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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/10/11

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Dixie asks Tad who Cara is. Tad switches the subject of wanting Dixie to eat and take care of herself. Dixie says this feels familiar with Tad dodging questions. Tad asks if she wants to know about Cara. Dixie says she knows one thing and that's she is beautiful.

Cara and Griffin arrive to the yacht club and sit down together. Cara tells him that she is happy for Tad that Dixie is back. Griffin tells her there's no guarantee that Tad will go back to Dixie. Griffin brings up Jake and Cara. Cara says that doesn't make her feel better.

Jake and Amanda sit with Trevor at Krystal's. Amanda tells Trevor that she has to go to the hospital now.

Angie and Jesse arrive to a hotel room. Jesse tells her it's something nice and private for them to have time away. Jesse tells her that Randi and Frankie are taking care of Lucy. Angie wonders why he didn't just let her stay with Maya. Jesse says he recommended Maya to look after Trevor while Jake and Amanda are at the hospital. Angie is surprised that Jesse did all this. Jesse asks what's on her mind. She tells him that he won't like it.

Ryan tells Kendall that David is headed out of town and hopefully straight to Greenlee. Ryan starts to leave but Kendall says she's going with him.

Greenlee talks to Zach and tells him that his mother is gone and his father is locked up. Zach holds Greenlee's hand and says he'll never let mom go and he'll never let her die. Zach suddenly gets up from the bed and staggers to the door, trying to escape while Greenlee tries to stop him.

Tad tells Dixie that it's complicated with him and Cara. Dixie sits with him and says she gets that he found someone. Tad tells her it wasn't like that. Dixie tells him it's okay since he thought she was dead and moved on. Tad tells her it's important that she understands why everything happened but not right now since she's been through enough. Dixie wants Tad to stop talking to her like she's fragile. Tad laughs and they joke together.

Cara tells Griffin that what she had with Jake was incredible. Griffin understands and says their regular day to day stuff is hard. Cara says what Dixie and Tad have is real and have a child together. Griffin states that Kendall and Zach have a child too. Cara tells him that Zach is gone and even if David found him, there's no way he could survive his plane exploding.

Jake and Amanda talk to Trevor about going to the hospital. Maya comes in and joins them. They send Trevor with Maya. Amanda thanks Jake for loving her.

Jesse tells Angie that he doesn't want to talk or think about David. Angie asks Jesse to help her with her new eye drops. Angie tells him that David promised these drops would help. Jesse worries about it but helps Angie put the eye drops in then kisses her. Angie tells him that's a good distraction from David.

Kendall tells Ryan that he doesn't have a choice and she's going with him.

Zach has flashbacks to his father and mother. Zach says stay away from her as he has another flashback to his father with Kendall. Greenlee tries to calm him down. Zach has another flashback to his mom dying. Zach says he'll never let anyone that close to hurting him again.

Tad tells Dixie she sounds like herself again. Tad calls Dixie a miracle. Tad says not even David Hayward could keep her away. Tad wants to take Dixie to the hospital but Dixie says no hospitals. Tad tells her that David won't be there and Cara will take care of her. Dixie is surprised to hear that Cara is a doctor. Cara is then seen outside of the room, listening behind the wall.

Jake tells Amanda that he will be with her every step of the way as they talk about being in love and focusing on getting rid of the cancer.

Jesse tells Angie about the room they're in and thinks they should put their bed to use. Angie jokes with him and then they kiss onto the bed until there's a knock on the door. Jesse tries to ignore it but Angie insists he check it. Jesse gets up and opens the door to see Ryan and Kendall. Ryan asks Jesse what he's doing there. Angie and Jesse are surprised as Kendall wonders where David is and Ryan realizes that David figured it out and is probably laughing at them.

David arrives at the hospital on the phone. David tells them to let Greenlee find her answers and that Ryan won't be a problem. David tells the person that he'll be in touch after he finds Dixie. David hears Griffin coming and steps aside as Griffin walks down the hall.

Greenlee tells Zach that his father isn't here as he beat him just like he beat David. Greenlee tells Zach that he's free because he loves with everything he is. Greenlee tells him to hold on to Kendall, Spike, and Ian. As Greenlee mentions them, Zach then sees Greenlee as Kendall.

Cara comes into the living room and asks Tad to introduce her. She meets Dixie and says it's nice to meet her. Tad is confused as David watches from outside the window.

Jake and Amanda arrive to the hospital. Amanda wants to go talk to her mom. She tells Jake she wants to talk to her alone. Jake agrees, they kiss, and Amanda exits saying she won't be long. Jake watches her leave and then Griffin walks up. Griffin asks about Amanda. Jake tells him that his wife is spectacular and he never really knew it until right now. Griffin assures him that Amanda isn't going anywhere.

Kendall questions why the tracker says David is here. Ryan brings up Angie being with David earlier. Ryan checks Angie's purse and finds out that David put the GPS tracker in her purse. Jesse asks Ryan why he was tracking David. Ryan and Kendall are both quiet then Ryan tells them that Greenlee is missing and he's sure David has her. Jesse wonders why he didn't tell him. Kendall says they didn't have proof. Ryan calls it big since David has admitted to illegal experimental practices. Ryan apologizes for bursting in and dumping this on them. Jesse tells them it's done now so they might as well stay and start from the beginning.

Greenlee tries to tell Zach that it's her and not Kendall but Zach sees Kendall. Greenlee says she just wants to get out of there. Zach continues talking to her like she's Kendall and says now it's his time to protect her. Zach tells her they will figure it out and hugs her. Greenlee tells him that he and Kendall will figure things out together but they first must get away from David. Zach asks where the boys are. Zach says those guys are coming after their family so they need to get out before it's too late.

Ryan explains to Jesse that David is bringing people back to life and that Dixie is alive. Jesse is shocked to hear this. Angie brings up Cara saying it was possible. Jesse asks Kendall if she believes it. Kendall tells him that she does believe Dixie is alive and that David is capable of anything. Ryan thinks Greenlee could be in trouble. Angie thinks she isn't because of the way David talks about her. Angie feels that David won't hurt Greenlee. Angie says that David will bring back her sight if everyone backs off and works with him. Ryan says that they can't trust David. Ryan asks Kendall for help. Kendall states that Angie has a point.

Amanda sits with Janet at the hospital. Janet says she should be taking care of Amanda not the other way around. Janet calls her a brave, beautiful woman. Amanda says that she is who she is because of Janet. Amanda tells Janet that she taught her that there's hope since they are talking and smiling now while she thought they never would again. Amanda says it meant so much to her for Janet to accept Jake. Janet encourages Amanda and tells her that her heart will always be with her. Janet starts to cry and says she's so grateful to be here now. Janet hugs her in the hospital bed and tells her it's ok.

Griffin tells Jake that he'll be there for him. Jake wishes Amanda had more friends because she could use one. Jake says it's good for Tad and Cara that they are going away. Griffin informs Jake that their trip has been put on hold thanks to David.

Cara tells Dixie that she can't imagine how strange things must be for her. Dixie tells her that Tad has excellent taste in women. Dixie tells Cara that she isn't going to cause Tad any more pain. Dixie goes to get some water and tells Tad to talk to Cara. Tad then asks Cara how her day was. Tad doesn't know what to say. Cara calls it a first as they sit down. Tad says he wanted to make sure Cara heard from him but she tells him it's ok. Tad tells her not to pretend it's normal. Tad tells Cara that Dixie isn't the only one that's wonderful.

Dixie goes walking through the park. She stops and picks a flower and then David walks up behind her.

Jake and Amanda prepare for Amanda's surgery. Griffin and Jake wait outside the room. A nurse tells Jake that he will be able to go in soon. Jake then goes in and sits with Amanda after her surgery. Jake calls her beautiful and talks about their wedding vows. Jake tells her that he's there and not going anywhere.

Kendall says that Angie is right that David has saved lives just like he's hurt lives. Kendall believes David does love Greenlee. Ryan reminds her that David let Erica stay kidnapped. Kendall is just saying that David won't hurt Greenlee but Ryan can't take her word for it. Ryan notices Angie's eye drops and takes a look at them. Ryan says that David's wild goose chase may have just backfired in his face.

Zach tries to escape still while Greenlee tells him that it's her and not Kendall. Zach continues talking to her as if she's Kendall and then knocks a cart over. Greenlee then goes along with being Kendall and tries to calm him down. Greenlee talks as if she's Kendall and says she's never stopped loving him so Zach hugs her.

Tad tells Cara that Dixie being back doesn't mean anything changes between them. Cara wants to talk about it later but Tad tells her that she has to know how important she is to him. Tad says they just need a little time.

David approaches Dixie and asks if the verdict is he loves her or loves her not as Dixie is frightened.

Jake watches Amanda sleep as the nurse comes in and says they are ready for her in the operating room. Jake tells her he will be there when she wakes up.

Ryan and Kendall exit as Jesse talks to Angie about David still interrupting their plans. Jesse says David's days of hurting people are over. Angie tells him that he and Ryan might be happy but she'll still be blind. Angie says David is far from a saint but he can help and save people. Jesse believes David belongs behind bars.

Ryan and Kendall arrive to the yacht club. Kendall assures him that they will find Greenlee. Ryan worries about her. Ryan says it doesn't make sense that Kendall knows David is performing miracles but she can't believe that Zach could be alive. Griffin walks up and asks if there's any leads. Ryan says he thought they had a lead but it didn't turn out. Kendall tells Griffin that she is trying to get Ryan to believe that David won't hurt Greenlee. Griffin responds that now Kendall is believing in David while he isn't and that their timing sucks.

Zach continues talking to Greenlee like she's Kendall and says that she wasn't safe with him and he couldn't protect her so he's letting her go.

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