see Scott at the Gatehouse and continues drinking. Madison asks why he has to be so dismissive of everything Scott does. Madison calls JR jealous of never being half the man Scott is. Madison says all Scott has to do is be himself. Scott comes in and asks if Madison's ok. Scott takes Madison for a walk. JR says he'll be fine and continues drinking as Tad walks in and tells JR that might be easier said than done. Tad tells JR that he's coming with him to his house. JR asks him why when he has his mansion to himself. Tad says there's no discussion. JR thinks Tad is planning an intervention and tells him to mind his own business. Tad says JR is his business and he thought being in jail would set him straight. Tad tells JR he sees past his bravado and drinking and sees the kid he used to know. JR tells him it's his own life to throw away. Tad says he can't stop him. Tad tells him to sober up and come to his house because there's something he wants him to see. Tad tells him not to show up drunk again because he won't let him in and if he doesn't show up at all, he'll regret it for the rest of his life.

Erica tells Jack that she still can't believe Jane lied for her. Jack thinks Jane is a good person and Erica got to her. Erica hopes they can get to Ben. Jack reminds her that he might not lead them to David but Erica insists that it has to. Jack's phone rings and he hopes it's Ben. While Jack goes to answer his phone, Erica gets up and sneaks out of the house.

Zach tells Greenlee that he has to get out and back to Kendall but Greenlee says he can't keep pushing himself like this. Greenlee tries to get him to lay back down but Zach collapses.

Scott sits out in the park with Madison. Madison tells him that he did a great job on the gatehouse. Madison tells him that she hopes he gets everything he wants cause he deserves it. Madison tells Scott that he's twice the man JR could ever be. They both agree that they enjoy the other's company.

Cara comes to the hospital with her bag packed and sits down. She looks down at her wedding ring and looks sad.

Dixie sits at Tad's and looks at a picture of JR. She smiles as Tad returns. Dixie asks where JR is. Tad tells her that JR has a problem but JR quickly arrives behind Tad saying he thought a lot about what he had to say then is stunned to see Dixie.

Erica comes to David's office at the hospital and says she hopes he enjoys his last few days at freedom. Erica informs David that Jane confessed to everything and that Ben will too. David pretends not to know who Ben is. Erica tells him to drop the act because she knows he was behind it all. Erica tells him to be clever when Ben speaks to the police or he'll be put away for a very long time. David tells her to go to the police herself but if she does, he'll never know who else he saved and it might just be someone she loved and lost.

Kendall tells Griffin that she's sorry for what Cara is going through because Dixie's return devastated her. Griffin says he's trying to make it easier on them. Kendall tells him to just say that he's not ready to be with someone instead of a crazy story about Zach being alive. Griffin asks how she's so sure that he isn't. Kendall states that if Zach were alive, he would have come back to her by now then storms out.

Greenlee tries to wake Zach up but has no luck. She then gets up and bangs on the door, screaming for help.

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