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All My Children Update Friday 7/29/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica enters the exercise room at Oak Haven where Janet is leading Marian, Annie, and others in doing yoga stretches. Annie says it's not working for her. Erica watches as Marian starts to talk to her about seeing Jack. Janet tells Erica they are doing yoga to relieve stress and focus the mind. Janet suggests Erica should try it. Erica argues with Annie again as Janet stops them.

David remains in his hospital bed. He wakes up and sees Marissa sitting at his bedside. David calls it a nice surprise. Marissa asks if he's ok. David says he'll live no thanks to Erica. Marissa tells him that she heard that he used Erica. David asks if she thinks he had this coming. Marissa tells him that he always pushes people too far. David asks why she's here if she thinks he deserved it. Marissa responds with love.

Cara finds Griffin sitting outside and asks if he's waiting for Kendall. Griffin informs Cara that he and Kendall broke up because she thinks he's keeping something from her. Cara asks him if he is.

JR gets out of the pool and asks Tad if he had to throw him into the water. Tad says he'd rather do that than see him take another drink. JR argues with Tad and Tad tells him that he's going to ruin AJ's life.

Dixie lays in bed and has nightmares about David.

Erica joins in the yoga and continues arguing with everyone. A guard comes in and says they have a new patient. Opal comes in and acts crazy so that she's looked at as a patient and says she will save them all. Erica gets up and thinks there must be a mistake because Opal's not crazy. Opal continues her act as the guard leaves to go take care of something else. Erica asks what Opal is doing. Opal argues with Marian and Annie tells her that she's not crazy. Annie argues with Opal. Janet tells Opal that she's happy to see her but not surprised. Opal continues joking about cutting everyone's hair. Marian and Janet ask about their families. A guard comes back in and tells them that their time is up so they have to return. Janet, Annie, and Marian leave while Erica asks Opal what she's doing. Opal tells Erica that she's busting her out of there.

David thanks Marissa and says he loves her too. Marissa informs David that she's there out of love for Bianca. Marissa tells David that she's now with Bianca and asks if that shocks him. David asks if she's happy and Marissa responds that she's very happy. David wishes her the best. Marissa asks for his help then because Bianca is very upset about what he's done to Erica. David doesn't think Erica should get sympathy for stabbing him. David tells her that Erica might belong in Oak Haven for everyone's safety. Marissa tells him that he might belong in the hospital then for everyone's safety and wishes it was permanent as she storms out.

Griffin tells Cara that it's about David. Cara asks more about it. Griffin informs her that Ryan has been digging around for information on David. Cara wants a clue as to what it is. Griffin tells her that David's been a hell of a friend to them regardless of his reputation. Cara knows she's alive because of David. Griffin tells her that David would have gone even further to make sure she lived. Griffin calls David's brilliance ahead of his time. Cara tells him to just tell Kendall this and get back together. Griffin asks about her and Tad but Cara won't change the subject. Cara tells him that she'll only be happy if he tells her his secret. Griffin says that he can't tell her anymore. Cara asks if he's protecting her again because every time he does, he takes a big hit.

JR tells Tad that he was at Krystal's when he was giving his speech about Dixie but he didn't want to intrude. Tad reminds him that he's family. JR thinks Tad sometimes has too much faith in him. Tad disagrees. JR reminds him that his son hates him. Tad tells him that AJ doesn't hate him and knows how much he loves him. Tad insists that JR can turn this around. JR says he's not Tad and has too much Adam in it. JR tells him that he doesn't take rejection well. Tad says that AJ isn't rejecting him. JR brings up Marissa. Tad tells him that he's not the only one that has ever had his heart broken and the AJ is all that should matter to him. Tad tells JR that he can fix this if he wants to. Tad tells JR that he's every bit the man that Dixie thought he would be, he just doesn't know it. Tad tells him that he has his mother's heart and if he starts listening to it, he'll come through this fine. Tad's phone rings and he answers it. Tad is shocked to hear about what Opal did and says he'll be right there. Tad tells JR that Opal has been admitted to Oak Haven. JR tells him he should go then. Tad asks if he'll be okay. JR tells him he's going to get dry. Tad reminds him that he's not alone and he walks off.

Erica tells Opal that she's out of her mind. Opal says she just wants to get Erica out because she knows she's not insane. Opal goes over Jane's story and thinks it's clear. Erica is happy that Opal believes her and hugs her. Annie looks back in through the doorway and watches them. Annie listens from behind the door as Erica tells Opal she knew she'd understand. Erica tells Opal that Jack finally believes her and will prove she's not crazy. Erica says she might go crazy if she stays in there any longer. Opal tells her they will get her out and hide her from the police until Jack proves she's not crazy. Erica reminds her that she stabbed David but admits it felt good. Opal tells her she deserves to get out of there. Erica can't believe Opal would do this for her. Annie bursts in and says to take her with them or she'll tell.

Marissa arrives to Krystal's where Bianca and AJ sit at a table. Marissa kisses Bianca and joins them. Bianca tells Marissa that they were just talking about dads as AJ looks upset. Marissa tells AJ that JR loves him. AJ asks if he's in trouble for not wanting to see his dad. Marissa tells him that her dad makes her mad too. Marissa tells him to remember that his dad loves him and she does too as does Bianca, Miranda, Gabby and the rest of his family. Marissa tells AJ that everything will be ok.

JR stands outside and throws things into the pool. He throws furniture pieces and outside statues into the pool and covers his head in frustration.

Cara asks Griffin if David has him involved in something dangerous or illegal. Cara reminds him that they took an oath to do no harm and asks if he's honoring that because David didn't which is why David lost his license and everyone he loved. Cara asks if that's what Griffin wants or why he stayed in Pine Valley. Cara tells Griffin that Kendall is the one for him. Griffin says he wanted to avoid having to choose between his work and his personal life. Cara tells him that everyone has to make that choice and now it's his turn then she walks away.

David makes a phone call, asking if they have found Dixie yet. David says no more excuses and demands they find her.

Tad arrives to Oak Haven arguing with a worker, insisting that Opal is not crazy. She tells him that she will get Opal cleared for release and for him to wait there. Tad walks by the door to the room that Dixie is in and then turns around as Marian comes around the corner. Marian is excited to see him and hugs him, telling him that she knew he'd come and that he made her so happy. Marian says she knew Tad wouldn't forget her. She asks if Tad's here to take her home. Tad tells her that he's there for Opal as she's here by mistake. Marian says she is there by mistake too. Tad tells her that everyone remembers how much she loved Stuart. Marian thinks she's going home and continues to ramble. Tad tells her that he can't get her home. Marian tells him to do it for old times sake and kisses him. Marian thanks him for rescuing her and kisses him again then tells him she will be right back.

JR arrives at Krystal's and sees Marissa, Bianca, and AJ. JR tries to talk to AJ but he gets up and goes to Marissa. JR tells AJ that he doesn't have to be afraid of him. JR admits he was a jerk and apologizes. Marissa tells AJ that it's alright. JR says he knows a lot about dads being jerks because his dad was one that didn't love him even though he loved his dad. Marissa suggests doing this another time. JR asks AJ to go to the park and fly a kite. AJ says he doesn't want to. JR tries to convince him. Bianca adds in that AJ was feeling tired before. JR yells at her to not tell him how his kid feels. Marissa tells him to stop making a scene. JR calls Marissa a bad influence and tries to take AJ away.

Cara arrives to the hospital and checks on David. David argues with her about getting his pills and wants them now. Cara asks him what he's doing with Griffin.

Griffin sits outside and has a flashback to David telling him not to get personally involved and then to his argument with Ryan about David. Griffin has another flashback to breaking up with Kendall. Griffin gets up and walks away.

Erica tells Annie that she's not going with them. Annie threatens to tell on them. Opal thinks Annie needs to stay for more treatment. Erica tells her to stay there for Emma. Annie wants to get out for Emma. Opal tells Annie that she needs a different getaway. Erica tells Annie not to be crazy. Annie tells Erica that she's sorry for stabbing her. Annie tells Erica that if she still hates her then she hates her too so she's not getting out without her. Janet and Marian come in and interrupt them. Annie tells Erica that this is why she needs to get out. Marian insists she's getting out on her own. Janet tells Annie that she can't leave. Annie thinks she's going to be free. Annie and Janet argue so Erica and Opal step aside. Erica and Opal go towards the door but a guard stands in the way. They all continue to argue and Opal says they all need to be quiet or no one is going anywhere.

Tad remains standing in the hall. Dixie gets up from her bed and walks towards the door. Tad looks at the door as Dixie puts her hand on it from the other side. Tad touches the door from his side too. Tad hears Opal yell and goes in that direction.

Opal tells everyone that Erica goes and everyone else stays. Marian wants to go home. Annie tells her she has nothing to go home to. They argue again and a guard comes in and asking what's going on.

JR tries to pull AJ away but AJ tells him to let him go. Marissa tells JR that AJ doesn't want to go. JR blames Marissa for telling AJ what to think. JR tells Bianca to stay out of it. JR tries to pull AJ away but AJ tells JR that he hates him and doesn't want him to be his dad anymore. AJ goes back to Marissa as JR looks dejected.

David tells Cara that she must mean what he's done for Griffin. Cara tells him she appreciates what he did but thinks the debt's been paid. Cara tells David that he is screwing up Griffin's relationship with Kendall. David thinks Griffin understands the importance of their work. Cara asks if that's more important than his life. Griffin comes in and tells Cara he's got it so Cara exits. David calls Cara impressive but says she doesn't understand the meaning of their work because nobody does. Griffin says he does so David tells him that he's made the right decision. Griffin tells David that he has made the right decision and he quits. David tells Griffin he can't be serious since they are changing the world. Griffin says the price is too high. David can't believe he's putting a price on this. Griffin tells him there are too many secrets. David blames Ryan for using Kendall to turn Griffin against him. Griffin calls it his own decision. David wonders how he can't get this. David tells him that death always comes in people's lives but it doesn't have to happen. David asks him how can he turn away from this power to have a picnic with Kendall.

JR says he's not a monster. Marissa tells him that she knows that. JR tells AJ he loves him. JR says one day AJ will understand it. JR walks over and grabs a bottle. He tells them to tell Krystal to put it on his tab and heads out. Marissa wants to go after him but Bianca reminds him that she has his keys. Marissa wonders who will take care of JR. Bianca tells her that the only one that can help JR is himself.

Tad comes into the Oak Haven room and everyone quiets down. Janet and Annie try to talk to Tad. Marian asks Tad if they can go now. Tad tells Erica that it won't be long. Opal continues acting crazy. Tad drags Opal out of the room and Erica is left behind. Annie mocks Erica for losing her friend. Annie tells Erica that she will discover that she's not better than them. Annie grabs Erica but Erica shoves her down. Annie claims that Erica attacked her. Annie calls Erica crazy and violent. Erica says she barely touched her but Annie claims her arm is broken. Guards come in to check and everyone agrees that Erica did touch Annie. The guard tells Erica that she is being taken to isolation.

Griffin asks David who else is part of Project Orpheus. David reminds him they already had this number of conversation. David calls him desperate and asks if he wonders the answer will cost him Kendall because it just might.

Marissa and Bianca go walking in the park with AJ. They suggest still flying a kite and AJ agrees. Bianca looks in her purse and realizes her car keys are gone.

JR had taken Bianca's keys and starts her car. JR takes a drink and then starts to drive.

Tad brings Opal to Krystal's. Opal blames Tad for spoiling her plan because she was about to free Erica. Opal brings up Tad getting Dixie out of Oak Haven years ago. Tad laughs at Opal's attempt while Opal insists that it would've worked. Opal tells Tad she's mad at him. Tad asks Opal if she saw anything or anyone unusual at Oak Haven. Opal tells him that everyone there is unusual and asks why. Tad says never mind and Opal walks on to the back of Krystal's. Cara comes out and sees Tad. Cara hugs him and says she knows it's been stressful lately so she thinks they should have a timeout. Tad doesn't want to meditate again. Cara suggests they really go away alone right now.

The guard drags Erica down the hall as she argues that they can't put her in isolation as Annie deserves it instead of her. Erica is brought into a room and she is shocked to find Dixie in the bed.

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