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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/20/11


Written by Joseph
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Tad tells Cara at home that Dixie's father just passed away. Tad talks to her about not being close with him. Tad says whoever cleared out his stuff wanted him to have something. Tad's surprised he kept Dixie's diary and he had no idea she kept a diary. Cara talks about having a diary when she was younger. Cara asks him if he's going to read Dixie's diary.

JR stands out in the park and Amanda arrives to meet him. She tells JR that she had a biopsy today and doesn't have a good feeling about it. She tells him it could be cancer. JR says if it is, he's there for her. Amanda tells him that he's the last person she wants to lean on.

Asher gets his pain pills at home but finds that he is out of pills. He gets mad and throws the empty bottle across the room.

Ryan and Greenlee sit at home as Greenlee wakes up from a nightmare. Ryan hugs her and Greenlee tells him she had a bad dream about David.

David sits in his office at the hospital and logs on to his Project Orpheus database.

Griffin calls Maria from the hospital and says it's about David. Maria asks what David has done now. Griffin figures he should expect a response like that. Maria tells him that she didn't mean to be unprofessional but they have a very long, personal history. Maria asks if this is regarding a patient and Griffin responds that it's about her. Griffin tells Maria about Kendall informing him of David's treatment of Maria. Maria calls Kendall a blast from the past and asks if David's up to something again. Griffin states that it's possible. Griffin asks if she can help him out on information about Project Orpheus. Maria says it doesn't ring any bells but her memory of that time is shaky thanks to David's drugs. Maria asks him how Pine Valley is because she misses it. Griffin calls it an interesting place. Maria tells him to give the hospital her best. Griffin agrees to and thanks her. Maria stops him from hanging up and says she does remember something about Orpheus.

Tad tells Cara that he thinks reading someone's diary is an invasion of privacy. Cara doesn't think Dixie would mind so Tad agrees to start reading it. Tad reads an excerpt from Dixie's birthday where she describes her wish to get married. Tad continues reading where Dixie wrote that she wanted a son and a daughter. Cara adds that it looks like she got her wish. Tad says only half of it since she never knew her daughter. Tad gets up to get some air. Cara hopes it's not because of her. Tad tells her that he just needs to get out of the house and away from the diary. Cara offers to give him company and Tad agrees so they walk out together.

JR tells Amanda that he understands why she doesn't want anything to do with him but he can relate to what she's going through since he nearly died from cancer. JR says he's not sure why he survived. Amanda doesn't want to hear that kind of talk and calls JR a dumbass. JR tries to calm her but Amanda says she doesn't want his help and that she only came here to quit her job. JR tells her that she doesn't have to. Amanda says not to try and talk her out of it. JR says if that's what she wants. Amanda thinks working for JR would be bad for her marriage. Amanda tells him that Jake has been great to her and she's grateful to still have him. JR remarks that he's glad it's working out for someone. Amanda asks if Marissa knows. JR says that's the hilarious part, Marissa ended up falling for someone else. Amanda thinks it's Scott but JR informs her that it's Bianca. Amanda is shocked as JR tells her the woman he loves is a lesbian and he believes that calls for a drink. JR pulls out his flask and takes a drink.

Asher goes to the hospital and talks with Frankie. Asher claims that Colby lost his pain pills so he needs more. Frankie is unsure about blaming Colby for misplacing them. Asher wants more. Frankie says he can't do that as he thinks he's developed a serious dependency. Asher thinks he's calling him a druggie and tells him that he will find another doctor who will refill him. Caleb walks in and tells Asher that might not be as easy as he thinks.

Greenlee talks to Ryan about the Project Orpheus logo making something click with her time with David. She tells him that it was after her motorcycle accident and she woke up in a room with David and she saw the Project Orpheus logo on her IV. Greenlee recalls David saying he saved her. Ryan encourages her to remember more. Greenlee says she turned away from David and saw someone else on a gurney. Ryan asks if she recognized who it was. She says she couldn't see that well but there was definitely someone there. Ryan thinks it could be a dream but Greenlee thinks it's a memory. Ryan states that if it wasn't a dream, that means she wasn't his only patient.

Maria talks to Griffin about David making up a story about her being accused of a murder and she needed to go on the run. Maria tells him that one of the credit cards he gave her was under Orpheus. Maria thinks David is going to hurt more people. Griffin states that he doesn't know. Maria tells him if David does and Griffin needs her, she will be there in a heartbeat.

Griffin enters David's office and says he needs to talk to him about Orpheus. David asks if he wants to interrogate him. Griffin wants straight answers. David tells him he knows all he needs to. Griffin thinks David has been lying to him this whole time and he wants the truth. David says goodbye but Griffin shouts back that he's not leaving until he tells him what the hell is going on.

Cara and Tad sit outside in the park. Tad admits to still missing Dixie and thinking he always will. Tad says he thought he got to a point of acceptance. Cara thinks it was hearing her voice again in the diary. Tad says that's part of it as well as finding out about her father. Tad states that it brought back who Dixie was and what she was capable of. Tad calls Dixie a miracle worker, especially with JR and he could use her help now. Tad tells Cara that she would not have wanted to know him in his younger days but he turned out ok thanks to Dixie.

Asher realizes Frankie called Caleb. Frankie thinks something is going on. Asher says he's just taking pain pills. Frankie suggests addiction counseling. Caleb tells him there's no harm in talking. Asher refuses and says he just needs a new doctor. Caleb offers to go somewhere and talk. Asher asks Caleb if he thinks he's a druggie. Caleb tells him that he doesn't have enough to form an opinion. Asher asks if Caleb believes Frankie or his son.

Amanda tries to stop JR from drinking. JR tells her that booze is his best friend and it gets him through. Amanda brings up his sponsors. JR tells her that he's standing on his own two feet. Amanda thinks he's just been hurt but JR says he doesn't get hurt. JR tells her that Marissa didn't just fall for someone else but a woman. Amanda tells him that getting drunk won't help. JR tells her it will for now and suggests Amanda try it. JR tries to kiss Amanda but she tells him no and pushes him away.

Greenlee continues talking to Ryan about how she needs to find out if it was a dream or reality. Ryan suggests hypnosis but Greenlee tells him it doesn't work on her. Greenlee says there's one other way but he won't like it. Ryan tells her she's not going near David. Greenlee suggests working David. Ryan brings up how that worked for Kendall with Ricky. Greenlee calls this different and she doesn't know the plan yet. Ryan tells her that it has to be something that strokes his ego a bit and manipulate him just right. Ryan wants to come up with something great. Greenlee thanks him for being with her on this. Ryan tells her that nothing David does or says can come between them and then they kiss.

David asks Griffin who he thinks he is. Griffin says he trusted David and needs to know if he's told him everything about Orpheus. David says he just brought him on for research and he signed an agreement which means he cannot discuss it with anyone but him. David tells Griffin that he knows how important this work is but he's being brainwashed to thinking he's an evil scientist. Griffin brings up David's risks. David tells him high risk, high reward and warns him. David tells him that he's not letting him or anyone else interfere with his work. David says if Griffin wants to stay on board, he needs to back off and stop asking questions but if he doesn't then he has no problem cutting him loose.

Amanda tells JR that she doesn't know why she bothers talking to him when he's drunk. Amanda hopes he gets it together but she can't help him do it then walks off.

Caleb tells Asher that he wants to believe him. Asher tells him that he either does or doesn't. Asher says he's still in a lot of pain and only Frankie doesn't think so. Frankie states that he's building up a tolerance. Caleb thinks they should listen. Asher responds that he won't listen to either of them and storms out. Caleb goes after him and stops him. Asher tells him it's too late to step up. Caleb says he's in his life now and is here for him so whether he likes it or not he's coming with him.

Tad talks to Cara about his past and how did whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted until he met Dixie. Tad recalls making some mistakes. Cara thinks it just took them some time to work things out. Tad says it took too long as by the time they realized it, she died. Tad states that it wasn't meant to be.

Ryan finds Griffin at Krystal's and asks him if Greenlee was part of Project Orpheus.

Greenlee comes to David's office and asks him about her medical records being wiped. David asks why she needs them. Greenlee tells him it's none of her business. David states that it is if he is going to track them down. She tells him that her new doctor needs it to treat her for numbness in her legs. David wonders how long it has been going on. She claims a month maybe. David wonders why she's just now seeking treatment and worries that this could be serious. David wants to examine her but Greenlee tells him that he's never getting that close to her again.

JR pours a drink at home as Asher returns home with Caleb. JR comments that they caught him drinking whiskey. Caleb thought he quit. JR says he decided to take a break and asks if he wants to join him. Caleb tells JR to go sober up. Caleb says he didn't fight Asher staying there because he thought JR would take care of him. Asher comments that he doesn't need to be taken care of. JR offers a toast to Asher but Caleb slaps the drink of out his hand. Caleb informs JR that he's taking Asher home with him.

Amanda arrives at Krystal's and sits with Opal. Opal notices she's unhappy and hugs her.

Griffin and Ryan sit down together. Griffin thinks Greenlee's dream didn't mean anything. Ryan says if it was an actual memory, it could be a lot. Griffin thinks it was just triggered by her seeing the key card. Ryan wonders how it explains Greenlee remembering seeing another patient. Griffin thinks it sounds like a dream. Ryan tells him to think about if it wasn't as that would mean David held someone else there with his miracle healing. Ryan thinks David could be playing God.

Greenlee tells David that she has a legal right to her medical records. David says he will look into them. Greenlee tells him to admit to taking them and then has a pain in her legs which causes David to worry. David tells her that no other doctor can help her and she needs him.

JR brings up Caleb and Asher not even knowing each other for a year. Caleb tells Asher to get his things. JR continues to ramble. Asher tells JR to lay off the alcohol. JR tells Asher that if he leaves, he should tell Colby to find another dog. JR tells him that Colby won't care when she gets back from her blog tour. Asher wonders what happened to him. JR tells him that life kicked him in the ass and it will happen to Asher too. Asher asks if he'll be okay. JR tells him he'll be fine and yells at him to get out. Asher walks out. Caleb tells JR to get some help and follows Asher out. JR slams the door shut behind them. JR goes back and grabs the bottle of whiskey then takes another drink.

Opal sits with Amanda as Amanda tells her that she could have cancer. Amanda says she's trying to be strong and brave. Opal tells her that some times the bravest thing is to let herself cry and let the people who love her take care of her. Amanda cries that she hurt Jake so badly. Opal tells her it's alright because he loves her and she needs her family which includes her. Opal tells her to let them love and take care of her then hugs her.

Griffin tells Ryan that he doesn't know what else he can tell him and he has to get back to the hospital. Ryan says he isn't trying to give him a hard time but Griffin knows David as a genius before and now as a maniac. Griffin tells Ryan that he's told him everything he knows and he exits.

David tells Greenlee that he still cares about her and doesn't want her to feel pain. Greenlee tells him that she'll be fine. David says she won't be if someone messes up all the work he did on her spine. David says she knows he's right since he saved her once and brought her back to life when no one thought it was possible. David calls it a fact but Greenlee calls it arrogance. David knows she doesn't trust him in a lot of ways but she can when it comes to her health. David asks her to give him a chance to find out if it's something serious and let him examine her.

Tad apologizes to Cara for going on about Dixie. Cara thinks it's ok. Tad doesn't know why it suddenly hit him like this. Cara understands that Dixie inspired him to be who he is today. Tad asks who is he now. Tad thinks he should find out who he is separate from Dixie as he thought he made peace with her death but he obviously hasn't. Tad asks Cara if she thinks it's crazy since Dixie's been dead for years. Cara tells him that he doesn't need to explain. Tad thinks he does and wants to make sense of it. Tad says he has to move on with closure somehow. Cara understands the importance of closure because she didn't get it with Jake. Cara says when she first came to Pine Valley, she had all this hope of getting back with Jake but Tad helped her move on and she'd like to return the favor. Cara apologizes for being presumptuous. Tad calls it a blessing and a kindness. Tad thinks he needs Cara. Tad tells Cara that he would like her to be there when he says goodbye.

JR looks at a picture of Adam and talks to it. JR asks the picture what he's looking at. JR takes the picture and puts it down, saying that Adam is disappointed in him again. JR takes his keys and starts to walk out but stops and grabs the whiskey.

Ryan and Greenlee return home. Ryan asks how it went with David. Greenlee tells him that David bought it and begged her to let him treat her. Ryan thinks it's because David still loves her. Greenlee says David just wants to be the miracle worker. Ryan asks if he didn't know she was faking it. Greenlee says that he can't tell if pain is real or not. Ryan tells her to be careful. Greenlee says she will and she needs to find out who the other person was. Ryan suggests Griffin might know but he still claims that he has no idea what Orpheus is. Ryan tells her that Griffin is holding something back.

Griffin comes back to David's office. David yells at him that he wants him out of there. Griffin tells David that he told him Orpheus was a research project that would take years. Griffin asks David if Project Orpheus is his research or if he's been experimenting on humans.

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