AMC Update Tuesday 8/9/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/9/11

Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(David’s Secret Clinic) Greenlee awakens and tells a sleeping Zach that he scared her last night when he had a seizure. Greenlee promises Zach she will get them both out of there and she hopes that he won’t have anymore seizures. Greenlee pounds on the door and tells David that if he let’s her and Zach out f the room he will be a hero to everyone for saving Zach’s life. Greenlee puts her ear to the door and hears footsteps and wonders that are outside the door.

(Hospital) Ryan and Griffin try to figure out where David is hiding Greenlee and Ryan tells Griffin that the tracking Chip that he put in David’s phone hasn’t led him to Greenlee yet. David calls someone on the phone and demands that the person let his guests get reacquainted and that the person concentrate on finding Dixie.

(Kendall’s place) Jesse stops by to ask Kendall about Erica because he suspects that he is hiding her in the secret room. Jesse notices the plates of food and the lipstick stained glasses but Kendall tells Jesse that Jack is in Brazil talking to Erica’s doctor to prove that Erica is telling the truth.

(Angie and Jesse’s place) Angie thanks Cara for driving her to the hospital since she and Tad are supposed to be on vacation. Cara tells Angie that Tad didn’t come home last night and the look on her face says that she is worried about him.

(Park) Tad waits for Dixie to wake up and when she does he tells her that he has been watching her sleep all night long because he still can’t believe that she is alive.

(Tad and Cara’s house) David stops by looking for Dixie and he gets into an argument with Krystal. Krystal tells David that he had better not be giving Angie false hope about regaining her sight or he will be sorry. David calls Krystal pathetic for living with her ex husband and his new wife when she used to be so full of life. Krystal thinks David is the pathetic one because all he has done is cause people misery. David tells Krystal he has done more for the people of Pine valley then she will ever know. Krystal tells David that the only good things he has given the world are Marissa and Babe God rest her soul. David smiles a little and wonders why Krystal thinks God is taken care of Babe. Krystal wonders what David’s words mean but David just smiles and leaves the house. David wonders where Dixie could possibly be and is determined to find her.

(Hospital) Griffin advises Ryan to go home and get some rest but Ryan says he can’t go home until he finds Greenlee. Ryan is tired and tells Griffin that he doesn’t want him to find Greenlee because he is afraid that Greenlee is with Zach. Griffin tells Ryan that he wants to discover the truth no matter what it costs him and Ryan apologizes to Griffin for his harsh words.

(Park) Dixie wants to know what has happened in Tad’s life since she has been away and Tad tells her that his life has been full of good times and bad since she has been gone. Tad tells Dixie that he found Kathy five years ago and now she is a healthy happy nine year old that is home right now. Dixie cries and hugs tad because she is happy to know that her little girl is safe. Tad tells Dixie that Adam Jr. Is happy and now goes by the name of AJ. Dixie wonders if JR is a good father and Tad tells her that JR tries his best to be a good father and he will tell her all about him but now they should go home. Dixie takes Tad’s hand and they head home together.

(Kendall’s place) Jesse is on his way out when Ryan arrives looking for Greenlee but he doesn’t say a word to Jesse. Once Jesse is gone Ryan asks Kendall if she has heard from Erica and Kendall tells him that Erica is safe.

(Hospital) Griffin answers the phone in David’s office and the person on the phone hangs up. David arrives with Angie who is upset because David told her that she would have to wait a little bit longer for her treatment but makes it clear that he hasn’t postponed the treatment. Angie wonders what is going on with David and Griffin comes out from his hiding place wondering the same thing.

(Tad and Cara’s place) Tad arrives home with Dixie and both Opal and Krystal are both stunned. Opal cries and gives Dixie a big hug. Tad also calls Cara and hopes that she has read his text messages and asks her to call him soon. Opal asks Dixie how this miracle is possible and Dixie tells her she doesn’t know because she doesn’t remember anything. Kathy arrives home and Dixie just stares at her daughter for a long time and then gives Kathy a hug. Kathy tells Dixie that he daddy told her all about her and that she is just as pretty as her pictures. Dixie tells Kathy that she wants to know all about her and Kathy heads into the kitchen to get something to eat because she is hungry.

(Hospital) Griffin tells Angie and Jesse that the FDA doesn’t approve David’s research and he has been treating other patients besides Angie. Jesse wants to arrest David for what he has done and because he has been using Angie as a guinea pig. Angie defends David by telling Jesse that sometimes doctors need to think outside the box to make medical advancements. Angie asks Jesse to Leave her alone to talk to David and once David is gone Angie demands that David tell her the truth so he tells her that he has been using stem cells to bring people back to life. Angie wants to know the names of the people but David tells her that after her surgery she will be able to see the people when helped for her.

(Kendall’s place) Ryan tells Kendall that his private detective found Greenlee’s cell phone in the trash could near the hospital. Ryan thinks David took Greenlee to get back at him and to keep taunting Greenlee with the thought that Leo is still alive. Ryan tells Kendall that Janet Dillon claims to have seen Dixie at Oak Haven. Kendall tells Ryan she saw Dixie too because Erica brought her and Janet thereafter the fire. Kendall thinks that Ryan should check if Dixie has been admitted to the hospital. Ryan thinks Dixie could lead him to where David is holding Greenlee. Ryan calls Griffin to tell him that Dixie is alive and asks him to check if Dixie has been admitted to the hospital. Griffin tells Ryan he will take care of everything and when he hangs up he lies to Jesse telling him that the person who called him was a patient. Jesse knows that Griffin is lying and tells him that he and Kendall do have something in common they are both very bad liars.

(David’s secret Clinic) Greenlee tells Zach to awaken because Kendall has been through a lot since he has been gone and his family needs him. Zach awakens in a lot of pain and Greenlee panics because she thinks he must be in withdrawal from the drugs David gave him. Zach tries to get up and tells Greenlee he has to get home. Greenlee tells Zach not to move and she promises him that she will get him back home to his family.

(Hospital) Opal looks for Jake and asks the nurse to let Jake know that he needs to go to Tad’s house and make an emergency house call. Cara wonders who the house call is for and wonders if it is true that Dixie is alive. Opal nods her head and tells her that Tad is with Dixie right now. Opal sees the look on Cara’s face and tells her that Tad cares about her too. Cara tells Opal that she appreciates what she is trying to do but she doesn’t need to make her feel better. Cara tells Opal that she is happy that Kathy and Tad have Dixie back in their lives.

(Tad and Cara’s house) Dixie looks at tad and Cara’s wedding picture and then puts it back on the table. Krystal comes out of the kitchen and Dixie thanks her for being a mother to Kathy while she was away. Kathy tells Dixie she should thank Cara too and then Kathy heads upstairs to call all her friends and tell them the news about Dixie. Tad comes out of the kitchen and Krystal leaves him and Dixie alone to talk. Dixie asks Tad who Cara is and he prepares to tell Dixie everything.

(Hospital) Cara tells Griffin that she already knows that Dixie is alive and Tad is with her right now. Angie tells Jesse David gave her some eye drops to prepare her for surgery. Anger expects Jesse to tell her she is crazy to still trust David after everything she knows about his research but Jesse doesn’t say a word. Jesse tells Angie he wants to take her to a special place.

(Kendall’s place) Ryan tells Kendall that Dixie hasn’t been admitted to the hospital and then Ryan gets a text message that he thinks is from Greenlee.

(David’s Secret Clinic) A sleeping Zach tells his mom he will protect her from Alexander at least that is who Greenlee thinks he is talking about. She gets worried and wants to go get help, but Zach takes her hand and tells her he doesn’t needs any more drugs. He just needs her and he tells her that he won’t ever let her go again. Greenlee figures out that Zach thinks that she is Kendall.

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