AMC Update Tuesday 8/2/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/2/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hospital) Amanda awakens Jake with a kiss and tells him that she got worried when he didnít come home last night. Jake explains that he was only going to take a short nap he didnít mean to stay at the hospital all night. David calls the same person that he has been talking to and tells the person that if they canít find Dixie he will do it himself. David hangs up the phone and tells himself that he needs to get out of the hospital, but Angie arrives and tells him he isnít leaving until he keeps his promise to restore her sight.

(Jesse and Angieís place) Jesse watches Maya with Lucy and recalls when he got the results of the DNA test that said that Maya is Lucyís biological mother.

(Ryan and Greenleeís place) Greenlee tells Ryan that she didnít sleep at all last night and Ryan wonders if Greenlee thinks that David saved Leoís life. Greenlee tells Ryan that she thinks David was messing with her head and she doesnít believe that Leo is still alive. Jack arrives to tell Greenlee that he is going to Brazil to find the doctor that operated on Jane and Erica so that he can prove that Erica is telling the truth and get her out of Oak Haven.

(Kendallís place) Kendall recalls when Griffin told her that he suspects that David may have brought Zach back to life. Kendall tells herself that canít be true and stumbles out the door.

(Ryan and Greenleeís place) Jack thanks Ryan for making the Cambias jet available to him. After Greenlee and Ryan bid Jack good luck on his trip, Ryan suggests that Greenlee accompany her dad and agrees that he's trying to get rid of her.

(Hospital) When Angie questions why David is so desperate to leave the hospital, he says he's tired of being Pine Valley's piŮata with everyone coming in to take pot shots at him. Besides he's eager to get back to work and help people like Angie, who's just as eager to be able to see her child. Sick of waiting, Angie threatens that David will wish Erica had finished the job if he bails out on her.

(Jesse and Angie's place) When Jesse offers Maya a better job at the station, college education included, she declines because she doesn't want to leave Lucy when she's just beginning to bond with her.

(Hospital) Although Amanda worries about Jake's health since he's barely sleeping and eating, he insists on getting more information to treat her cancer. Frankie checks out Kendall due to her complaint of heart palpitations and shortness of breath but finds nothing wrong. When Griffin walks in, Frankie hands over the case to the cardiologist.  Kendall refuses to allow Griffin to do her check up because she is still angry with him for suggesting that Zach could be alive. Griffin persuades Kendall to allow him to check her for the sake of her boys and once he has finished he tells her she is fine her heart rate is just a little elevated and Kendall says she will be fine as soon as she gets away from him. Kendall tells Griffin that she doesnít believe or trust him anymore and Griffin tells her that he isnít working for David anymore he is now working with Ryan to stop David from going too far. Amandaís doctor tells her that they caught the cancer early and it hasnít advanced but he still recommends a hysterectomy to make sure the cancer wonít return. The doctor leaves Jake and Amanda alone to talk about this difficult decision and Amanda cries and apologizes to Jake for tricking him into having another child and thinks that maybe this is her punishment. Jake blames himself for neglecting his family and he promises Amanda that will never happen again.

(Ryan and Greenleeís place) Kendall arrives and asks Ryan if Greenlee is home and he tells her that Greenlee went to Brazil with Jack to help find proof to get Erica out of Oak Haven. Kendall tells Ryan that is for the best because she doesnít want Greenlee to hear what she is about to say to him. Kendall tells Ryan that she thinks they should stop trying to fight David and move on with their lives. Ryan insists that they need to find out the truth and stop David before he hurts people. Ryan tells Kendall that Greenlee was part of Davidís project and he also told her that Leo is alive. Kendall thinks that David is despicable and shares with Ryan that Griffin suspects Zach is also alive and was part of Davidís project. Ryan tells Kendal that Griffin told him his suspicions and explained that he didnít want to tell her because he didnít want to pen up old wounds. Ryan tells Kendall that she should leave town while he handles David but Kendall refuses to run from David anymore.

(Hubbard house) Jesse offers Maya full tuition to Pine Valley University if she will quit her job. Maya wonders why Jesse wants to get rid of her and refuses the offer and takes Lucy to the park. Angie arrives home sad because David didnít do her first treatment today because he needed to handle urgent business. Jesse tells Angie he will go to the hospital and talk to David. Jesse tells Angie maybe they should hire another nanny because they donít know Maya. Angie tells Jesse she likes Maya and wants her to be Lucyís nanny because Maya has a magical connection with Lucy.

(Park) Mookie is very angry with Maya and suspects that she wants to break up with her because she doesnít love him anymore. Mookie grabs Mayaís arm she screams for him to let her go and then tells him that she doesnít want to love him. Maya then takes Lucy back home leaving Mookie alone with an angry look on his face.

(Hospital Greenlee arrives and tells David she doesnít want to leave with Jack for Brazil until he tells her the truth about Leo being alive. David tells Greenlee that she wonít believe whatever he says and the only way to find out the truth about her question is to help him get out of the hospital and go with him to the treatment center.

(Park) Jake and Amanda watch Trevor play and discuss the day that Jake found out that he was Trevorís father and not David. Jake and Amanda agree that was the happiest day of their lives because they became a little family.

(Hospital) Jake tells Brot that Maya turned down his offer to pay for her education and wants to keep her job. Jesse worries that Maya knows she is Lucyís mother and wants to take the baby away from them. Jesse doesnít know what to do yet but he must keep Angie from finding out the truth.

(Hubbard house) Mookie arrives and grabs Mayaís arm and tells her that he wonít let her leave him. Maya screams for him to let go of her and Angie hears and comes into the living room and demands Mookie let Maya go and get out of her house.

(Hospital) Jesse arrives and discovers that David isnít in his room and Griffin is calling security. Greenlee wheels David from the hospital and he asks her to give him her cell phone, because he doesnít want her calling Ryan to come rescue her on his white horse. Greenlee gives David her phone, and he tells her that she will be glad that Ryan wonít be able to follow her.

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