AMC Update Monday 8/8/11

All My Children Update Monday 8/8/11

Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Ryan and Greenleeís place) Ryan grabs David and demands that David tell him what he did with Greenlee. David tells Ryan he doesnít know where Greenlee is so Ryan asks David if its true that Leo is alive. David tells Ryan that if Leo were alive the whole world would know by now.

(Hospital) Amanda and Jake visit Janet and Jake asks Janet if she started the Oak Haven fire and Janet is offended that Jake could think that she would start the fire.

(Davidís secret clinic) Greenlee wonders if she is really seeing Zach if it was a dream like when she dreamed Leo was alive. Greenlee asks Zach to open his eyes and tell her bad jokes but Zach remains asleep and Greenlee tells herself that if this is really Zach and he is alive it is a miracle.

(Hospital) Cara wonders what will happen with Tad f Dixie is alive but Griffin quickly points out that tad and Dixie were not together when she died so she shouldnít worry about it since they arenít sure if Dixie is alive.

(Park) Tad looks up at Dixieís star and tells her that he feels like she is with him lately and he asks Dixie for a sign that she approves of his relationship with Cara. Dixie calls Tadís name and he turns and sees her but Tad thinks he is dreaming or else itís a ghost.

(Hospital) Griffin tells Cara to go on vacation with Tad and he will figure out a way to get David to tell him if Dixie is alive. Amanda tells Janet that she has cervical cancer and her hysterectomy is scheduled for tomorrow. Janet tells Amanda that she hasnít been a good mother to her and has put her through a lot and if she can survive all of that she can survive cancer. Janet also tells Amanda that she is a wonderful mother because she loves Trevor but she doesnít make him the only light in her life. Jake agrees that Amanda is a wonderful mother and tells Amanda that they will adopt, as may children, as she wants to adopt. Janet asks Jake to do what she couldnít do and take care of Amanda. Jake promises Janet he will take care of Amanda and Amanda smiles at Janetís supportive words to her.

(Kendallís place) Kendall and Bianca discuss how amazing it was to see Dixie alive and Bianca tells Kendall that Alexander Cambias was telling the truth he wasnít responsible for Dixieís death. Kendall tells Bianca that Griffin was working on project Orpheus with David and the details that she, Ryan and Griffin have discovered about the project. Kendall also tells Bianca about Griffinís suspicion that David may have used Zach in the project. Bianca thinks that Griffin may be right and it is very possible Zach could be alive and she canít believe that the thought hasnít crossed Kendallís mind. Kendall gets upset and makes it clear to Bianca that Zachís plane crashed and his body is at the bottom of the ocean.

(Davidís secret clinic) Greenlee canít get Zach to open his eyes so she pounds on the door asking David to let her out of the room.

(Ryan and Greenleeís place) David wants to call a truce with Ryan and offers to tell him about the project if he stops searching his office for answers. Ryan agrees and David tells Ryan that he has used stem cells to help Greenlee and is now helping Angie regain her sight. Ryan wants to know if David knows where Greenlee is and David tells him he has no idea where Greenlee could be. David admits that the project is illegal because the FDA hasnít approved this type of research.

(Park) Dixie touches Tadís face and tells him it really is her and then he holds her as she smiles and cries tears of joy because they are together again. Tad canít explain how Dixie could be alive because he remembers the last words that Dixie said before her death. Dixie tells Tad she remembers the words she said too ďtogether foreverĒ. Dixie apologizes to Tad because she doesnít know how she is alive all she knows is that she is dead and now she is alive.

(Ryan and Greenleeís place) David wants to leave but Ryan tells him that he still hasnít answered his question about Greenlee. Griffin arrives and tells him that Janet Dillon claims that she saw Dixie at Oak Haven and demands to know if David used his research to save Dixieís life.

(Tad and Caraís house) Opal is worried because she hasnít heard from Erica but Cara arrives and tells her that everyone that was in Oak Haven is okay. Cara also tells Opal and Krystal that Janet Dillon claims that Dixie was in Oak haven with her. Opal tells Cara that Dixie is dead and she was in Oak Haven a few days ago and didnít see Dixie. Opal tells Cara that Janet is crazy and nobody should believe her story.

(Kendallís place) Bianca tells Marissa about the Oak Haven fire and about Erica bringing all the ladies to Kendallís including Dixie.

(Davidís secret clinic) Greenlee tells Zach to fight to live for the sake of his family but Zach still doesnít wake up. Greenlee sees the IV and thinks that David must be giving Zach something to keep him asleep. Greenlee pulls Zachís IV out and he moves his arm.

(Park) Dixie tells Tad she canít remember anything from the time she died to the time she woke up except that David was there when she woke up from sleeping. Tad tells Dixie he will kill David for doing this to her but Dixie tells Tad no and cries because she is afraid David will hurt Tad. When she grows short of breath, Tad urges her to calm down and holds her tight.

(Hospital) Amanda wishes that her mom would have been as supportive when she was growing up, so they could have had a healthy relationship. Jake assures his wife that she has him and their son, Master T., to rely on, then holds her and asks her to believe that everything will be all right.  Crying and hugging Jake, Amanda promises to try.

(Tad and Caraís house) Krystal offers to lend Cara some clothes for her trip with Tad, because she wants them to be happy together.

Tad and Dixie sit together in the park watching the starry night sky.

After David leaves Ryan's apartment, he assures Griffin that they will get answers because he slipped a GPS tracking chip into Hayward's phone, so they can find Greenlee.

Kendall asks Bianca to be left alone and promises to call her if Erica or Marian wake up.

(Davidís secret clinic) When Zach opens his eyes and grabs her hand, Greenlee assures him he's safe, until he starts seizing and she starts screaming.

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