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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/3/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Cara calls for Tad at home and asks him about the weather because she doesn't know what to bring to the beach for their trip. Tad comes in with a tennis racket and jokes with her. Cara thinks it's a bit much. Tad tells her that where they are staying is right next to a country club. Cara didn't know he played tennis. Tad laughs and tells her that they just watch other people play. Cara tells him that she's looking forward to the trip and Tad says the same.

Bianca and Marissa confront JR at Krystal's asking if he was trying to kill himself by driving drunk. JR tells them that they shouldn't have taken his keys. JR asks if they're going to have him arrested. Marissa thinks they should. JR accuses Marissa of poisoning his son against him. Marissa tells him that he scares AJ when he's drunk and tells him it's all on him.

Brot and Jesse sit at Krystal's and talk about David postponing Angie's treatment and leaving the hospital. Jesse gets frustrated and says he knew David would pull something on Angie. Jesse states that Angie has lost so much already. Jesse thinks Angie was handling things fine until David came around and got her hopes up. Brot assures him that Angie will be able to deal with whatever happens. Jesse brings up losing their baby. Jesse thinks it's only a matter of time before Maya realizes that Lucy is her baby. Jesse states that it's all about to come crashing down around them and he can't think of what it's going to do to Angie.

Mookie grabs Maya at the Hubbard's. Maya tells him to let go. Mookie says he's not letting her leave. Maya thinks Mookie wants to slap her. Angie comes in and tells him to take his hands off of her and get out of the house or she'll have him arrested. Angie says that men who hit women are worthless cowards. Angie tells him to get out before she calls Jesse and has him locked up. Angie says she won't tell Mookie again. Mookie lets Maya go and tells Angie that she has him all wrong. Angie tells him that she heard what he said and knows what's going on. Mookie says he'll leave and glares back at Maya. Mookie says he didn't mean to cause any trouble and tells Maya that she knows he loves her. Angie tells him to get out so he exits. Maya apologizes to Angie. Angie asks if he hurt her. Maya says that Mookie was just upset and she blames herself. Angie says there's no excuse to justify him hitting her. Maya tells Angie that she just doesn't understand because Mookie wasn't always like this and she doesn't know the whole story. Angie wants her to tell her.

Colby comes down stairs at the Chandler Mansion and sees bags packed. She goes into the living room and asks Asher what's going on. Asher tells her that he's moving out. Colby wonders why and if it's because of her. Colby says she knows she's been gone a lot. Asher tells her that it's not her but it's him and the mess he's created in his life. Colby asks him what mess he's talking about. Asher says he's been really depending on his pain pills. Colby asks if he thinks he's addicted. Asher tells her that he doesn't know but he can't figure it out here anymore. Colby asks him where he's going to go. Asher tells her that he's going somewhere to clear his head before he puts his life down the drain.

Tad shows Cara how to use the tennis racket and then they kiss.

Mookie walks into Krystal's. Jesse spots him and talks to Brot about him. Jesse worries that Mookie could figure out Lucy is his baby. Brot tells him that there's no way he could figure it out. Jesse thinks there's so many ways that he could figure it out. Jesse doesn't want to think about it.

JR tells Marissa that his son loves him. Marissa tells him that AJ loves who he was. JR thinks Marissa just filled AJ's head with lies. Marissa states that she can't talk to him. JR suggests she and Bianca go do whatever they do. JR tells them that they aren't going to keep his son away from him. Marissa says she was worried that this would happen so she had a judge issue a temporary restraining order. Marissa informs him that until he goes to rehab and prove to the court that he can be a responsible parent, she has full custody of AJ.

Cara tells Tad he kisses well. Tad jokes with her about being grateful. Cara tells him that she feels much more than gratitude for him. They both call themselves lucky and kiss again.

Maya explains to Angie that when she first met Mookie in New York, he wasn't like this at all and was sweet and gentle. Angie asks when he changed. Maya tells her it was not long after they moved in together and he would want to know where she was or who she was talking to all the time. Maya claims that Mookie just loves her so much. Angie says it isn't love, it is controlling. Angie tells her that she's a strong young woman with a mind of her own. Maya isn't sure about that. Angie tells her it took courage for her to come here and try to start a new life. Maya tells Angie that she could take anything but she didn't move here from New York for herself but was worried that Mookie might hurt someone else. Angie wonders who he was going to hurt.

Jesse continues to tell Brot that he thinks Maya will realize Lucy is hers. Brot wants to focus and find David. Jesse can't focus as he feels things are going to end badly. Jesse thinks he needs to tell Angie the truth now.

JR tells Marissa that he can't believe she would do this to him. Marissa says they have a court date and if he can show up sober, she has no problem going back to their joint agreement. JR gets up upset at Marissa. Bianca tells him to back off because the chief of police is right there. JR says he doesn't care. Marissa threatens to sue for permanent custody if he doesn't sober up. JR tells her that he will see her in hell first. Bianca suggests they leave. JR tells them to both get out of his sight.

Asher tells Colby that he's had a knot in his stomach ever since coming here and finding his dad. Colby comments that it's good that they are getting along now. Asher says they don't really know anything about each other so that might be a good place to start. Colby is surprised that he's going to live with Caleb. Asher says he asked him to move in awhile ago. Colby calls it a big step. Asher tells her that he's starting patient rehab. Colby asks if he'll be staying in town so there should be no reason they can't see each other. Asher tells her that he can't go with that because it wouldn't be fair to her. Colby thinks she should have a say in it. Asher says he needs to fix his relationship with his dad. Asher tells Colby that they can't be together until he becomes the man she deserves.

Marissa and Bianca arrive to Tad's. Marissa tells Tad that seeing JR was really bad. Bianca explains that Marissa got temporary full custody of AJ and JR almost lost it. Marissa tells Tad that she's never seen this side of JR but has to protect AJ. Bianca tells her that they'll assure she's fine. Tad tells her she did the right thing. Tad says JR is still a Chandler so he doesn't recognize a problem until it hits him between the eyes.

JR continues drinking at Krystal's. Mookie walks up to him and says he's giving him his notice that he won't be working on the gatehouse anymore since Maya left. JR tells him that he doesn't care and that he can go tell Scott because he could care less what he does.

Jesse tells Brot that he thinks telling Angie the truth about the baby now is better than her finding out some other way. Brot tells him that Angie will start mourning the loss of a baby she never knew. Jesse realizes that Maya would take Lucy back and Angie would lose two babies.

Mookie tells JR that nobody talks to him like that. JR sarcastically asks if he hurt his feelings. Mookie says it's no wonder everyone thinks he's such a drunk ass. JR throws the table over, gets up and punches Mookie in the stomach.

Angie sits with Maya and asks who she thought Mookie would hurt. Maya says it doesn't matter but Angie thinks it does matter very much. Angie tells her to trust her. Maya says she was scared because if Mookie knew what she did. Angie asks what she did. Maya blames herself for not being more careful. Angie tells her they will figure out whatever it is. Maya makes Angie promise that she won't tell anyone. Maya admits that she moved here from New York because she was pregnant. Maya states that if Mookie hurt her then, it wouldn't have been just her so she left. Angie asks her where the baby is. Maya looks down as Angie asks her what happened to the baby. Maya tells her the baby is gone. Angie asks what that means. Maya tells her she gave her up because she couldn't support a child by herself and she didn't want Mookie to find out. Maya states that her baby is better off with a family that will love and support her. Maya tells Angie that her baby was a beautiful little girl.

Colby wishes Asher luck and tells him that she's not giving up on him. Colby says she'll be there when he is done clearing things up with Caleb. Asher doesn't want to leave her waiting around and thinks she should move on with her life. Colby insists that she is moving on but she's expecting Asher to still be a part of her life. Asher starts to get going and Colby asks about JR. Asher tells her that he already said goodbye to JR. They talk about JR's accident. Asher suggests Colby call her dad. Colby tells him that she has several times but if he talked to JR it would make everything worse. Colby thinks Adam would come back and start running everything which would make JR feel worse than he already does. Colby states that sometimes she wishes she could go far away from here. Asher tells her that he doesn't think he should go anywhere. Asher says he doesn't want Colby to have to deal with all this on her own so he's staying.

Tad talks to Cara about JR. Cara suggests he go to JR. Tad doesn't want to as he's done that too many times and they have plans. Cara thinks if Tad doesn't go see JR then he will be thinking about him the whole time they are gone. Cara tells him to go as she has things to do at the hospital. Cara comes up with that she has a patient to see. Tad says he loves her for being there for him. Cara says she'll pack up some more while Tad heads upstairs to get ready to go see JR.

Brot and Jesse hold Mookie back as Mookie calls JR crazy for hitting him. JR tells Jesse that Mookie got in his face and started talking about his family. Jesse notes that JR has been drinking. Jesse offers to take JR home so he can sleep it off. JR pulls away and says he isn't going anywhere because he didn't break any laws. JR tells him that he'll talk to his lawyer. Jesse stands in JR's way so JR pushes him. Jesse calls that assaulting a police officer and instructs Brot to handcuff him. JR tells Jesse that he didn't hit him. JR apologizes and says he just wants to go home. Jesse tells him that they have to figure things out first because he can't go around drunk, punching people. JR argues with him as Tad arrives and asks Jesse what the problem is. Jesse asks JR if he wants to tell him. JR says it won't make a difference. Jesse explains to Tad that JR hit Mookie and got physical with him. JR calls it a joke as Jesse steps aside. JR tells Tad that he had a bad day. Tad says he's been stringing a few together lately. JR tells him about Marissa getting full custody of AJ. Tad asks if JR thought getting in a bar fight was a good way to win AJ back.

Marissa and Bianca sit together as Marissa tells Bianca that she's okay. Marissa says JR is sick and nobody can help him if he can't even get sober for his own son. AJ comes in looking sad. AJ tells Marissa that he heard her crying and sits with her. Marissa tells him that she's ok now after seeing him. Marissa asks AJ what's wrong. AJ tells her that he misses his dad, not the mean one but the nice one. Marissa hugs AJ.

Colby tells Asher that she's a big girl and can handle JR so she doesn't want him postponing what he needs to do to baby-sit her. Colby tells him that she would love for him to stay but she has learned to depend on herself. Colby says her parents always tried to control her and then there's JR so she'd have to be in bad shape to have to count on them. Asher invites her to come with him. Colby tells him that he needs to take care of himself. Asher doesn't like her being by herself. Colby tells him she'll be fine since it won't be forever. Colby says she wants to stick around and see what kind of guy he turns into. They joke around with each other and Colby tells Asher he better get going to figure things out with Caleb and his life. Colby tells him to keep and touch. She assures him that she will be fine. Asher kisses her goodbye and exits. Colby calls her dad and leaves a message saying to please call her because it's important. Colby goes back and sits at her computer. She begins to make another video blog talking about Asher. She talks about Asher came into her life at the perfect time but now he has to leave and she understands. Colby starts to cry and says she won't pretend it doesn't hurt as she thought she had everything figured out but she realizes that her freedom is not worth it if there's no one to share it with.

Marissa tells AJ that they all want JR to get better. AJ asks why he isn't getting better. Marissa explains that JR gets mad when things don't go his way. AJ suggests that he could help JR by being really nice to him. Marissa tells AJ that JR already knows AJ is the nicest boy and JR is the only one that can help himself.

Angie tells Maya that it must have been so hard for her to give up her baby and keeping her feelings inside. Maya says she never had anyone to talk to. Angie tells her that she does now because she can share anything with her. Maya thinks Angie has already done so much for her. Angie asks her if taking care of Lucy is hard for her. Maya assures her that it's not as she was only with her daughter for a little while but she was beautiful like Lucy. Maya tells Angie that it took her breath away when she first held Lucy because she looked so much like the baby she gave up.

Tad talks with Jesse at Krystal's. Jesse tells Tad to keep talking to JR because he's the only one he seems to listen to. Jesse says they can take the handcuffs off like nothing happened since Tad is there and he won't go to jail. JR tells Tad that he can't lose his son. Tad tells him that he should've thought about that before picking up the bottle. JR says he can quit like he has before. JR asks Tad to get him out of this. Tad tells him that he'll always love him and has gone to bat for him every time he has gotten in trouble but it's done nothing. Tad brings up all the times he has gotten him off the hook and it never helps. Tad tells JR that it's time for him to grow up and clean his own mess. Tad tells Jesse that they're done and Brot starts to escort JR out. JR asks Tad again to help him but Tad says he's sorry. JR tells Tad that he hates him and calls him weak. JR screams back at Tad that he hates him as Brot drags him out of Krystal's.

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