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All My Children Update Thursday 8/4/11


Written by Joseph
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Krystal talks with Tad at home about his trip with Cara. Tad informs Krystal of JR's arrest and how he gave JR tough love this time. Tad says that maybe it's a sign that he's not supposed to leave with Cara on their trip and stay close to home. Krystal tells him not to do that.

Cara comes to Griffin at the hospital and gives him all her patient files. She tells Griffin about going on her vacation with Tad. Griffin is happy for her and Cara suggests he and Kendall could come with them next time. Griffin changes the subject and Cara realizes that he hasn't fixed things with Kendall. Cara asks Griffin what's stopping him from being with Kendall.

Ryan leaves a message on the phone for Greenlee telling her to be safe with Jack in searching for Jane.

David brings Greenlee to the place he told her about. David says they can start her treatment. Greenlee notes that it's nothing like the room she was in before. David says that she was his patient and he saved her life. Greenlee says she wasn't the only one and asks if Leo is there.

Jake and Amanda arrive at Krystal's and sit down. Jake tells Amanda that he will be focusing on her. Amanda tells him that she knows she won't be able to have any more children and is ok with that. She asks if Jake is ok with it. Jake says it's not about him. Amanda continues talking about it but Opal comes in and asks Jake to help her save Erica from Oak Haven.

Janet talks with Erica at Oak Haven. Janet cleans up puzzle pieces as Erica paces. Erica talks about Dixie. She wonders if David is involved with Dixie. Erica mentions the knocking on the wall. Erica says she knows where to find the missing pieces of her puzzle.

Dixie lays in bed and continues knocking on the wall. Dixie then says "home" twice.

Opal sits with Jake and Amanda and asks Jake if there's nobody he can call. Jake says he has no pull at Oak Haven. Jake reminds Opal that Erica is considered unstable by the law since she stabbed someone. Jake tells her that he will look into it. Jake says he wanted to spend the day with his wife. Opal apologizes. Amanda comes up with saying she had an appointment with Opal anyways. Jake kisses Amanda and exits, telling Opal that he will look into it. Opal asks Amanda if it's about her health. Amanda says she's worried about Jake.

Janet tells Erica that she needs to relax. Dixie is brought into the room by Ralph, the oak haven guard. He sits Dixie down across from Janet. Janet greets her and then exits the room with Ralph. Erica tells Dixie that she got her out of her room. Erica asks Dixie if she remembers being held at the quarry by Jane. Erica says she knows Dixie doesn't know who to trust but she can trust her. Dixie finally responds saying she doesn't know Erica.

Krystal tells Tad that what he has with Cara is real but he's afraid that somebody's going to get hurt. Krystal tells Tad that JR will get back on his feet and says Tad should sweep Cara off of hers which makes Tad laugh.

Griffin tells Cara that he and Kendall are over. Cara wants to know why. Griffin says he found something out while working with David so it's better that he and Kendall are distant. Griffin tells Cara that his personal and professional lives need to stay separated. He tells Cara to go be happy with Tad. Cara tells him that when she gets back, they will pick up where they left off.

David tells Greenlee that she's wrong if she thinks it's a game. David says he promised to take care of her and intends to keep his word. David reminds her that he's still recovering from Erica stabbing him which means he doesn't have a lot of energy. David tells Greenlee that he needs to draw some blood and tells her to get on the table. Greenlee states that it's cold and she admits she is afraid of David. David reminds her about saving her life. David says he didn't do it to control her. Greenlee won't apologize for ending up with Ryan. David thinks she should because her being alive is a miracle that belongs to him. Greenlee tells David that he can't expect her to trust him. David tells her he expects that and he wants to know that Greenlee is there by her own choice. She says that she is and she's putting her life in David's hands. Greenlee points out that David is bleeding and thinks maybe they shouldn't do this. David tells her that he's worried about her and won't lose her since he gave her the life she has. David draws blood from Greenlee.

Ryan and Griffin go into David's office at the hospital. Ryan begins to try and crack David's safe.

Tad finds Jake sitting outside and asks if he's ok. Jake tells Tad that he has a full picnic basket of Amanda's favorite things and informs Tad about Amanda needing a hysterectomy so they will not have anymore kids. Tad asks about Amanda and Jake says she's doing good. Tad asks Jake how he's doing. Jake tells Tad that he never thought he was going to stick around when he first came to Pine Valley even after he met Amanda. Jake says that you never know what you have until you lose it. Tad assures him that he won't lose Amanda and she'll beat the cancer. Jake says it's his job to stay strong. Cara walks up and tells him that's wrong.

Amanda tells Opal that she's scared but knows Jake is scared too. Opal tells Amanda that she saw Janet at Oak Haven and that she's still the same. Opal tells Amanda to stop listening to the voice in her head and listen to Jake.

Erica talks to Dixie about who she is. She mentions Adam and tells Dixie that she's Dixie Martin and everyone thinks she's dead. Erica brings up JR and tells Dixie that he needs her. Dixie seems to recognize JR's name. Erica tells Dixie they don't have much time but she asks her how she got there or what happened when everyone thought she died. Dixie mentions the pancakes. Erica asks Dixie if David got her here. Erica tells her to concentrate and asks if she can write instead of saying it. Dixie starts to write as Erica hears Janet coming back in with Ralph. Erica tells Dixie to hurry. Ralph comes back in with Janet and he takes Dixie away. Janet looks at what Dixie wrote. Erica asks what it says and Janet tells her she just drew a picture of a star. Erica wonders what it means.

Krystal comes to Krystal's and greets Amanda and Opal. Amanda tells Opal to promise her that if something happens to her, to make sure Janet never gets her hands on Trevor. Krystal and Opal both promise and hug Amanda.

Cara tells Jake that it's not about Jake not being strong enough for Amanda. Cara tells him it's about sharing his fears with Amanda. Cara says that cancer is awful and leaves you feeling powerless. Tad agrees with Cara. Jake feels like he has to fix things like a doctor and he feels useless when he can't. Cara tells Jake to just support Amanda and that will be more than enough. Cara tells Jake that she and Tad will always be there for him. Cara mentions her trip with Tad and Jake is surprised to hear they are going away together.

Ryan tells Griffin that he doesn't understand why David is being so private if he's bringing people back from the dead. Griffin reminds him of the guidelines to experimenting on humans. Ryan states that David doesn't care what gets in his way. Ryan unlocks the safe and cracks the code. Ryan takes out a folder and CD from the safe. Ryan sees inside are obituaries from people in Pine Valley.

Greenlee tells David that she wants answers. Greenlee asks about Leo. David says that he never said Leo was alive. Greenlee wonders if he's in another room or if it's just a game. David asks Greenlee why she had no problem walking when they got there. David realizes Greenlee is having no numbness in her legs and asks who's the one playing games. David asks her if it was Ryan's idea to pretend she needed his help and she'd get closer to him and spy on him. David accuses Ryan of getting Greenlee to do his dirty work. Greenlee says she came on her own and wouldn't expect David to understand her relationship with Ryan. David thinks she only chose Ryan over him because she's afraid. David says she could have given Greenlee anything she wants. Greenlee states she doesn't want anything from him. David tells her there is someone that Greenlee feels only he could give her.

Griffin and Ryan look through the obituaries including Dixie, Myrtle, Zach, Leora, Leo, and Palmer. Griffin says there's no way they saved all these people. Ryan wonders where they could be. Griffin worries about Cara after seeing Dixie's obituary. Ryan reminds Griffin that Tad and Dixie weren't together when Dixie died. They remember the CD that was in there and put the CD in the computer which shows David talking.

Jake asks Tad and Cara if its' like their honeymoon. Tad asks if it's ok with him. Jake congratulates Tad and hugs him. Amanda arrives and hears about Tad and Cara's trip. Amanda asks them to help look after Trevor while Jake looks after her. Cara says they would be honored. Tad tells Amanda about Jake's planned picnic. Amanda gets the champagne and offers to share with Tad and Cara. They pour champagne and toast to family.

Janet asks Erica if Tad and Dixie had some sort of star thing. Erica remembers Dixie wore the star necklace around her neck. Erica wants to get Tad to Oak Haven but thinks no one would believe her. Janet suggests that Erica then bring Dixie to Tad. Erica says Oak Haven won't let her do that so Janet tells her they can escape because she has a plan.

Cara and Tad go over what they need to bring on their trip at Krystal's. Krystal gives them an umbrella to take. Krystal goes to get them some beach chairs. Tad jokes with Cara about bringing a bikini. Tad's phone rings but he doesn't want to answer it. Cara checks and it's Opal so Tad answers it. Opal tells Tad that Kathy needs him.

Erica walks down the hall at Oak Haven and slips Dixie's drawing of the star under her door into her room.

Jake and Amanda remain outside together. Jake tells Amanda that he hasn't been fair to her like when he joined Doctors Without Borders. Jake says he thinks he let Cara back into his life because it was easier to look into the past than face the idea of being tied to one person for the rest of his life. Jake says he was a fool and if she can really forgive him, he will tie himself to her because he wants to give himself to her. Amanda states that she has pushed him away too. Jake thinks maybe it takes something like cancer for them to see what they have and then they kiss.

Griffin and Ryan watch David's CD. David says in the video that if Griffin is watching it, it means David is on death's door now. David says that he's leaving himself in Griffin's hands to do what he has to do.

Greenlee tells David to get out of her way or she'll hurt him. David states that she already has hurt him more than she'll ever know. David says she obviously doesn't know how precious the life he gave her is. Greenlee states that Leo is dead and nobody can change it. Greenlee tries to run away but David grabs her and injects her with a needle. David tells her that he's always been the one that knows what she needs and she'll finally realize that as she falls unconscious.

Janet asks Erica if she's ready to escape. Erica wonders how they will do it. Janet shows her shampoo. She has Erica smell it and realizes it's gasoline inside shampoo. Janet explains how she got it and says they will start a fire and escape in the confusion. Janet shows that she got matches from Ralph along with his keys. Erica tells her she's in.

Dixie looks at her drawing of a star. She looks up and says Tad then hugs the drawing.

Tad tells Cara that it will be unbelievable if they have to postpone their trip for a third time. Cara understands Kathy needs him and offers to go with him. They leave together.

David returns to his office and finds his safe now empty. David gets frustrated.

Griffin and Ryan return to Ryan's home talking about wondering what David could be up to. Ryan mentions that he's glad Greenlee is with Jack while they get closer to finding the truth about David.

Greenlee wakes up in the room where David left her. Greenlee turns around and gets back to her feet. Greenlee slowly walks over to a bed and sees Leo is laying there.

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