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All My Children Update Thursday 7/28/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Madison talks with Kendall and Greenlee at Fusion about her ideas. Greenlee asks Kendall if she's really over with Griffin. Kendall tells her they are through and continues talking to Madison about the new line. They ask Greenlee but Greenlee keeps talking about Kendall and Griffin. Greenlee tells her not to let David get between them. Kendall says that Griffin decided not to be honest with her.

David is on the phone demanding someone to find Dixie no matter what it takes. David hangs up and begins removing the wires and IV. David removes everything and starts to get out of his hospital bed. David gets up and almost falls over as Griffin rushes in and puts him back in the bed. Griffin asks if he was trying to make a run for it. David tells him he has got to get out of there. Griffin asks if it's about his other patients.

Dixie lays in a bed in Oak Haven. She sits up and looks around looking terrified.

JR sits outside at the pool as Scott walks up and tells him that he should check his messages because everyone at Chandler is trying to get in touch with him. JR tells him that he doesn't care since he has a family to salvage.

Jack sits with Opal and Tad at their place. They tell Tad about Erica's story and Tad is surprised to hear it. Jack says that Oak Haven isn't allowing Erica visitors and he was hoping Tad could help him with that.

Janet talks with Erica in Oak Haven. Janet tells her how much fun they have with arts and crafts. Janet points out Marian and Erica is surprised to see her. Marian wonders who Erica is visiting. Janet tells her that Erica is here to stay and says everyone has nicknames here. Erica asks Marian how she is. Marian starts talking about Stuart. Janet points Erica in another direction and says she's sure she remembers Annie. Annie comes in and asks how could Erica forget. Erica says she'd never forget a person who tried to kill her. Annie brings up how she stabbed Erica and now Erica has done the same thing. Erica and Annie argue about their sanity. Erica calls her psychotic. Janet gets in between them and tells them they are all friends. Janet tells them that they move forward here so discussions about their pasts are banned. Janet jokes with Erica about their past. Janet suggests she and Erica be partners in arts and crafts.

JR tells Scott that he doesn't understand because he doesn't have a girlfriend. Scott reminds him that he doesn't. JR points out that he has AJ and he means everything to him. Scott tells him that family bliss is not found at the bottom of a bottle. Scott asks JR what's wrong with him and brings up the shareholders freaking out. JR says he doesn't care and tells Scott to make a run for the company. JR says he doesn't give a damn about Scott, the company, or anything else. JR says he just wants his son back. Scott tells him that he had his son but he fell off the wagon. JR walks away from him.

Greenlee tells Kendall not to jump the gun and punish him. Kendall thinks Griffin is lying. Greenlee suggests she give Griffin time to realize that David is using him. Madison interrupts and tells them to hold off the personal stuff for the business. Greenlee tells Madison that sometimes the personal stuff can't take a backseat. Greenlee tries to commend Madison but she walks away from them. Kendall tells Greenlee that Madison is just going through a rough time and will be fine. Greenlee tells Kendall that she's going to see David at the hospital so he can believe she's having a relapse and she exits.

Griffin asks David who his other patients are. David tells him that he wishes he could tell him the truth and trust him. Griffin says he's never betrayed him. David tells him that he's been warming up to the enemy in Kendall and Ryan. Griffin informs David that he broke up with Kendall because she wanted him to talk to her about Orpheus. David calls it harsh. Griffin tells him that he torched his relationship with Kendall for his secret. Griffin tells him to tell him what's going on.

Tad finishes a phone call and tells Jack and Opal that he talked to someone at Oak Haven and they might can get them in to see Erica. Opal and Jack are happy about it and Tad says he will be going with them.

Dixie gets up from her bed in Oak Haven. She bangs on the door and starts yelling let me out.

David tells Griffin that if he wants honesty, he's better off without Kendall because she's way too volatile. Griffin asks about the other patients. David tells him to let it go. Griffin asks if they are in danger and knows it must be important. David calls it extremely important. Griffin asks if they're all like Greenlee and Maria, connected to him and Pine Valley. Griffin wonders if their families know they are alive. David tells him that he does not need to know. Griffin gets upset and exits David's room.

Erica sits with Janet, Annie, and Marian making arts and crafts. Janet asks Erica about Amanda and Trevor. Erica says she doesn't know as she was held captive. Annie laughs at Erica stabbing someone. Marian mentions that Scott visits her when he can. Annie comments that Scott's never come to see her. Janet asks Erica more about Amanda. Janet and Annie argue so Erica gets up and walks away. Erica sits at another table by herself so Marian gets up and joins her. Marian tells her that the first few days are the scariest. Erica says she isn't scared but impatient as she's just waiting for Jack to come to his senses and when he does, she'll be out in no time.

JR arrives at Tad's to see AJ. Jack exits to go to Oak Haven and Tad says he will see him there. Tad tells JR that Krystal is upstairs and JR should apologize to her. JR says he's here to see AJ. Tad asks if he's sober. JR tells him to get a breathalyzer. Tad doesn't want to do that. JR tells him to save his lecture on what a screw up he is because he got the memo. Tad doesn't think he did.

Kendall tells Madison that she's sorry about Greenlee. Madison just wants to get to work. Kendall talks to Madison about ideas for the line. Griffin arrives and Madison says there goes that then walks away so Griffin can talk to Kendall. Griffin tells her that he's sorry the way thing ended as it's not what he wanted. Griffin tells her that he just wanted to be clear that he cares about her and agrees there's no place for secrets. Kendall asks if he's decided to let her in.

Greenlee arrives to David's room at the hospital. David tells her she doesn't have a plug to pull on him. Greenlee admits the thought crossed her mind but killing him doesn't work in her favor because as much as she hates to admit it, he might be the one person who can keep her alive and she doesn't want to die.

Krystal comes downstairs and confronts JR. She tells him that she'll let him do the talking. JR apologizes to her for barging in while drunk. JR can't believe they can't see where he was coming from because his wife left him for another woman and is keeping AJ from him. JR says he's not the one in the wrong. JR blames Marissa for tearing up their family. Krystal calls him ridiculous as Tad tries to calm JR down. JR and Krystal argue as Marissa walks in with AJ and Tad yells at them that it's enough. JR talks to AJ and tells him he just got a little out of control. Marissa suggests JR leaves but JR shouts that he's not leaving without his son.

Annie mocks Janet's drawing at Oak Haven. Marian tells them to be quiet as she sits with Erica. A guard comes in and tells them that their time is up and they have to go out to the exercise yard. They all get up but he tells Erica that she's staying behind for something special. The other three leave as Erica wonders what this is about. Jack enters and Erica greets him with a hug, saying she knew that he'd come. Erica doesn't understand how Jack got in. Jack tells her that he is now her attorney in this. Erica asks if that means he believes her. Jack tells her that it means he loves her. Jack sits down with Erica and tells her that he wants to believe her but the story is wild. Erica asks if he still believes that she belongs in here. Jack tells her that she belongs with him and he'll do anything he can to make it happen. Erica knows it sounds extreme but she swears it's the truth. Jack thinks there has to be proof and when he finds it, he'll gladly say he was wrong. Erica asks how David is. Jack tells her that he will live. Erica is relieved to hear it. Jack tells her to start at the beginning and not leave anything out.

Tad tells JR that he doesn't want to do this. Tad tells him to go home and he'll talk to Marissa about bringing AJ by later on. JR agrees and tells AJ that he will see him later. JR exits. Krystal asks Marissa if she's alright. Marissa tells her that she's not the one to be worried about and she thanks Tad. Tad asks her if it's okay to bring AJ to JR's later and says he'll stay there the whole time. AJ tells them that he doesn't want to go see JR.

Greenlee tells David that the leg numbness is getting worse. David asks if she's asking for his help. She tells him that he fixed her the first time and she needs him to do it again. David asks if she's told Ryan about this. Greenlee says she hasn't yet. David tells Greenlee that she's lying because he knows she wouldn't keep a secret like this from Ryan again after what happened with Madison.

Griffin tells Kendall that he wants to tell her the truth but he can't because of a lot of reasons. Kendall tells him to just tell her what it is. Griffin says it's bigger than anything else. Kendall asks him about his research. Griffin says he doesn't have all the answers yet. Kendall wants to know what little he does know. Griffin says he can't because people's lives are at stake. Kendall asks him what's going on and what he's involved in. Griffin tells her that he doesn't want it to end like this. Kendall says it doesn't have to as secrets were the last thing she thought would tear them apart. Griffin asks her to trust him.

Madison sits out in the park on a bench drawing. Scott walks up and greets her. Scott comments on her new look, saying she always looks great. Madison tells him that it's for her new line at Fusion called Fierce. Scott calls it great and is glad to hear they're taking her seriously at Fusion. Scott sits with her and jokes around with her. Madison asks how he's been. Scott says he's been alright and working. Scott assumes he doesn't have to ask how she's doing because it looks like she took over the world.

Jack tells Erica that he hoped the story would sound more plausible the second time. Jack asks about Jane and Erica says she doesn't know where she went and realizes it was a big mistake to let them go. She says she just wanted to come home so badly. Jack asks about Ben causing an accident that killed Jane's daughter. Jack wants to look into it. Erica tells Jack about the plastic surgeon that did Jane's facial surgery and he might know something. Jack thinks he may have gone into hiding. Jack tells Erica that he believes her and realizes that she's telling the truth but isn't sure about proving it. Erica tells him that believing her is enough. She thanks him for not giving up on her. Jack says he never would.

Kendall questions trusting Griffin. She says she can't forget that David is involved because of the destruction he's caused on the town. Kendall thinks Griffin doesn't understand it. Griffin reminds her that she trusted him before. Kendall tells him not to throw saving her life in her face. She says she was just her doctor back then and she needed him but now she doesn't. Kendall tells him that a relationship is all about being open and honest. Griffin thinks it's also about compromise. Kendall tells him that she can't compromise on this. Griffin asks if that's it then. Kendall tells him that she doesn't want to end this because she loves what they had and misses it. Griffin insists they can still have it but Kendall says not unless he tells her everything as that's the only way it will work. Griffin tells her he's sorry but he can't for her sake. Kendall questions what he means by for her sake and wonders what David is doing.

Greenlee tells David that she didn't come for marriage counseling and starts to leave. David stops her and says she can't blame him for being skeptical. David finds it hard to believe that she would keep something this big from Ryan. Greenlee tells him that Ryan has been through too much stress and she doesn't even know what it is yet. Greenlee says something is going on but she doesn't know if it's temporary. She doesn't want to worry Ryan. David tells her that he can't know without a proper examination. Greenlee thinks he can tell her something and wonders if it's connected to him healing her the first time. Greenlee asks David if he saved her life knowing it wouldn't last. She tells him to be straight with her and asks if she's going to die.

Scott and Madison continue to talk in the park. Madison says she was so frustrated when she came out here but thanks Scott for making her smile. Scott jokes with her and makes her smile again. Madison wonders if her line will ever get off the ground. Scott assures her it will. Madison asks if Scott is out here to get away too. Scott tells her about Chandler and JR so he works on the gatehouse. Madison comments that she'd like to see the gatehouse and Scott tells her to come by some time.

JR sits outside the Mansion as Tad arrives. JR asks about AJ. Tad tells him that AJ isn't feeling well. JR assumes that Marissa said no and Krystal backed her up. Tad tells him that's not it. JR can't believe he left AJ there and that Tad is keeping AJ from him. Tad informs JR that AJ didn't want to come. Tad thinks AJ is just a little too freaked out. JR thinks that's insane. Tad asks if you can blame AJ. JR tells Tad that he's trying to save AJ from him. JR tells Tad that AJ needs to get away from Marissa. JR says he has a team of lawyers and he's going to get his son back. JR takes his bottle for a drink but Tad takes the bottle from him and shoves him off into the pool, telling him he's not going to get his son back like this.

Griffin tells Kendall that he came to explain things but has only made them worse and he's sorry for putting her in this position. Griffin hopes that one day she will understand and forgive him. Griffin exits as Kendall looks sad.

David tells Greenlee that she's not going to die because he won't let her. David says she can't tell anyone that he's helping her. Greenlee says she understands. She asks what they do next whether it's medication or therapy. David says he has to take her somewhere for treatment. Greenlee wonders why they can't do it here. David says that's not how it works. Greenlee tries to get more out of him but David says he needs his rest and he'll be in touch.

Jack tells Erica that he will be back to see her again soon. Jack apologizes for not believing in her. He asks her to believe in him because he will do anything he can. Erica says she believes in him and knows she can survive this. Jack hugs Erica as Dixie is walked by in the hallway by a guard. Dixie stops and looks in the door at Erica and Jack then the guard pulls her away.

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