AMC Update Tuesday 7/26/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/26/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hubbard House) Jesse gets a call from Brot telling him that David will make a full recovery and the DNA results he was waiting for to find out if Maya is Lucy’s biological mother will be in soon. Jesse tells Angie has to go the hospital and he gives her a kiss before he heads to the hospital.

(Amanda and Jake’s place) Opal tells Amanda she couldn’t sleep at all last night because she was worried about Erica. Amanda can’t believe the took Erica to oak Haven and opal apologizes to Amanda for talking about Erica when she should be asking her how she is feeling. Amanda tells Opal that she feels like everything is going to be okay and sends Opal to go check on Erica. Erica looks at Trevor and tells him everything is going to be okay.

(Hospital) Kendall, Jack and Bianca worry about Erica and neither of them can believe that they are happy that David is alive. Jack blames himself for not seeing the signs of Erica’s breakdown sooner and getting her into treatment earlier. Jack is angry that David knew Erica was suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome and he took advantage of her to get control of the hospital. David thanks Griffin for saving his life and Griffin demands to know what David was talking about before surgery when he said that if he died they would all die too. David tells Griffin that he was just worried about the progress of the Orpheus project if he died. Griffin keeps pushing David until David admits that there were more people involved in the project besides Greenlee and Maria Santos. Griffin is angry that David lied to him and tells him that he doesn’t have the right to interfere in other people’s lives. David tells Griffin that he said something different when he asked David to help him find a doctor that could save Cara’s life. David tells Griffin he was going to reveal his project to everyone but then Greenlee started complaining about pain in her legs so now he needs to check that everything is okay. David asks Griffin to give him time to recover and find out if Greenlee is okay or if she is lying to get information for Ryan. Griffin promises not to tell anyone yet but he makes it clear to David that he won’t stop trying to find out the truth. David tells Griffin that what he just said is what he should tell Ryan if he keeps asking questions.

(Hubbard house) Maya arrives with Mookie who looks around the house and picks up a heavy ugly statue and is surprised when Angie knows that he picked up the statue. Angie explains that the statue is Heavy and she heard it scratch against the table when he picked it up. Maya thinks its time for Mookie to leave and he tells her he will be back to pick her up later and she had better answer her phone. Mookie leaves and Angie tells Maya that she heard something in Mookie’s tone of voice that makes her think that he is controlling. Angie tells Maya the details of how her father controlled her every move when she was younger and she didn’t think that she and Jesse should be together so he did everything in his power to keep them away from each other. Angie tells Maya her father made her put Frankie up for adoption Maya starts to cry and tells Angie that it is because her words made her sad. Angie tells Maya standing up to her father took all the strength she had but it was worth it.

(Hospital) Jesse that the DNA results confirm that Maya is Lucy’s biological mother and Brot thinks Jesse should calm down because Maya may not know that Lucy is her daughter. Jesse thinks Maya found Lucy and cake to Pine Valley to take her away from him and Angie. Jesse wants to find out about Maya so he goes to talk to Frankie who tells him that he can’t violate doctor patient confidentiality. Jake gets Amanda’s test results and heads home to tell her the news. A Jesse worry that Angie will find out that Lucy isn’t hr child and that he lied and didn’t tell her that Ellie died.

(Hubbard house) Maya tells Angie that Mookie may seem controlling but he only worries because he loves her so much. Maya tells Angie that she doesn’t like working for the Chandlers anymore because she has to keep secrets. Angie offers Maya a job as Lucy’s live in nanny and she takes the job but Jesse looks worried when he arrives home and Angie tells him the news.

(Park) Dixie walks around and feels her forehead and feels very hot and can’t catch her breath.

(Hospital) Opal arrives and Bianca and Jack tell her all the details about Erica’s ordeal and her look alike Jane and Opal believes her gal pal is telling the truth and tells Jack they must get her out of Oak Haven now. Jack and Bianca are surprised that Opal believes Erica and Opal tells them that she may not know much about Erica but she knows that she wouldn’t go off the wagon and into David’s bed because Erica loves jack too much. Kendall arrives to visit David and tells him that he can press charges against her if he wants but he must leave Erica and her family alone. David ells Kendall that she has no idea what she is asking because he has done more for her then she knows. Kendall is confused by David’s words and tells him that she will be keeping a close eye on him. Kendall sees Griffin in the hallway and tells him that Ryan told her that he has been helping David with a project. Kendall is hurt that Griffin lied to her and demands that Griffin tell her the truth or their relationship is finished. Griffin tells Kendall he can’t tell her the truth right now and he understands that their relationship must end.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Jake tells Amanda that she has cancer and they must do more tests to find out what stage the caner is in Amanda tells Jake not to hold her right now because she will lose it. Amanda wants them to have lunch before they talk. Jake and Amanda have lunch and after that Amanda tells Jake that she has been doing a lot of thinking and if she is ever not able to take care of Trevor he must marry someone that he loves because Trevor has to have a mother in his life. Jake tells Amanda that he can’t promise her that because he intends to help her fight this cancer and they will win. Amanda tells Jake she is scared and cries while Jake holds her. Amanda tells Jake that she doesn’t want to die and Jake assures Amanda that he won’t let her die.

(Hospital) David calls someone and asks that person if he knows where Ben is and then he tells the person not to worry about Ben. David orders the person to find Dixie fast.

(Park) Dixie continues to walk around the park and then she sits down on a bench because she is struggling to breathe.

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