AMC Update Monday 8/1/11

All My Children Update Monday 8/1/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(ConFusion) Jack arrives and wonders if Kendall is waiting for Griffin and Kendall explains to Jack that Griffin couldn’t be honest with her and she couldn’t be with a man who wasn’t honest with her. Jack tells Kendall that he believes Erica about her ordeal and his trying to find Jane to prove it so that he can get Erica out of Oak Haven. Kendall is amazed that no matter what happens Jack never gives up on Erica. Jack advises Kendall not to give up on Griffin and suggests that Griffin kept things secret from her in order to protect her.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Griffin wonders why Ryan was asking questions about him at his old med school.

(Hospital) Greenlee tells David that the numbness in her legs has gotten worse and he tells her that once he has recovered he will take her to a special clinic where he will perform a procedure to fix her problem.

(Krystal’s ) Tad agrees to go away with Cara for a vacation although she makes it clear they won’t have sex. Tad tells Cara that is okay with him and gives her a kiss. Tad and Cara decide to go to Martha’s Vineyard and they are about to go home to pack when Tad gets a call from Marissa who tells him that JR stole Bianca’s car and they can’t find him. Brot arrives to tell Tad that they found Bianca’s car wrapped around a tree but there was no sign of JR. Tad tries to continue making plans with Cara but Cara knows that Tad wants to find JR so she tells him to go find JR and they will make vacation plans later.

(Oak Haven) Erica is stunned to see Dixie and the orderly finds Erica and puts her in anther isolation room before Erica can find out what Dixie is doing there. Erica wonders for a second if she is crazy but then is sure that she saw Dixie. Janet arrives and Erica tells her she saw Dixie and Janet tells Erica that she will never get out of there if she keeps seeing dead people. Janet tells her that an orderly named Ralph is sweet on her and will do anything for her so Erica asks Janet to ask Ralph if he can get her in to see Dixie. Janet makes Erica promise that they will be friends forever if she does this favor for her and Erica and Janet shake hands on the deal.

(Park) JR walks around the park with a bottle in his hand and sees AJ flying a kite with his babysitter.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Griffin tells Ryan that he quit working for David so he can tell him what the Orpheus project is about since he is worried that David is out of control. Griffin explains to Ryan that David began using stem cells on rats to bring them back to life because he thought it would help treat leukemia but now it seems he has used the research to treat humans. Griffin tells Ryan that David confirmed that he used the stem cells to treat Greenlee and Maria Santos and bring them back to life. Griffin explains to Ryan that he doesn’t know how many other people David has brought back to life using stem cells but he suspects it’s a lot of people and they are all from Pine valley. Griffin tells Ryan that the reason he couldn’t tell Kendall the truth is because he thinks that Zach may be a part of the Orpheus project.

(Hospital) David tells Greenlee that she needs to talk to someone who has gone through the same thing she is going through now. Greenlee tells David that she keeps dreaming that there is someone in the room next to her when she was recovering from her motorcycle accident and the person was lying on a gurney. David tells Greenlee that her dream really happened there was another person in the room with her and Greenlee demands to know the identity of the person. David doesn’t want to tell Greenlee anything but Greenlee tells David that she needs him desperately because she doesn’t know how to fix what is wrong with her. Greenlee also tells David that he needs her to keep quiet about his research because he isn’t ready to go public with it yet. David tells Greenlee that she will find out who the person is soon enough but he does tell her that the person was someone close to both of them who was taken from them too soon. Greenlee wants more information but a nurse tells her its time to leave so she leaves David’s room.

(Park) JR continues to look at AJ playing and starts to move toward him but Tad tells him not to even think about kidnapping AJ because that is something Adam would do. Tad tells JR that if AJ isn’t enough reason to make him want to get sober then he should just keep drinking. Tad tells JR he promised Dixie he would look after him but there are some things JR must do for himself and he tells him that he hopes that he will throw away the bottle in his hand. JR tells tad that he is JR Chandler he isn’t some drunk nobody but Tad tells JR he will soon be a drunk nobody if he doesn’t stop drinking. Tad takes AJ home and JR finds a drunken bum who offers him a sip of his bottle and he tells the bum that he doesn’t drink with strangers. The bum tells JR that he was somebody but now he is nobody but he always has time to offer a bottle to another drunk. JR sits down on the park bench and drinks from the bottle the bum offered him.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Kendall interrupts Ryan and Griffin’s conversation and Ryan tells them both that they need to talk and asks them to lock up when they leave. Griffin tells Kendall that he isn’t working on David’s project anymore and he is ready to be honest with her.

(Oak Haven) Erica gets into Dixie’s room and Erica asks her if she remembers her but Dixie doesn’t say a word. Erica tells Dixie that she will get her help and take her to the hospital for treatment. Dixie says no to David and Erica wonders what David did to Dixie. Dixie cries loudly and the orderly arrives to take Erica out of the room. Janet tells Erica that Ralph is mad at her because she was only supposed to be in Dixie’s room five minutes and she stayed longer.

(Hospital) David tells someone on the phone to find Dixie now or the entire project is in trouble.

(Krystal’s) Tad arrives with AJ and Cara sends him to get a sundae and Tad tells Cara that he did the hardest thing he ever had to do which was let JR take care of himself. Tad tells Cara that he is ready to plan their vacation to Martha’s Vineyard

(ConFusion) Ryan tells Greenlee everything Griffin told him about David’s project and Greenlee tells Ryan that David wanted her to go away to get treatment but she told him she wouldn’t go with him. Ryan thinks that is good and he will handle David from now on but Greenlee tells Ryan she must continue with their plan.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Griffin tells Kendall that he was afraid to tell her the truth because he didn’t want to open up old wounds since she was finally getting stronger again. Griffin explains to Kendall about how David is using stem cells to bring people back to life and that he suspects that David may have used this same procedure to bring Zach back to life. Kendall insists that Zach is dead and tells Griffin to get out.

(ConFusion) Greenlee tells Ryan that David told her that her dream really happened and that the person who was in the room with her is someone close to both of them who was taken from them too soon. Ryan immediately says Leo and holds Greenlee because he understands why she had a bad day. Greenlee has thoughts of Leo and the happy times they shared together.

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