AMC Update Wednesday 7/27/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/27/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jesse and Angie talk at home about Maya being a live-in nanny. Jesse is unsure about it but Angie insists. Maya arrives and Angie starts talking to her about scheduling. Jesse stops her and says he has some questions for Maya before they get too into it.

Jake and Amanda sit at the hospital waiting for Amanda's checkup. Jake tells her that he still has some questions and they talk about being scared. Jake tells her he loves her and assure her that everything will be fine. Jake gets up and goes to check on what's taking so long. Cara walks up to Amanda and asks how she's doing. Amanda tells her that she has cancer.

JR takes some pills at home as Tad arrives. JR tells him not to lecture him. Tad tells him the pills won't do a thing. JR goes to leave but Tad stops him and says he wants to talk to him about something he said while drunk. JR laughs and says he doesn't remember anything he said. Tad tells JR that he said he saw his mother.

Brot sits on a bench out in the park and eats some donuts. Brot gets up and walks off, leaving his box of donuts on the bench. Dixie comes out from behind a post and runs over to the bench. Dixie starts eating the donuts. Brot comes back and tells her that she can take two if she wants because she looks pretty hungry. Dixie starts to run away but Brot stops her and assures her that he isn't trying to hurt her. Brot promises not to come closer and tells her to go ahead and eat. Dixie continues eating a donut. Brot asks if he can call anyone for her that might be worried where she is. Brot tells her to give him a name as she keeps eating.

JR tells Tad that he must have been drunker than he thought if he said he saw his mom. Tad asks JR if he remembers anything else while he was drunk. Tad explains that JR got into an ugly fight with Krystal. JR worries that AJ might have seen it but is relieved to hear he didn't. Tad thinks JR sounded convinced that he had seen Dixie. JR blames the alcohol. JR wonders why Tad is so rattled by it. Tad says that a lot of reminders of Dixie have been popping up lately.

Amanda and Cara talk about Amanda having cancer. Cara tells her not to be afraid to ask questions. Cara says she's sorry. Amanda thanks her as Jake returns. Jake says it's going to take a bit and offers to take Amanda for a walk. Cara tells them that they know where to find if her if they need her. Amanda thanks Cara for being there for her in the beginning when she took the test. Cara's glad she could help. Amanda says she didn't have to after what she did to her. Jake tells them it's all in the past and Cara agrees. Amanda says that she's been insecure all of her life and was so jealous of Jake and Cara that it made her feel deep down that she never deserved Jake. Amanda tells Cara that she just wants her to know where her apology is coming from. Cara says she appreciates it but she's the one that owes Amanda the apology.

Jesse sits with Maya and asks if she has experience with children. Maya tells Jesse that she's babysat a lot of children. Angie says that she already had this discussion with Maya. Angie sends Maya to go check on Lucy. Angie asks Jesse what's with all the questions. Jesse says they are just questions that need to be asked. Angie thinks there's more to it and wants Jesse to tell her the truth. Angie asks him why he's behaving like this and giving Maya the 3rd degree. Jesse thinks they got to be extra careful when it comes to her living with them. Angie tells Jesse that she's gone over Maya's background and there's nothing that causes her any real concern. Angie admits to Jesse that she think Maya has been in an unhealthy relationship but she thinks Maya moving in can help the situation. Jesse thinks it will cause problems. Angie says they'll get a sweet wonderful nanny and also help Maya get back on her feet. Jesse states that they barely know her. Frankie arrives and Angie tells him to talk to Jesse about the situation. Angie thinks Jesse is being too overprotective. Maya comes back in and tells Angie she changed Lucy's diaper and she fell back asleep. Maya tells Angie that she thinks she should go to the Chandler's. Angie offers to go with her for moral support when she quits. Maya accepts her offer and they exit. Frankie asks Jesse what he walked in on. Jesse tells him that he just has reservations about bringing Maya in as a live in nanny. Frankie wonders why since Angie loves her. Jesse tells Frankie that he did a background check on Maya and found something that bothered him. Jesse tells Frankie that Maya recently gave up her baby.

Jake tells Amanda and Cara that they don't need to rehash their history. Cara blames herself for messing up their relationship. Amanda wants to hear what Cara has to say. Cara admits that at first she couldn't believe Jake could be in love with someone else. Cara and Amanda agree that they both did terrible things. Jake jokes that he'll never understand the female minds. Amanda thinks what she did was worse. Cara says it actually led her to Tad so she'll always be grateful for that.

Tad tells JR that his grandfather, Dixie's father, died. JR wonders why no one told him. Tad explains that he was sent a box of Dixie's personal things. Tad gives JR an old drawing that he made that Dixie had saved. Tad tells JR that Kathy swore she saw Dixie and now JR said it too. JR asks Tad if he thinks Dixie's trying to communicate from the grave. JR says he misses Dixie every day and reminds Tad where she collapsed in the house. JR tells Tad that he's the one who needs help and to get his act together. Tad says maybe he does but he loves JR and is praying that he finds motivation to get help. JR tells Tad that he's just motivating him to go to the bar. Tad tells JR that he's just blaming everyone but himself. JR tells him to drop the mysterious Dixie crap. Tad calls it a nice way to talk about his mother. JR says Dixie would be disappointed in him more than ever. Tad thinks she'd just be worried sick like he is. Tad tells JR he's there if he needs him and exits as JR shouts after him not to wait for him to call. JR sits down looking at his old cards from Dixie's box.

Frankie asks Jesse how he found out that Maya gave up her baby. Jesse reminds him that he's the chief of police. Frankie has a problem with people getting into medical records. Jesse tells him he didn't do that. Frankie calls giving up her baby a brave thing to do. Frankie tells Jesse that this is just a job for Maya and he's in Angie's corner. Jesse thinks Maya should have told them. Jesse thinks Maya could get attached to Lucy and start to miss her own baby.

Angie and Maya arrive to the Chandlers as JR tells Maya that she's late. Maya informs him that she's going to work for the Hubbards so she is quitting. JR tells her that he doesn't want to hear her story and tells her to go ahead and leave. Mookie comes in and tells JR that he's been trying to get in touch with him. JR tells Mookie that he can now help Maya out the door. Maya informs Mookie that she quit and is moving in with the Hubbards to work. Mookie is surprised and Maya says she'll explain later. Maya goes upstairs to get ready to go. Mookie goes to follow her but Angie grabs his arm and tells him to let her go alone. Mookie tells Angie that she doesn't have to grab him like that.

Jake, Amanda, and Cara continue talking at the hospital. Cara tells Amanda she's there to talk since she's been through cancer. Amanda thanks her and Cara walks on. Jake hugs Amanda and tells her that they will be fine then kisses her.

Brot tells Dixie that the park is not a safe place to stay. Dixie backs away from him. Brot asks if she has any family. Dixie doesn't respond. Brot asks her where she was living before she started to stay in the park. Dixie takes another donut and runs away so Brot runs after her.

Frankie tells Jesse that he thinks he's going overboard. Jesse says he's trying to protect his family. Frankie thinks he's being paranoid. Jesse reminds him what they have been through. Frankie tells him that he thinks Maya is a sweet kid and Jesse should trust him. Frankie admits to Jesse that he treated Maya after she gave up the baby. Frankie tells Jesse that Maya is just looking for a fresh start. Jesse thanks him for telling him and tells him to watch Lucy as he leaves.

Angie tells Mookie that the Chandlers was not a good place to work for Maya. Mookie argues with her that it was. Angie says it was her only option when she first came. Angie tells him that nothing is stopping Mookie from seeing Maya. Angie tells him that Maya will be able to choose who she does and doesn't see.

Jesse goes to the park and meets with Brot and asks what his problem is. Brot tells Jesse about the woman he had been talking to but he lost her. Brot wants Jesse to help him find her. Jesse tells Brot about things getting more complicated with Maya. Jesse tells him about Angie having Maya move in and that Frankie treated Maya after she gave up the baby. Brot thinks it could just be a coincidence. Jesse doesn't want Maya living with them and says he has to figure out something before it's too late.

Cara comes home and sits on the couch, telling Tad that she's exhausted. Tad tells her the same as he just came from seeing JR who has not just fallen off the wagon but been ran over by it. Cara tells him she's sorry and Tad asks her about her morning. Cara informs Tad that Amanda has cervical cancer. Tad is shocked and asks how long they've known and if he should call Jake. Cara tells him they will be at the hospital most of the morning. Tad worries about Amanda and asks how they're doing. Cara tells him that Jake is being loving and supportive while trying not to worry. Tad says he can't do a thing to help anyone like JR, Amanda or Jake so he's useless. Cara tells Tad to stay there as she gets up and tells Tad that they're going to the beach. Cara and Tad then sit in front of the couch pretending it's the beach. Cara tells Tad that they are going to meditate to relieve their stress. Tad is unsure about it. Tad jokes about getting into the beach mood. Cara tells him to concentrate on just breathing. Tad continues to joke with her. Cara has Tad close his eyes and they start to meditate.

Jake and Amanda meet with the oncologist. He says they need to determine what stage they are in. Jake asks if there's a chance they caught it early and he says there is a chance. Amanda tells the oncologist to be completely honest with her. He tells her that they want to treat it aggressively no matter the stage and will be taking more tests. He says they will talk about a plan of action after all the results.

Angie tells Mookie that she understands he's not happy with the arrangement but she was unhappy there. Mookie thinks she was until Angie came in. Maya comes back in and Mookie can't believe she's really leaving him to work for her. Maya tells him it's just a job and Mookie storms out. Maya apologizes to Angie saying that he's not usually like this. Angie tells her it's okay. Maya wonders if she should go after him but Angie gets her to see that it's not a good idea. Angie leaves with Maya to go back home.

Brot tells Jesse to take a step back. Jesse says he can't risk living in the same house with Maya. Brot thinks there will only be trouble if he tries to get rid of Maya. Jesse tells him that he feels the bond when he sees Maya with Lucy. Jesse brings up what will happen when Maya finds out when Lucy's birthday is and if she finds out it's really her baby. Jesse states that it can't happen. Brot asks Jesse what he needs him to do. Jesse tells him that he's got to go and rushes off. Brot hears a sound and heads in the opposite direction.

Amanda and Jake tell the oncologist that they hope the cancer hasn't spread. Amanda still wants to know how to get rid of it and asks if she can still have more children. He tells her that there are ways to destroy the cancer and still allow her to have children. Amanda asks more about it. He says there are many ways to go about it and there is a chance she couldn't get pregnant again. Jake hugs Amanda as she cries.

Maya and Angie go back home and Maya tells her how grateful she is for her coming with her and her new job. Maya admits she wasn't happy working at the Chandlers. Angie tells her it will be good for both of them especially since she wants to go back to work eventually. Maya states that it means a lot that Angie trusts her with Lucy. Angie says they will go inside to get her settled in her new home. As they go inside, Mookie comes around the corner and watches them go in.

Cara and Tad continue meditating. Tad continues to joke with her. Tad asks Cara if the beach thing is just something she would do. Cara tells him that she would like to go on the beach with him alone as they finish meditating.

JR sits outside with his feet in the pool and throws his old drawings and cards from Dixie's box into the water. JR takes another drink.

Brot brings Dixie to Oak Haven and brings her to a guard for psychiatric evaluation. Dixie tries to run, but Brot stops her and promises that no one is going to hurt her. Brot brings Dixie into the room as she begins screaming no and says no needles. Brot puts her in the room and hurries out as Dixie cries no.

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