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All My Children Update Friday 7/22/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kathy and Cara run in the park as Kathy excitedly tells Cara that she saw her mom. Cara assures her that it must have been someone that looked like her mom. Kathy insists that she saw her and points to where she was but no one is there now. Kathy wonders where she went because she saw her. Cara thinks Kathy just wished it was her mom. Kathy swears that she saw her. Cara takes her for a walk as Dixie remains behind some bushes.

Erica tells Jane that she has to show her the real her before she transformed to look like Erica.

Marissa and Bianca come to the Chandler Mansion and Marissa talks to AJ. AJ comments that JR seems mad and wonders if he's ok. AJ wonders what's wrong with him as JR comes in with a drink in his hand. JR dares Marissa to tell AJ what's wrong with him.

Angie and Jesse talk at the hospital. Angie tells him that she's been looking forward to this all week. Jesse reminds her that she's trusting David. Angie says that David is earning her trust. Jesse then asks where David is

David makes an angry phone call to Ben asking where he is because Dixie's gone and they need to find her.

Cara returns home to Tad. Cara gives him a flower that Kathy picked and tells him that she dropped Kathy off with Emma. Cara tells Tad about Kathy thinking she saw Dixie. Cara says that she and Krystal both love Kathy but she thinks Kathy misses knowing her mom and Tad isn't ready to give Dixie up either.

Dixie continues walking through the park, looking around and trying to find her way.

Jane brings Erica a picture of what she used to look like and shows it to her. Jane tells her to go ahead and laugh and tell her how ugly she is. Erica tells her she isn't ugly. Jane tells her not to lie. Erica insists that she means it. Jane tells her that her mother was very clear she was born ugly and could only hope to be the beautiful girl's sidekick. Erica thinks that's horrible. Erica tells Jane that they have something in common when it comes to Jane's mother and Erica's father. Erica talks to Jane about realizing she could be stronger than her father and Jane can be stronger than her mother. Erica tells Jane that it's time to stop trying to be her and become Jane.

David walks through the hospital and asks a nurse if anyone has admitted a Jane Doe. David demands her to go check. Jesse and Angie come up as Jesse tells David that he's late. David says he doesn't have time for it. Jesse reminds him he had an appointment and Angie asks David what is wrong.

Tad tells Cara that he's missed Dixie for so long that it's become part of who he is. Tad thinks he should be able to say goodbye and deserves a future. Cara tells Tad to go through Dixie's box and she'll be there if he needs her.

Marissa asks JR to go somewhere else and talk about it. JR refuses and sits down with AJ. AJ gives JR a cookie that he got him. Marissa offers to get some milk but JR says he's not leaving his son. Bianca tells JR to stop. JR mocks them. Marissa says that this isn't the way she wants to tell AJ. JR tells her it's simple and tells AJ to forget about the birds and the bees because it's like the birds and the birds. Marissa reminds JR that he's drunk. JR tells her that he's trying to help his son. Marissa asks if he's trying to punish AJ too. JR falls down. Marissa offers to help him up but JR tells her to get away. JR gets up, takes his drink and walks out of the house while AJ looks down. Bianca says she will go talk to JR and follows him out as Marissa looks over at AJ looking sad.

Dixie continues going through the park and stops at a railing. She finds a dollar on the ground and picks it up. Brot appears and asks what she's doing which startles her. Dixie gets up scared as Brot offers to take her to the hospital. Brot tells her that he gets it if she's scared of doctors but they can help her. Brot tells her to go ahead and take the dollar so she does. Brot tells her that she can go to the church shelter and get a meal. Brot gets called and informs the station that he's in the park.

Tad begins reading Dixie's diary again. He reads Dixie's words of her dreaming about her future wedding. Cara comes back in and asks if he's okay. Tad tells her that he knows how to say goodbye.

Marissa tells AJ that she loves him. Marissa explains that she and JR are not going to get back together but they will still be a family just a different kind of family. Marissa explains that there are different kinds of families and couples. She tells AJ that she and Bianca love each other and are going to be together. AJ understands it's like how Miranda and Gabby had two moms. AJ asks if he can go get some ice cream now and hugs her as Marissa is surprised how easily AJ took the news.

JR stands outside having a drink. Bianca comes up to him and tells him he is a jerk, asking if that's the example he wants to set for AJ. JR calls it a family tradition. JR tells her to go away so he can enjoy his drink. Bianca says that he never changes. JR asks why she's even there. Bianca says when JR doesn't get what he wants, he feels sorry for himself and goes to the bottle. Bianca brings up JR jumping out of a window in the past. JR tells Bianca that she won and brings up her past with Babe. JR wonders how it's even possible since he and Marissa were so close to getting back together but Bianca stole it. Bianca tells him that all she did was love Marissa. JR gets up and tells her that he knows he screwed up. Bianca responds that JR had nothing to do with it and walks off.

David tells Jesse and Angie that nothing is wrong but their consult had to be postponed. Jesse isn't surprised that he can't be trusted. Angie is ok with rescheduling. David tells her they will and hurries off. Jesse calls it typical. A nurse comes up and tells Angie that the nurse was wondering why she missed her appointment. Jesse is not surprised that David lied.

Erica tells Jane that she needs to be herself. Jane says she would be nothing if she did that. Erica reminds her of everything Jane has done by kidnapping her, recreating her room, and convincing everyone that she's Erica which is remarkable. Erica tells Jane to realize that she has huge potential. Erica says she doesn't have to hide anymore and can be herself. Erica gets Jane to say that she is Jane. Jane starts to get happy saying that she's Jane so Erica hugs her. Erica tells Jane that it's time to go out and be herself and she has to go home. Jane says she can't do it because she'd be alone. Ben tells her that he will be with her. Jane asks if he'd go with her. Ben says he will if she lets him. Jane thinks she'd go to prison. Erica tells her that she won't go to the police. Jane thinks she should hate her. Erica hates what she's done but not her. Erica tells her that she'll have enough challenges going forward so she won't put her in prison. Jane is surprised. Erica tells her that she just needs to start her new beginning as Jane and get her own face back. Jane can't believe that Erica would forgive all of this. Erica tells her that she's learned more about herself here. Jane tells Erica that David knows she's not Erica. Erica comments that he has to know since he slept with both of them. Erica says she will deal with David. Jane asks Ben if he's alright. Ben says that he is and asks if they are agreed. Jane tells Erica that it's over. Ben says they will take her back to Pine Valley but she can't know how to get back here so she will have to leave blindfolded. Erica agrees to it and Ben blindfolds her. Erica stops him and asks for a few minutes.

Bianca comes back inside and asks Marissa if AJ is ok with them. Marissa thinks AJ is trying to make her feel better. Bianca says AJ is strong and they will get him through it together. Marissa thanks her and they hold hands as JR walks back in and mocks them. JR asks if they have to do all that in front of their son. Marissa tells him that love is what AJ needs. JR thinks AJ needs some time with his dad. AJ sits in the chair eating ice cream. JR asks AJ to go play catch. AJ says he doesn't want to. JR asks what's wrong with him. AJ gets up and goes to Marissa. JR apologizes to him and says they can do whatever AJ wants. JR says he has to get out of here and gets his keys. Marissa takes his keys and tells him he's not going to drive drunk. JR decides he will walk then and exits the house.

Tad and Cara arrive to Krystal's. Opal and Liza greet them. Krystal joins them and asks what Tad brought them all together for. Tad puts Dixie's box on the counter and tells everyone to sit down with their drinks. Tad explains that Dixie's father passed away and sent him a bunch of Dixie's childhood belongings. Tad says it's pretty powerful stuff with a lot of memories. Tad says he's been trying to make sense of and live with the memories for a long time. Tad thinks he should pack up the memories, make his peace, and put them away. Tad says the only way to do it is to publicly honor Dixie. Tad puts out a picture of Dixie and begins talking about the day he first met Dixie.

Angie sits out in the park with a nurse. Angie tells her that she's capable of sitting there by herself until Jesse joins her. The nurse accepts that and exits. Angie sits on the bench as Dixie walks by. Angie senses someone and asks who it is.

David arrives to Fusion still calling Ben and demanding answers. Jack hears him and asks who ticked him off now. David tells him to go drown his sorrows. Jack says he's gonna forget taking the high road and punches David in the face. Jesse arrives and holds Jack back. Jesse says he doesn't know what's going on but he likes it. Jesse holds Jack back and David can't believe him. Erica arrives and David says that this is all because of his beautiful wife. David then grabs Erica, thinking it's Jane and kisses her. Erica bites him and tells him she's just getting started. Erica turns to Jack and tells him it's her and she loves him so much. Erica hugs Jack. Jack asks about her engagement do David. Erica explains to Jack that it was Jane and not her. Erica reveals that Jane and Ben kidnapped her. Erica starts to explain that she was knocked out and kidnapped. Erica tells Jack and Jesse about waking up in that room. She says Ben guarded her and Jane turned out to be a huge fan that had plastic surgery to look like her. Jesse looks back at David, who acts surprised by this. Erica reveals that David figured it out, kept the secret and helped Jane. Erica says she knows it sounds crazy but it is true. Jack doesn't think it makes any sense here. Erica tries to convince Jack and Jesse, she swears she's telling the truth. She tells David to tell them but David claims she's worse off than he thought.

Angie asks Dixie if she's frightened or needs help. Angie says she's a doctor and can help her.

Tad talks about already being married and divorced twice when he met Dixie. Tad recalls being selfish and arrogant. Tad talks about screwing up his relationships which Opal and Liza agree with. They joke around about Tad's relationships. Tad says that Cara is the reason he's doing this. Tad then continues his speech about screwing up until he met Dixie as JR arrives in the back and listens as Tad says that Dixie and her son JR changed everything for him.

Marissa sits with Bianca as Marissa says this is all her fault. Bianca tells her she's not drinking or acting out. Marissa thinks JR would still be sober if she didn't announce she's in love with her. Bianca assures Marissa that JR did this all on his own.

Tad continues talking about Dixie and being a second father to JR. Tad says they were a family that could survive anything. Tad mentions Dixie's favorite song being "You're My Sunshine" and she'd sing it all the time to JR. Tad says it was amazing to watch Dixie with JR. Tad calls it magic and says he still sees that magic every day in Kathy's eyes. Tad says he will do everything he can to keep that magic alive by being the best father he can be to Kathy and do whatever he has to convince JR that he's still his son no matter how many mistakes he makes. JR turns and walks out as Tad finishes that JR will be the man that Dixie knew he would be. Tad says that is why he's willing to say goodbye because Dixie always taught him what a miracle it was to be a father and husband. Tad hopes he never stops learning. Krystal, Opal, and Liza get up and hug Tad.

Angie asks Dixie if she's still there. Brot arrives as Dixie is now gone. Angie tells Brot that someone that she thinks is a woman needs help. Brot tells her that no one is there but them.

Dixie continues staggering through the park and she stops and sits against a bench, breathing heavily.

David claims that he's been worried about Erica. Erica tells David to stop since he knew that she was kidnapped and Jane was pretending to be her. Erica accuses David of seducing Jane. David continues claiming that he pretended to be in love with Erica and played along with her. Jesse calls it classic Hayward. Erica says David's lying and asks Jack if he believes her. Jack states that he wants to but this is too much. Erica thinks Jack can't believe that she would fall in love with David since she loves Jack. Jack asks Erica how she got away from her kidnappers. Erica tells him that she convinced them to let her go. Jesse can't believe they just let her go. Erica says she promised not to press charges. David asks if she just forgave and forgot. Erica says she'll never forget. Jesse says all they know of the kidnapper is that she looks exactly like Erica. Erica can't believe that Jack didn't know Jane was not her.

Tad tells Krystal, Opal, and Liza how important they are and that they got him through it all. Tad goes back to Cara and hugs her. Cara says he did wonderful. Tad tells Cara that she's the reason he had the courage to say goodbye.

Brot tells Angie that he thinks he knows which woman he was talking about. Brot tells her about pointing a woman to the shelter earlier. Angie says there was just something about her.

JR goes staggering through the park drinking and he says he doesn't need Tad teaching him how to be a father or Marissa teaching him about love. JR comes across Dixie, passed out by the bench. JR stops and stares at her in shock.

Marissa tells Bianca that she wants to help AJ. Bianca says that she will do whatever Marissa wants and AJ will be surrounded by love which is the most important thing now. Marissa says she wondered why it took her so long to realize how perfect Bianca was for her and kisses her.

David tells Erica that she needs help. Jack tells him to shut up. Erica goes after David and chokes him. Jesse and Jack pull Erica off as Erica shouts at David to stop the lying.

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