AMC Update Monday 7/25/11

All My Children Update Monday 7/25/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(David’s office) Griffin arrives to search and tries to find out how far David has gone with the Orpheus project. Ryan arrives and thinks that Griffin is searching because he is finally starting to doubt David but Griffin tells Ryan he just wants to look for the truth. Ryan asks Griffin to tell him what the Orpheus project is and tells Griffin that if it is a worthy project he might invest in it. Griffin will only tell Ryan that it is a research project and when Ryan wonders if the project involves bringing people back to life Griffin doesn’t say a word. Griffin tells Ryan that the project is too important to allow him to ruin it.

(ConFusion) Erica screams at David to stop lying but he insists he will say anything she wants in order for her to calm down. Jack and Jesse clearly look like they don’t believe a word Erica has told them about her ordeal.

(Krystal’s) Tad tells Cara that she is an amazing woman because not every wife would be with her husband at a memorial service for his ex wife. Kendall arrives and Tad explains to her that they had a memorial service for Dixie so he could finally let Dixie go. Cara tells Kendall that the service was very sweet and that if Tad ever decides to stop being a private investigator he should become a master of ceremonies and Kendall agrees that Tad is good at gathering people together for events. Kendall wonders why Griffin is late for their date and Cara tells her that Griffin really cares about her but he tends to get distracted by the hospital. Kendall decides to go home and asks Cara to tell Griffin she was there in case he arrives to meet her. Tad and Cara toast to putting the past behind them and moving forward together.

(ConFusion) Jack and Jesse assure Erica that they don’t think she is crazy they just want to know all the facts about her ordeal. Erica tells them the whole story beginning with how she was kidnapped from the wedding rehearsal, blindfolded and kept in an exact replica of her own bedroom to the fact that she finally managed to persuade Jane and Ben to let her go. Jack and Jesse still don’t believe Erica so she cries and asks Jack to please believe that she would never leave him to be with David. Erica demands that David tell Jack and Jesse that he wasn’t fooled by Jane and once he discovered the truth he used Jane to gain ownership of the hospital but David doesn’t say a word.

(Park) JR thinks he is having a dream where Dixie comes to talk to him because he is really drunk. JR sits down beside a sleeping Dixie on the ground and apologizes to her for disappointing her once again. JR tells Dixie that he had to drink because he couldn’t deal with the pain of Marissa leaving him for Bianca. JR tells Dixie that the last time he dreamed about her was when he almost died and maybe it would have been better if he had died because he doesn’t feel like living anymore. JR tells Dixie that he really misses her and he wishes that she were still alive. JR cries and tells him that he thinks he has to get it together for AJ’s sake because AJ has suffered a lot of loss for such a young age and he can’t lose his father too. JR tells Dixie that he has really enjoyed talking to her and he gives Dixie a kiss on the head before he leaves.

(ConFusion) Erica is hurt when Jack tells Erica that she needs to talk to someone about her ordeal. David nods his head and takes Erica’s arms and she screams for David to let her go but he keeps holding her. Erica manages to free one arm from David’s grasp and grabs a knife that is on the table and stabs David. Griffin who has been waiting for Kendall tends to David. Jesse arrests Erica as David gasps that Erica needs help not jail. Jesse reads Erica her rights and calls for someone to go pick up Erica. David is telling Griffin where his injuries are between gasps of air.

(Tad’s house) JR arrives and demands that Krystal let him see AJ Krystal tell him he can’t see AJ because she is sure that he wouldn’t want AJ to see him drunk. JR refuses to leave without seeing AJ and tells Krystal that she must be happy that Marissa is with Bianca. Krystal tells JR that she is just glad that Marissa is happy with someone. JR screams that Krystal is happy that he is miserable because she is a lonely woman who can’t keep a man. Krystal demands that JR leave and starts to call him a cab but JR grabs the phone from her and almost hits Krystal with it. JR doesn’t hit Krystal he just collapses on the floor crying and Krystal calls Tad for help. Tad arrives helps JR off the floor while JR cries and says that he doesn’t want AJ to think that he is like Adam.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall arrives home and reds a text from Griffin wondering why she isn’t at Confusion for their date. Ryan arrives and tells Kendall that Griffin is involved with David in the Orpheus project and that Griffin lied to him at first but today he told him it was a research project. Kendall defends Griffin and tells Ryan that if Griffin knew that David wanted to hurt Erica he would tell her but Ryan tells Kendall that Griffin told him that the Orpheus project was too important to let him ruin it. Kendall can’t believe that this is happening again just when she is ready to move on with her life. Kendall tells Ryan that she has been having a rough time getting Griffin to open up about his life before he came to Pine Valley. Kendall explains to Ryan that the only thing Griffin has told her is that he did research when he first began his medical career. Ryan makes Kendall promise that she won’t tell Griffin what she knows and then he hugs her and tells her he is sorry that this is happening to her. Ryan leaves and Kendall looks at a picture of Zach and wonders why he had to die and leave her alone.

(Hospital) Griffin brings David in on a gurney and tells Jake that Erica stabbed David and Jake wants to draw David’s blood but he tells Griffin there is no need because he is bleeding internally and he must do the surgery to fix it nobody else.

(Chandler Mansion) Tad puts JR on the couch and brings a pillow and a blanket for him he touches his head and strokes his hair and promises that he will make sure that he gets better. Tad tells him that he will check on him tomorrow and starts to leave but JR tells him that he saw Dixie and that she is the only one that still loves him. Tad tells JR that Dixie will always love him because the love between a mother and son is forever.

(Park) Dixie awakens from sleeping looks around to see if anyone is nearby and then leaves.

(Oak Haven) Erica arrives and asks to talk to the director but the orderlies don’t listen to her a Janet tells Erica she is happy she came for a visit because they will have fun together.

(Hospital) David tells Griffin that nobody else can be in the operating room with him when he fixes his internal bleeding and he can’t let him die because if he dies they will all die too.

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