AMC Update Friday 8/5/11

All My Children Update Friday 8/5/11

Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca comes to Kendall's and they talk about the fire at Oak Haven. They decide to head there now but when Kendall opens the door, Erica arrives. They're excited to see her and hug her.

Ryan leaves a message for Greenlee on his phone. Emma runs in and tells him that she saw on TV that there's a fire at Oak Haven. Annie has escaped and arrives outside of Ryan's.

Opal tells Tad and Cara that Kathy has been asking questions about Dixie so she thinks she should get answers from Tad so Tad goes in to see Kathy. Tad sits with her and Kathy asks him about her grandpa dying. She states that her grandpa never got to know her like her mother didn't either.

David finishes a phone call telling someone to find Dixie again. Griffin enters his office with the folder from his safe and asks David if these are the people he saved.

Greenlee finds Leo in the bed. She says that it can't be. Leo opens his eyes and recognizes Greenlee.

Ryan makes a phone call about the Oak Haven fire when there's a knock on the door. Emma opens it and Annie enters. Ryan hangs up as Emma is ecstatic to see her mom. Emma hugs Annie and they tell each other they love one another. Annie tells her how much she missed her. Emma says she made her something and goes to get it. Annie tells Ryan that she didn't start the fire. Ryan tells her that she can't hide there. Annie says she just had to see Emma. Emma comes back and gives Annie a book she drew. Emma tells her how she was sad after Annie left and was mean to Greenlee but now she likes her and hopes Annie isn't mad. Annie wonders why she would be mad and Emma reminds her that she said Greenlee was a bad person.

Leo tells Greenlee that it's about time she showed up. Greenlee says it can't be real because he died and she was there when it happened. Leo says he missed Greenlee. Greenlee wonders how this happened. Leo sits up as Greenlee wipes away tears.

Griffin talks about the obituaries to David. David says he just kept them of people he knew. Griffin tells David that it's one thing to save lives but another to control people. Griffin asks David who else there is. David asks him who he thinks he is making demands. Griffin asks which of the people did he keep alive.

Tad talks to Kathy about Dixie passing away. Cara and Opal watch. Kathy asks if Tad will die old or young like Dixie. Tad tells her that he will be there for a long time.

Kendall asks Erica if she's alright. Erica assures them that she's fine. Bianca wonders about the Oak Haven staff. Kendall thinks they should take her back. Erica says she isn't going back because she's not insane. Erica tells them that she didn't set the fire but knows who did. Erica says she promised to protect the person from police and wants to count on her daughters. Kendall and Bianca agree. Erica opens the door and tells Janet that it's ok and she can come in since they want to help. Janet enters which surprises Kendall and Bianca.

Griffin tells David that he watched the DVD he left in the safe. Griffin asks him about how he's supposed to use Orpheus to save him if he was dying. David tells him he used to trust him. Griffin says he has to know every detail if he's going to save him. David tells him to forget about it now. Griffin reminds David that Cara is falling in love with Tad and he wants to know if Dixie is alive. Griffin asks about Zach. David asks him if he's afraid of Zach being in his way to Kendall if he was alive. David tells Griffin there would be no contest. Griffin asks him again if Zach is alive.

Kendall is surprised to learn Janet started the fire. Erica tells them that Janet saved her and they planned it together. Bianca isn't sure about this. Erica thinks they still think she's crazy. Erica starts to leave with Janet, feeling unwelcome. Bianca says that her story is a little crazy. Janet talks about one of her schemes. Kendall brings up Janet ending up in prison. Janet tells them that Erica's story is solid fact. Janet says they would be nuts for not believing her. Erica tells them that they need to help her, Janet, and the others. Kendall and Bianca want to know who else there is. Erica says they should see for themselves or else they'll think she's crazy. Janet goes to get them from the park.

Annie thanks Emma for her book and hugs her. Ryan sends Emma to get Annie a soda. Annie comments that Emma seems happy and asks if Ryan is. Ryan says that he is. Annie apologizes to him for turning Emma against Greenlee. Annie says she was angry at him and wanted to hurt him and Greenlee but all she did was hurt Emma. Ryan assures her that Emma is fine. Annie tells him that she's working hard to get better for Emma. Annie asks Ryan if she can stay a little longer and tuck Emma in. Ryan reminds her that the police will be looking for her. Annie worries that she'll get taken somewhere further away. Annie worries about Emma. Ryan understands that Emma needs her mother and promises to bring her for visits. Annie thanks him and suggests he go ahead and call the police but she doesn't want Emma to see. Ryan tells her that he'll make sure she doesn't see it. Emma brings Annie her soda and Annie hugs her again as Ryan watches them.

Leo gets up from his bed and Greenlee is surprised that he got up so easily. Greenlee says she should've known and found him sooner. Leo brings up Greenlee finding him the first time around and they have a flashback of being together. Leo continues talking about memories with her and they have another flashback. Leo tells her that it really is him. Leo kisses her on the cheek. Greenlee says she wasted so much time pretending not to love him then when she lost him, she wanted to go back in time. Leo admits it wasn't easy for him either. Greenlee says they had finally gotten it right and then she thought he died. Leo apologizes and wishes he could make it up to her. Greenlee tells him to promise he'll never do it again and hugs him.

Annie tells Emma to be good and never forget how much she loves her. Annie kisses Emma and prepares to go. Ryan opens the door and Annie waves goodbye to Emma. Annie exits were cops are waiting to escort her away. Emma asks Ryan if Annie will be okay. Ryan sits with her and tells her that she will be and so will they. Emma gets up and hugs Ryan.

Greenlee tells Leo that she never thought she'd feel him again. Leo brings up their wedding. Leo says he broke his promise of always being there for her. Greenlee calls what they had like a fairy tale. They have another flashback to being together. They agree that what they had was magic. Leo asks her if she's alone and Greenlee informs him she's now with Ryan.

Griffin continues asking David if Zach is still alive. David brings up that he keeps asking the same questions. Griffin gets paged and David tells him to go take care of his ordinary medicine. Griffin says he doesn't want to be David. Griffin tells David that the power and control is all he has since he's alone. David tells him to hold onto his values and in the end, he'll be the one that's alone.

Kathy goes upstairs with Opal as Cara sits with Tad and tells him that he's a great dad. Tad thanks Cara for being there. Cara says no one can replace Dixie but she hopes she can help Kathy miss Dixie a little less. Cara gets a call from the hospital and she says she'll be right there. Tad doesn't want her to go since they have plans but Cara informs him of the Oak Haven fire and she hurries out. Opal comes back in and worries about Erica, hoping she got out alive. Opal calls Erica.

Erica tells Kendall not to answer the phone since the police could have tapped their lines and she will call Opal later. Erica brings up not believing that Kendall and Bianca believed Jane. The doorbell rings so Erica hides. Kendall opens the door to see Marian which surprises her. Erica invites her in and then sees Dixie at the door. Erica invites Dixie in, promising no one will hurt her so Dixie walks into the house. Kendall wonders how this is possible. Marian and Dixie sit down. Marian says Janet was taken to the hospital because she was hurting from walking. Kendall and Bianca ask about Tad or JR knowing about Dixie. Erica says they can't risk it yet. Kendall says after seeing Dixie that Erica's kidnapping story is not so far fetched. Bianca thinks it doesn't make sense and asks if David is involved. Erica steps aside with Kendall and Bianca. Erica tells them that she's sure Dixie was held at the same place she was. Erica reminds them that she wouldn't be the first person that David brought back and kept hidden. Bianca calls it an incredible miracle.

Tad tells Opal that he can't believe Oak Haven is in ashes and recalls Adam locking Dixie up. Opal says that Tad was Dixie's hero ever since. Tad states that Dixie ended up rescuing him.

Jack calls Ryan and Ryan is surprised to hear that Greenlee isn't with him. Ryan says he hasn't seen her but will tell her to call Jack as soon as he sees her.

Leo talks to Greenlee about how she was crazy about Ryan when he met her and now they're together. Greenlee tells Leo about keeping his medallion. Leo points out that she never gave up. Greenlee says that she wanted to many times. Leo tells her that she lived and found her happily ever after with Ryan. Leo says he's glad. Greenlee tells Leo that she loves him and she loves Ryan.

Cara and Griffin walk in the hospital and arrive to Janet's room. They check on Janet as she has second degree burns. Janet doesn't want any needles. Cara asks if Janet is related to Amanda. Janet talks to them about Jake and Amanda. Janet informs them that she knows something that's going to rock the Martins. Janet informs Cara and Griffin that Dixie is not dead and she's seen her and talked to her. Cara doesn't know what to think and steps out to get her pain meds. Griffin steps out to talk to Cara. Cara thinks Janet is delusional but Griffin suggests that what Janet said could be true.

Erica tells Bianca and Kendall that whatever David did traumatized Dixie. Kendall doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Marian tells Kendall that she's not unbalanced anymore. Kendall tells Marian about how she tried to kill David after Zach died. Dixie hears David's name, she gets up and runs away as Erica tells her to wait.

Tad goes outside and sits on a bench in the park. Tad looks at the sky and starts speaking to Dixie saying that life is getting complicated as Kathy is asking questions. Tad states that he's going on a vacation with his wife, Cara but he feels guilty. Tad says Dixie was his best and he'll never forget her.

Ryan makes a phone call to David and leaves a message wondering where Greenlee is. Ryan says he's going to find David. Ryan goes to leave but David is at his door. Ryan grabs him, pulls him into the house and slams him against the wall. Ryan demands to know what he did with Greenlee or he'll kill him.

Leo and Greenlee talk some more. Leo says he just wants Greenlee to be happy. Greenlee and Leo kiss. It is then revealed that it was all a dream as Greenlee rolls over on the floor and wakes up saying Leo's name.

Tad continues speaking towards Dixie, saying he knows she would like Cara. Tad wants Dixie's blessing before he goes further with Cara. Tad asks for a sign that lets him know she understands. Dixie stumbles to the park where she ends up right behind Tad.

Griffin tells Cara about the obituaries in David's safe and Cara realizes that Dixie and Zach could still be alive.

David tells Ryan that he just got out of the hospital so he couldn't kidnap Greenlee. Ryan threatens him. David wanted to discuss something with Ryan and will come back later but Ryan tells him he's not going anywhere.

Greenlee says Leo's name again as she wakes up and looks around. Greenlee looks over to the bed nearby and gets up slowly as she did in her dream. Greenlee walks over to it and says it can't be as she sees Zach laying in the bed.

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