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All My Children Update Thursday 7/21/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica wonders what's taking so long and thinks Jane should be done by now. Ben tells her to be patient. Erica tells him how painful it was to go over her memoirs like that. She tells Ben that she didn't do it for fun but so that Jane and Ben would recognize who she really is. Erica hoped it would bring Jane to her senses and let her go. Ben tells her he hopes so because she deserves to be free. Erica tells him to stop pretending he's on her side because she knows he's in love with Jane. Ben is convinced that it can only end badly for Jane. Erica thinks Jane has had enough time to memorize her memoirs and wonders if she listened to it at all. Behind the wall, Jane continues listening to Erica's memoir about her father.

Ryan and Greenlee arrive at Fusion and sit at the bar. Greenlee continues talking to him about working David. Ryan tells her to get as much out of David as she can. Greenlee thanks him for not fighting her on this. Ryan tells her that they are a team now. Ryan says that he thinks Griffin knows a lot more about Orpheus than he is letting on.

David yells at him that he wants him out of there. Griffin tells David that he told him Orpheus was a research project that would take years. Griffin asks David if Project Orpheus is his research or if he's been experimenting on humans. Griffin sees that he has Greenlee's medical records and wonders if he used Orpheus on her. David yells back at him that she was a product of his brilliance. Griffin asks if she's the only one he's worked on. David says it's correct. Griffin stops him and asks him who Maria Santos is. David asks what else Kendall told him. Griffin tells him to leave Kendall out of this and asks David if there are others brought into Orpheus besides Greenlee.

Kendall is at home and has flashbacks to talking to Griffin about Maria. The doorbell rings and she answers the door to see Bianca. Kendall thought it was going to be Griffin and Bianca realizes Kendall and Griffin had their first fight.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he thinks if Griffin told anyone anything about Orpheus, it would be Cara. Jack arrives and greets them. Ryan tells them that he's going to take care of something, kisses Greenlee, and exits. Greenlee asks Jack how he's doing. Jack says he's definitely not okay after the woman he loved stabbed him with a twist and then Jane arrives and sees Jack.

Kendall tells Bianca that she might should just give up. Bianca thinks that doesn't sound like Kendall and tells her that she and Griffin just started. Kendall talks about being friends for awhile but always having a wall between them. Kendall tells Bianca that she's been bringing up Zach a lot lately. She says that Griffin has been understanding and respectful which is why it's so frustrating because he keeps pulling away from her. Bianca tells her to give him some slack since it's his first real relationship. Kendall says that every time she asks Griffin a question, he shuts down on her. Bianca thinks he'll open up eventually. Kendall tells her that David is their complication. Bianca wonders how he's involved. Kendall doesn't want to drag her into this but explains that Ryan thinks David has a master plan with buying the hospital and marrying Erica is part of it. Kendall tells her that Ryan thinks Griffin might be involved and she really hopes he's wrong.

Ryan arrives at Krystal's and sees Cara working as a waitress. Ryan talks with her at the bar. Cara explains that Krystal needed some help so she offered. Ryan talks about the importance of helping family and he orders a root beer. They joke about his drink choice and Cara tells him that they weren't allowed to have soda in her childhood. Ryan asks about how close Cara and Griffin are. Cara explains that they have always been very close. Ryan asks if David was Cara's mentor too. Cara says she was always in the middle of the action while Griffin did more research. Ryan finds it interesting that Griffin did research for David. Cara tells Ryan that it was then when David became Griffin's best friend.

David tells Griffin that he knew Maria long before Greenlee. Griffin accuses him of wiping her memory. David claims she already lost her memory when he found her but he saved his life. David says he did the same thing for Kendall and thinks Kendall has done a number on Griffin. David tells him that Kendall and Ryan want to blame him for everything. Griffin states that maybe David deserves to be taken down. David says that another one bites the dust in Griffin. David tells him that he had high hopes for him and didn't think he would be so easily swayed. Griffin says he didn't think David would get married after saying no personal relationships. They argue about personal lives. Griffin wants to know what the work is. David calls it the most important work he's ever done. Griffin accuses David of using him for information. Griffin thinks David is making him look like a liar and look bad. David tells him that he's lucky to be involved in Orpheus. Griffin wants to know what it is. David tells him that they made a deal. David reminds him that he was his friend when nobody else was there. David thinks he should've earned his trust. Griffin tells him to stop the secrets and says he knows about Greenlee and Maria, so he wants to know who else there is.

Jane watches Greenlee and Jack at the bar from a distance. Greenlee suggests Jack walk away after being hurt but Jack refuses to give up on Erica now or ever.

Erica talks as if Jane is still behind the wall and tries to convince her to let her go. Erica hears another noise on the other side of the wall by the closet. Ben claims it's just the pipes. Erica calls it a signal and realizes that someone else is there.

Dixie is seen knocking on the wall from where she is which could be behind where Erica is held. Dixie looks back at the IV bag above her with the Orpheus logo on it.

Kendall tells Bianca that she must pick men that are so closed-off because their mother does the complete opposite. Bianca calls this the worst Erica has ever done. Kendall says she chooses interesting men who annoy the hell out of her. Kendall tells Bianca to be glad she's not in a relationship but then realizes that Bianca is. Bianca tells her it turned out that Marissa is not quite as straight as she thought she was. Kendall gets excited for her and hugs her. They smile and Kendall tells Bianca that there might still be hope then.

Ryan and Cara continue talking about Griffin's past with David. Cara recalls David helping Griffin through her cancer treatment. Ryan asks if she knows what kind of research they were doing. Cara wonders why he's asking all the questions. Ryan explains how Greenlee was a former patient of David and he wonders if Griffin's research had anything to do with it. Cara tells him that Griffin said the research was just theoretical. Ryan looks at a napkin that had drawing on. Cara says doctors can doodle too and she walks away. Ryan looks at the napkin and sees that the Orpheus logo had been drawn on it.

David tells Griffin that he saved so many lives and reminds him that he helped save Cara's life. Griffin asks if Cara is a part of Orpheus. David says that Cara isn't and knows nothing about it unless he's told her. Griffin says he'll always be grateful for David helping Cara but he can't use that to avoid telling him the truth. David tells him to either have a silly little romance or be a part of something that will change the world. David tells Griffin that it's his choice so he should choose wisely.

Greenlee tells Jack that Erica doesn't deserve his devotion. Jack thinks she needs it more than ever. Greenlee reminds him that she humiliated him. Jack knows she's not a fan of Erica but he thinks it's clear that something is seriously wrong. Greenlee tells him to accept that Erica is with David and he should move on so that he doesn't get hurt anymore. Jack tells her that Erica loves him and all that matters is him and Erica. Jack tells her that he and Erica have been through too much to give up now, they're in love and deserve to spend their lives together. Greenlee states that she just wishes Erica was worth it.

Kendall tells Bianca it's the best news ever and she's so excited for her and Marissa. Kendall tells her to call Marissa so they can go to Fusion and have drinks on her. Bianca tells her to slow down as they haven't even told the kids yet or had a first date. Kendall wants to celebrate. Bianca thinks it could still get messed up. Kendall tells her no more negativity and that she's amazing. Kendall says she knows things will go amazing with Marissa. Bianca asks about Griffin. Kendall tells her that they are working on it but thinks the past is getting in the way. Kendall decides she should give her house to Bianca and Marissa. Bianca wonders where that came from. Kendall thinks she can't move forward with Griffin unless they move away from the past and this house is the past. Bianca reminds her that she loved the house since Zach built it. Kendall thinks Zach would be happy to know that she's passing it onto Bianca. Bianca calls it beyond generous but tells her to think about it some more. Bianca doesn't want to move too fast with Marissa. The doorbell rings, Kendall answers and it's Ryan. Ryan comes in and greets them. Bianca asks what's going on. Kendall claims nothing. Bianca wonders how many times she has to tell them that she wants to be in on whatever is happening with Erica and David.

Cara returns home to find Griffin in the living room. Cara calls it a nice surprise and sits with him. She asks him what's up. Griffin tells her that he was just thinking about her cancer. Cara calls it interesting because she was just talking to Ryan about that. Griffin asks her what Ryan asked and what she told him.

Erica knocks on the wall and wants to hear that sound again. Ben tells her again it's just the pipes. Erica doesn't believe him and says it's another person that she heard. Ben tells her that the rooms are soundproof so it's impossible. Erica notes that he said rooms. Ben says he meant walls. Erica wonders if Jane has kidnapped others. Ben tells her that there's no one else. Erica wonders if Jane isn't in charge or if Ben or someone else is in charge. Ben tells her that her imagination is just running wild. Erica listens against the wall again and says it's not her imagination as she hears it again.

Dixie stands up from her bed and walks to the other side and bangs on the door. Dixie walks back to her bed and takes off a small piece of the IV tube wire. Dixie uses it to try and pick the lock to the door.

Greenlee arrives at the hospital and runs into David. David asks how she's feeling. She says she's better than her father since David and Erica tortured him. David tells her that he never meant to hurt him. Greenlee asks why it had to be Erica. David responds that he couldn't have Greenlee so he had to settle for second best. Jane is dressed up as a nurse and was standing nearby as she overhears this.

Bianca tells Ryan and Kendall to say something. Kendall thinks the less she knows the better. Bianca wants to know about Erica. Kendall tells her that they don't want to exclude her but they don't want to drag her down. Bianca wonders what is going on with David. Kendall thinks it could put her in a bad position since she'd have to keep secrets from Marissa which could ruin everything. Bianca tells her to ask if she needs help and tells Ryan to take care of Kendall. Bianca exits. Kendall asks Ryan if he found something about Project Orpheus. Ryan puts the napkin from Krystal's in his pocket and says it's just a hunch but he should really look into it first. Ryan says he doesn't want to accuse anyone of anything until he has proof. Kendall thinks he's keeping something from her. Ryan promises that if there is proof, he will tell her everything.

Griffin apologizes to Cara for snapping at her. Cara asks if there's something she should know about Ryan. Cara thinks Ryan's being over protective of Kendall and pissed him off. Griffin goes along with it and says Ryan is acting like Kendall's big brother. Cara jokes with him. Griffin tells her that he's happy she's here. Cara says the same. Griffin recalls thinking he could lose her. Cara asks why he's thinking about that time. Griffin says he doesn't know but he had to do whatever it took to save her. Cara says she'll always remember that. Cara wonders where this is coming from. Griffin gets up and says he has to get to work. Cara thinks him getting close to Kendall is reminding him of her being sick so that he has a reason to pull back from Kendall and doesn't get too close or hurt. Griffin tells her that she can be very sweet. Cara reminds him that he can talk to her. Griffin says he has to get to work and exits.

Greenlee asks if David's really marrying Erica to spite her. David says it's not spite but he doesn't want to live the rest of his life alone and Erica's not too shabby. Greenlee calls him pathetic. David says there are other reasons like him now owning the hospital. Greenlee asks if she ruined Jack's life to own the hospital. David says he never meant to hurt Jack but Erica gave him the opportunity. Greenlee thinks David just took advantage of Erica. David tells her that he gave Erica the love she wanted. Greenlee says he doesn't love Erica. David tells her it doesn't matter in the end because he got the hospital. Greenlee gets a pain as they argue and David tells her to let him see. David tells her that she knows how much she means to him and he'd never hurt her. David says no woman would ever mean as much to him as she does which causes Jane to look at them from where she's dressed as a nurse. Greenlee tells David to get away from her as she walks away.

Greenlee returns to Fusion and finds Kendall at the bar. Greenlee was looking for Ryan. Kendall thinks Ryan's on his secret mission since he didn't tell her anything about David. Kendall thinks he was afraid she would get upset. Kendall says she needs to know if something's going on with Erica. Greenlee tells her that David is the last person she needs to deal with. Kendall asks if Ryan mentioned anything to Greenlee. Greenlee says no but might get some information when she gives him her latest update. Kendall asks who the target is and Greenlee responds that it's David. Kendall tells her that David is the last person she should be around and she should leave it to Ryan. Greenlee explains that she's working David and he doesn't even know it but it's bringing her and Ryan closer together. She reminds Kendall how working together brought her and Griffin together.

Ryan arrives at the hospital and meets with Griffin. Griffin brings up Ryan talking to Cara. Ryan says his dedication to work can go too far. Ryan shows Griffin the napkin with the Orpheus logo on it and asks if it looks familiar.

David is on his phone in his office saying that people are asking too many questions and they need to move except 'her' he will take care of her.

Erica asks Ben to talk to her because they've learned to trust each other. Erica says they opened up to each other and she just needs to know if someone else is in charge so she can get out. Jane comes in and says every word she said is all true. Jane tells Erica that she knew Jack loved her but had no idea how much since he seems so determined to fight for her. Erica reminds her that Jack will never give up on her. Jane says she didn't understand or know that love like that existed until she saw it. Ben tells her that she deserves to be loved like that. Jane tells Erica that she also saw the real David Hayward as someone that is cruel and cares about no one but himself like Erica described. Jane says David never loved her and was just using her and now has no idea how to make it right since she's been crushed again. Erica tells Jane that she will tell her what she has to do.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she can't let David be her doctor. Greenlee thinks it's the only way to let his guard down. Kendall worries that David is too smart for it. Greenlee says once David saves someone he thinks he owns them.

Ryan explains to Griffin about how Cara said David came to the rescue. Ryan tells him that Cara didn't know what she was drawing but talking about that time must have brought back a memory. Griffin tries to go away to work but Ryan follows him. Ryan realizes that David bribed him and saved his sister. Ryan tells him about losing his sister and thinks things are getting out of hand now. Ryan is sure Cara is innocent but he thinks people are going to get hurt when this explodes. Griffin tells him it's about saving lives. Ryan says David's just using Griffin. Griffin tells him he can't understand the importance. Ryan states that he knows the difference between good and evil and asks Griffin if he does.

David comes to the room where Dixie was held and finds that she is gone. David gets frustrated and makes a call.

Cara plays Frisbee in the park with Kathy. Kathy throws the Frisbee far over Cara's head and Cara runs off to get it. Dixie stumbles out from behind the bushes and Kathy is startled by seeing her. Kathy questions if it's her mom.

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